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People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals

Ingrid Newkirk

People for the ethical Treatment of Animals is a group that would have you believe that its motivations are altruistic and pure - warm and friendly organization that exists only to help animals. It might have started out that way, but today nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is PeTA is Unethical. A closer look reveals that PeTA is nothing more than an extremist group that financially supports and aids arsonists, violent criminals, and terrorist groups. To the right is Ingrid Newkirk, founder and President of People for the ethical Treatment of Animals.

It was widely reported in 2001 that PeTA's vegetarian campaign coordinator Bruce Friedrich told an animal-rights convention that "blowing stuff up and smashing windows is a great way to bring about animal liberation." And they have no problem doing these things to those that disagree with their views.

Below is Bruce Friedrich, PeTA's Vegan Campaign Coordinator, protesting and speaking against those that harm animals. What he advocates in these speeches is nothing short of terrorism.

Terrorism - The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or group against people or property with the intent of intimidation or coercion often for ideological or political reasons.

That is the definition of "Terrorism". The following quotes are absolute proof that these people are terrorists.

Bruce Friedrich

"If we really believe that animals have the same right to be free from pain and suffering at our hands, then, of course, we're going to be blowing things up and smashing windows. For the record, I don't do this stuff, but I advocate it. I think it's a great way to bring about animal liberation, considering the level of suffering, the atrocities."

"I think it would be great if all of the fast-food outlets, slaughterhouses, these laboratories and the banks who fund them exploded tomorrow. I think it's perfectly appropriate for people to take bricks and toss them through windows. Hallelujah to the people who are willing to do it."
-- Bruce Friedrich, PeTA Campaign Director, Vegan Campaign Coordinator, Animal Rights 2001 Conference, July 2, 2001

Bruce Friedrich

In the ideal world of PeTA, as described by co-founder and president Ingrid Newkirk, there is "total animal liberation." There is no meat, no milk, no fishing, no hunting and no pets. Not even seeing-eye dogs. The irony of it all - PeTA kills animals.

That's right. PeTA kills animals. The organization that is for the Ethical Treatment of Animals kills animals by the thousands. In Norfolk, Virginia, from 1998 through the end of 2003, PeTA killed over 10,000 dogs, cats and other pets. That is more than five defenseless animals every day. Not counting the dogs and cats PeTA spayed and neutered, the group put to death over 85% of the animals it took in during 2003 alone. These animals were supposed to be placed with caring and loving homes. This is their promise. After all, that is the reason that someone takes an animal to a "PeTA affiliated" animal shelter. And this angel-of-death pattern shows no sign of changing.

In 2006, PeTA killed 2,981 dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and other animals. This is 97% of the animals left in their care, according to PeTA's own records they supplied to the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (2006). For comparison, the Virginia Society for the Protection of Animals (which operates in Norfolk, Virginia, as does PETA) euthanized less than 2.5% of the 1,404 animals placed with them in 2006. While PETA collects tens of millions in donations by claiming to advocate for the welfare of animals, the group has actually killed 17,400 pets since 1998.

PETA's "Animal Record" report for 2008, filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, shows that the animal rights group killed 95 percent of the dogs and cats in its care last year. During all of 2008, PeTA accepted 2,216 pets. Of the 2,216 animals, PeTA found adoptive homes for just seven pets. This brings the total animals killed by PeTA from July 1998 to December 2008 up to over 21,000.

PeTA has a $32 million annual budget, but instead of spending the money on placement, they find it is much cheaper to kill the animals and place them in freezers until they can be cremated and then thrown away in the nearest dumpster.

You think that is shocking. Keep reading... It gets worse... much worse.

PeTA Does Not Save Animals

"I often receive phone calls from frantic people who have surrendered their pets to PeTA with the understanding that PeTA will 'find them a good home.' Many of them are led to believe that the animals will be taken to a nearby shelter. Little do they know that the pets are killed in the PeTA van before they even pull away from the pet owner's home."
-- Dana Cheek, Former Norfolk SPCA Director

Ingrid Newkirk has never denied this statement. In fact, she has stated that PeTA has never hid the fact that most animals are euthanized as a matter of policy.

Ingrid Newkirk Kills

"It is a totally rotten business, but sometimes the only kind option for some animals is to put them to sleep forever... It sounds lovely if you're naïve. We could become a no-kill shelter immediately. It means we wouldn't do as much work."
-- Ingrid Newkirk, PeTA President, The Virginian-Pilot, August 1, 2000

"I would go to work early, before anyone got there, and I would just kill the animals myself. Because I couldn't stand to let them go through other workers abusing the animals. I must have killed thousands of them, sometimes dozens everyday."
-- Ingrid Newkirk, PeTA President, The New Yorker, April 14, 2003

"We are not in the home finding business, although it is certainly true that we do find homes from time to time for the kind of animals people are looking for. Our service is to provide a peaceful and painless death to animals who no one wants."
-- Ingrid Newkirk, PeTA President, The Virginian-Pilot, July 20, 2005

PeTA kills animals and they do it because Ingrid Newkirk told them to. To use a PeTA tactic, it is no different from the commanders telling the guards to turn on the gas in the death camps. These people do nothing but exploit animals and animal rights to advance their own Marxist agenda.

PeTA's Education Of Children

Here are the pamphlets that PeTA uses to target children

Daddy Kills Pamplet from PeTA Mommy Kills Pamplet from PeTA

Do we really want PeTA to have this kind of influence on children? These pamphlets and the tactics are designed to destroy the relationship between parents and children. Parenting is hard enough without PeTA's interference and they take it upon themselves to educate children WITHOUT parental consent. PeTA believes it is their role to take the place of parents in the education of today's youth as can be seen by the very existence of the above propaganda. PeTA has publicly stated, "Our campaigns are always geared towards children, and they always will be."

Continue reading and look at what PeTA really is. Do we really want PeTA actively involved in the educational process? Do we want them to have this kind of access to the youth of America?

PeTA Kills Animals

Retrieving dead animals previously in PeTA's care

In 2003, PeTA had a 14% adoption rate compared to the Virginia SPCA that had a 73% adoption rate and the Virginia Beach SPCA had a 66% adoption rate. In 2005, that dropped to less than a 10% adoption rate. PeTA raised almost $30 million in 2003. Most of this was from people that thought their donations were actually helping animals. Nothing could be further from the truth. During the past ten years, PeTA has spent four times as much on criminals and their legal defense than it has on shelters, spay-neuter programs, and other efforts that actually help animals. The cold, hard reality is that PeTA uses this money to support organizations like the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front.

Sheriff picking up dead dog from Dumpster

Over a six-year period, of the 12,735 animals obtained by PeTA's Virginia headquarters only 2540 had actually been adopted out while the remaining 10,195 were destroyed. In 2004, the Virginia office of PeTA obtained 2639 animals. Of these, 2,278 were euthanized and homes were found for only 361 of them. Here are pictures of some of the 2,278 dead ones.

Oh yeah... PeTA really cares about animals. (Note sarcastic tone)

Daphna Nachminovitch, Director for PeTA's Domestic Animal and Wildlife Department, conceded that some animals who could have been adopted were killed. The Acronym PeTA may have to change. So now, when you think of PeTA, know what the letters P-E-T-A really mean:

PeTA - People Exterminating Tame Animals

Sheriff removing dead pet dogs
from garbage bags found in a
dumpster behind a Strip Mall!

Two PeTA employees, Adria Joy Hinkle 27, of 1602 Claremont Ave., Norfolk, VA, and Andrew Benjamin Cook, 24, of 504 Tree Top Street, Virginia Beach, VA, were arrested in June 2005, for disposing of dead animals in a shopping center's dumpster. The animals had been killed by PeTA because they gave up trying to find a proper home for these animals to be placed. Police discovered 18 dead dogs, including a garbage bag containing seven puppies, in the dumpster and 13 more in a van registered to PeTA. It is a common practice for PeTA to euthanize healthy companion animals.

Andrew Benjamin Cook Adria Joy Hinkle

Pictured here are Andrew Benjamin Cook on the left and Adria Joy Hinkle on the right

Ingrid Newkirk said that Cook and Hinkle were picking up animals to be brought to PeTA headquarters in Norfolk to be euthanized.

According to police, veterinarians and animal control officers had been assured by the PeTA workers that they would find suitable homes for these animals rather than euthanize them. Instead, tests confirmed that Ketamine and Pentobarbital were the chemicals used to euthanize the animals. Ketamine, also known as a "date-rape drug", is commonly used to immobilize animals before surgical procedures or lethal injection. Pentobarbital is the standard drug used for lethal injection. Both drugs are regulated by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, and in North Carolina may only be purchased and used by a licensed veterinarian.

Ahoskie Police Chief Troy Fitzhugh said 60 to 70 animals were dumped in the garbage over a four-week period.

Both Adria J. Hinkle and Andrew B. Cook are each charged with 21 counts of animal cruelty, a felony that can carry prison time, along with littering and obtaining property by false pretenses.

Ingrid Newkirk and puppy

This incident may be part of a pattern. According to news reports, the grocery store manager indicated that the duo had illicitly used his dumpster as an impromptu pet cemetery at least nine times prior to getting caught. Other similar reports come from Greenville, North Carolina where authorities discovered more than 70 dead animals last month that they believe to be connected to PeTA. In the spring of 2005, authorities found over 150 dead dogs dumped in trash bags near a riverbank in Scott County, Virginia.

Here we see Ingrid Newkirk, founder and president of PeTA, holding a small puppy. What happened to this little dog? Was this one of the 70 dogs that was killed and tossed into a garbage dumpster behind a grocery store at a strip mall or one of the 150 thrown down a riverbank alongside the road in a trash bag? All of these dogs were supposed to be placed with good families. At least that is what PeTA told everyone when the animals were collected. How many other people have had that same assurance? How many other people have fallen for this same scam?

"It's hideous," Ingrid Newkirk said of the dumping. "I think this is so shocking it's bound to hurt our work."

Then she has this to say...

"PeTA has never made a secret of the fact that most of the animals picked up in North Carolina are euthanized," Newkirk said.

"'s bound to hurt our work." What work is Ms. Newkirk referencing? One thing is certain, it is NOT about protecting animals! It is NOT about Animal Rights! And it is NOT about treating animals with dignity either! There must be some other agenda.

When contacted about this matter, PeTA explained that it was against their policy "to put the bodies of animals in dumpsters." They further described one of the offending employees, Ms. Adria Joy Hinkle, as "a caring soul." Ingrid Newkirk has referred to Adria Hinkle "The Mother Teresa of animals." It does make you wonder what other types of "good works" PeTA might be doing to our communities.

PeTA said it has launched its own investigation.

The entire investigation will probably consist of a strongly worded memo that will be directed to all PeTA personnel.

Employees Of The Month

05 February 2007

The trial of Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook is completed.

Here are the highlights of the "Big Trial" of Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook. The full as documented on the PeTA Kills Animals Website.

PeTA Trial - Day 1:
Jury Selection, and a Bombshell

As a jury is selected for the felony Animal Cruelty trial of two PeTA employees, a North Carolina District Attorney hints at evidence that their alleged June 2005 killing (and red-handed dumping) of 31 pets was not an isolated incident.

PeTA Trial - Day 2:
Can We Please Agree on a Jury?

Time stands still in Winton, North Carolina -- or at least it seems that way. Opening arguments in the Animal Cruelty trial of two PeTA employees were pushed back to Wednesday morning. But after weeding out pet lovers and PeTA-haters, lawyers on both sides have finally picked a jury of PeTA's peers.

PeTA Trial - Day 3:
Opening Statements, Legal Maneuvers, and 92 Dead Animals

The jury sees PeTA's tackle-box "death kit" and grisly photos of dead animals. Defense lawyers outline their strategy. The judge shoots down a request for a mistrial. And heartbreaking details emerge about how PeTA broke a little girl's heart.

PeTA Trial - Day 4:
Toby, Annie, and a Drug Bust in the Making

Did you know some of the animals PeTA kills have names? Neither did we. But pictures of Dalmatians named Toby and Annie tugged at jurors' heartstrings today. The defendants described animals they were about to kill as "adorable," "perfect," and "pregnant." And guess what? PeTA isn't licensed to dispense its preferred lethal-injection drug in North Carolina.

PeTA Trial - Day 5:
Deception and Tears

The first week of the PeTA Kills Animals trial in the books, and the prosecution is just four witnesses away from resting. Jurors hear testimony that on June 15, 2005 Adria Hinkle promised PeTA would try to find homes for animals she killed later that day. A heroic veterinary receptionist stands her ground under tough grilling. Her co-worker sheds tears for three of PeTA's furry victims. And police describe a few bizarre conversations with Hinkle before her arrest.

PeTA Trial - Weekend Edition:
Vox Populi and a Grassroots Antidote to PeTA

We toured Hertford County, North Carolina in search of opinions about the PeTA trial. Boy, did we ever find them! And a small group of volunteers is banding together to fulfill PeTA's broken promises. In just a few months - and with practically no money - they've adopted out more animals in one county than PeTA did nationwide during 2005. We thought you should know about them. The animal-cruelty trial of PeTA employees Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook gets underway again Monday morning at 9:30.

PeTA Trial - Day 6:
Turning the Corner

The prosecution called its final three witnesses today, and then rested its case. A defense motion to dismiss all charges was argued fiercely and then shot down by the judge - for now. And the defense's first witness was more prosecution-friendly than expected.

PeTA Trial - Day 7:
Letting the Cat Out of the Bag (So to Speak)

We know PeTA hasn't been following the law in North Carolina - at least not the federal drug laws. But has it been flouting Virginia law as well? A day-ending legal cliffhanger promises to unravel this question tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, PeTA manager Dapha Nachminovitch confirmed that, yes, PeTA does kill animals. That $9,370 walk-in freezer declared on PeTA's 2002 federal income tax return is indeed for storing dead animals. And PeTA contracts with a Virginia Beach company to incinerate the bodies.

PeTA Trial - Day 8:
Legal Technicalities

PeTA doesn't just kill animals. It also owns them. Imagine that! All this time, we thought PeTA's "total animal liberation" philosophy meant animal ownership was The New Slavery. But when it's convenient, even PeTA will assert its ownership of dogs and cats. PeTA keeps records of how much sodium pentobarbital it takes to kill a puppy, but the group can't keep track of how many dead animals made it back into the company freezer. And what about those controlled substances? When the DEA says one thing, and PeTA's top lawyer says another, whom should we believe?

PeTA Trial - Day 9:
Everything Is Illuminated (Not Really)

PeTA-Kills-Animals defendant Adria Hinkle now admits that tossing animal bodies into a North Carolina dumpster was "a mistake." But she testified today that she had used the same dumpster "a couple" of times before. Meanwhile, Hinkle's lawyer introduced a mystery woman today, and there may be some perjury afoot. And Judge Cy Grant has re-organized the criminal charges - turning twenty-one felony Cruelty To Animals counts into eight misdemeanors, dismissing some charges against Adria Hinkle's co-defendant, and reducing seven Littering charges into just one. Closing arguments are tomorrow morning, and then this whole embarrassing mess goes to the jury.

PeTA Trial - Final Scoreboard:
Holier-Than-Thou Animal Killers: 1
Justice: 0
Americans: Smarter

It's over, folks. A North Carolina jury has acquitted two PeTA employees of Animal Cruelty and Obtaining Property by False Pretenses. Guilty verdicts were handed down for Littering, in connection with PeTA employees Adria Hinkle and Andrew Cook's improper disposal of their furry victims' bodies. Hinkle and Cook were each given suspended 10-day jail sentences, 12 months' probation, 50 hours of community service, a $1,000 fine, and nearly $3,000 in restitution. And PeTA's "death van" has been confiscated by the town of Ahoskie, NC.

While we certainly didn't see these "Not Guilty" verdicts coming, we'll give PeTA's highly paid lawyers credit for blowing enough smoke and sowing enough confusion to confuse a jury. (That's their job, after all.) But it has now been established in court that PeTA, in fact, kills animals. Inevitably, more and more of PeTA's naive supporters will get a clue.

PeTA Trial - Day 10:
Slow-Speed Chase in a Ford Bronco

Remember the O.J. Simpson trial? Lawyers manufactured "reasonable doubt" by blaming everybody but the defendant, haranguing a jury into submission, and staging a few parlor tricks. Sound familiar? We even had a big, white vehicle. Johnny Cochran had nothing on the final day of the PeTA trial. All that's left is for PeTA employees Adria Hinkle (O.J. #1) and Andrew Cook (O.J. #2) to pen a memoir about "how they might have done it."

No jail time… 50 hours of community service… Maybe they will have to perform the community service to help PeTA. A $1,000 fine… How much is that per dog? That is 70 dogs that were killed and tossed into a garbage dumpster behind a grocery store at a strip mall and 150 thrown down a riverbank alongside the road in a trash bag. That is $1,000 fine for the death of 220 dogs that were supposed to be placed into good homes. That is less than $4.55 per dog. The cleanup of the dead carcasses cost more than that.

Oh yeah... These are severe sentences that should send a strong message to anyone else thinking of committing the same crime (note sarcastic tone). It was cheaper to pay this fine than to use the incinerator at PeTA headquarters so you can probably expect to see more pet carcasses dropped off at strip malls and other dumpsters around PeTA Headquarters. It's good to know that PeTA has options with regards to animal carcass disposal... What a disaster.

The Money and Terrorists

PeTA raises more than $25 million a year from 1.6 million supporters and opposes any human use of animals whether for food, fashion or research. Kathy Guillermo, a spokeswoman for PeTA, said PeTA never wanted to get into the business of euthanizing animals. But she said the group could not ignore the horrible conditions in animal shelters around Norfolk and in northeastern North Carolina. The group now euthanizes thousands of animals a year.

Maybe PeTA should try spending some of their money cleaning up and improving the conditions of animal shelters rather than supporting terrorists as indicated in their tax records.

"Euthanasia is a better alternative to sitting in a stinking pound," Guillermo said.

Death is better than life? Euthanasia is better than trying to find a home for a dog? Maybe they should place the dog in well cared for facility until the dog can be adopted. The fact remains that it is cheaper to kill the dog and throw the carcass into the nearest dumpster rather than spend the time to find a good home for the animal and PeTA is keen on this point. That $25 million is money that they would rather not spend on saving animals. These people do not care for welfare of animals at all. It is just a front to hide their true intentions such as supporting Domestic Terrorist groups.

To see detailed numbers related to PeTA's massive euthanasia program, visit

Look again at what Dana Cheek, the former Norfolk SPCA Director said. This is worth reading again. Whenever you think of PeTA, think of this statement.

Aside from PeTA's well-financed euthanasia program and their donations to eco-terrorists, what other programs does spend their money. Of the $25+ million per year that is raised by PeTA, they are busy organizing such worthwhile projects as:

  • Donating $20,000 if the town of Hamburg, New York, changes its name to Veggieburg.

  • Telling kids to keep their parents away from their pets, with campaigns called "Your Daddy Kills Animals" and "Your Mommy Kills Animals".

  • They also targeted students with the "Got Beer" campaign, which promoted the drinking of beer instead of milk because of the "health issues" with dairy products.

  • They also ran many distasteful campaigns using Holocaust imagery comparing the Holocaust in Nazi Germany to farms.

Aside from PeTA's well-financed euthanasia program and their donations to eco-terrorists, what other programs does spend their money. Of the $25+ million per year that is raised by PeTA, they are busy organizing such worthwhile projects as:

If you are in doubt that PeTA directly supports terrorism, look at where their money goes. This is how PeTA spends their money.

Michelle Malkin
Oak-Tree Sanctuary


"We did it. We did it. We gave $1,500 to the ELF," said the president of People for the ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA), Lisa Lange, on Tuesday, 17 September 2002. The ELF (Environmental Liberation Front) is one of America's largest domestic terrorist groups and they have a long history of violence including arson, firebombing, explosives and attempted murder. And this is known throughout the Animal Rights Movement.

PeTA's sympathies for ELF actions were apparent in a speech by PeTA Vice President Bruce Friedrich.

"I think it would be great if all of the fast-food outlets, slaughterhouses, these laboratories and the banks who fund them exploded tomorrow. I think it's perfectly appropriate for people to take bricks and toss them through windows. Hallelujah to the people who are willing to do it."
-- Bruce Friedrich, PeTA Campaign Director, Vegan Campaign Coordinator, Animal Rights 2001 Conference, July 2, 2001

PeTA payouts to radicals willing to carry out such crimes include:

  • Among the payments PeTA has admitted giving to radical ELF activists:

  • $5,000 to Josh Harper, convicted of assaulting police and firing on a fishing vessel.

  • $2,000 to Dave Wilson, convicted of firebombing a fur cooperative.

  • $7,500 to Fran Trutt, convicted of attempted murder of a medical executive.

  • $20,000 to Rodney Coronado, convicted of burning a research laboratory in Michigan State.

Like many, if not all of these groups, donations of money to PeTA always seem to be used to cover administrative costs, salaries, and for questionable causes such as those described above. Ingrid Newkirk lives pretty well and we have pointed out what her organization really does. The point is that a donation to PeTA is never money well spent.

"I often receive phone calls from frantic people who have surrendered their pets to PeTA with the understanding that PeTA will 'find them a good home.' Many of them are led to believe that the animals will be taken to a nearby shelter. Little do they know that the pets are killed in the PeTA van before they even pull away from the pet owner's home."
-- Dana Cheek, Former Norfolk SPCA Director

Obnoxious PeTA Protesters

PeTA protesters in all their glory

You always see PeTA and a bunch of loud and obnoxious protesters on some street corner yelling about the killing of animals for fur and then you read this. A less than 10% adoption rate from a private organization compared to a 73% adoption rate from a local government office. Dealing with the SPCA is about like dealing with the Department of Motor Vehicles. And PeTA could not even come close to that level of efficiency. It just proves that saving animals is not PeTA's primary objective.

To see more about PeTA, look at the following video clip.

Proof that PeTA funds terrorists...

It does make you wonder what their primary objective really is. Take a closer look at their general attitude.

In 2003, Newkirk criticized the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat because a Palestinian terrorist used a donkey to carry a bomb into a public gathering in an attempt to blow up people as many people as possible. PeTA's main concern was about the use and exploitation of a donkey in a terrorist activity, not the actual Israelis that were killed.

When a grisly killing spree in Vancouver left 15 women dead, PeTA attempted to purchase full-page ads in local papers that suggested the murder spree was no different than killing animals for food.

When Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh decided not to eat meat during his last meal, Bruce Friedrich, PeTA's Campaign Director and Vegan Campaign Coordinator, told reporters that, "Mr. McVeigh's decision to go vegetarian groups him with some of the world's greatest visionaries, including Albert Schweitzer, Mohandas Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy and Albert Einstein."

When images of American POWs brutalized by Saddam's regime came back from the war zone that reminded the world of mankind's capacity for barbarism, PeTA complained that the hens that were used by the Army to detect chemical weapons had "never enlisted" and that the dolphins locating deadly mines in the Persian Gulf "have not volunteered."

Ingrid Newkirk told the New Yorker the world would be a better place without people. She had herself sterilized because, "I am opposed to having children. Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it's nothing but vanity, human vanity."

Dr. Steven Best and Ingrid Newkirk

PeTA provides aboveground support to leading domestic terror groups, including the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front. Dr. Steven Best, pictured here, is a good friend and supporter of Ingrid Newkirk. Along with Ingrid Newkirk, Dr. Best openly supports the ALF.

PeTA has donated over $150,000 to criminal activists - including those jailed for arson, burglary, and even attempted murder. And since 2000, PeTA activists have been arrested time after time for breaking laws during PeTA protests. Charges like felony obstruction of government property, arson, assault, felony vandalism, performing obscene acts in public, destruction of federal property, and burglary.

We have acquired PeTA tax records showing some of these contributions to criminal activists that support terrorist activities.

For years, PeTA has swindled honest, hard working Americans into donating their hard-earned money under the guise of helping animals. The truth is that PeTA kills thousands of pets each year at a much higher rate than most, if not all, animal shelters. They make a feeble attempt to place a few animals, but it is much cheaper to dispose of them in dumpsters found at nearby shopping centers. PeTA also financially supports domestic terrorists.

PeTA has hired Gary Yourofsky as a spokesperson and lecturer for PeTA proving the leadership openly advocates, promotes, and supports terrorist tactics.

PeTA maintains a nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) corporation status. They are funded primarily by the contributions of their members that number a total about a million members. The IRS needs to revoke PeTA's tax-free status and for the FBI to begin an investigation into their "possible" fraudulent and criminal conduct.

There are four things that you need to know about PeTA:

  • PeTA kills animals

  • PeTA has no use for ethics

  • PeTA does not really like people

  • PeTA supports terrorist tactics

And here we have the primary objective. And if you think that this statement is incorrect or inaccurate, take a good look at what the PeTA leadership has to say.

The Animal Defense League, Animal Liberation Front, Earth First!, Earth Liberation Front, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, and PeTA have close associations. When a donation is made to PeTA, your money is supporting these organizations. They work for the same goal and with the same methods. Do not think of PeTA as some warm and fuzzy organization. They are anything but warm and fuzzy. They actively and openly support Terrorists.

This article from PeTA Kills Animals pretty much sums up PeTA's existence.

7 Things You Didn't Know About PeTA

1) PeTA president and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk has described her group's overall goal as "total animal liberation." This means no meat, no milk, no zoos, no circuses, no wool, no leather, no hunting, no fishing, and no pets (not even seeing-eye dogs). PeTA is also against all medical research that requires the use of animals.

2) Despite its constant moralizing about the "unethical" treatment of animals by restaurant owners, grocers, farmers, scientists, anglers, and countless other Americans, PeTA has killed over 14,400 dogs and cats at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. During 2005, PeTA put to death over 90 percent of the animals it collected from members of the public.

3) PeTA has given tens of thousands of dollars to convicted arsonists and other violent criminals. This includes a 2001 donation of $1,500 to the North American Earth Liberation Front (ELF), an FBI-certified "domestic terrorist" group responsible for dozens of firebombs and death threats. During the 1990s, PeTA paid $70,200 to an Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activist convicted of burning down a Michigan State University research laboratory. In his sentencing recommendation, a federal prosecutor implicated PeTA president Ingrid Newkirk in that crime. And PeTA vegetarian campaign coordinator Bruce Friedrich told an animal rights convention in 2001 that "blowing stuff up and smashing windows" is "a great way to bring about animal liberation."

4) PeTA activists regularly target children as young as six years old with anti-meat and anti-milk propaganda, often waiting outside their schools to intercept them as they walk to and from class-without notifying parents. One piece of kid-targeted PeTA literature tells small children: "Your Mommy Kills Animals!" PeTA brags that its messages reach over 2 million children every year, including thousands reached by e-mail without the permission of their parents. One PeTA vice president told the Fox News Channel's audience: "Our campaigns are always geared towards children, and they always will be."

5) PeTA has used a related organization, the PeTA Foundation, to fund the misnamed Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), a deceptive animal rights group that promotes itself as an unbiased source of medical and nutritional information. PCRM's president also serves as president of the PeTA Foundation.

6) PeTA runs campaigns seemingly calculated to offend religious believers. One entire PeTA website is devoted to the claim-despite ample evidence to the contrary-that Jesus Christ was a vegetarian. PeTA holds protests at houses of worship, even suing one church that tried to protect its members from Sunday-morning harassment. Its billboards taunt Christians with the message that hogs "died for their sins." PeTA insists, contrary to centuries of rabbinical teaching, that the Jewish ritual of kosher slaughter shouldn't be allowed. And its infamous "Holocaust on Your Plate" campaign crassly compares the Jewish victims of Nazi genocide with farm animals.

7) PeTA has repeatedly attacked research foundations like the March of Dimes, the Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and the American Cancer Society, because they support animal-based research that might uncover cures for birth defects and life-threatening diseases. PeTA president Ingrid Newkirk has said, "even if animal research resulted in a cure for AIDS, we would be against it."

PeTA's latest numbers have arrived. You have to wonder why animal rights activists have not targeted and vandalized PeTA as they have done to McDonalds.


PeTA's Pet Killing Program Set a New Record in 2009

Public Records: PeTA Found Adoptive Homes for Just 1 out of 300 Animals

Animal lovers worldwide now have access to more than a decade's worth of proof that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) kills thousands of defenseless pets at its Norfolk, Virginia headquarters. Since 1998, PeTA has opted to "put down" 23,640 adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens instead of finding homes for them.

PeTA's "Animal Record" report for 2009, filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, shows that the animal rights group killed 97 percent of the dogs and cats in its care last year. During all of 2009, PeTA found adoptive homes for just eight pets.

Just eight animals - out of the 2,366 it took in. PETA just broke its own record.

PeTA has a $33 million annual budget. But instead of investing in the lives of the thousands of flesh and blood creatures in its care, the group spends millions on media campaigns telling Americans that eating meat, drinking milk, fishing, hunting, wearing leather shoes, and benefiting from medical research performed on lab rats are all "unethical."

Their 2009 placement record can only drop 3% to match any slaughterhouse. It does make you wonder who got the lucky eight animals. With a record like that, it sounds like workers at PeTA adopted the only eight animals that survived the PeTA adoption program. Does PeTA every do a follow up assessment to see how the animals are doing?

Contact information for PeTA:

501 Front St.
Norfolk, VA 23510
Tel: (757) 622-PeTA (7382)
FAX: (757) 622-0457

For those of you that subscribe to the Left-Wing, Marxist, Socialist, and/or Anarchist ideologies that believe that the human population is the reason for most, if not all, or at least a good part of the total suffering of the plants and animals on this planet, you should definitely check out the following website. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement probably will solve all of your problems and therefore all of the earth's problems. The rest of us would certainly appreciate your effort in living within the ideals of this philosophy. PeTA President, Ingrid Newkirk did... and you should too!


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