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50 Difficult Things You Can Do To Save the Earth

by Gar Smith

It is important that everyone has a clear understanding of what the Socialist and Liberal agenda really is. This is what these people truly believe. What they are advancing have little to do with the environment. It has everything to do with advancing a Socialist agenda. This means taking away personal freedom. Our commentary is in Red.

1. Bury your car.

Is this truly environmentally friendly?

2. Become a total vegetarian.

How does not allowing someone to enjoy a steak help anyone else anywhere? The fact remains is that it does not help anyone. No laws are being broken. No crime is being committed. It only takes away my freedom to live my life the way I choose. All you are doing is trying to control my life. It is just another Socialist idea to limit and control my freedom of choice.

3. Grow your own vegetables.

It is easier to buy the vegetables of my choice at the grocery store. This allows the grocery store to employ many people where the consumer is able to exercise my rights as a consumer in a capitalist environment. This increases the standard of living for everyone.

4. Have your power lines disconnected.

How practical is this? They want to take America back to the 1850s. What a great world that would be to just see the Hollywood Elite and the Limousine Liberals living without electricity and automobiles!

This will only make America a Third World Nation with a Third World Economy. It will lower the standard of living for everyone.

5. Don't have children.

Maybe just sterilize the Liberals and allow nature to take its course. Just doing that would solve most of the world's problems.

6. Restrict the population of motor vehicles.

Should the government prevent John Kerry's family from driving their SUVs regardless of who actually owns them?

7. Don't build cars.

That way all existing cars would wear out and cause more pollution. Automobiles are cleaner now than ever before and the technology is only going to improve. Hybrid automobiles are a reality. What do you have against the building of hybrid automobiles?

8. Stop building roads.

You mean destroy or dismantle America's infrastructure. How would you maintain the infrastructure? How would we get food to the hungry? How would we get relief to disaster victims? How do people move when they need to?

9. Replace roads with homes, parks, and gardens.

If we replace the roads, how does anyone get to the place where the "new homes, parks, and gardens" are?

10. Halt weapons production and exports.

How would the government protect the people as required in the Constitution?

11. Stop the sale, distribution, and export of cigarettes.

What about the poor tobacco farmers? What about the tax revenue that the government has counted on for social programs? What about the freedom and right to choose? Besides, one could look at smoking as a means to control the "Over Population" problem and it raises tax revenue. It is a win-win situation.

12. Send an amount of money to Brazil to provide urban jobs for impoverished workers now forced into the rain forests.

If they would just stop having children (refer to item #5), it would take care of itself in one generation.

13. Blockade a lumber truck carrying old-growth trees.

How does blockading a truck help anyone much less the entire planet? The trees have already been harvested.

14. Spend a month tree sitting.

Another totally unproductive use of labor that is so typical of Socialism and Liberalism.

15. Try to live, if you can, to within the world average income ($1,250 a year) for 1 month.

Their true agenda is to lower the standard of living for the average American. This is how they expect you to live. They want everyone to live in poverty and dependent on others i.e. the government, for everything. Imagine Barbara Streisand, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, Al Gore, or any other Liberal living on $1250/yr (approx. $104/month). They spend more than that for a mid-afternoon lunch.

16. Cut up your credit cards.

How does that help the earth? Maybe cancelling the credit card accounts or limiting the interest that Credit Card Companies can charge thereby limiting credit, but you did not say that.

17. Unplug your television.

How does that help the earth? Granted, you would not be able to watch the CBS Evening News. One could make a strong argument that could help, but it does restrict the flow of information on TV to the public. It does not restrict the flow of information from Talk Radio. OK... If you view this idea in that light, maybe you have one good idea on this list, but this was probably not what you meant. It does seem that the intention of item #17 is to limit the access of information to the public, which, if true, raises a valid question, "Why would Liberals want to limit information to the public?"

18. Undertake a Conservation Sabbath: one day a week without consuming electricity or fuel.

Item #4 already addressed that idea. In the winter, we could use old growth timber as firewood to keep warm and for cooking all year long, unless you consider firewood as fuel. Without firewood in the winter, we would freeze to death.

19. Fast a day each week, send the money saved on food to help feed the hungry.

Wouldn't the hungry people be the ones that are fasting?

20. Adopt a homeless person.

Can they be made to do chores around the house or get a job? How much authority must the adoptee show their new family?

21. Raise the minimum wage to a survival income.

Repealing the 16th amendment would effectively give everyone roughly a 30% raise. Of course, in raising the minimum wage to a survival income, you would have to violate #15, unless you consider $1,250/yr to be a survival income.

22. Enact a maximum wage law.

Now you want to limit a person's potential. Who are you to say how much a person can earn? This is quintessential the Socialist/Liberal mentality. They stand against achievement, but fight for and embrace mediocrity, thereby lowering productivity and creating a lower standard of living. That is exactly what has kept Third World countries in abject poverty. Now you can see where this list of "50 Things" is really all about. Keeping America weak and lowering standards.

Of course, we could just make the maximum wage $1,250/yr to remain in compliance with item #15.

23. Tie politicians' salaries to the average working wage.

Barbara Boxer might have something to say about that. So would Teddy Kennedy and the rest of the Liberals in office. You could also get rid of the retirement benefits that politicians have setup for themselves.

24. Replace majority rule with proportional representation.

That pesky United States Constitution keeps getting in the way of all of these Socialist ideals what with its limitations of the power given to the government.

25. Replace the Electoral College with direct democratic elections.

That way you can eliminate the votes of Middle America. So much for "every vote must be counted".

26. Abolish the CIA and the National Security Act of 1949.

How does weakening America's intelligence capability help the world? It would certainly help the enemies of America. They would think that this was a great idea. So would most Liberals.

27. Pass a nature amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

If it is such a great idea, go through the process of amending the Constitution.

28. Oust presidential adviser John Sununu.

The President was elected by the people and he can have any adviser he wants.

29. Plant one new tree every day.

The population of Death Valley might consider this a waste of time. So would the people in the deep woods of West Virginia. Maybe we could cut some down and plant some new trees. Removing dead trees would help prevent forest fires. What a great idea! Why did someone not think of this earlier?

30. Go to jail for something you believe in.

Are you advocating breaking the law? People do that every single day. They are generally referred to as "Criminals".

31. Don't own pets.

A lot of nature lovers will not like that at all.

32. Allow all beef-producing domestic cattle to become extinct.

How does this help hungry people? This plan sounds like it will keep people hungry.

33. Redirect the military budget to restoration work; convert weapons factories to peaceful research; retrain soldiers for ecological restoration.

Every time that has been tried, America has been attacked or forced into a war. Remember World War II. During the 1930's, America did not even have one rifle for every soldier. This plan will leave America very weak and vulnerable. America's enemies will love this list of ideas. Whose side are you representing?

34. Remove US Forest Service from under the Agriculture Department; place US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish & Wildlife Service under the EPA.

You should march right up and speak to your Congressional Representative. Present them with this list and demand action. If you do it right, you can meet the requirement for item #30. While you are there, you can discuss the finer points of item #23 with them.

35. Consume only products produced within your bioregion.

The vegans that like Tofu might be somewhat disappointed. You cannot get Tofu in every "bioregion".

36. Don't eat anything that comes in a package.

The purpose for the package is to contain the food item until it is delivered and used by the consumer. For instance, it would be hard to sell Soy Milk or Tofu without a package. Why does this revolutionary concept need to be explained!

37. Don't buy anything that comes in a box.

The box is used to protect the item during shipping so as to be in serviceable condition when needed for use by the consumer. Please reference the sarcastic tone in item #36.

38. Require operators & owners of nuclear plants to live within a mile of the site.

And what does this do? Nobody wants any kind of industrial accident except those that have something to gain from it. Perhaps some of these Liberal "Elitists" that are so against "School Vouchers" should live within the inner city school districts that are in less than good condition, and their children be required to attend those schools for their education. No private schools. No special preferences, privileges, or passes.

39. Mandate federal recycling and institute a refuse tax on solid waste.

You are chipping away at that $104/month quickly (refer to item #15). How is this tax going to help poverty? In the Liberal mindset, more taxes are always the default setting in the Liberal model for government.

40. Pipe polluted water back into the water supplies of the companies that do the polluting.

How does this help to "save the earth"? Why would you advocate piping polluted water back into the water supplies instead of treating the water? All this is going to do is to harm people and that is probably you intention. It would be a much better idea to treat the water and making it pure and drinkable again. Why do you not see this as a better solution? Why does this concept need explaining?

41. Don't own anything that runs on batteries.

Does that include electric or hybrid powered automobiles? What do you have against electricity? Even wind and solar electric systems for homes use batteries for storage. You have a much lower standard of living without electricity, much like most third world countries. It would seem that we have discovered the real agenda of this list. The environment has nothing to do with it. Instead of raising the standard of living of the rest of the world, you want America to lower its standard of living. A selfish agenda that only hurts productive people and does nothing to improve the conditions of anyone else. The Liberals, Socialists, and Marxist of the world - the very same ones who detest America and everything that has made this country great, bring this agenda to you.

42. Hand over excess packaging to store manager on visits to the grocery.

What is the manager going to do with your trash? You paid for it. You are responsible for it. If you find the item or the packaging offensive, do not buy it. The manufacturer will get the message. Why can you not take responsibility for your own garbage? Why does the store manager have to be responsible for your trash? Of course, the reason for the packaging is to ensure the item will arrive to the store intact so the consumer will have the item to purchase and use (refer to items #36 and #37).

43. Travel by bus, never by air.

Does that mean Liberal politicians like John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy should not make use of private jets? Seeing John Kerry and his lovely wife Teresa Heinz traveling on a Greyhound bus among the "masses" of ordinary people, as opposed to her Gulfstream G-5 with a select few friends, would be a huge event. That is a great idea for a new Reality TV Show. The video sales alone would probably finance a small third world country.

In the future, bus travel might not be an option if item #8 is ever implemented.

44. Stop using toilet paper and Kleenex; use washable cloth.

You want to condemn toilet paper and Kleenex. You really do have too much free time at your disposal. Are panty shields and tampons next?

45. Extend the life of your wardrobe by learning to make and mend your own clothes.

You think that this a new idea? This has been done for the last 8000+ years of civilization. Where have you been?

46. Give money to every single panhandler you meet.

This idea will only keep him a panhandler. He will always live in poverty. He will always be a drag on society never producing anything to help improve his own standard of living but that is the true nature of the Liberal, Marxist, and Socialist agendas. Keeping people dependent is a key factor that is constant. Not letting or wanting people to be free to be independent, self-sufficient, and able to live on their own is the primary objective (refer to item #15).

47. Democratize your workplace; start a union or a collective.

Is this supposed to increase productivity? It never has yet. If productivity is lessened, job security is diminished, union or no union.

48. Learn to farm.

Tobacco is a pretty good money making crop. Oh yeah... right... item #11... Ooops... How about purchasing a wooded piece of land, clearing all the old growth trees so there is a clear field to plant vegetables?

49. Liberate a zoo.

Make sure you have a video camera running when you release the Lions, Tigers, and Bears... Is this where we go to jail for something we believe in as indicated in item #30.

50. Ask your boss if you can take a day off to work on healing the planet... with pay!

Whoever came up with this idea never had what could be referred to as a necessary, important, or real job!

There it is - the Liberal/Socialist agenda in review. These ideals are what the Liberal and Socialist "Intellectuals" are trying to impose on America. The United States of America has the highest standard of living in the history of the world and there are those that will do anything to lower it. This list is a perfect example. This list, created under the guise of "environmentalism", has revealed the truth and exposed their hidden agenda for all to see.

The standard of living that we enjoy as Americans is because of our hard work as individuals pursuing the American dream... Other countries could enjoy this standard if they wished, but they are stuck with Socialist programs that redistribute wealth from those that created the wealth to those that produce nothing and because they receive more than they work for, there is no incentive to improve. They become dependent and feel entitled to the labor done by others.

Freedom - The right of the individual to exist, live, and prosper for his own sake...

This is the definition of "Freedom" and why people from all over the world wish to come to America, aside from the ideals that Liberals embrace. Those that subscribe to the Liberal/Marxist/Socialist doctrine despise this definition. The one fear that these people have is that free, independent people have the ability to live their life on their own without being dependent on others.

--David Meyer--

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