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Medea Benjamin and CodePINK member

On 17 November 2002, Medea Benjamin, Miriam Simos a.k.a. "Starhawk", Jodie Evans, Diane Wilson and approximately 100 other Liberal women kicked off CodePINK. They marched through the streets of Washington DC and set up for a four month vigil in front of the White House in an effort to weaken and divide America. The name CodePINK is a play on the Bush Administration's color-coded homeland security advisory system that signals terrorist threats.

They call themselves "Anti-War" and "Peace" activists, but nothing could be further from the truth. "Anti-War" and "Peace" is nothing more than an elaborate cover. This label of "Peace" is a deception. CodePINK is just another group of anti-American protesters with very strong Communist and Marxist beliefs and strong support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) issues. Like all the other so-called "Peace Activists", they always seem to be part of the problem and never part of the solution. They seem to spend a considerable amount of time causing traffic jams and shouting their anti-American rhetoric calling our soldiers "Killers" and "Occupation Troops" with total disregard for the people that these actions affect. They do everything they can to divide America and never anything to unite America. They thrive and exist on any conflict that enables them to cause problems for other people they do not like. It is how they get attention. Anyone with an open mind can see their actions and rhetoric are not those of people filled with love or peace. They celebrate every American Soldier and Marine killed and wounded in Iraq. They detest and loathe the military as is displayed by their actions. These are miserable people filled with extreme and vile hatred toward anyone not sharing their same Marxist philosophies.

After all of their disruptive antics, then they ask for donations under the guise of charity and goodwill. That's right, these people that do what they can to empower Islamic terrorists want your money to advance these very goals - they want to help the very people that are trying to kill Americans. Like many of these groups, donations are often used to cover administrative costs, salaries, and for causing the problems previously mentioned while never actually solving the problem at hand. It is never money well spent.

For your viewing pleasure, we present two videos.

Does this video remind you of a particular group?

The first video is funny because it parodies what is true. The second video is just true. Now that you have seen the fools from CodePINK in action, take a look at who they are and what they do.

The CodePINK Leadership

Medea Benjamin

Medea Susan Benjamin

Medea Benjamin was born in 1952 with the name Susan Benjamin. During her freshman year at Tufts University, she renamed herself after the Greek mythological character Medea. It was a name chosen because it was a personality that she could identify on a highly personal level.

In Greek Mythology, the character Medea was born into wealth as the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis, and the granddaughter of Helios, the sun god. She also had magic powers. Both of these gave her feelings of self-importance and an elitist attitude. She was an extremely jealous woman that killed her two daughters as an act of revenge against her husband. This is the character that Medea Benjamin uses as a role model.

Medea Benjamin dropped out of school after a year and spent some time hitchhiking across Europe and Africa. She then lived in Cuba with her first husband, who was the coach of Cuba's national basketball team while she wrote for a Cuban newspaper. According to Medea Benjamin, the Cuban communist social and economic structure fit well with her political views. She is currently married to Kevin Danaher. Communist, Marxist, and Socialist doctrine and hatred for America run deep in Medea Benjamin, Kevin Danaher, and the rest of this group. Once this fact is accepted, it is easy to see the direction of this organization... Anti-American, Anti-Capitalism, Anti-Liberty, and Anti-Freedom.

Mrs. Kevin Danaher, aka Medea Benjamin, has even written a few books. "Cuba: Thoughts about Revolution", "NO FREE LUNCH: Food Revolution Cuba", and "Bridging the Global Gap: A Handbook to Linking Citizens of the First and Third Worlds". These literary works of art can be found on E-Bay ranging in price from $0.75 - $2.50.

Cuba: Thoughts about Revolution NO FREE LUNCH: Food Revolution Cuba Bridging the Global Gap: A Handbook to Linking Citizens of the First and Third Worlds

These are the same people that want you to believe they have the best interests of the American Military. Nothing could be further from the truth. They consider the American Military to be the enemy. During the last week of December, 2004, Medea Benjamin announced in Amman, Jordan, that Global Exchange, CodePINK, and Gold Star Families for Peace would be donating a combined total of more than $600,000 in medical supplies and cash to the terrorist insurgents who were fighting American troops in Fallujah, Iraq with the full knowledge and consent of Left-Wing Congressman Henry Waxman, D-CA. It was personally delivered to the "other side" by Nadia McCaffrey.

Democrat Congressman Henry Waxman

Congressman Henry Waxman, Democrat Congressman from California (pictured to the right), has actively participated with CodePINK in the financing and support of the insurgents fighting American troops. Congressman Henry Waxman signed a letter allowing Medea Benjamin and a dozen of her followers to move over $600,000 of cash and supplies into camps housing refugees from Fallujah, with no outside inspection of its contents.

Here is an American Congressman who has knowingly participated in and assisted American citizens who belong to CodePINK and other pro-Marxist, anti-American organizations, in traveling to Iraq for the sole purpose of materially aiding and supporting an enemy that is killing American Soldiers and Marines and has sworn on an oath of death to kill as many Americans as possible around the world. How is that not Treason?

Medea Benjamin is co-founder of both CodePINK and the San Francisco-based human rights organization Global Exchange and she is a member of other organizations with strong Marxist agendas such as Progressive Democrats of America.

Medea looking old

Global Exchange
2017 Mission Street, #303
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel: (415) 255-7296

Progressive Democrats of America
4045 East Palm Lane
Suite 4
Phoenix, AZ 85008
Tel: (877) 368-9221

Just to give you a sense of the true Medea Benjamin, this is a good example of how out of control she really is.

Wednesday, July 28th, 2004

Medea Benjamin

As Teresa Heinz Kerry gave her prime-time address that never mentioned Iraq, CodePINK founder Medea Benjamin attempted to bring an anti-war message onto the floor of the convention. Moment's later police were dragging her out of the Fleet Center. As Teresa Heinz Kerry spoke last night, on the floor of the convention, Medea Benjamin from Global Exchange and CodePINK unfurled a pink colored banner that read, "End the Occupation of Iraq." That apparently was not one of the DNC-approved messages of the night because within moments of the banner being unfurled, police were called in to remove Medea Benjamin.

Benjamin was dragged off the convention floor in handcuffs and thrown out of the Fleet Center for unfurling "End the Occupation of Iraq" Banner. She said the DNC was asked whether they wanted her arrested and it was decided that would not look good.

Well, it seems clear where she has friends and contacts.

Medea Benjamin being arrested Medea Benjamin being arrested

Put the actions of CodePINK into their proper perspective. If Medea Benjamin had been around during WWII, she and her group would have been siding with Adolf Hitler. The attack on Pearl Harbor would have been considered our fault by CodePINK. And after the war was over, CodePINK would have helped smuggle secrets about the Atomic Bomb to the Russians because not doing so would give the United States an unfair advantage over the rest of the world.

Medea Benjamin being arrested

Medea Benjamin being arrested again... and again... and again.

Medea Benjamin likes to show up where she can cause the most trouble. She was one of the organizers behind the 1999 Seattle riots, but has toned down her actions and now specializes in "uniting the American public" (note sarcastic tone) by attending events with the intent to be rude, disruptive, and loud such as at the last inauguration speech of President Bush and Vice President Cheney's speech at the GOP convention, etc.

Being arrested used to be a shameful incident, but it seems to be the goal of these people. They break the law just to get attention. They disrupt the civilized process with total disregard for the rest of the population. Nothing positive comes of it. They just get in everybody's way and cause problems for everybody else. This is just another attempt to prevent others from exercising the 1st Amendment Right of Free Speech. THEY have the right to speak, but no one else should to be given the same consideration.

Medea Benjamin seems to favor those foreign terrorists that kill the Iraqi people who want nothing more than democracy and freedom. She and the rest of CodePINK are doing everything they can to disrupt those efforts in helping to establish this level of freedom for someone else. This is the epitome of selfishness. But that is what Liberalism is at its core.

Medea Benjamin and the rest of the ladies of CodePINK are openly aiding the terrorists that are killing both American soldiers and Iraqis. By doing this, she encourages Islamic Terrorists to continue the killing. It makes you wonder if some of the financing that CodePINK receives comes from al-Qaeda, HAMAS, or Hezbollah (America's sworn enemies) just to weaken America.

In January 2005, CodePINK acknowledged a donation of more than $600,000 in medical supplies and cash to the "other side" in the terrorist haven city of Fallujah in Iraq. Once again, keep this in mind. CodePINK gave over $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our enemies. They did not give $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our soldiers. They have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and they refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website.

This entire arrangement does create a convenient method of smuggling supplies to Terrorists that need them. The theory goes like this. The money comes from anti-American groups to CodePINK where it is converted into the much-needed supplies that go back to city of Fallujah in Iraq and directly into hands of the terrorists. And all with the blessing of CodePINK. How much care was given to those supplies? What was the actual inventory of those supplies?

At the same time that CodePINK was making this contribution, United States Marines were in Fallujah fighting and dying at the hands of the "other side" that CodePINK was busy funding. This is how the CodePINK supports the Troops - they fund the enemy. How many Marines, and subsequently other troops of other services have been injured and killed because of CodePINK's financial assistance to the "other side"?

Gael Murphy

Gael Murphy

From the CodePINK website:

Gael Murphy, one of the co-founders of CodePINK, was born in Paris, France on February 10, 1954. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology, and Master's Degrees in African Area Studies, Public Health and Fine Arts. Ms. Murphy worked in Africa and the Caribbean as a public health advisor specializing in maternal and child health between 1975 and 1997. For the past seven years, Ms. Murphy has served as a grants evaluator and committee chair within the Threshold Foundation. Active in the peace and justice movement, Ms. Murphy serves on the executive committee of CodePINK: Women for a Peace. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Occupation Watch Center and a steering committee member of United for Peace and Justice. A resident in Washington, DC, Ms. Murphy has traveled extensively and has lived in Africa and Europe. Currently, Ms. Murphy is documenting social justice issues and women's activism in the United States and the Middle East.

Unlike other workers with the organization, Gael Murphy does not receive a paycheck for her work with CodePINK thanks to "a very supportive spouse". She is the epitome of all that is feminist - a husband that she depends on for her livelihood while making the claim that she is independent.

Under the leadership of Gael Murphy, CodePINK has traveled to Iraq where they helped to establish the "Occupation Watch Center" that exists to undermine America's action against insurgents and enemy combatants.

Gael Murphy Gael Murphy

As you can see in the photo on the left, in typical Liberal fashion, after acting selfishly and without any consideration for others, she is being escorted off the premises in handcuffs for being disruptive and causing trouble in public.

In the photo on the right, she is in Miami complaining about others protesting CodePINK's actions. As you can see once again in typical Liberal fashion, she believes that she alone has the right to demonstrate and others do not have that right. She does not like the fact that others are exercising their right of Free Speech against CodePINK.

And if that was not enough,
then we have this fine example of CodePINK.

In the above videos, we can clearly see what they think of the troops. "The troops are terrorists," and "Marines are war criminals."

Jodie Evans

Jodie Evans

From the CodePINK website:

Jodie Evans, co-founder of CodePINK has been a community, social and political organizer for the last 30 years. She has used her skills, for the protection of the earth, to give voice to communities and people who go unheard and unseen, in the area of human and civil rights, to protect the rights of women, to raise the minimum wage for farm workers, to protect dolphins, in El Salvador in the early 80's and with Zapitistas since '94. From 1973 to 1982, she served in administrative capacities in all of Jerry Brown's campaigns and in his staff and cabinet as Director of Administration. Breakthroughs in wind and solar energy happened while she was overseeing the office of Appropriate Technology.

Jodie Evans Being Arrested

"We have nothing against communism."
-- Jodie Evans, CodePINK Leader Admits Communist Sympathies, "Shut-up-athon" at Fox News' headquarters in New York City at 6th Avenue at 48th Street, August 31, 2004

Whose side do you think she supported in El Salvador? You can be sure it was the one with the Marxist agenda.

Jodie Evans

Jodie Evans being arrested at the RNC 9/2/2004

This group is nothing more than another useless group of people that think we should not defend ourselves against Islamic Terrorists. They are of the belief that America deserved to be attacked on 11 September 2001.

These people have a theory and that theory states the following:

The way that terrorists, i.e. enemies of America, will learn to respect us is if we dress up in pink, show blatant disrespect toward our military, and learn to understand and show compassion toward those that seek our complete and total annihilation. Oh yeah, that's a well thought out strategy!!! (Note sarcastic tone)

Besides her involvement with CodePINK, Jodie Evans sits on the board of directors of the Rain Forest Action Network (RAN), a coalition of anti-capitalist, anti-corporate environmentalist groups. RAN’s co-founder Mike Roselle also founded the Earth Liberation Front.

Jodie Evans also sits on the advisory board of the International Occupation Watch (IOW) center in Iraq, which CodePINK helped establish. Both organizers of Occupation Watch, Medea Benjamin and Leslie Cagan have explicitly declared that their purpose in setting up headquarters in Baghdad was to thin U.S. forces by getting soldiers to declare themselves conscientious objectors. Leslie Cagan is the pro-Castro leader of United For Peace and Justice.

With her far Left-Wing views, Jodie Evans has found a political home in the Democratic Party. In the weeks preceding the recent California governor’s recall election, Evans was instrumental in convincing several women to come forward and tell the L.A. Times their allegations against Arnold Schwarzenegger. Not surprisingly, she also helped organize picketing sessions in front of Schwarzenegger’s campaign headquarters

Jodie Evans is a very rich and powerful woman, thanks to her divorce settlement from the billionaire capitalist Max Palevsky in "common property" California. With her financial good fortune in the divorce settlement, the ex-Mrs. Palevsky can easily afford to be a Radical Socialist and promote CodePINK's Marxist doctrine. This helps to explain the rabid anti-Semitism of CodePINK and Ms. Evans’ other ventures. More on this can be found at

Jodie Evans is a perfect example of another woman that chose to ride on the coattails of a successful man in order to obtain her wealth and power. And she chose a billionaire capitalist, the ultimate example of the capitalist system. You know... it was given to her... she did not actually have to work to earn it. This is so typical of how she did not have to actually work for her money and yet she espouses Marxist doctrine regarding everyone else.


Miriam Simos a.k.a. "Starhawk"

Miriam Simos (who later took the name "Starhawk") was born on June 17, 1951, in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1982 she received a Master's degree in "Feminist Therapy" at Antioch University West. She worked as a psychotherapist in San Francisco from 1983 to 1986 and then taught at Antioch West and other colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area. She traveled widely, lecturing and teaching the art of ritual making to various members of the clergy, therapists, and personal-growth seekers.

Miriam Simos a.k.a. "Starhawk" a practitioner of feminist Wicca (witchcraft) in the United States. As a bisexual feminist witch living in Berkeley, "Starhawk" is a veteran of many anti-American movements, from anti-war to anti-nukes, CodePINK being just one of them. For 30 years, she has organized and trained protesters for anti-nuclear actions at Diablo Canyon, Livermore Weapons Lab, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the Nevada Test Site. Her targets are those that have kept America free and safe for decades.

She has been to Nicaragua with "Witness for Peace" in 1984. She continues to provide her expertise on the front lines of the Palestine/Israel conflict, working diligently with Palestinian peace activists in limiting the ability of Israel to defend itself and weakening Israel against those that wish its destruction. Miriam made four trips to the so-called "occupied territories" with Adam Shapiro's International Solidarity Movement (ISM). As you can imagine, this is very much an anti-American organization.

"Starhawk" should really be careful with the Muslims that she considers friends. Most of them are believers in Radical Islam. The Koran clearly states that those that practice homosexuality and infidels should be put to death. Both Radical Islam and the Koran do not show much tolerance toward either "Disrespectful Women", "Liberated Women", "Practitioners of Witchcraft", or "Jewish Women".


She runs a website that contains one Israel-bashing, Arab-loving essay after another. It is easy to see from this website why she sides with the likes of al-Qaeda and the rest of Radical Islam and the enemies of America. After reading this website, it is easy to see that she and CodePINK pose a serious threat to America. With the attitude that is displayed, it is easy to see that the $600,000 in medical supplies and cash was meant go to the terrorist insurgents who were fighting and killing American troops in Fallujah, Iraq.

It is important to keep this in mind:

CodePINK gave over $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our enemies. They did not give $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our soldiers. They have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and they refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website.

Whenever "Starhawk" speaks of her work in that part of the world, she always refers to it as Palestine. Keep in mind that is how the Islamic world refers to Israel. Like HAMAS, Hezbollah, PLO, and al-Qaeda. And we know what their feelings are on America. These are the same views that CodePINK and the rest of these protest groups all have in common i.e. anti-American and anti-Israel. And to think, at one time, before the Wiccan way of life took, she was raised as a Jewish girl, which makes her actions even more reprehensible. This is proof that some people will do anything for acceptance.


"Starhawk" has participated in many of the major protests in recent memory, including those in Seattle, Washington DC, Quebec City, Genoa, New York City, Cancun, Mexico, and Miami. She co-founded RANT: Root Activists' Network of Trainers, and teaches non-violent direct action trainings for many protest groups. One of her protest training workshops is the Earth Activist Training workshop.

"Starhawk" is active in the peace movement by befriending those what wish the destruction of America, and works with CodePINK trying to achieve this goal.

"Starhawk" is also known as a voice in the revival of earth-based spirituality and Goddess religion. She is also one of the co-founders of Reclaiming, a Wiccan group based in San Francisco that is an activist branch of the modern Pagan religion, and continues to work closely with the Reclaiming community. With strong ties to Witchcraft and the Occult, she is definitely not mainstream, but most of these Liberal groups like CodePINK rarely are.

Here are a few websites that help explain "Starhawk's" spirituality.

Probe Ministries - Goddess Worship


Oz Pagen

The Modern World of Witchcraft

Wimmin, Wiccans, And Goddess Worship

Diane Wilson

Diane Wilson

From the CodePINK website:

Diane Wilson, commercial fisherwoman, environmentalist, and co-founder of CodePINK: Women For Peace, launched a hunger strike August 7, 2005 to support Cindy Sheehan's roadside vigil at President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch (or, as she likes to call it, "White House West.") Sheehan has said she won't leave the fire ant infested, 100 degree temperature site until Bush speaks to her about why her son was killed in Iraq. Members of CodePINK are launching vigilant fasts around the world to express their solidarity.

Diane Wilson

Wilson knows how powerful hunger strikes can be. In 2002, her hunger strike against DOW chemical resulted in criminal charges in Bhopal. Her longest fast lasted 31 days. "A hunger strike is a very powerful action," she said by phone. "It creates soul-power, as Gandhi says. It creates change." She said even a one day fast of solidarity can solidify intent.

It is a good thing that you believe, as you stated, that "even a one day fast of solidarity can solidify intent." That hunger strike with Cindy Sheehan was pretty weak. It turned out to be nothing more than not eating between meals.

But by all means, take a look at the big Hunger Strike at Camp Casey for yourself.

Carol Norris

Carol Norris

From the CodePINK website:

Carol Norris is a freelance writer, political organizer, longtime activist, member, and national organizer of CodePINK. Several Left Wing, Socialist, and Anti-Military publications have published her articles and essays. Carol Norris is shown here at a demonstration in New York City on Tuesday Aug. 31, 2004.

Contact Information for Carol Norris:

1824 Noriega St.
Suite 5
San Francisco, California 94117
Tel: (415) 312-0136

Carol Norris

If any of the visitors to this website decide to contact Carol Norris, please DO NOT tell her to keep quiet. Please allow her to keep speaking her mind. Give her and her associates at CodePINK the opportunity to keep calling our soldiers "Killers". Let them publicly make accusations that our soldiers are torturing and murdering Iraqi civilians. Let these people show their true colors. Let these people prove who they pledge their true allegiance - al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah, and the many others that back the insurgents that are killing American soldiers and Iraqi civilians alike. These are the statements that she makes whenever she has a bullhorn and on the CodePINK website THAT SHE HELPS TO MAINTAIN!

Andrea Buffa

Andrea Buffa

From the CodePINK website:

Andrea Buffa is a nationally recognized anti-war and media activist. As the peace campaign coordinator for Global Exchange, she helped found United for Peace and Justice, the largest peace coalition in the United States, and serves on its steering committee. She also works with CodePINK: Women for Peace, encouraging women to use creativity and humor to get across a serious political message. In 2004, Andrea traveled to Iraq, jump-started a massive protest at Halliburton's shareholders meeting in Houston, was a lead organizer of the anti-war protests in New York City during the Republican National Convention, and raised hell in Florida in the months leading up to the November election. She feels equally comfortable pitching news stories to the Wall Street Journal and shouting out interruptions during Dick Cheney's public appearances. Andrea is also the former executive director of Media Alliance, a media activist group based in San Francisco.

Currently Andrea Buffa works as the Communications Director at Global Exchange and does anti-war activism with the women's peace group CodePINK. Andrea Buffa

With all of her education - a bachelor's degree from Yale University and master's from the University of California at Berkeley - you wonder why she does not want to do something better with her life other than protest. She tries to keep Vice-President Cheney from speaking, which says she does not really believe in free speech, at least for others. If Vice-President Cheney was wrong, you would not want him to stop speaking. You would let him say what he has to say and then prove him wrong. Maybe that really is not her agenda. These people do not deal well with dissent or differing opinions. All they really want to do is stop the free expression of opposing views. This is all too prevalent in their core beliefs and can be seen anytime they are protesting.

In an article written and published on Saturday, December 10, 2005 by

Iraqis' Human Rights Are Still In Peril
by Medea Benjamin and Andrea Buffa

The problem is that Iraqis are still not free from these grave violations of their human rights. While in the past such abuses were carried out in Iraq by Saddam Hussein's regime, they are now inflicted on Iraqis by three different sources: the insurgents, the Iraqi security forces, and the US military.

Here is an acknowledgement of atrocities.

Women have been the victims of a post-invasion wave of kidnappings and rapes and they have been among those illegally detained and abused under detention.

The accusation is that American troops and Iraqi security forces that are being trained by American troops are in clear violation of human rights so they are protested against. They are being accused of kidnapping and rape on a large scale. The insurgents are in clear violation of human rights but CodePINK openly and publicly gives the insurgents their full support, even praise. Let us not forget that CodePINK gave them more than $600,000 in aid and comfort.

The disregard for human life on the part of the insurgents is evident from the daily bombings that have led to thousands of civilian deaths and make Iraqis fear for their lives whenever they are out on the streets. Insurgents are also responsible for kidnapping hundreds of Iraqis and foreigners, such as the four members of the Christian Peacemakers Teams who are currently being threatened with death.

After these actions of the insurgents is clearly stated, why is CodePINK trying to stop those that are fighting to stop the insurgents.

The only people that Andrea Buffa is really helping are the insurgents that are killing Americans and Iraqis alike.

Dana Balicki

Dana Balicki

From the CodePINK website:

Dana Balicki is currently the Media Coordinator at CodePINK. She project managed the CodePINK book "Stop the Next War Now", coordinated work camps in New Orleans, organizes fundraisers and events, among many other projects with CodePINK. After much traveling she has finally settled in New York City where she runs the NYC office.

Dana Balicki can be reached by e-mail at or by calling the CodePINK NYC office at (646) 723-1781.

Dana Balicki

That "Drill Sergeant" title is just a self-appointed, wannabe title in hopes of achieving some level of respect and credibility that was never earned. This is merely a person that wants to be given respect that has not been earned. This person that would never have the character to be a Drill Sergeant in the United States Army. And with the disdain for the military that is displayed with everything they do, you would think that she would not want that title.

You can read more about Dana Balicki at the VAGINA FESTIVAL website.

Dana Balicki

VAGINA FESTIVAL is a visual and performance art experience, organized by artist-activist, Alexandra Jacoby, who, for the last six years, has been photographing a book of vagina portraits, vagina véritéTM - an unabashed exploration of the plain, ordinary, mysterious matter of vaginas. Documentary photographs for women - so we can see ourselves for ourselves.

More quality entertainment from the Left-Wing. Are we really supposed to take these people seriously? Here is a group whereby the very name shows disrespect for women in that it objectifies the parts of their bodies so they are viewed as individual pieces and not as an entire person.

Tiffany Burns

Tiffany Burns

From the CodePINK website:

Tiffany Burns is the local CodePINK group coordinator and invaluable resource person at large.

From these photos, it is easy to see the fine qualities that the lovely and elegant Tiffany Burns brings to the CodePINK organization. One would think that the cheap and tasteless exploitation of women would be contrary to the "high" ideals that a Liberal woman's group would want to present. But when you take into consideration the Liberal assault on decency, the normalization of promiscuity, the vague job description, and her willingness to publicly expose her body as though she is trying out for a Girls Gone Wild video, perhaps her office skills were not an issue.

Contact Information for Tiffany Burns:


Emily Sharpe

Emily Sharpe

Emily Sharpe graduated from Cornell University in May 2005, and is now organizing for CodePINK. In February 2006 she begins a Fulbright grant in Qatar and Kuwait.

Contact Information for Emily Sharpe:


Why is Emily going over into the heart of Radical Islam? Is she going to try to liberate young Muslim women? She is a "Liberated" and "Free Thinking" woman with an activist background and everyone knows the respect that Islam has for "Liberated" and "Free Thinking" women.

She would be well advised not to go out in public while in Qatar or any other Muslim country in the lovely attire that she is often seen wearing at while protesting at least if she knows what's good for her. Dressing in this attire in public adorned with this "tasteful" statement will not place her in good standing even among Islamic women. Muslims normally do not tolerate this kind of attitude from females in public... or in private for that matter.

Emily Sharpe

Under the control of al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, women that wore nail polish would have their hands cut off with a large machete on a chopping block in the middle of the infamous soccer field execution facility. Can you imagine the retribution that would be taken against Emily Sharpe for making this fashion statement?

Thanks to the American troops much of al-Qaeda has been destroyed and they are no longer in power to enforce this method of punishment and commit other atrocities against women... or men... or children. For whatever reason, the fine ladies with CodePINK are fighting to finance and keep in power the very people that advocate this violence against women.

Who is really fighting for women's rights and freedom?

Emily Sharpe has been in direct contact with this website and she has informed us that she has left CodePINK to begin another chapter of her life elsewhere. She stated, "I respect your right to disagree with my actions or opinions..." From this statement, it is evident that she continues to hold anti-American beliefs that are counterproductive to the health and welfare of America's military and the security of this nation.

Gayle Brandeis

Gayle Brandeis

From the CodePINK website:

Gayle Brandeis is a writer and dancer living in Riverside, California, with her husband and their two children. She holds a BA in "Poetry and Movement: Arts of Expression, Meditation, and Healing" from the University of Redlands, and an MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction from Antioch University. Her poetry, essays, and fiction have appeared in dozens of magazines and anthologies, and have received numerous awards, including the Quality Paperback Book Club/Short Story Magazine Award, and a grant from the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund.

Gayle Brandeis holds a BA in "Poetry and Movement: arts of Expression, Meditation and Healing" from University of Redlands, and an MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction from Antioch University. She is the author of two books - "Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write" and "The Book of Dead Birds", which won the Bellwether Prize for Fiction in Support of a Literature of Social Change.

How big was the tree sapling that had to be chopped down to provide the supply of paper for the production run of these books?

She currently the writer-in-residence for the Mission Inn Foundation's Family Voices Project and she lives in Riverside, CA with her husband Matthew and their two children.

"I continue to be deeply inspired when I witness CODEPINKers disrupting conventions and hearings and speeches, putting their bodies on the line to speak for peace... I found myself feeling more and more determined as I drove into the desert, more convinced that disrupting Pelosi was the most important thing I could do, shyness be damned."
-- Gayle Brandis, Disrupting Power, Tuesday 20 March 2007

This proves our assertion that the women of CodePINK are rude, disruptive, and loud. They work tirelessly trying to prevent others from exercising their Right of Free Speech.

Nancy Kricorian

Nancy Kricorian

From the CodePINK website:

CodePINK NYC Co-ordinator. Nancy Kricorian is part of the national staff and the coordinator for CodePINK NYC. In addition to working with CodePINK, Nancy is a writer and a novelist. She is a member of PEN USA and on the board of the Armenia Tree Project.

Nancy Kricorian is a New York City-based writer and activist. She was born in Watertown, Massachusetts and is a graduate of Dartmouth College, and she has a Master's degree from Columbia University. In typical Liberal fashion, her degree is in Fine Arts, which qualifies her to advance a Liberal agenda, speak against America, and help the insurgents and terrorists that are actively killing Americans and spreading terrorism around the world.

She is a poet who has taught at Yale, Queens College, Rutgers, and Columbia. She is a former member of the editorial board of Ararat Quarterly, the advisory board of the Armenia Tree Project, and is a NAASR member. She is married to screenwriter James Schamus.

Contact Information for Nancy Kricorian:

or by calling the CodePINK office at (646) 234-8529.

Examine this map showing the Islamic Terrorist Network that exists in America today.

Islamic Terrorist Network in America

Compare the location of the local CodePINK Groups with this map and you will notice that there is a CodePINK group well within 10 miles of every single Islamic Terrorist Group on this map. We do not believe this is a coincidence as CodePINK sides with the very terrorists that American Soldiers and Marines are fighting.

It would be easy to write this off as a coincidence. The map shows terrorist cells in large cities. When you take a closer look, you can see that there is an al-Qaeda group in Arlington, TX. Why would there be an al-Qaeda group in Arlington, TX? Who is in this town? In Arlington, TX, the leader of CodePINK Arlington is Desiree Anita Fairooz, the wife of Mohammed Fairooz. When Desiree Fairooz left Arlington, TX to go to Washington DC and participate in CodePINK's protests, Mohammed Fairooz remained back in Arlington, TX. If you consider that CodePINK provides an invaluable service to al-Qaeda with their support, it is hard to sustain the idea there is no connection. If nothing else, al-Qaeda and CodePINK are both working toward the same goal.

It looks like CodePINK serves as a civilian connection for these Islamic Terrorist groups. Today's so-called "Peace Movement" facilitates and supports the Islamic terrorists that are killing American troops. CodePINK has never spoken against even one of the groups shown on this map but they have both spoken and taken a hard stand against the United States Marine Corps, the other military services, and the War against Terrorism.

We have shown on this website how CodePINK and their friends support the terrorism propagated by these terrorist groups. CodePINK's primary existence is to work with these groups to undermine and weaken America.

This is CodePINK Supporting American Troops

To the right, you see the disrespect and hatred that Tighe Barry and the rest of CodePINK have for the United States Marines. He so much wants the respect from the public that Marines are able to earn just by being Marines. This is easily seen by the name 'Sgt. Peaceovic" that he gave himself for this joke. The Marines have not and are not going to leave Berkeley. This was a April Fool's joke. The destruction of the Marine Corps is only wishful thinking on the part of CodePINK.

More on this can be found at

If you look today, you will see that the Marine Corps Recruiting Center is still there and CodePINK and the others that work to empower our enemies eventually gave up and left.

This video shows what CodePINK and their friends and supporters call "Supporting American Troops".

The CodePINK Agenda

CodePINK is fundamentally a sexiest organization. Men are allowed, but they are a very small minority and they had better know their place. Face it, Medea Benjamin, Gael Murphy, Jodie Evans, and the rest of the women at CodePINK's main office are not going to stand by and allow a male to tell them what to do. They would certainly scoff at the idea of a male holding any kind of position of authority over a woman.

When you take a closer look at the leadership of CodePINK, you can see that it is comprised of nothing more than a bunch of rich white women trying to make their lives seem important by railing against America and engaging in protests reminiscent of the 1960s.

"Hip to the fact that well-behaved women rarely make history, Diane [Wilson] has already inspired a new movement of totally uncontrollable, irresistible and unreasonable women!"
-- Medea Benjamin

With that statement from Medea Benjamin, nobody can say that CodePINK and their friends are in control of their person or have any reasonable or rational thought. Irresistible might be a stretch. Loud and obnoxious is not anyway to attract anyone. It is not hard to resist them. Making them understand the phase "Leave me alone!!" would definitely be challenge. Actually, when you see some of their pictures, the definition of the word 'Irresistible' does not seem to apply at all.

Ask yourself this; what is so appealing about a woman that is Uncontrollable, Irresistible, and Unreasonable? From Medea Benjamin, uncontrollable and unreasonable behavior might be the problem that they have with the rest of the world.

CodePINK in Action

From the CodePINK website:

CodePINK is a women initiated grassroots peace and social justice movement that seeks positive social change through proactive, creative protest and non-violent direct action.

What is CodePINK?

  • CodePINK is women and girls (and men who believe in humane values and respect & honor women's leadership)

    As long as men know their place and shut up and do what they are told, they can stay. This exactly the way women do not like to be treated; yet here they are openly treating others in such a fashion. Just keep in mind that it is CodePINK that is enacting and publicly announcing this purely sexist policy. This is just another example of Liberals wanting to impose a policy on others, but not wanting it to apply to them. They would never allow an organization to exist that would announce the "Organization of American Men" are men (and women who believe in humane values and respect & honor men's leadership) that believe in the total subordination of women," but here they are doing just that. They would pick up their direct hotline to the ACLU and begin a multi-million dollar discrimination class action lawsuit.

    It does make you wonder if Bill Clinton would be allowed to join this group with that whole "respect & honor women's leadership" thing. Just do not give him access to any of the CodePINK interns.

  • CodePINK values diversity, collaborates and listens.

    Except to men that "do not know their place" or anyone that may disagree or have a dissenting opinion. You have your belief system that is fine, just do not say that CodePINK values diversity when you obviously do not. You sure do not seem to listen when you are in public. You are nothing if not loud and obnoxious. You are definitely rude and inconsiderate of others. You are disrespectful of those with opposing views. You show it in public whenever you get the opportunity to be disruptive.

    You do collaborate well. The more than $600,000 in aid you gave 'the other side' was a fine example of collaborating with the enemy. You should ask the soldiers if they appreciate your contribution to the terrorists that are trying to kill them. Keep this in mind. CodePINK gave over $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our enemies. They did not give $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our soldiers. They have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and they refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website.

  • CodePINK imagines a world where truthful, moral leaders inspire courage and action; leaders who make choices for humanitarian reasons

    Like Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton? These tend to be the favorites of the Left. If you say Bill Clinton, remember, he lied to a Grand Jury, was impeached, had sexual relations with an intern, and ripped off senior citizens living on fixed incomes with the Whitewater land development scam. There were so many scandals you cannot list them all. This tends to be the short list of the Left agenda.

  • CodePINK visualizes a world made safer through the hard work of treaties and diplomacy

    These people would blindly trust leaders such as Saddam Hussein, Kim Jong Il, and Adolf Hitler to keep their word. These people do not understand history. They only know the revised history that they want to know. The truth completely eludes them. Reason completely eludes them. Common Sense completely eludes them.

    Neville Chamberlain's dealings with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis are a prime example of where this is seriously flawed. Bill Clinton's dealings with Kim Jong Il of North Korea and the transfer of Nuclear fuel for "Nuclear Power" has only given North Korea nuclear weapons. And the Left never considered the fact that the leader of North Korea might be lying to us.

    Who was there to go to with treaties and diplomacy on 9-11? The use of the military is the result of the breakdown of negotiations and treaties. Would CodePINK have signed a treaty with Osama Bin Laden? According to their vision of the future, they would have. And it would probably be correct to assume that any candidate that received their endorsement for public office would share their vision.

    Our military is composed of responsible and dedicated personnel that have volunteered to do a hot, dirty, and dangerous job for very little pay. Defending America is an important job that attracts the best and brightest that America has to offer. And CodePINK does nothing but get in the way of military recruitment. The lack of character these ladies display while they are busy giving "Aid and Comfort" to the enemies of America is one reason that no one is asking anyone from CodePINK to help defend America.

    "Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers."
    -- Karl Rove, White House Deputy Chief of Staff at the New York State Conservative Party, June 22, 2005

  • CodePINK preserves the environment for our offspring and for generations to come

    And they do this by aligning themselves with dictatorships that do not care about the environment. They have the most pollution, whereas America, with its Capitalist based society, has the money to ensure clean burning automobiles, furnaces, industrial complexes, etc...

  • CodePINK prioritizes health care, quality education and quality of life

    Favoring Socialized Medicine, preventing school vouchers, taking away the rights of parents to have a complete voice in the education of their children, and giving 'Aid and Comfort" to aid the enemies of America. Where's the good and beneficial part?

  • CodePINK knows that war destroys, prison destroys, violence destroys

    Disabling our military will only weaken America and cause those like al-Qaeda to attack us with impunity.

    Empting our prisons of the most violent criminals and putting them back on the streets and in our neighborhoods is not a good idea although it is the method most often used in Liberal policies on crime. Of course it does beg the question, would you want to release Mark David Chapman? For those that do not remember what Mark David Chapman's claim to fame is, he is the person that killed John Lennon. Would the world be a better and safer place with him walking the streets of New York City, perhaps with the intention of having face to face a meeting with of Bono?

    Not fighting back when attacked is not going to make America safer. Stopping violence by "talking things out" and "discussing our differences" during "sensitivity encounters" with the likes of al-Qaeda might not be all that effective. However, letting them know that America will retaliate with a vengeance might leave an indelible mark on their conscience.

    "I feel that we have awakened a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve."
    -- Admiral Yamamoto, December 7, 1941

    Engaging an enemy with force and not backing down worked 60 years ago, and you know how that ended. Japan has not attacked us since. In fact, they are one of our closest allies. And that is without a real exit strategy because we are still there in great numbers and with the appreciation of the Japanese government and the Japanese people.

    But, when you take everything into consideration, CodePINK might have a solid contribution to make to the effort. Dressing prisoners in pink and placing women in positions of leadership in prison camps would absolutely be a good idea. Certainly, captured al-Qaeda terrorists would respect & honor the women in these leadership roles without question.

  • CodePINK anticipates a world where boundaries can be crossed, differences shared and celebrated, and where enemies take on a human face

    America allows more immigration than any other country in the world. Getting rid of the boundaries is nothing more than getting rid of our country. A country, by definition, has boundaries. A concept that is lost on CodePINK. The laws of the land extend to these boundaries. That is the purpose of borders. Another concept that is not understood by the ladies at CodePINK. Allowing the enemies of America into this country is not a good idea, but clearly CodePINK believes it is. This goes back to the flawed Liberal mentality of releasing criminals from prisons while they still pose a danger to the public. But this is just one of the steps that CodePINK is willing to do to aid in the destruction of America.

    Since when has any Left Activist group ever cared about the celebration of differences. They do everything they can do to squash those that have opinions that contrary to their Socialist beliefs.

  • CodePINK asks that we learn the lessons of September 11st in order that those whose lives were lost did not die in vain:

    And what lessons would those be? Groups like CodePINK believe that we should be more accepting and understanding of Radical Islam. It is CodePINK's theory that we should just turn away and accept what has happened to us and write it off as a minor act of vandalism. Has that ever worked? The answer is not just "NO", but "HELL NO!!!" CodePINK and their unsound theories of negotiating from a position of weakness are not the ones that America should rely on for defense. This is exactly why the Left Wing should not be left in charge of this country's national security. When necessary, we should hit our enemies so hard that they will never again "entertain the thought" of attacking America. And we will not quit until the job is completely done. The courage and willingness not to "Cut and Run" like CodePINK and the rest of America's enemies would have us do. That resolve is just as important and that is one of the many lessons of 9-11.

    1. fear produces war

      Fear does not produce war. Dictatorial governments produce war. Socialist governments produce war. Totalitarian regimes produce war. Lack of Democracy, lack of Freedom, and lack of Liberty produce war. When people that live under an umbrella of Freedom and Liberty are allowed to determine their own future, war becomes much less likely. When democratic countries trade with each other, wars become much less likely

    2. war produces retaliation

      There was no war when America was attacked on 9-11 and had not been for 10 years. Al-Qaeda attacked America several times. Not the other way around. If you want a more complete history, read "When World War III Started" and you can see who the aggressor really is.

    3. retaliation produces retribution

      If al-Qaeda believed that, do you think they would have attacked America on 9-11 knowing what was going to happen? They did not believe we would defend ourselves. They did not believe that we would stand and fight.

      Negotiations with Osama Bin Ladin are what CodePINK would have spent months and possibly years doing. Negotiating and understanding al-Qaeda. Perhaps they would have negotiated a nuclear warhead to add to their arsenal. The USA has many. Why not give them one in exchange for not attacking us again? This would help to "Level the Playing Field" with those that wish our destruction. Why do we want to "Level the Playing Field" in this respect? This strategy has so many flaws that they are too numerous to list.

      Treaties, Diplomacy, and trusting a Communist Dictatorship are how North Korea acquired nuclear weapons under the Clinton Administration. Did this decision make the world a safer place?

    4. and desperation produces horrific acts on the part of those who have nothing to lose

      This statement proves that leaving before the job is done is a very bad idea. Allowing the military to do what it does is a good idea. Giving the enemy no option but to be good is the way to a peaceful existence. The many U.S. troops that have been killed is small when compared to the number of Iraqis that have died due to terrorist attacks from insurgents and other terrorists imported from Iran and Syria. The Iraqi people want Democracy, Freedom, and Liberty.

      Why does CodePINK feel the need to prevent this? Because they do not believe that everyone should live under Democracy and Freedom. Their beliefs are rooted in Anarchism and Socialism. The proof? They support al-Qaeda insurgents and the terrorists that are killing American troops. Every dead terrorist is considered a murdered innocent civilian. They always support some government handout, entitlement, or redistribution of wealth and they want to empty the prisons and put criminals back on the streets to prey on the rest of the law abiding population.

  • CodePINK imagines a world where human beings take responsibility and evolve. Our Intention: By expanding our awareness and intention of holding peace, being peace, speaking peace, we give voice and power to peace and open the doors for others to join us in spirit and action, that is women, men and children listening and working in collaboration to care for our family, community, nation, world and universe.

    Peace happens when those that would attack are afraid to because the consequences of their actions are known and severe. This is such an easy concept to grasp, but these people do not understand this truth. It is apparently beyond their level of comprehension. This is why they should NOT be listened to concerning important matters of national security.

In past e-mails, some of which can be seen on the "Hate Mail" section, we have been accused of claiming that CodePINK is rude, disruptive, and loud. Well... it's true. We are making that claim AND these people are indeed RUDE, DISRUPTIVE, and LOUD! As you scroll down this page, you can see the photos that clearly show how rude, disruptive, and loud they are. The many pictures on this website are proof of their actions and their lack of respect of the Free Speech Rights of other people. To these groups with Marxist Left-Wing agendas, the Right of Free Speech should not apply to anyone having dissenting opinions or opposing viewpoints, which is in direct opposition of the intrinsic values of Freedom and Liberty on which this country was founded.

CodePINK heckles Rumsfeld

CodePink heckles Rumsfeld

On 07 May 2004, activists from CodePINK disrupted the Senate hearings on the Iraqi torture scandal just as Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was beginning his statement. This is not unusual at all, in fact, much like many other far Left-Wing groups, it is their standard operating procedure.

CodePink taunts children

On 31 October 2009, CodePINK protesters taunt local school children with chants about the war in Afghanistan as the children and their families arrive for a Halloween reception by President Obama and his family at the White House in Washington, October 31, 2009.

CodePINK Witches Taunt Children of Military Families

Take a look at how CodePINK tries to help the recruiting effort. These people do not want America to have anything that resembles a strong military. Their goal is to leave America defenseless.

From the CodePINK website:

"Mothers don't let your children grow up to be killers."

"Real military benefits include this oak box?"

"This way to death/war/lies/deception."

"All coffins (or flights to Iraq) 50% off."

"Special Package Deal! Join the military and get a free body bag!"

"If you want adventure sports, go rock climbing. If you want to die, join the military?"

"Defend Freedom: Protest Recruiters in your High Schools!"

"With hope and determination to free the US & Iraq from the Bush regime."
Edith, Frances, George, Jamie, Jillian, Jodie, Margery, Nancy, Sarah, Samantha and Tiffany

And these people want you to believe that they support the American troops in Iraq!!!

World Peace

CodePINK of Arizona has a fine offer designed to insult the fine men and women in the military.

10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military

CodePINK is pleased to announce the publication of 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military, which includes a chapter written by CodePINK Local Groups Coordinator Rae Abileah.

Click here to download an excerpt from the book, © Rae Abileah 2006. This excerpt originally appears in 10 Excellent Reasons Not to Join the Military which is published by The New Press, 2006. To purchase the book, please visit your local bookstore or visit

And just to give this book credibility, the introduction was written by Cindy Sheehan so you just know it is a piece of literary genius as is the rest of the book! But please, do not take our word for it, read the above excerpt.

This is the original link for this book from the CodePINK website:

They sum up not joining the military service for essentially the following 10 reasons.

1. You May Be Killed

6. You May Be Lied To

2. You May Kill Others Who Do Not Deserve to Die

7. You May Face Discrimination

3. You May Be Injured

8. You May Be Asked to Do Things Against Your Beliefs

4. You May Not Receive Proper Medical Care

9. You May Find It Difficult to Leave

5. You May Suffer Long-term Health Problems

10. You Have Other Choices

National Defense CodePINK style

Here in their website, CodePINK continues the long standing Liberal and Marxist tradition of bashing and speaking ill of the men and women in the American military. Notice, they never bash those in military service of America's enemies.

Take action to say "NO" to the militarization of youth! Tell your Representative to scrap the Pentagon's illegal database of student information and take action to raise awareness about student privacy protection. The military is desperate for young people to fight in Iraq and they are stepping up their recruiting efforts all over the country, and luring kids into their offices with false promises of money, education, and adventure. Join CodePINK and the national demilitarization of schools movement in standing up to these deceptive recruiters. Check out our counter-recruitment page for ideas and information.

Contrary to what CodePINK says, the U.S. Military is a noble occupation and a worthy cause. The ladies at CodePINK are hardly qualified to see to the protection and defense of the United States of America. The reason is pretty simple. When it comes to matters of national security, they are completely and utterly clueless!

Do not believe for a second that CodePINK is trying to help American soldiers. These people despise the American military. They view the American soldier with extreme contempt, except when they can exploit their injuries to further their own agenda. And proof of this is their deliberate interference with recruitment because they view the military with total contempt. THEY HAVE NEVER SUPPORTED OUR TROOPS!!! Although they do seem fond of those insurgents that are trying to kill American soldiers. In fact, CodePINK is actively teaming up with radical Muslims to push opposition to American presence in Iraq. Face it, they have never spoken against anyone that was actually trying to kill Americans. In fact, they have actually given 'Aid and Comfort' to those that are trying to kill American soldiers. They do whatever they can to disrupt anything that the military is doing to protect America. The photo below is a prime example!

Who does CodePINK Support?

Who do they support?

Who do these "Peace Protesters" support?
Which one of these people have they spoken against?
Which one do they negatively refer to as "Killer"?
Which one do they refer to fondly as a "Freedom Fighter"?
Which one have they called "Fascist Occupation Forces"?
Which one did Medea Benjamin give more than $600,000 in "Aid and Comfort"
so they could continue to fight and kill American servicemen and Iraqi citizens?

The Islamic Nazi connection

This is the brand of Islam that is supported by CodePINK and their friends

Here is a video clip showing the Islam insurgents that are supported by CodePINK. These are the terrorists that CodePINK gave over $600,000. CodePINK gave over $600,000 in "Aid and Comfort". These are also the people that CodePINK has NEVER spoken against.

Beheading of Japanese Hostage Kouda Shouse

This video (available for downloading) shows what America is fighting against and what CodePINK is supporting. It is not just America that Islam hates, it is anyone that is not Muslim and does not adhere to the doctrine that is Radical Islam.

Many Arab political parties had their roots as resistance movements sympathetic to Nazi expansion in the Middle East. Since that time, Islamic armies and militias have identified with, and adopted symbols from, Nazi propaganda. This picture was taken in Iran, December 2003. It is the Hezbollah "Swearing in Ceremony". Here is the proof that Islam is a religion based on Terrorism. These are the people that are being trained to kill American troops and Iraqi civilians in Iraq. And CodePINK actively supports them. In fact, these are the same the people that CodePINK works tirelessly to empower and provide "Aid and Comfort" to help their cause.

CodePINK and their friends would refer to Conservatives as "Fascists" only to divert attention away from their own actions and agenda. Take a look at the actions and deeds of CodePINK and you can see who the true Fascist and Nazi sympathizers really are. These are the same ideals that are common to the anti-American, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic doctrine that dominates the Left-Wing. CodePINK and their friends are the ones that are openly and actively supporting these Fascist ideals.

From the CodePINK website:

How to Support Our Troops on Veteran's Day

By Medea Benjamin and Gayle Brandeis

We see them every day on the back windows of SUVs, the fuel doors of sedans stickers and magnets that say "Support Our Troops." Sometimes they sport yellow ribbons; sometimes they sport American flags. Often they are weathered, starting to peel off the metal or glass. We see them so often, we tune them out. We hear the words the way we hear "Have a nice day" a pleasant sentiment that skims over our ears and disappears into the air.

Today, on Veteran's Day, when we honor all of those who have served our country through the military, we need to take a closer look at these three words that have become so familiar: What does it mean to truly support our troops?

"Support Our Troops." It means to appreciate the sacrifice of the job that our military does, to understand the importance of their mission, and to allow them to do the job that they have trained for years to do when called upon to do it.

Iraqi Resistance Sign

It seems that often when people ask us to support our troops, they are asking us to support our administration's decisions in Iraq. But is our administration supporting our troops by sending them into a war based on lies? Is our administration supporting our troops by sending them into one battle after another with inadequate body armor, inadequately armored vehicles? Is our administration supporting our troops by bringing home the wounded in the dead of night so we can pretend they don't exist? Is our administration supporting our troops by cutting veteran's benefits upon their return, so they have to struggle to pay for their housing, their groceries, their medical care? Is our administration supporting our troops by making them fight an unwinnable war, a war that no longer has the backing of the American public?

The war is only becomes "unwinnable" when people like CodePINK openly support the enemy. Look at any Peace Protest and you can see open support for those that are killing our troops. How many people have you turned against American troops? Does this make America stronger? Not at all!!! It makes us weaker and divides the country. Medea Benjamin and the rest of the supporters at CodePINK do everything they can to empower and strengthen the enemy that is fighting and killing our troops. So please... do not insult those that really do 'Support Our Troops!'

Iraqi Resistance Sign

You support the troops if you support what the troops do. And what they do is the mission. You do not support the troops by protesting with signs reading "We Support the Iraqi Insurgents". People that choose to carry that sign support the Iraqi Insurgents, not the American troops. People that carry that sign support the death of American troops; not their safe return, not the safety of their families, and not the safety of the innocents that are killed by some suicide bomber walking into a hotel with a bomb strapped to his or her body just so their handlers can see what kind of body count can be amassed.

And if the troops do not have the proper equipment, then it is probably because of the past administration's lack of funding for the military. You did not want to spend the money for these weapons then. You do not want to spend the money for anything for the military now. You do not care about the troops at all. You would be happy to send our troops into combat without any ammunition under the guise of trying to protect the troops. You actively do whatever you can to try and hurt the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.

Peace groups, including CodePINK and Veterans for Peace, have been staging a weekly candlelight vigil in front of Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, DC since March of this year to highlight the needs of injured soldiers. The vigilers hold signs with slogans such as "Real Support = Better Benefits," "Support Them Once They're Home" and "Fund the Vets, Not the War." Lately, the vigils have been met by aggressive 'counter demonstrators,' who line up on the opposite side of the street with signs denouncing the vigilers. They support the war in Iraq and argue that vigils outside the hospital are demoralizing to the recovering soldiers. But how demoralizing must it be for soldiers coming home to discover that in state after state, VA hospitals are being shut down? How demoralizing must it be for injured soldiers to have to fight for disability benefits, to be faced with increased co-payments, to be told that their PTSD condition is not war-related?

Shoot Officers

How demoralizing must it be...? Are you kidding with that question? How demoralizing must it be to see protesters with signs like these. How demoralizing must it be to have loud and obnoxious people protest the mission that has been given a soldier to protect America. "Shoot their Officers." That is exactly the view of the Peace Activists. And then there is the quote, "Support Them Once They're Home". How about "Support them as they give the last full measure of devotion, love, and patriotism for the people of this country" or "Support them as they take their place defending you so you do not have to see the horrors that they see as they protect you." You are going to spout off your disdain for the mission that our troops have been charged with completing and we are supposed to believe that you care about our troops. You drool at the thought of an increased number of dead soldiers so you can flaunt that figure like some sort of trophy.

And for the soldiers still in Iraq, how demoralizing must it be to learn that the Bush administration manipulated the intelligence about weapons of mass destruction in order to justify an invasion? How demoralizing must it be to learn that the Iraqis don't want us there? How demoralizing must it be to realize that their acts of bravery in Iraq are not making their families safer at home? How demoralizing must it be to see their buddies die in a war that more and more soldiers don't even believe in?

Anti-War Protest March

These Liberals are demoralizing. Saying that a soldier's occupation is worthless. Saying by your actions that 'We support the troops but we do everything we can to undermine the mission', that is demoralizing! Having CodePINK give more than $600,000 of 'Aid' to 'the other side' is demoralizing! What do you mean that the Iraqi's do not want us there? They lined up far and wide just to vote and that is because of American Troops. And they do not want us to leave.

The soldiers do not believe that the weapons of mass destruction were not there, especially since some disassembled chemical weapons with active Sarin nerve agent have been found. Their acts of bravery in Iraq are making their families safer at home. To cut and run is not going to make anyone safer. What is really demoralizing are so-called 'Peace Activists' actively empowering radical Islamofascist that include Al-Qaeda, the current Iranian government, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, HAMAS, and Hezbollah terrorists with your protests and support. That is no way to 'Support Our Troops.'

"How demoralizing must it be to see their buddies die in a war that more and more soldiers don't even believe in?" Again, it seems you do not have the first clue. Re-enlistments are at record highs and the reason is because the soldiers know that their mission is important, they have faith in their Commander-in-Chief, and they know that if they do not do what is necessary, America and everyone back home will suffer greatly.

Over 2000 of our troops have been killed, and over 15,000 injured. These numbers are important to remember, but it is also important to remember that our troops are not numbers, not statistics. They are flesh and blood human beings, and there are actions we can take to support them that are much more meaningful than blindly supporting our president or slapping a magnet on the back of our gas-guzzling car.

And CodePINK is dancing on the graves of the 2000 and telling the 15,000 that they sacrificed so much for nothing. The ladies at CodePINK know nothing of the honor and privilege it is to serve in the U.S. Armed Services. Thank goodness they are not the ones responsible for the defense of this country because they certainly could not be counted on to accomplish this mission.

Proud to be an American - Liberal View

We can send care packages to Iraq: books and snacks and toiletries to mitigate some of the harshness of the desert war zone. We can donate to organizations, such as the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, that provide help for veterans who are struggling to put their lives together after war. We can stand on street corners with candles and signs that spotlight the injustices our troops face. We can support groups like Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace, made up of courageous soldiers speaking out against the war. We can contact our elected officials and ask what they are doing to end this misbegotten military adventure. And we can support clean, green energy programs and lifestyles that move us off our dependence on other countries' oil.

You standing on street corners with the signs showing support for the Iraqi Insurgents is an injustice to American troops. We can stand behind our troops with full support and let the world know that we are unified and determined to be victorious in the fight against all terrorists that you are currently supporting. And we can drill for oil in this country where we know we have sizeable oil deposits. It is in the ground. All we have to do is to take it out. But Left-Wing, Liberal agendas have actually prevented America from becoming less dependent on foreign oil. If Liberals would actually practice what they preach and stopped driving gas sucking vehicles and stopped using oil to heat your houses, we would not be so dependent on foreign oil. Maybe Liberals should consider living in a shack in the woods living on $385/yr, a lifestyle more indicative of Ted Kaczynski... well... except for the sending bombs and murdering other people. Although the Unabomber mentality might have more in common with your lifestyle at present, what with your support of terrorists that are currently performing the suicide bombings all over the world.

And if you are ashamed of this country, there are many other countries that probably have the politics that are more to your liking. Do the rest of us a favor and leave for parts unknown. And make sure you respect your values and make a clean break by leaving that annoying American Citizenship behind. And if you are smart and work it right, you could probably get paid enough for that action to set yourself up nicely in another country.

As far as you supporting clean, green energy, are you referring to wind power? Like the wind power that Senator Teddy Kennedy does not want to see from his Martha's Vineyard property. The wind generation plants that the elitist liberals do not want to see from their estates, so they cause so many restrictions to keep them from being built. The wind generators out west that had to be shut down when some birds flew into the blades and lawsuits were brought about by some eco-nut case. Is this the green energy of which you speak? If you want to read more on this, take a look at "Alternative and Green Energy - Who Has A Problem With It?".

This November 11, as we honor the sacrifice and courage of our veterans, let us recognize that the best way to support our troops is to call for their swift exit from Iraq, to guarantee them the care they deserve when they return, and to make policy changes that will stop us from ever again rushing into a reckless, oil-hungry war.

The best way to support our troops is to call for their exit from Iraq to be with Victory and knowing that those that have tried to attack and kill us will never try it again.

Liberals Supporting The Troops Iraqi Resistance Sign
How Liberals really feel about American Troops

Here are perfect examples of the Anti-American
Left-Wing Peace Movement "Supporting Our Troops"
And do not dare question their Patriotism!

Marxists, radical Muslims, and new coalitions of Americans are joining forces not only to express opposition to the U.S. presence in Iraq, but to openly finance and support these groups that oppose U.S. and Coalition forces. There is a worldwide war against terrorism. Innocent people are being killed by these terrorists. There are those like CodePINK that feel the need to urge to show outright support for the insurgents killing American Troops and innocent civilians on a nearly daily basis. CodePINK, Cindy Sheehan, and others are part of those new coalitions.

Dancing on the Graves of US Soldiers

They always seem to be happy dancing and chanting at one of their protests whenever a soldier gives the ultimate sacrifice and here is the proof. On September 23, 2005, the ladies of CodePINK celebrate the death of OUR Troops. Make no mistake, they are happy to see American soldiers die in combat. To CodePINK every death is seen as opportunity for empowerment. That is what the Left-Wing of this country loves to hear. It is not victory that empowers these people, but rather failure. here they are dancing in the streets because of the deaths of American Soldiers.

Here we have a perfect example of the ladies of CodePINK proudly dancing on the graves of American Troops. In spite of all of their rhetoric THESE PEOPLE DO NOT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!

From the CodePINK website:

CodePINK is part of a national coalition led by the Ruckus Society that is organizing regional counter-recruitment camps for high school and college students planned for late summer and early fall of this year. These camps will provide young people with the resources, practical trainings, and networks they need to successfully launch (or continue) counter-recruitment campaigns on their campuses when the new school year starts. Please visit to find out more about these camps. More information on these camps coming soon!

Keep in mind that no one is asking the ladies at CodePINK to do the hot, dirty, and dangerous job of protecting America and fighting an enemy that CodePINK is trying to protect. But here they are trying to stop others that believe that protecting America is important consideration. This is just more proof of the Leftist, Socialist, and anti-America agenda that are illustrated by these people.

Over the decades, the United States Military has liberated hundreds of millions of people from the hands of tyrants. And it has done so without the assistance of people like the ones associated with CodePINK. There is no draft so nobody is asking your sons to help. If anyone regards the military, democracy, and freedom as CodePINK does, then they certainly do not meet the minimum qualifications to serve in the military. Their attitude is all wrong to take on the responsibility of protecting America. All anyone has to do is to bask in the freedom that those in the United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps provide. No gratitude or appreciation is necessary. None is expected from CodePINK or groups like this.

Freedom is what this war in Iraq is all about, but the concept of "Freedom" is completely lost on CodePINK and their friends. All they see is the destruction and none of the success. They refuse to see that the Secret Police and the enslavement of an entire nation that was in place under the previous Totalitarian system of government are no longer there. And that is because these people are the "True Enemies of Freedom". They bask under the light of the "Freedom" that is provided for them, yet would do anything to prevent that same "Freedom" from spreading to other nations of the world. They seem to know what is best for others, and apparently, in their minds, that is not "Freedom". These are small-minded, selfish people.

The question really is this. Are Iraq and the world better with or without the Totalitarian government that was in place in Iraq under Saddam Hussein? America is making a pre-emptive move in world peace by spreading Democracy to Iraq with the blessing of the Iraqi people and CodePINK is doing everything to prevent this transition from becoming a reality. It is easy to see who CodePINK relates to in Iraq and that would be the Bathist Party and the terrorists that have come from other countries to kill and maim our soldiers. Make no mistake, CodePINK supports the insurgency in Iraq, not the American troops.

Gael Murphy in NC Demonstration

19 March 2005 - Gael Murphy seems very upset at a anti-military demonstration in Fayetteville, NC. Fort Bragg, home of the 82nd Airborne Division, Special Forces, Rangers, and many more of the finest soldiers America has and CodePINK is there to protest and demonstrate against their efforts. THESE people DO NOT support our troops.

Consider the contribution that CodePINK has made to the war in Iraq. Medea Benjamin announced in Amman, Jordan in January 2005, that CodePINK, its parent group Global Exchange, and Families for Peace made a donation of $600,000 in aid to the "other side" in the terrorist haven city of Fallujah in Iraq. This aid did not go through legal channels, but rather, made its way to al-Qaeda and now will be used against our military forces and the new Iraqi forces that are trying to establish democracy for their own country.

Always remember:

CodePINK gave over $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our enemies. They did not give $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our soldiers. They have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and they refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website.

CodePINK Kills

The reason why Gael Murphy is so visibly upset

These people are the loyal and true supporters of our troops. They saw CodePINK as a Target of Opportunity and acted accordingly. They were there to tell the truth about the $600,000 in Aid that CodePINK collected and gave to the enemy. Do not forget. CodePINK gave over $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our enemies. They did not give $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our soldiers. They have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and they refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website.

As you can see from Gael Murphy's demeanor CodePINK does not like the truth being known.

Here is what Medea Benjamin had to say about CodePINK's generous donation to help the families of the 'Other Side'. Make note that she said this was Aid to the 'Other Side' knowing it was Aid for those that are killing Americans.

"I don't know of any other case in history in which the parents of fallen soldiers collected medicine... for the families of the 'Other Side'."
-- Medea Benjamin, the founding director of Global Exchange

"The Other Side." Who exactly got this Aid? What exactly was this 'Aid'? Was this 'Aid' used against our troops? Was this 'Aid' the cause of any of the deaths of our soldiers? This is just another anti-America group that does not support out troops, does not respect out troops, and has no problem giving 'Aid and Comfort' to our enemies. This used to be called "Treason". It is pretty easy to see where their loyalties are and it is not with America.

Medea Benjamin

For more on this, check out the Free Republic website.

Years ago, this group, with a name like "CodePINK", would have been associated with the Communist Party. Today is not any different. They still want to weaken America, just like our enemies of the past and present. You will notice that the flag shown here at a bookshop Santa Cruz behind Medea Benjamin bares a not so coincidental resemblance to the Communist Party flag. Not surprising considering the Pro-Castro, Pro-Communist doctrine she defends. If you take a close look at this organization, you will see it has not strayed far from that ideology. In fact, it is directly on point. Not surprisingly, this group as a whole maintains a very hardcore Communist agenda. Even the Favicon on their website, the small icon in the address bar of your browser, is a red star, a symbol of Communism.

Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans, Medea Benjamin, and Hugo Chavez

These are exactly the people that you will see getting arrested at public protests. These are exactly the type of people that were spitting on the soldiers that were coming home from Vietnam in the 1960's. These people hold America and everything America symbolizes with utter contempt.

To the left, we see Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans, and Medea Benjamin with their new friend Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela.

There is a reason why CodePINK and their associates like President Chavez. They all share the same Marxist belief system. Look at what Hugo Chavez has to say about America.

"Enough already with the imperialist aggression!"
-- Hugo Chavez, referring to U.S. military involvement in places from Iraq to Panama.

"Down with the U.S. empire! It must be said, in the entire world: Down with the empire!"
-- Hugo Chavez

"In this century, we have to bury the empire, and may there never again be empires in the world."
-- Hugo Chavez

Official CodePINK Approved and Certified Protesters

Tom Hayden

Tom Hayden speaking at a CodePINK demonstration. It is no real wonder that these people support a Socialist agenda. They have Tom Hayden publicly speaking for them. And everyone knows what his Socialist agenda is.

Ariana Huffington

Ariana Huffington, shown here with Jodie Evans, supporting the Iraqi Insurgents and the Iraqi Resistance at one of their demonstrations. Do these people know how much they weaken America by supporting America's enemies? Do these people know how much 'Support' they give our enemies just by attending these "Peace Rallies"? These are not Peace Rallies as much as they are Anti-Victory Rallies.

CodePINK Peace Rally

On March 18, 2005, CodePINK, the San Diego Coalition of Peace and Justice, the International Socialist Organization (ISO), and their supporters appeared in true form on Laurel Street in San Diego for a demonstration showing their full appreciation and support for all of the U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Democracy that is being established there.

The ISO is a member organization of the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice, which organized that protest.

These pictures clearly illustrate how these people "Support Our Troops."

Here is a perfect example of the respect that these people have for America. More proof that these people hold America, and everything America symbolizes, with extreme and utter contempt. This photo IS their definition of "Patriotism"!!!

This protesting shows the enemy that they have allies that will help broadcast their message. This action sullies the good name of each and every one of the military troops that have unselfishly risked and sacrificed everything. Take a good look at the picture above. This is the gratitude of the Left-Wing.

CodePINK now has over 100 chapters throughout the United States that promote the same values as seen in the photo above. They even have one in Iran. This fact raises a few questions. Does the Iranian chapter support American troops? A man is the contact person. Are women even allowed to join? Do they need their husband's permission?

Yazd, Iran
Mohamad Motevali

Whenever you see one of these protests you always find that they are organized by some Communist/Socialist organization. These groups have never been concerned with America's best interest only its destruction.

These so-called "peace" protests arranged by CodePINK raise some valid questions.

Does al-Qaeda support these women?

Do the insurgents that are killing Americans and Iraqis support these women?

Does this organization display the kind of attitude that al-Qaeda would approve in its war against the West?

How much does this help al-Qaeda strengthen its solidarity and help their cause?

How much would al-Qaeda's supporters pay these women to protest like this?

Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey No Peace, No Pussy

Pictured on the left, we have Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey Representative from California speaking against American troops and in favor of the insurgents that are killing them. Pictured on the right, we have Tiffany Burns on the left, Samantha Miller in the middle, and Emily Sharpe on the right prior to their Girls Gone Wild video debut, but after dancing on the Graves of American Soldiers.

Jesse Jackson and Cindy Sheehan

Wonder whose side they are on?
Al-Qaeda or America...

Getting in the way of protecting America

This is proof that Liberals do not know how to protect America. They do not have a clue what is required to defend a nation or educate students. How much money is spent on each student in our schools and they still cannot read the diploma? Now ask yourself this, "Who is in charge of the education system?" The answer... "People like this!"

John Murtha and CodePINK

CodePINK is thanking Pennsylvania Democratic Congressman John Murtha for his "courageous stand on Iraq." They recently presented Murtha its "Pink Badge of Courage" for his anti-war activism.

Photographs on CodePINK's website show Murtha holding the pink flowers and standing arm-in-arm with CodePINK's co-founder, Gael Murphy, and its coordinator for the Washington DC, area, Allison Yorra. There is no mention of the presentation of this award on Murtha's congressional website.

John Murtha is aware that CodePINK's activities. He knows that CodePINK gave over $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our enemies and that they have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and have referred to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website. And yet he proudly accepts the "Pink Badge of Courage" from the ladies of CodePINK. This is the same John Murtha that was involved and cut a deal with the FBI and Federal Prosecutors in the Abscam scandal during the 1980s.

Here is Congressman Murtha's contact info:

John Murtha with CodePINK

District Office
P.O. Box 780
Johnstown, PA 15907
Tel: (814) 535-2642
FAX: (814) 539-6229
12th District Toll-free:
Tel: (800) 289-2642

Washington, D.C. Office
2423 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Tel: (202) 225-2065
FAX: (202) 225-5709

Here is a good example of how these people use the suffering of others to promote their own selfish agenda. Here is the flyer for the Slap Our Troops in the Face "Vigil".

Walter Reed Medical Center Protest Flyer

After you read the flyer, take another look at the above picture as a reminder of whom these people really are. These people protest to make the soldiers at Walter Reed Medical Center believe that their sacrifice was worthless. They hold signs that say, "Was it worth losing a leg?" These people do not care about our troops or about their job of defending a nation that is the symbol of Freedom around the world.

The reason that there is the amount of Freedom in the world today is because of America and its military, not because of people like CodePINK. Just ask yourself this, who has CodePINK ever helped? The only people that they wish to see free are the cutthroats at Guantanamo Bay. You know, the ones that want to kill the American "Infidels" by the tens of thousands. And CodePINK and their friends think that America deserves it!

Just ask yourself this: Does al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah, or any of the other radical Muslim groups approve of what CodePINK is doing? Would any of these Terrorist groups want a group like CodePINK sabotaging the efforts of American soldiers as they are doing? Would any of these Terrorists groups want CodePINK to give $600,000 of Aid to some unknown persons in Fallujah? Let us again remind everyone.

CodePINK gave over $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our enemies. They did not give $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our soldiers. They have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and they refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website.

Now, with whose agenda does CodePINK display loyalty? Certainly not with the United States of America!!!

These people all have one thing in common, and that is the destruction of America. In fact, they are actively pursuing this goal in hopes of making America weak and taking away the ability to defend its citizens.

A face representing the true beauty of CodePINK

It is in very poor taste the way that CodePINK and their friends use the injured troops to further their own selfish agenda. Our troops should not be used as Anti-War props!!!

Friday 29 July 8-10 PM (every Friday)
Join CodePINK DC's weekly Vigil at:
Walter Reed Army Medical Center
7200 Georgia Ave., at Elder St., NW.

For more information on the Vigil contact:
Ann Wilcox: (202) 441-3265
Ellen Taylor: (202) 270-1861

Loud, Obnoxious, Yelling Woman

These are events that demand attention! As with many of CodePINK's social gatherings, this is certainly a great place to pick up loud, obnoxious, and sexually frustrated chics like the ones pictured above and to the right, provided of course, you are willing to listen to how terrible it is to serve in the military, how evil the Conservative agenda is, and how it is women like these that are the true protectors of Freedom.

Contact Information for CodePINK

Contact Phone Numbers:

Alison Fletcher - (202) 365-2335
Amy Fuelleman - (608) 274-5922
Andie Mark - (509) 299-6839
Andrea Buffa - (510) 325-3653
Ann Wright - (808) 741-1141
Anne Woodhead - (502) 223-8698
Candace Ross - (702) 879-0872
Carilyn Goldammer - (707) 826-1143
Carol L Marsh - (406) 543-1038
Carol Norris - (415) 312-0136
Carrie-Welles Miller - (828) 216-8927
Celeste Durrum - (510) 524-2776
Corla Coles - (909) 798-2340
Courtney Ham - (859) 258-3000
Cynthia Papermaster - (510) 333-6097
Dana Balicki - (646) 723-1781
Dana Balicki - (202) 422-8624
Dara D Klimp - (269) 427-7299
Elizabeth Barger - (931) 964-2119
Elizabeth A Lovejoy - (707) 463-8653
Ellen Taylor - (202) 270-1861
Emily Sharpe - (607) 227-9731
Fracine A Porter - (412) 487-6509
Gael Murphy - (202) 412-6700
Ginger Gouveia - (541) 563-2090
Holley Rauen - (239) 936-2826
Ilyse Hogue - (415) 652-9529
Jacqueline Betz - (352) 468-2101
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Jean Stevens - (508) 769-2138
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The modern day female of CodePINK
Old CodePINK Lady
CodePINK Viking Girl
Christine from CodePINK

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Western New York Center Peace Center organizes for CodePINK Lancaster

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Asheville, NC 28806-4140
Tel: (828) 216-8927

CodePINK Wilmington
Terri Parham
160 Parkwood Dr
Wilmington, NC 28409-5110
Tel: (910) 799-9553

North Dakota

CodePINK Bismarck
Karen Van Fossan
910 N 15th St
Bismarck, ND 58501-4247
Tel: (701) 258-6667


CodePINK Columbus
Gaye F Reissland
1534 Coburg Rd
Columbus, OH 43227-3220
Tel: (614) 235-9996

CodePINK Solon
Carla Carter-Lovejoy
6560 Brookland Ave
Solon, OH 44139-4106


CodePINK Tulsa
Joni B Leviness
6704 E 102nd St
Tulsa, OK 74133-6743
Tel: (918) 296-5057


CodePINK Bend
Meg Brookover
1895 NW Newport Hills Dr
Bend, OR 97701-1470
Tel: (541) 382-1283

CodePINK Corvallis
Michele Darr
1843 SE Crystal Cir
Corvallis, OR 97333-1828
Tel: (541) 752-1936

CodePINK Eugene
Pamela Garrison

CodePINK Portland
Martha Shelley
377 S Shirkshire Rd
Conway, MA 01341-9703
Tel: (413) 625-9242

CodePINK Waldport
Ginger Gouveia
943 NW Lanai Loop
Seal Rock, OR 97376-9403
Tel: (541) 563-2090


CodePINK Glenshaw
Francine A Porter
3226 Sundale Dr
Glenshaw, PA 15116-1128
Tel: (412) 487-6509

South Dakota

CodePINK Sioux Falls
Sheila Flynn
625 E 29th St
Sioux Falls, SD 57105-3125
Tel: (605) 335-1718


CodePINK Summertown/Nashville
Elizabeth Barger
130 Huckleberry Rd
Summertown, TN 38483
Tel: (931) 964-2119


CodePINK Arlington
Desiree Anita Fairooz
5536 Yaupon Dr
Arlington, TX 76018-1529

CodePINK Austin
Fran C Hanlon
4010 Petes Path
Austin, TX 78731-6123
Tel: (512) 454-6572


CodePINK Burlington
Carmel Quinn
Girl Scout Council Of Vermont
79 Allen Martin Dr
Essex Junction, VT 05452-3400
Tel: (802) 878-7131 Ext: 105

CodePINK Fletcher and Cambridge
Ericka Garstka
Ntodd T Pritsky
215 Bog Rd
Cambridge, VT 05444 9501
Tel: (802) 849-9836


CodePINK Lynchburg
Tara "Terra" N Dowuonah-Hammond
3212 Forest Brook Rd
Lynchburg, VA 24501-3002

CodePINK Richmond
Rain M Burroughs
508 S Pine St
Richmond, VA 23220-6243


CodePINK Spokane/Medical Lake
Andie Mark
307 E Lake St
Medical Lake, WA
Tel: (509) 299-6839

Washington DC

CodePINK Washington DC
Sarah Rose-Jensen, Gael Murphy,
Joan Stallard, and Allison Yorra
733 15th Street
Washington, D.C. 20005
Tel: (202) 393-5016
Tel: (310) 827-3046

CodePINK House Washington DC
Nancy Hill
712 5th Street
Washington, D.C. 20002
Tel: (202) 290-1301

West Virgina

CodePINK New Martinsville
Janie Poe
659 Maple Ave
New Martinsville, WV 26155-1420
Tel: (304) 455-6420


CodePINK Madison
Amy Fuelleman
911 Laurie Dr
Madison, WI 53711-2455
Tel: (608) 274-5922

CodePINK Protecting America
More useless CodePINK Beauties
Girl from CodePINK crying while being arrested
CodePINK Beauty
CodePINK chased out of Cuban neighborhood
Commander Liz from CodePINK
Annie of CodePINK UCF
The Old and Skanky of CodePINK
CodePINK protesting
Dariana Donovan-Burge of CodePINK Peoria, IL
CodePINK Naval Blockade
Another CodePINK Beauty
Another CodePINK Beauty
Democrat Party Chairman Howard Dean
Tighe Berry and Medea Benjamin
Another useless CodePINK Protester
Samantha Miller - Another useless CodePINK Protester
Rae Abileah
Pinko Protester
Old CodePINK Protester
Cynthia Papermaster
CodePINK girls that think they are protectors of freedom
Emily Sharpe
CodePINK Interns
Tiffany Burns
CodePINK at a Gay Pride Parade
Desiree Anita Fairooz
CodePINK protesting
Peace Prez banner by CodePINK
Jodie Evans at a Peace Rally with the Party for Socialism and Liberation
Josie of CodePINK
Tighe Barry

To view important updates on CodePINK, click on the following link


CodePINK is doing a lot of damage to America by giving our enemies "Aid and Comfort". Through their demonstrations and financial contributions, they are directly supporting the very Terrorists that are killing our soldiers and Iraqi civilians. These are the very people that they claim they want to protect. How can this be seen as anything other than Treason?

CodePINK and everyone associated with this group empower terrorists around the world and are supporters of terrorism against American troops and America.


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