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Animal Defense League

The Animal Defense League (ADL-LA) is a militant Animal Rights organization based in Los Angeles but with chapters throughout the United States. As with other Animal Rights organizations, the ADL works through Intimidation, Vocal Demonstration, Civil Disobedience, and Direct Action to further their agenda. They support vegan proactive lifestyles grounded in activism and demand that everyone else also support and practices this lifestyle. The Animal Defense League is an above-ground animal rights group, but they fully and openly support the damage and destruction of property done by the underground groups such as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), SHAC, PeTA, and any other Animal Rights group that sees destruction of property and even murder as acceptable solutions against those that have different lifestyles and opinions. These are all terrorist organizations and if you support a terrorist organization, then you support terrorism.

From the ADL website:

The ADL is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This means that your donations are tax-deductible. All monies received by the ADL go towards the mission of the organization and the books are open for public perusal upon request. The officers/board members of the ADL do not receive salaries or any compensation.

As you read on, ask yourself this, "How does the IRS allow an organization like this to retain non-profit status?"

Behold the new face of Terrorism!

Pamelyn Ferdin

From Pamelyn Ferdin's website:

What has Pamelyn been up to since her childhood? She became a registered nurse and is happily married to Jerry, a doctor. She's spent many years helping animals that are neglected and abused, and teaching the public to be compassionate towards all the animals with which we share the planet. Today she is returning to the acting profession. She is the voice of Shelley Kelley on Detention, and expects to get some roles in front of the camera soon. She is also making personal appearances at autograph shows and conventions.

"She's spent many years helping animals that are neglected and abused..." It sounds so innocent and pure until you realize that she belongs to the Animal Defense League. And by their own words, they support extreme domestic terrorist organizations.

To see what these people really believe, read "The True Agenda of the Animal Rights Movement". This is a record showing what these people have publicly stated and it shows the true danger that they pose. After reading what they have to say, ask yourself this, "How safe do you feel now?"

And guess who the new president for SHAC-USA is?

Pamelyn Ferdin's Business Card

Business card collected from SHAC-USA president Pamelyn Ferdin, describing her as an employee of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). The address listed on this business card does not belong to PCRM but to the Animal Defense League of Los Angeles (ADL-LA), an in-your-face protest group run by Ferdin, Vlasak, and PeTA in-school lecturer Gary Yourofsky, a convicted felon belonging to the ALF.

Dr. Jerry Vlasak serves as a spokesman for extremists who threaten laboratory researchers. In 2004, Vlasak co-founded the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) to speak on behalf of the terrorist Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and other criminal threat groups. Not surprisingly, he has also publicly speaks on SHAC's behalf.

Looks like we have found the connection between the Animal Defense League, the Animal Liberation Front, Earth First!, the Earth Liberation Front, and PeTA!!!

Jerry Vlasak

Quotes from Dr. Jerry Vlasak:

  • "As far as the underground liberation movement, it won't have any impact at all because they don't really care about those laws. Their activities -- sabotaging, liberating animals -- are already illegal so just adding one more law won't make much difference."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, spokesmen for the Animal Defense League, commenting on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, November 2006

  • "Get arrested. Destroy the property of those who torture animals. Liberate those animals interned in the hellholes our society tolerates."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, M.D., Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Animal Defense League of Los Angeles, Internet post to AR Views, June 21, 1996

  • "If someone is killing, on a regular basis, thousands of animals, and if that person can only be stopped in one way by the use of violence, then it is certainly a morally justifiable solution."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, spokesman for the Animal Defense League, April 1, 2004

  • "I am personally not advocating violence. I am simply saying that it is a morally acceptable tactic and it may be useful in the struggle for animal liberation. I don't know."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, spokesmen for the Animal Defense League, from a BBC interview

  • "...if you had to hurt somebody or intimidate them or kill them, it would be morally justifiable."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, spokesman for the Animal Defense League, speaking to "The Associated Press" making the moral justification for killing anyone associated with animal research

  • "Whatever it takes to stop someone from abusing animals is certainly morally acceptable"
    -- Jerry Vlasak, spokesman for the Animal Defense League, speaking to "The Associated Press" making the moral justification for any action associated with animal research

  • "And I don't think you'd have to kill -- assassinate -- too many vivisectors before you would see a marked decrease in the amount of vivisection going on. And I think for 5 lives, 10 lives, 15 human lives, we could save a million, 2 million, 10 million non-human animals."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, spokesmen for the Animal Defense League

  • And I... you know... people get all excited about, 'Oh what's going to happen when - the ALF accidentally kills somebody in an arson?' Well, you know I mean... I think we need to get used to this idea. It's going to happen, okay? It's going to happen.
    -- Jerry Vlasak, spokesmen for the Animal Defense League

  • "Anybody who does business with this company, they become a legitimate target for the campaign,"
    -- Jerry Vlasak, an ALF spokesman and a physician in Los Angeles

  • "The big difference between animal liberation activists and other so-called 'terrorists' is the targets; no innocent victims are ever targeted in animal lib campaigns. If you are not abusing and exploiting animals, there is no need to fear for one's safety."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, ALF spokesman

  • "If they won't stop when you ask them nicely, they don't stop when you demonstrate to them what they're doing is wrong, then they should be stopped using whatever means are necessary."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, ALF spokesman, In the 60 Minutes interview with Ed Bradley, aired on CBS on Sunday November 13, 2005

Keep in mind that these people consider eating meat to be abusing and exploiting animals.

To see more about Jerry Vlasak, take a look at the following link.

Whatever Means Necessary - 60 Minutes Interview

Let us take a look at what his justifications for violence are. Take a look at the following excerpt from a paper entitled "Who Is Afraid of Jerry Vlasak" that was posted on the Animal Liberation Press Office website, but has since been removed.

"Vlasak has defended the use of violence on two grounds. On moral grounds, he believes that any tactics - ranging from threats and break-ins to sabotage and even assault or murder - are legitimate given the suffering exploiters inflict on animals, the impossibility of ending their misery through legal systems that cater to exploitation industries and define animals as property, and the moral imperative to save animals from the violent clutches of exploiters. On pragmatic grounds, Vlasak believes that the use of violence would be an effective intimidation tactic and would stop numerous individuals from exploiting animals while preventing others from ever embarking on that heinous path."

If you think we are making this up, you are wrong. This is from Jerry Vlasak's own NAAPLO website, written by his good friend Steven Best.

Pamelyn Ferdin Mugshot

Both Jerry Vlasak and his wife, child actress Pamelyn Ferdin are directors of this extremely militant organization. Supporting the violent direct actions of the ALF, the ELF, SHAC, amongst other Domestic Terrorist groups, these people are supporters of Terrorism. To the right is the Pamelyn Ferdin's mugshot from one of her arrests.

Pamelyn Ferdin was a child actress that was pretty much loved by the entire American public. And like many of the Hollywood crowd, she has literally turned against the American public by supporting terrorist oriented animal rights groups. "The True Agenda of the Animal Rights Movement" shows, in their own words, that they wish to harm, and even kill, those that disagree with their beliefs. Reference this with the actions in Germany on November 10, 1938. Remember "Kristallnacht" or the "Night of Broken Glass."

From their website they advocate violence against anyone that does not agree with their views.

ADL-LA differs from many other animal rights and welfare groups in that we feel different tactics are warranted than have been widely used in the movement. While we acknowledge that many hands are needed on many oars, we think there are more effective strategies than writing letters, participating in boycotts, and holding signs. Each of these tactics has their place, and we use them as well, but we frequently risk our personal freedom in the form of civil disobedience to show the animal abusers in our midst that they may not continue business-as-usual. When arrested we regularly refuse to pay the government in the form of bail or fines, and we do not plead guilty to any of their charges; it is the animal abusers who are the guilty ones. We also do not accept probation as this limits our future effectiveness as activists. Though many ADL-LA members do not take part in C.D. or get arrested, we whole-heartedly support those that do and believe in the No Compromise philosophy outlined here.

"We also do not accept probation as this limits our future effectiveness as activists." This shows that they refuse to obey laws that by which everyone else is expected to live. These people advocate violence and are not afraid to use violence as a means to get what they want.

A look at ADL's Board of Directors displays a more complete picture of the ADL. In addition to Jerry Vlasak and Pamelyn Ferdin, the other officers on the board include Gary Yourofsky, a convicted Animal Liberation Front felon who openly advocates arson and murder, Allison Lance Watson, the wife of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society pirate Paul Watson. Jerry Vlasak was the Sea Shepherd's treasurer. However, he was removed from his position on the Board of Directors on April 22, 2005.

Their philosophy can be summed up
in one sentence:

"Just do what we say, and nobody gets hurt."

Contact Information

Pamelyn Ferdin
ADL Los Angeles

171 Pier Avenue #453
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: (818) 216-1073

The Animal Defense League is another Domestic Terrorist group in the Animal Rights Movement that tries to legitimize their actions under the guise of helping animals and nothing could be further from the truth.


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