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Camille Hankins

Camille Hankins

Camille Hankins is one of the directors of the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. She is also a supporter of SHAC and the Animal Liberation Front. Another group that she is a member of is the NY Animal Rights Activists. They can be contacted at:

Tel: (718) 677-7656
Tel: (646) 267-9934

Camille Hankins is one of those people that have many associations within the same type of action. Other groups that she has strong association with are Farm Animal Reform Movement (FARM) and Win Animal Rights (WAR)

"They could've taken a step that will create their worst nightmare. The thing they were afraid of was destruction, damage to labs and vandalism, but this could be the catalyst for a lot of that."
-- Camille Hankins, commenting to UPI on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, November 2006

Here is more information on Camille Hankins including the case info when she was charged and convicted of animal cruelty.

Win Animal Rights (WAR)
305 Madison Ave., Suite 449
New York, New York 10165
Contact: Camille Hankins
Tel: (646) 267-9934

From the WAR website:

WAR believes that grass roots direct action campaigns are the most efficacious way to achieve our ultimate goal of total animal liberation. As such, we are supportive of all above and below ground organizations that work toward the liberation of animals without causing harm to any animal, human or non-human. We are unapologetic supporters of the freedom fighters that call themselves the Animal Liberation Front.

Although our organization believes that direct action is the best way to achieve our goals, we are mindful of the fact that other strategies and tactics can be useful in achieving animal liberation. As such, we are supportive of the efforts of other organizations, including but not exclusive to, those groups that do: humane education, vegan outreach and legislative efforts. We are especially supportive of those groups and individuals who affect the rescue and rehabilitation of animals at risk, and those that work toward the re-homing or sanctuary of abused and mistreated animals.

We subscribe to the theory that all corporations are made up of individuals and that each individual is morally responsible and accountable for the crimes and atrocities that they commit at work. As a consequence, we firmly believe in taking the fight for animal liberation to the home turf of the animal abusers and exploiters, facing them head on, where they work, where they live and where they recreate.

Finally, we believe that any individual that witnesses an act of cruelty or the infliction of pain or harm has a moral imperative to take direct action to alleviate the pain and suffering, regardless of whether the animal is human or non-human. It is our philosophy that to do any less for an animal than you would for a human child represents speciesism. We hold that speciesism is just as evil and morally indefensible as racism, sexism or any of the other forms of discrimination.

She is nothing but a supporter of Terrorism. What is even more hypocritical is her history with animals.

Camille Hankins, 41, was convicted of animal cruelty in 1995 after PeTA employees found over 80 cats and dogs living in her North Carolina home on June 27.

Described in the Canada Free Press as Chief organizer for "Win Animal Rights" (W.A.R.), a New York City subgroup of SHAC that regularly holds intimidating late-night protests at targeted Americans' homes", Hankins was reportedly running a rescue, called AnimalSave.

Over 20 volunteers arrived at her Lathan Road home to help bathe and dip the animals. Hankins had called PeTA for help in placing the animals for adoption after she received an eviction notice, and the animals' rights group was shocked at the condition of the animals they found. Hankins reportedly claimed that PeTA declined to help her, and spoke only of euthanizing the animals. The animals were confiscated by PeTA and most were treated placed in new homes - about 20 were euthanized.

PeTA investigator Teresa Gibbs testified that the animals running around outside were in unshaded pens and suffered from mange. Inside, she said she found cats and kittens in cages, animal feces and urine on the floors and walls, and more sick animals.

In the State of South Carolina v. Camille Hankins, Brian M. Gibbons tried this case back in 1995. In the South Carolina General Assembly (116th Session, 2005-2006) Journal of the Senate (No. 70 - May 6, 2005), Gibbons wrote:

"My client was charged with cruelty to animals. She had in excess of 80 dogs and cats in her house. A representative of PeTA charged her and we had a day long trial in magistrate's court in front of a jury. Significant for the intense media scrutiny, both regional and national with PeTA. Client convicted, received a small fine and last I heard is still rescuing animals in North Carolina."

Judge James Sealy fined Hankins $205.

She is very lucky that she did not become a victim of the Terrorist tactics from the groups that she supports.


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