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To Be A Conservative

To be a Conservative, you have to believe that:

1) ... the AIDS virus is spread by living a lifestyle that places you in a position where contracting the virus is likely.

2) ... capital punishment is a proper method of punishment for certain crimes, but for abortion on demand is not. In short you support protecting the innocent and you support killing those that are guilty of extreme crimes.

3) ... the same school teacher who cannot teach your fourth grader how to read or do simple math is NOT qualified and should be replaced as soon as possible. No teacher should be teaching your child about homosexuals, how to apply condoms, abortion, and tolerance for terrorists that murder Americans especially when the children do not know the basic skills that they should.

4) ... there are way too many lawyers and doctors are not overpaid criminals.

5) ... guns in the hands of law abiding Americans are not a threat at all. Nuclear weapons in the hands of the Chinese communists or radical Islamic countries that have sworn to destroy America are a threat that need to be considered as such.

6) ... global temperature changes have gone on for the last 4.5 billion years and that the earth is able to compensate for changes caused by yuppies driving SUVs.

7) ... SUVs driven by Americans and other automobiles driven by the rest of the world cannot change or control the ability of the earth to remain in a state of equilibrium..

8) ... gender roles are natural and that being gay should not give anyone special rights.

9) ... free enterprise creates independence, self-reliance, and a good work ethic while government sponsored social programs cause more dependency and less self-reliance.

10) ... work creates self-esteem.

11) ... art should not require federal funding.

12) ... the military is a noble occupation worthy of the respect of others.

13) ... the celebration of Christmas is not an attack on the beliefs of others and should be allowed.

14) ... the history of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Gen. Robert E. Lee, and Thomas Edison should be taught in detail in school.

15) ... that socialism has not worked anywhere it has been tried as it lowers the standard of living for everyone except the ruling elite.

16) ... the NRA is a virtuous organization while the ACLU does everything it can to tear down America from within the justice system.

17) ... any law that places one race over another is racist in nature but standardized tests give everyone the same opportunity.

18) ... the Liberal claim of a vast, Right-Wing Conspiracy is nothing more than Conservatives expressing their opinions.

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