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North American Animal Liberation Press Office

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office is an organization whose sole existence is to try and legitimize the actions of the Animal Liberation Front and any other animal rights group that it sees fit to transform into an "acceptable" group.

Press Officer and founder Jerry Vlasak explains that the North American Animal Liberation Press Office acts as the media liaison for underground groups like the Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front, and Earth First!. Vlasak states that the NAALPO relies solely on an anonymous communiqués from these groups about the attacks. The NAALPO is unaware of the identities of these activists and cannot predict or control when, where, how or whether they will strike. And according to Lindy Greene, one of the press officers of the NAALPO, "One might say that we speak for those who cannot - and for those who dare not."

Animal Liberation Press Office is an entity born to legitimize the actions of domestic terrorists, finding it "morally acceptable" and even "desirable" to cause whatever devastation they want or even to assassinate scientists that work on research they does not have their approval. This was later expanded to approve of violence against seal hunters on the grounds that that would instill such fear in others that the use of animals in biomedical research and the hunting of seals would stop. They do not care who they hurt or what damage they cause. In fact, they revel in it and the Animal Liberation Press Office actively promotes and supports their actions.

"Hunting accidents are a beautiful manifestation of karma. Nearly every US citizen in the animal liberation movement has the same 2nd Amendment right to bear arms as hunters and probably loves the outdoors as much (if not more than) those who hunt. Wouldn’t it be unfortunate if there were a sudden epidemic of hunting accidents?"
-- Jason Miller, relentless anti-capitalist, animal liberationist, and senior editor and founder of Thomas Paine’s Corner 25 July 2009. Jason Miller is also a Press Officer for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAAPO)

From the North American Animal Liberation Press Office website:


The North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) was founded to communicate the actions, strategies, and philosophy of the animal liberation movement to the media and the public. Many of these actions are illegal under a current societal structure that fails to recognize the rights of non-human animals to live free of suffering, but validates and promotes the "right" of industries to do whatever they want to animals for profit or research. Within these conditions, those in the underground working for animal liberation often cannot speak out directly. Nevertheless, their actions and message is urgent and deserve to be heard and understood. Since animal liberation actions either go unreported in the media or are uncritically vilified as "violent" and as "terrorist" with no attention paid to the suffering that industries and individuals gratuitously inflict on animals, NAALPO seeks to clarify the motivation and nature of actions taken in defense of animals.

By their own words, these people know that their actions are illegal.

Here are two examples of what these people advocate and justify. This is from the NAALPO website referring to direct actions committed by supporters of the Animal Liberation Front, Earth Liberation Front, and/or SHAC.

"Last night we broke into the offices of Seaboard Securities (HLS market maker) in Tequesta, Florida (17713 SE Federal Highway, Ste 100). We emptied a file cabinet of its files, and smashed several computer monitors and a television. Here's a message to Kevin, Dennis, Cristian, Adam, Guy and the rest of the Seaboard Securities staff: we now know where you live; we will not hesitate to take this fight to your doorstep..."

This is what they call "peaceful" and "non-violent" activism.

Date: February 1, 2006
Institution targeted: Columbia Asset Management, HLS Investor

Two anonymous messages received by activists in the US:

1. "An open letter to Brian Guenard, Vice President of Columbia Asset Management"

"Your company has chosen to invest in Huntingdon Life Sciences, with 3 million invested in HLS's stock (LSRI.ob) held in your company's Small Cap Core Fund. While a dozen other companies have wisely chosen to sell off all LSRi stock in the last several months, your company has not yet done so. Big mistake. Ever since we learned about it we have been following you closely, gathering information. We know everything there is to know about you."

"We have "bumped into you" at Genuardi's and watched you in and out of CVS - but I guess you didn't notice. We followed when you took your little brat to the Gymboree and then to Chuck E Cheese's. We know you take that little brat to the doctor at Buckingham Pediatrics, and we made sure that they were sent information about HLS and how you and your husband make money off of animal cruelty. When you were in Massachusettes at the end of December, we were snooping around your house getting more info about you - we know when you come and when you go. For a $50 bill, we even had your trash collector from Allied Waste set aside your garbage so we could have a peek at it. Boy, what a saucy Christmas present from Victoria's Secret you bought for Paige! We contacted the Mom's Club of Doylestown West, which your wife Paige is a member of, and told them about all the horrible things you do to animals. And maybe we'll accompany you on the next "Mom's Night Out" they organize - we guarantee it is a night you'll never forget. We also contacted Carmine and Co., the hair salon where Paige gets her 100 dollar hair cuts, and chatted about the monkeys, cats, and other animals mutilated inside HLS thanks to Paige and her husband. We know about your friends like Linda and Neal Carey in Maple Glen, PA (maybe we'll crash the next game night - won't that be fun!). We know Paige's sprint cell phone number (well it used to be - we took the liberty of cancelling the account. If you turn it back on, we'll be sure to light that celly up like a torch), and about your two verizon accounts."

"In fact we know all of your financial information. We know about Paige's two investments in Columbia funds (we notice SHE is not investing in the Small Cap Core Fund. Wise choice), and about your New York's 529 College Savings account for little Adam. We contacted your financial advisor for that account to let him know about HLS and your investments in blood money, and we may decide to make some withdrawls - let Adam pay for college by himself. We know your Bank of America bank account and checking account/routing numbers, and we have forwarded these on to numerous underground animal rights activists. As for us, we took the liberty of using your account to order you lots of protein shakes and a bodybuilding bench. Why? Because you'll need to get strong to protect yourself, now that we have cancelled your contract with Advent Security and there is no one protecting your house and family. And at a time like this! Well, you were way behind on the payments anyway so consider it your fault. Also, because you invest in a company whose fraudulently tested drugs have killed many people, we decided to start making up for your crime against humanity by making a $1,000 donation of your money to Doctors Without Borders, dedicating it to the animals at HLS. If you so much as take one red cent of that donation back from the suffering people who need it, we will smash you so hard you won't remember your own name."

"Are you scared yet Brian? You should be. Columbia had better sell those shares, or the nightmare is just getting started."

2. "Bank of America and Columbia Asset Management. You try to get an injunction against aboveground activists to stop them from protesting at your executives homes in Connecticut? You are idiots. If you did a little research, you will see that injunctions do nothing. They did nothing for Marsh, BOC, Seaboard, Roche, HLS, and others. In fact everytime an injunction is passed, we in the underground only get mad at you and make you a top priority. Injunctions won't do anything to protect you from us - and we're the ones you need to worry about."

"To demonstrate what we mean, we visited the homes of two of your Columbia decision makers to hold stock in Huntingdon Life Sciences, managers of the small cap core fund that has hLS stock. First Rick D'Auteuil. We sit outside his house with wireless computer, some special equipment, and in ten minutes we know info about him. We find out about his cable and internet service with Cox Communications, and his account number, so we cancel his account. Rick you better get those child images of your computer - those aren't legal you know."

"So easy. Next outside home of Allyn Seymour, Jr. A little more time, but we get some good info here - his Fleet bank account number. We pass it along to lots of other underground activists so they can start used it to order all kinds of things. Like maybe calculators to add up the money you will lose by investing in HLS. We also find out about the jewelry he bought his wife for christmas from Lux Bond and Gold. We might have to snatch that, Allyn."

"Since Rick has no internet and nothing to do, and since Allyn's account will soon be emptied and he will have no money to go to Blockbuster Video, we decide to help them pass time by ordering hundreds of magazine subscriptions (in their name so they have to pay). happy reading. we also got a bunch for their fellow executive peter larson, but since we go to and see video of him saying he doesn't like Huntingdon much and they a company soon to die, that's all we do to him for now."

"A message for Columbia - take your injunction and shove it up your arse. Have fun wasting money on lawyer fees while we have fun ruining your lives until you sell off your shares. there is only one way to protect your employees. sell the shares now...."

What part of this is NOT Terrorism? These people are indeed Terrorists in every possible definition.

A lot has happened in 2007 with regards to eco-terrorism. In 2007, members of the Earth Liberation Front arrested in Operation Backfire, pleaded guilty to acts of terrorism. They received sentences ranging from 3-16 years. They admitted to the crimes they committed. They knew what they did was against the law when they committed their crimes. To prove that Jerry Vlasak encourages eco-terrorism, this is what he had to say about eco-terrorists that he called "comrades" until they got caught.

"These cowardly former warriors leave us all with a bad taste in our mouth; they have betrayed the struggle against exploitation of the earth and her inhabitants, and provided comfort to the abusers. Their self-serving fear of incarceration is a serious attempt to demoralize others who continue the fight, and an embarrassment to themselves and the movement. Destruction of ecosystems and rampant mass murder of animals continues while they grovel and beg for mercy."
-- Press Officer Jerry Vlasak, Animal Liberation Press Office Sunday Jun 3rd, 2007 10:11 PM

By admitting to their fear of incarceration, he acknowledges their criminal activity and he speaks against any attempt to stop others from committing the same crimes. This proves that these people are not law abiding citizens and are indeed criminals.

And now they support violence against people that have done exactly what they want people and businesses to do. They now support the actions of targeting and attacking stores that have STOPPED SELLING FUR! That is right... you read that correctly. Take a look at the following Communiqué that is proudly displayed on the NAALPO website.

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: June 14, 2007
Institution targeted: Linda's Fashions and Fur Salons

Received anonymously

On 6/14/2007 at approximately 4:30am, Linda's Fashions and Fur Salons, at 903 Old Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, PA, was visited under cover of night by masked activists. The letters ALF were spraypainted on the building, and a cinderblock was thrown through the front door. This action was carried out in solidarity with Earth Liberation Prisoner Jeffrey Luers, who recently began Year seven of his almost 23 year sentence, and all others who refuse to compromise in defense of our earth. We refuse to be intimidated by the forces of government repression, and we refuse to forget our comrades. Until all the cages are empty and all are free, our struggle continues. This is not the last you'll see of us Linda.

What does Linda's Fashions and Fur Salon have to do with Jeffrey Luers? Absolutely nothing at all!!! In fact, it is doubtful that the owners of Linda's Fashions have even heard of Jeffrey Luers.

Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a trauma surgeon who serves as spokesman for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office in Woodland Hills, CA, blamed the business for advertising itself as a fur salon.

This is where Jerry Vlasak blames the victim, the owners of the ladies clothing store and not the actual criminals. In fact, he does everything to cover for them.

"I think they just put themselves in the line of fire by calling the business a fur salon", Vlasak said. "It would be unlikely that they would call themselves a fur salon if they didn't have anything to do with fur."

The fact that they do not sell furs nor had they sold fur for over a decade has nothing to do with it. The store kept the name because they were known by that name. Locals refer to the store as "Linda's Fashions" and it is known as a women's clothing store. Here is a store that has done exactly what these anti-fur, radical environmental, eco-terrorists want every store to do. They stopped selling fur sometime almost 20 years ago and yet they are still targeted.

Vlasak said the activists who targeted the building might have made an "error", but said it was "unlikely someone would risk jail time without doing a little research about what the business sold."

They made an "error"... and that makes it OK? Wait until they kill someone while making one of these "errors".

Earlier this year, an Oregon appeals court upheld Jeffrey Luers' convictions but ruled he'd been sentenced incorrectly. It reduced his prison sentence to 11 to 13 years, from the 22 years, eight months originally imposed.

And in response to this reduction in sentence, a clothing store that does NOT sell furs and has nothing to do with Jeffrey Luers, was attacked.

Here is the list of the "Direct Actions" aka Terrorist Actions supported and encouraged by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. This is the reason for their existence.

2013 Reported Direct Action here! - (58)

2012 Reported Direct Action here! - (33)

2011 Reported Direct Action here! - (39)

2010 Reported Direct Action here! - (61)

2009 Reported Direct Action here! - (155 Actions)

2008 Reported Direct Action here! - (198 Actions)

2007 Reported Direct Action here! (53 Actions)

2006 Reported Direct Action here! (34 Actions)

2004-2005 Reported Direct Action here! (29 Actions)

Below are the people that openly and actively support these actions.

Take a look at some of the past and present "National Press Officers":

Pamelyn Ferdin Mugshot Jerry Vlasak Mugshot Camille Hankins

Pamelyn Ferdin, Jerry Vlasak, and Camille Hankins

Linda Faith Greene Mugshot Dr. Steven Best Lin Bingham

Linda Faith Greene, Steven Best, and Lin Bingham

Angela Metler Gary Yourofsky Nicoal R. Sheen

Angela Metler, Gary Yourofsky, and Nicoal R. Sheen

Another Officer is Angela Metler. She is one of those people that have to cling on to someone successful to gain a sense of self-importance. She has not accomplished anything of substance on her own in the Animal Rights community and therefore must destroy others in order to feel important and gain a sense achievement. She is the kind of person that would allow someone to get hurt just to feel this sense of accomplishment. This is the act of a very selfish person with very low sense of self-worth.

Contact Information for the NAALPO Press Officers:

Linda Faith Greene
NAALPO Headquarters

6320 Canoga Avenue
Suite 1500
Woodland Hills, CA 91367-2563
Tel: (818) 227-5022
Fax: (818) 227-5099

Jerry Vlasak
9966 Yerba Buena Rd.
Malibu, CA 90265-2236
Tel: (310) 589-0777

Camille Hankins
New York
Tel: (646) 267-9934

Steven Best
Department of Philosophy
University of Texas
500 West University Avenue
El Paso, TX 79968
Office Phone: (915) 747-5097

Angela Metler
8 Nutley Ave
Highland Lakes, NJ 07422-1316
Tel: (310) 589-0777

More information can be found at Gamefowl News.

Steven Best, Pamelyn Ferdin, and Jerry Vlasak

Three Active Supporters of Terrorism

This is just another Terrorist group that tries to legitimize the actions of Domestic Terrorists in the Animal Rights Movement.


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