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When we speak of being a "Conservative" on this website, there is often some misunderstanding of exactly what we mean. We could cite a definition directly out of Webster's Dictionary or such as the following:

Conservative -

  1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., or to restore traditional ones, and to limit change.

  2. (often initial capital letter) of or pertaining to the Conservative party.

  3. having the power or tendency to conserve.

  4. a person who is conservative in principles, actions, habits, etc...

  5. a supporter of conservative political policies.

The above definitions can be confusing as to whether or not they accurately define the modern day Conservative. So allow us to present examples based on rhetoric, speeches, arguments, and statements that accurately describe the behavior and mindset that define "Conservatives".

Common Beliefs of Today's Conservative

  1. You preach about the evils of Socialism and you show examples from around the world.

  2. You believe "rich Liberals" have an agenda where they should be exempt from living the lifestyle they expect others to live.

  3. You believe that terrorists should be stopped and are willing to place yourself in harm's way to stop them.

  4. You believe that civilians caught in the crossfire of terrorists attacking American troops died because of the actions of the terrorists that actually killed them.

  5. You believe O.J. Simpson is actually guilty.

  6. You believe that the death penalty is a severe punishment that should be reserved for severe crimes and not for unborn babies.

  7. You believe America was attacked by Islamic terrorists on 9/11.

  8. You believe American troops are "heroes" worthy of respect and gratitude and the victim of a criminal is the actual victim rather than the criminal that did not have a happy childhood.

  9. You believe that in order for the government to give a dollar to somebody, they must first take it from somebody else.

  10. You believe that legal gun ownership is in the Constitution.

  11. You believe that Ted Kennedy does not care more about anyone other than himself.

  12. You believe with all of the counting of the ballots was finished for the last time, George Bush won the election because no count ever proved otherwise.

  13. You see what Liberals and Marxist philosophies have in common.

  14. You believe "tolerance" is a form of respect for others.

  15. You believe the name of God or Jesus does not show prejudice for others and should not be banned or censored, except when spoken in profanity.

  16. You believe it was wrong and in bad taste for Kerry using flag-draped caskets in his ads in his running for the President of the United States.

  17. You believe it is acceptable to allow a child to carry a Bible to school, and that schools should not make special provisions to accommodate everyone's religious beliefs.

  18. You believe that religious leaders Jackson or Sharpton usually worsen the problem rather than fix the problem.

  19. You support Judges who interpret what the Constitution actually says rather than some irrational belief of what they "think" it means.

  20. You believe the meaning and definition of the Constitution is pretty clear when it says something on point.

  21. You believe that burning the American Flag is not a form of Free Speech and is an anti-American act.

  22. You believe that defense spending is necessary and required by the Constitution.

  23. You believe Greenpeace and the Earth Liberation Front burning down SUV dealerships or torching chemical plants actually cause more damage to the environment and are actually terrorist acts.

  24. You see low-income housing as a breeding ground for criminal elements based on historical data and not some form of bigotry or racism.

  25. You believe that if one of your neighbors decides to invest in alternative and green energy, it is a good idea and you are not personally harmed.

  26. You believe the term "illegal alien" is an accurate description of someone that has illegally crossed the United States border without properly clearing Customs and is illegally living in America.

  27. You believe Michael Moore's films are indeed historically inaccurate and very biased.

  28. You believe the AIDS virus is spread by a lack of abstinence, homosexual encounters, and intravenous drug use.

  29. You believe a baby is a living human being that does not require Universal Healthcare provided by the government so as to live a long and healthy life.

  30. You believe abstinence prevents unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and condoms provide no guarantee.

  31. You believe that art does not require any Federal mandate or funding.

  32. You believe the only thing wrong with the forged Rather Memo was it was a complete fabrication indicative of the Liberal media bias.

  33. You believe it is not harmful that girls should not be allowed to go to an all-boys school and boys should not be allowed to go to an all-girls school.

  34. You do not believe that a judge's stand on abortion should disqualify a person from being on the Supreme Court.

  35. You do not support welfare, free healthcare, and other entitlements for illegal immigrants.

  36. You believe there is a media bias in the reporting of the news by ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, and CNN.

  37. You believe the best episode of "Murphy Brown" was when Martin Sheen guest starred as novelist Nick Brody.

  38. You are quick to recognize every single time that we give peace a chance.

  39. You believe welfare benefits only increase dependency and that the government has no business or mandate to provide for people what they can provide for themselves.

  40. You believe race riots divide populations and are usually started by those that have an agenda to keep those divisions in place.

  41. You believe both racial hatred and "class hatred" are closely related and are both wrong.

  42. You believe that misbehaving children have too much free time and this can be easily remedied.

  43. You believe lawsuits that deny any personal responsibility on the part of the plaintiff is a crime in-and-of-itself.

  44. You believe that Socialism and Communism are evil and only cause problems for its population as has been proved throughout history.

  45. You believe the best way to deal with terrorist regimes is for them to know that peace happens because the consequences of their actions are known and severe.

  46. You support a military presence around the world because it protects America's interests around the world.

  47. You believe that Gay Marriage is not normal and the public should not be forced to accept it.

  48. You believe that the defense of America is paramount and that defending Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Saddam, and Castro is an insult for anyone that has served in the defense of this nation.

  49. You believe violent gun-crime would automatically increase if honest citizens could not bear arms because only criminals would have guns and no reason to fear honest citizens.

  50. You can argue your position of any political discussion without resorting to name-calling or insults.

  51. You believe a child's self-esteem comes from accomplishment and achievement.

  52. You believe that while pornography is federally protected as "Freedom of Speech", any public profession of Faith should be protected also.

  53. You see that Jimmy Carter talks about Human Rights, and that President Bush actually did something about it.

  54. You believe that Saddam Hussein was a danger to the world that had been given 12 years to comply with the terms of the 1991 Ceasefire and when he failed to do so, the Ceasefire agreement was terminated.

  55. You believe the UN should never have power over the United States.

  56. You believe that colleges and universities should allow ROTC programs.

  57. You believe that the Boy Scouts are a great organization that should be allowed to make their own rules that govern their organization.

  58. You believe that violent crime in the inner city is directly related to a lack of values that come from an intact family with a Mother and a Father.

  59. You believe that there are similar characteristics that certain groups of terrorists have in common and are not afraid to see them in spite that they may resemble a young Saudi male.

  60. You believe that socializing medical will lower the quality of medical care as it has done all over the world, and limiting malpractice lawsuits lower medical costs passed on to the consumer.

  61. You believe that Government exists to provide the services that the individual cannot provide on their own such as maintaining a standing military and building roads.

  62. You believe that it is morally right to place the power of educating children into the hands of parents rather than the NEA.

  63. You believe if a person makes more than $50,000/year, then he is successful and will likely not have to rely on the government for support through entitlements and government handouts.

  64. You can see the difference in being able to play the President on a popular TV drama where every line is scripted by writers and in real life where nothing is scripted.

  65. You believe that Atheists should have the right to exercise their Right of "Freedom of Speech" just as Christians should.

  66. You believe it was "un-ethical" when Clinton accepted campaign donations on behalf of the Communist Chinese government.

  67. You believe if somebody disagrees with what is being said, they are exercising their Right of Free Speech.

  68. You believe that poverty is often caused by dependency on others to provide what you will not provide for yourself.

  69. You believe the ACLU has turned into a Left-Wing group and keeps moving further and further to the Left.

  70. You believe the Dixie Chicks and Tim Robbins should say what they want as should Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh, none of whom should be censored.

  71. You believe it is an act of patriotism to show respect for the American Flag as a symbol of Freedom and Liberty and to support the American military for the sacrifice of the men and women that volunteer to serve in the Armed Forces.

  72. You support America's troops in the Middle-East, Haiti, Somalia, and Bosnia even though we did not have UN approval.

  73. You screamed and shouted when Bill Clinton had sexual encounters with interns and other women because you believed that is was not what he should have been doing as President of the United States.

  74. You are against all sexual harassment especially when committed by people in powerful positions of government such as a Kennedy or a Clinton.

  75. You do not believe that it is illegal to wear animal products such as leather nor should it be punished.

  76. You believe that Microsoft should not be broken up by the government.

  77. You believe the government has no right to decide what kind of automobile you should drive or own.

  78. You believe we should not use the price of $6.00/gal in Europe as a goal and that the free market should govern the price of gas without governmental interference.

  79. You believe President Bush is smarter and has more resources as the President than the Dixie Chicks, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand, Eddie Vedder and Jeanine Garofalo as they are not qualified experts on foreign policy.

  80. You believe Saddam had WMDs when Clinton was in office and this was no surprise as he threw out the weapons inspectors that were there to see that his weapons development programs had been dismantled as directed by the 1991 Ceasefire Agreement.

  81. You believe that peace in the Middle East can only be achieved once Islamic countries recognize Israel's existence to exist and they stop supporting the means of terrorists to attack Israel.

  82. You believe the Bible is not a racist, sexist, and homophobic book and the Koran has been used as a reason for terrorism by the Islamic terrorists in every country in the world.

  83. You believe the Government taking 45% of your paycheck for taxes is excessive and you compare that to lawyers that take "only" 33% of a settlement.

  84. You find Christianity as teaching ethical and righteous values and you see the danger of Witchcraft, the Occult, Mysticism, etc...

  85. You believe having an open-mind means being able to listen to others speak of issues such as "pro-Gay", "pro-Abortion", "anti-Christian", "anti-Business", and "anti-Conservative" and having the ability to render an intelligent opinion.

  86. You believe that anyone can be a racist regardless of race, creed, religion, or nationality.

  87. You believe that taxes hurt poor people and are uncompassionate and lessening the tax burden can only increase the standard of living and that is true compassion.

  88. You believe that posting the "Ten Commandments" in schools will not harm children, but promoting homosexuality and paganism can cause harm to children.

  89. You believe that counseling, therapy, and understanding is not the answer to any crime and it only sets the stage for more of the same criminal behavior that is the root cause of the decay of.

  90. You only watch "All In The Family", because Meathead made so little sense.

  91. You believe Maxine Waters, John Conyers and Louis Farrakhan are mean spirited racists whose rhetoric actually promotes hate crime but Rush Limbaugh and Michael Reagan are not, do not, and have not.

  92. You believe that doctors should not be made into government bureaucrats or employees, and there are too many lawyers that will sue doctors for frivolous reasons that cause increased health costs for everyone.

  93. You would have supported the war in Iraq and the reasons for it regardless of who was President.

  94. You are for censorship such as X-rated movies available to minors, but not for anyone from the Left-Wing as you are hoping that they will show their true colors.

  95. You give opinions about what Bill Clinton does with his interns.

  96. You believe that the four thugs who beat Reginald Denny should have received a life sentence for their viscous attack.

  97. You were upset when Paula Jones' sexual history was made public by the Clinton defense team and you saw it as an attempt to warn and intimidate other women that might decide to come forward with factual claims of sexual violence against Bill Clinton.

  98. You hear a news report of a man beat nearly to death for his money and you hope the criminal is caught and removed from society regardless of any poor or disadvantaged tale of woe because you believe in personal responsibility and the obligation to obey the law.

  99. You believe that eco-terrorists are not protesting when they are damaging other people's property in the name of animal rights but rather they are engaging in acts of terrorism and violence, but protesting abortion clinics with signs is a legal form of protest that promotes the agenda of protecting unborn babies.

  100. You believe that the tragedy at Columbine could have been prevented if the parents were more involved with the murderous teenagers and not with outlawing legal, private gun ownership from people that never harmed anyone.

  101. You believe Liberals that have never stepped outside of their local Starbucks know nothing about the environment compared to the hunters that know what animals are roaming around the woods.

  102. You believe it takes two parents, to raise a child and not everyone else in the "village".

  103. You believe that it is in the best interest of a child to be in a two parent home with a Mother and a Father that are married to each other.

  104. You believe that a Father is absolutely required in the upbringing of a child just like a Mother is.

  105. You believe that America has a rich culture of its own and is not just a collection of cultures that should stay divided and maintain their own individualities.

  106. You believe that abortion is not an acceptable and legitimate form of birth control.

  107. You believe that English should be the official language of America because a common language unites people rather than divides people into small groups.

  108. You believe that tolerance of your opinions is different than acceptance of your opinions.

  109. You believe that ambulance-chasing lawyers are over-paid and do nothing but cause problems for everyone else, especially the people they sue and the public that is forced to pay increased insurance premiums.

  110. You are disgusted by a Klansman and public anti-Semite in your own company, i.e. Senator Byrd.

  111. You see the Leftist Hollywood celebrities such as Martin Sheen, Sean Penn and company for what they are based on what they have said.

  112. You watched Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ" and saw it as a movie with a religious and historical nature and you can see the difference in the mindless violence seen in "Kill Bill", "Freddy VS. Jason", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" portrayed in those movies.

  113. You are disgusted with the Liberal Hollywood Elite and their anti-American rhetoric.

  114. You believe a child who is quietly and privately saying Grace before a meal at school should be allowed to continue to do so and it does not constitute the child ramming his/her beliefs upon others.

  115. You see Israel's right to keep their people safe from the terrorism and you do not condemn them for exercising their right of self-preservation.

  116. You believe if Sean Penn or Martin Sheen said so (politically speaking), it should be regarded as Marxist based doctrine.

  117. You were appalled when Clinton stated he "smoked pot but never inhaled" but you were not surprised at all, because it was exactly what you expected from him.

  118. You believe "Freedom of Speech" is free for everyone and you are not afraid of those who hold dissenting opinions to your own.

  119. You believe if the Bible is banned in schools because of the Separation of Church and State, then welcome Islamic and New-Age, and other religion teachings should also be banned.

  120. You believe every problem cannot be solved by simply throwing money at it.

  121. You believe more taxes are an economic disaster that only takes money away from hardworking people.

  122. You believe George Bush won the 2000 election because he had more votes with every recount.

  123. You believe in the "Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy" and you see it every night on the ABC, NBC, and CBS Evening News.

  124. You believe that a violent crime is committed with a gun, it is offender that is responsible and not the inanimate object of the gun that had the desire to commit a felony.

  125. You blame the criminals that actually committed the crime and not the NRA and gun manufacturers for violent crime with guns.

  126. You believe "Freedom of Speech" was placed in the Bill of Rights for the purpose of protecting "Political Speech".

  127. You believe much of what is wrong in the world is due to excessive and intrusive government often with a Socialist component.

  128. You believe that taking money away from those that earned it and giving it to those that did not earn it also known as "sharing the wealth" only lowers your standard of living and only makes those that did not earn it more dependent.

  129. You believe that being a Hollywood icon does not automatically means you are more "in tune" to world events than the leaders of the country.

  130. You believe that "Carbon Credits" are nothing more than a scheme to buy your way out of your responsibility to save energy.

  131. You believe that you will never understand politics from Hollywood and activist celebrities without doing any research yourself.

  132. You believe that the books "Tom Sawyer" and "The Diary of Anne Frank" should not be banned from schools for being "racist" but you disapprove of "My Two Moms" as wholesome and acceptable reading material.

  133. You believe every solution to every problem will never be solved with bigger Government and another entitlement as this is only another way to throw money at a problem without actually solving the problem.

  134. You firmly stand against policies whereby people are rewarded for laziness, but hard-working people are taxed at ever increasing rates.

  135. You support self-reliance and independent thought rather than more dependency on government programs and total blind acceptance of Liberal ideas.

  136. You believe convicted criminals and politicians regardless of party affiliation who screw up should be banned from public service.

  137. You have been called a racist or bigot when you did not accept a liberal cause.

  138. You never throw down the "race card" as a primary argument.

  139. You believe that penalizing people that are rich and successful by increasing taxes to lower their standard of living in an attempt to "level the playing field" will only lower productivity.

  140. You believe America is not a terrorist state.

  141. You believe terrorists and arsonists who burn down private property and harass businesses are criminals but the troops who liberated Iraqis are noble and respected.

  142. You believe that violent protests and domestic terrorism are how the radical Left-Wing routinely affects change in our country instead of voting.

  143. You believe people are not owed restitution for injuries inflicted on their long-dead ancestors.

  144. You believe that there is no substitute for honesty.

  145. You believe Al Gore cannot tell you what the weather will be next week, much less in 50 years and his movie about Global Warming "An Inconvenient Truth" is heavily biased with the intention of increasing taxes and/or government at some point.

  146. You believe joining the military is a noble decision and worthy cause.

  147. You support the troops and their mission.

  148. You find flashy rhetoric is not a substitute for sincerity.

  149. You believe that the deliberate omissions of facts are nothing more than dishonesty.

  150. You believe that the mention of "God" in the "Pledge of Allegiance" is not an un-Constitutional violation of the Separation of Church and State.

  151. You never condemn America and its system while at the same time while reaping the rewards.

  152. You acknowledge contributions to society regardless of who made them.

  153. You love the entire concept of America and you never want to leave.

  154. You believe that Yassar Arafat and any other terrorists should never receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

  155. You believe guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens pose no threat at all but nuclear weapons in the hands of a hate filled dictator are a serious threat.

  156. You believe Ernesto "Che" Guevara to be a hero of the Left-Wing and you are not at all surprised that he is.

  157. You believe that people should be expected to take responsibility for their actions.

  158. You believe that mothers who are drug addicts should not be allowed to have children and raise them while they are addicted as this places the child into a dangerous environment.

  159. You believe that Socialism oppresses people and Capitalism liberates people.

  160. You believe that Socialism is a system that cannot succeed as has been seen by the many countries that have tried and have not been able to feed their citizens without the help of America.

  161. You believe the Government should not provide "entitlement" programs to people that have the ability to earn what they want.

  162. You are willing to do what you can to save an unborn baby and you are disgusted that there are violent serial-felons on death row that have been there for 15 years.

  163. You believe teachers should not use the class-room to promote politics because it is probably not what they are supposed to be teaching.

  164. You never make excuses on behalf of terrorism.

  165. You believe in choice when it comes to retirement, schools, health care, and religious speech.

  166. You believe Clinton was not an "honest and virtuous man".

  167. You believe that unwed teenage mothers should get a job to earn a paycheck from someone other than the Government.

  168. You believe that smokers should take responsibility for smoking when there is more than 50 years of medical warnings about tobacco use, instead of blaming the tobacco company.

  169. You believe society does not "owe you a living" as you are free to achieve whatever you want.

  170. You believe that Bin Laden, Saddam, Hitler, etc... are/were dangerous people.

  171. You believe that Bill Clinton was a liar and sex offender and did not belong in the White House.

  172. You believe that the same teacher who cannot effectively teach 4th graders how to read, basic math skills, and history should be fired for incompetence.

  173. You believe that heterosexuality is a natural behavior, but homosexuality is not normal.

  174. You believe that men and women are different.

  175. You believe that the United States signing the Kyoto Treaty will do nothing but place unfair burdens on industries, businesses, and workers.

  176. You somehow believe that a President who lied under oath, appeased fanatical dictators, and gave military technology to hostile regimes was not a good thing.

  177. You believe that Islamic terrorists masterminded the 9/11 attack on America and it is stupid to think that it was an "inside job".

  178. You fight against the legalization drugs and you recognize that tobacco is a legal substance.

  179. You believe that it is important that a good work ethic should be employed to get what you want rather than be given from the government what you feel "you deserve".

  180. You believe it is never OK to be dishonest, even if personal gain is at stake.

  181. You do not need to exaggerate the facts and make up fiction to prove your point.

  182. You never have to spew out your rhetoric with nothing to back it up.

  183. You believe that the "truth" is relevant in every argument.

  184. You believe that feelings and intentions should not be given any weight when implementing social policy.

  185. You believe the Corporations are not evil, but Communism and dictatorships are.

  186. You believe the UN is an inefficient, anti-American body that should never gain control of the United States government or the American military.

  187. You fight discrimination and are against "perks" simply based on race.

  188. You believe the Kennedy Family was a not so "respectable family" despite their public relations firm says about them.

  189. You believe traits like honesty, integrity, and character are essential concepts.

  190. You believe that the minority should not have the right to force their will upon the majority.

  191. You believe "diversity" is a varied and divergent group of people whereby no one group holds a firm grip on power over others in a group.

  192. You somehow believe taking guns away from honest citizens will not reduce crime by violent offenders as violent offenders will still retain their guns and they are the ones that are responsible for the criminal activity.

  193. You believe Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden present a danger to the rest of the world because of the people that follow their rhetoric.

  194. You believe people should set an example based on what they do, not what they say.

  195. You believe that celebrities that preach "peace" and "love" and "non-violence" and "anti-gun laws" but appear in movies that glorify guns, explosives and twisting people's heads off with martial arts to win over the bad guys do not make good role models.

  196. You find fault with Clinton for using the military as a social program to force gays into the ranks and lowering moral.

  197. You believe the "all Men are created equal" quotation in the Declaration Of Independence means that they are actually equal in the eyes of the law and as citizens and they should be judged on their ability to perform.

  198. You believe a person's sexual preference, or race, should not be the deciding factor in who-gets-what job.

  199. You believe that earning respect is more important than demanding respect.

  200. You believe that welfare recipients do not "work hard" and do not "earn" welfare checks.

  201. You believe the "right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" is just what is says and does not justify breaking into military installations during wartime, stopping commerce, and breaking nudity laws are what the founding fathers meant.

  202. You believe Liberals hold themselves to a lower standard than Conservatives.

  203. You are not "offended" by the existence of Christianity or other religions.

  204. You are "offended" by the demand to change the holiday named "Christmas" to some non-descript name such as "Winter Solstice" or "Winter Festival".

  205. You believe the size of your Carbon Footprint is not a direct relationship of support for terrorists, but rather the actions, rhetoric, and support that is given in your everyday life.

  206. You believe " pro choice" means "pro abortion".

  207. You see our dependence on foreign oil and you believe that we should tap into our own oil reserves.

  208. You believe that drilling for oil is not the same as destroying the environment and it will not destroy the environment as we have the technology to drill with very little impact.

  209. You believe that America is the leader of the "Free World" and if we remove ourselves from that position, someone else will take over as the dominate force in the world.

  210. You believe that most millionaires today got there because they are "hard working", "creative", or "clever", and not inherently "evil".

  211. You acknowledge the details of the "Whitewater" land scandal and the involvement of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  212. You believe that schools have no place handing out condoms and clean needles, but you do not see the harm in Bibles being allowed.

  213. You believe that Bill Clinton was impeached because of lying under oath and not because Monica Lewinsky performed oral sex on him in the White House.

  214. You believe that racial quotas and set-asides are acts of racism by the very definition.

  215. You believe that taxes are too high.

  216. You salute the American flag even though America has so many things wrong with it.

  217. You believe that with Bill Clinton's admission that he only "smoked and did not inhale" pot, it was not his only experience with illegal drugs.

  218. You preach against racial and sexual bias and you see that Affirmative Action actually promotes racial and sexual bias.

  219. You believe the Separation of Church and State means that the state does not endorse or approve of any specific religion over another.

  220. You begin expressing your opinions "intellectually" rather than "emotionally".

  221. You use expressions like "that guy should go to jail forever" to describe a convicted murderer.

  222. You have an "I am the victim" mentality and every day, milk it dry.

  223. You believe Barbara Streisand does not really care about the Iraqi children beyond the point of talking about them so as to create the illusion of caring more than others.

  224. You believe Iraq was because of the numerous violations of the 1991 Ceasefire Agreement and not just a "War for Oil".

  225. You believe Bin Laden is the leader of a worldwide terrorist organization.

  226. You believe that the Jews received the land known as Israel from UN resolution 181 in 1948.

  227. You believe evangelical is not a dirty word.

  228. You believe the New York Times has a hardcore Liberal bias, but Fox News does give the news accurately.

  229. You believe Maureen Dowd is part of the Liberal biased media.

  230. You believe that CNN, CBS, NBS, ABC, and New York Times are prime examples of Liberal bias is in the media

  231. You believe Jimmy Carter handled the 1979 Iranian Hostage crisis in a way that showed nothing but weakness.

  232. You present facts rather than emotions as your defense to any criticism on your stance or position.

  233. You believe if a Conservative is under investigation, it should matter whether the allegations are true or false.

  234. You believe that gays, lesbians, drag queens have no special rights over anyone else.

  235. You believe that we need to cut spending for "redistribution of wealth" policies as they only create more problems and never create solutions.

  236. You believe that trees are a renewable resource, even if they are dead.

  237. You believe that the government should stop taxing every last bit of your paycheck.

  238. You believe Hussein, Stalin, and Castro to be "evil" and President Bush "noble".

  239. You believe morals and integrity are relevant in every aspect of life.

  240. You believe the Tea Party is an organization whose core beliefs rest in the US Constitution.

  241. You believe that it is better to have a President who would spend his Administration standing against terrorist demands, rather than a President who would do whatever he could to please and appease them.

  242. You believe that in the end when all is said and done, Bill and Hillary Clinton care about no one but themselves.

  243. You believe that President Obama was not qualified to be President because he has strong Socialist beliefs and he wanted to make the government larger.

  244. You believe that child molestation is a crime regardless of who commits the crime.

  245. You believe that a police officer asking for a driver's license for identification is not racist in nature and not a violation of anyone's civil rights.

  246. You believe that building a Mosque at Ground Zero is offensive.

  247. You believe shooting Somali pirates as they try and capture a boat is an effective and appropriate means of deterrence.

And there you go - the defining qualities and rhetoric that accurately describe today's "Conservative".


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