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These are updates on CodePINK. They illustrate CodePINK's continuing actions and associations proving the danger that they present. With their Marxist agenda, they are busy promoting a dangerous philosophy that deliberately and maliciously weakens America.

19 February 2009

From the website:

CODEPINK Women for Peace is heartbroken and discouraged by President Obama's decision to deploy an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan, a screeching halt to his rhetoric for change and moving our country in a new direction.

"It makes no sense to appoint Richard Holbrooke to find a way out of the Afghan quagmire while sending 17,000 more troops," said Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK co-founder. "You can't do diplomacy while widening the war. We must freeze the number of troops, engage in immediate diplomatic efforts - with Afghan women at the table - and then replace our military mission with a humanitarian, reconstruction mission. That would reflect the change the American people voted for."

19 February 2009

From the website:

CODEPINK Women for Peace is heartbroken and discouraged by President Obama's decision to deploy an additional 17,000 troops to Afghanistan, a screeching halt to his rhetoric for change and moving our country in a new direction.

"It makes no sense to appoint Richard Holbrooke to find a way out of the Afghan quagmire while sending 17,000 more troops," said Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK co-founder. "You can't do diplomacy while widening the war. We must freeze the number of troops, engage in immediate diplomatic efforts - with Afghan women at the table - and then replace our military mission with a humanitarian, reconstruction mission. That would reflect the change the American people voted for."

Not only will military policies not work, but they will lead to an increase in civilian deaths at the hands of the U.S military.

CODEPINK endorsed Barack Obama during the 2008 Presidential election. Now he is going to re-deploy 17,000 troops to Afghanistan. In the process, Medea Benjamin takes a jab the military with the accusation that American troops target civilians. Notice that nowhere does she blame a single terrorist suicide bomber for a single death of a single civilian... and why should she, these suicide bombers that attack civilians as a matter of operational policy share her group's beliefs.

Never forget that CODEPINK supports the Palestinian, HAMAS, and Hezbollah attacks on Israeli civilians.

Not once has CODEPINK ever condemned any suicide bomber walking into a pizza restaurant in Israel and killing as many civilians as possible.

Not once has CODEPINK ever condemned any terrorist for the death any American Soldier or Marine.

Not once has CODEPINK ever condemned any terrorist for the beheading of a human being or even videotaping the act.

Not once has CODEPINK ever condemned any terrorist act by any Islamic terrorist group. In fact, the position taken by CODEPINK is that Israel deserved it. In their eyes, America and Israel are terrorist states with terrorist Armies.

Here are a few questions for CODEPINK. Where is the throwing of shoes at Obama in the name of Muntazer al-Zaidi? Where are the effigies? Where are the insulting chants and songs focused at the Obama Administration? Where are the protesting CODEPINKers wearing papermache masks of Obama? They are nowhere to be found and they are probably never going to exist. Yep, support of terrorists and the destruction of America's strength and success - that is CODEPINK's underlying reason to exist.


15 January 2009

From the The

CodePink, Arrest Bush, the Coalition for Peace and other liberal activist groups plan to hoist banners and wave signs at Tuesday's inauguration. It might look a lot like a protest rally. But don't call it that.

"It's not a protest; it's a celebratory event," said Jose Rodriguez, a longtime activist who is co-ordinating an Arrest Bush demonstration in front of the FBI building.

After almost a decade of being on the opposite side of presidential decisions on the Iraq war, Supreme Court appointments and a host of other issues, activists have a new problem: how to make demands without appearing adversarial.

"We don't want to be seen as protesting against (Barack Obama) so much as pushing him to fulfill his promises," said CodePink founder Medea Benjamin. "It's totally, totally different."

"In years past, we organized and organized and didn't see any direct result because we were up against an administration that wasn't listening," Rodriguez said. "Now, we know there's an opportunity for change to happen."

Well, PEBO (President Elect Barack Obama) is off to a good start. He has been placing Socialist minded people in key positions. Verified by the choice for "Global Warming Czar", until January 8, Carol M. Browner was listed as one of 14 members of the Socialist International Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which calls for "global governance" and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change.

CodePINK has given President Obama their full support and there are still people that deny the Marxist/Socialist agenda of CodePINK. They certainly will not be throwing shoes at him during the inauguration or subsequent speeches in the future.


23 December 2008

We have always supported the claim that the media was very slanted to the Left. The women of CodePINK are now proving that not only is the media biased, but they support the very bias that they say does not exist.

CodePINK has found a hero in Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zaidi, the "journalist" that threw his shoes at President Bush at a press conference. In Arabic culture, the gesture of throwing shoes is considered a major insult. Al-Zaidi is an Iraqi broadcast journalist who serves as a correspondent for Iraqi-owned, Egyptian-based Al-Baghdadia TV. His reports often focused on the plight of widows, orphans, and children in the Iraq War without ever mentioning the terrorists that are engaging and killing American Troops and Iraqi civilians alike.

"Al-Zaidi's act of civil disobedience expresses the disgust that so many Iraqis and Americans feel towards a man who has caused so much pain and suffering," says Anas Shallal of Iraqi Voices for Peace. "It is indeed a fitting tribute to the end of the Bush reign of terror."

Please keep in mind what this really is. Imagine if this "journalist" tried this stunt during a press conference with Saddam Hussein. He and his family would have been arrested, and he would have been questioned while forced to watch his family being tortured. The very fact that al-Zaidi had the opportunity to do so is a sign of the very freedom that exists in Iraq since the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein and his two sons have been removed from power. This freedom is due to the actions of the United States of America.

Whom does CodePINK support? They support the actions of al-Zaidi, the biased journalist. Remember, a journalist is supposed to write down and report what they see and hear. They are not supposed to become part the story, but merely report on the facts at hand. This is just another perfect example of the Left-Wing bias in the media.

"For a reporter to have the courage to take off his shoes while Maliki and Bush are talking about the success in Iraq is a tremendously courageous act," Medea Benjamin at a demonstration.

Does he have the courage to accept the consequences for his actions? A resounding "NO" can answer that question! The Iraqi court decided to keep Zaidi in custody and that after an investigation is completed, the court may send him for trial under a clause in the Iraqi penal code that makes it an offense to attempt to murder Iraqi or foreign presidents. Abdul Satar Birqadr, a spokesperson for Iraq's High Judicial Council said that al-Zaidi faces up to 15 years in prison.

"It's outrageous that Al-Zaidi could get several years in prison for insulting George Bush, who is directly responsible for the deaths of 1.5 million Iraqis and 4,200 U.S. troops, and for the displacement of 5 million Iraqis. The one who should be in jail is Bush, not Muntadar al-Zaidi."

Where is the outrage for the terrorists that are killing the civilians and American troops? The fact is there is none. There is no outrage or even a harsh word. If you listen to the likes of CodePINK, you would think that American troops are just going to neighborhoods and just shooting people at random and of course, that is exactly what they want everyone to think. In their world, there are no terrorists anywhere in the Middle East except for the Americans and Israelis.

Not surprisingly, other Left-Wing groups joined in on the support of the biased journalist.

"I am thrilled that man (al-Zaidi) had the courage to stand up to him," David Swanson, Washington director of the activist group told

If this assault took place in America, the sentence for attacking the President is up to five years in prison. Because he decided to assault President Bush in Iraq, he will face the sentence set down by law in Iraq. He made a statement and now he must pay the price of that statement. CodePINK and the other Left-Wing agenda driven, Bush hating journalists would love nothing more than to allow him to escape the consequences of his actions. What are we to do if this happens to PEBO (President Elect Barack Obama? What if this happens during the Presidential Inauguration and the walk to the White House? Will CodePINK show the same concern and respect for the shoe-throwing assailant? Of course not.

You have to love these anti-American groups and their love of the Left-Wing bias in the media.

We will just leave you with this thought from CodePINK.

"We completely denounce violence of any form,"
-- Liz Hourican of CodePINK.


14 December 2008

The women of CodePINK are now helping Iran transition to "Green Energy".

From the Pak Tribune:

Codepink Women for Peace has announced plans to launch a new company that will invest in an Iranian wind energy company, allowing Americans to show support for peace and sustainability in Iran.

The company, called Winds of Change, will sell shares for $5 each. The shares will give investors an opportunity to support the Saba Niroo Wind Company, based in Tehran, and the campaign to end sanctions.

Saba Niroo designs, develops and manufactures medium and large wind turbines, with a commitment to furthering the development of pollution-free energy to improve the health of our environment.

The US Government has not only opposed Iran`s nuclear program, but it has also stymied Iran`s attempt to develop other energy alternatives. Recent US pressure on the Danish wind company Vestas has stopped Vestas from providing Saba Niroo with critical parts, halting production.

What we have here is a group that claims concern about "Global Warming" or "Global Climate Change" as it is referred to now, and who are they trying to help... it is not America, it is Iran. Keep in mind that Iran is not going to listen to these women on anything. To Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the rest of the Iranian government, these women are a useful tool to harm America. Their work on "Green Energy" is nothing but smoke and mirrors to hide their true agenda. If they really cared about Alternative Energy in America, they would be working on it here rather than with a totalitarian government like Iran.

CodePINK is a group that hates nuclear energy. They would speak endlessly against building nuclear powerplants in the United States, but there is not a word about stopping the "nuclear energy" program in Iran. More proof of their love affair with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran, and the other enemies of America.


04 September 2008

At the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul, MN, CodePINK danced, sang, and marched to show their distaste for Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential candidate who spoke Wednesday evening at the Republican National Convention. The group claimed they are exercising the Right of Free Speech.

Protests have led to more than 300 arrests during the convention thus far, said Sgt. William Palmer from the RNC Joint Information Center in St. Paul. Palmer, who said police have been preparing for more than a year for the RNC, said protesters are welcome to come to the convention and exercise their Right of Free Speech, but many go too far.

In symbolic sign of civil disobedience, saying free speech cannot be caged and all of America is a free speech zone, four women from CodePINK, Desiree Fairooz, 52, of Arlington, TX, Toby Blome, 53 of El Cerrito, CA, Kit Siemen, 50, of Quilcene, WA and Nancy Mancias, 38, of San Francisco, tried to crawl under the fence to re-enter an area they were warned not to enter. Police pulled them through to the other side and arrested them.

"This is not about the protesters," Sgt. Palmer said. "This is about people who are breaking the law."

The women of CodePINK rehearsed several verses of their tune, before marching and singing, "Sarah Palin, we know what she stands for. Youíll save a fetus in the womb, then send them off to war!"

Keep in mind that CodePINK would just assume kill the baby as allow the baby be brought to full term and be born. What happened to free choice. We have an all-volunteer military. No one forces anyone to join the military. It is a choice, not to mention a privilege to serve in the military.

Katelyn Peck, a 20-year-old junior from California State University, said she felt protesting Palinís candidacy was part of her freedom of speech and worth traveling from California for the convention. "The risk of getting arrested was not really a concern," she said. Many protesters can apply for a permit to be there, but CodePINK had not applied for a permit. They just showed up and decided to do whatever they wanted.

"If I do, I do," she said. "I donít really care."

If she does not care, why is she complaining when she gets arrested? CodePINK thinks that their actions should have no consequences. A fact that can be understood from a past quote from CodePINK member Suzanne Joi.

"I was under the impression that we have the right of free speech. To me, I thought free speech meant you get to say what you want without recrimination."
-- Suzanne "Zanne" Joi of CodePINK

Taking this statement to include actions, they believe they should be free to do whatever they want and no one should judge them or what they do and this is proven by the fact that these four women made the decision to re-enter an area they did not have a permit to enter.

No one has tried to stop anyone from CodePINK from saying anything. They can continue to protest and sing off key all they want. However, due to security concerns, permits are required and distances maintained for safety. For everyone's safety, there are areas where protesters are prohibited. Imagine what would happen if Desiree Fairooz decided to do the bloody hands confrontation with Vice President Candidate Sarah Palin or her family. That is well within the scope of what they consider acceptable behavior.

These protesters do not care about the people they are protesting - they hate them and therefore, security is a major concern, and in true fashion, the ladies from CodePINK do not think the rules apply to them and they should be allowed to do whatever they want. Think back to the CodePINK protests in Miami where Cuban-Americans ran them out of the neighborhood. All that CodePINK could say is how the police would not protect them. This happened because two groups diametrically opposed in doctrine got too close.

Katelyn Peck shared a sign with Barbara Briggs-Letson, a 74-year-old from Sebastopol, CA, who sported a pageant-style sash stating "I Miss America". Briggs-Letson said she did not think she was at risk of arrest even without the permit to protest, adding that, "My permit is the Constitution of the United States of America." Briggs-Letson, who said she also traveled to Denver last week for the Democratic National Convention to protest, said she hopes the groupís message is "changing a few minds."

Wednesday night protesters from CodePINK attempted to rush the stage as Sarah Palin delivered her headline address.

At least one woman, holding a sign and dressed in the groupís signature pink t-shirt, tried to disrupt Palinís address before a security guard escorted her from the Xcel Center.

Again, let us reiterate, no one prevented anyone with CodePINK from exercising the Right of Free Speech. They can say anything they want and no one tries to stop them from speaking. Security measures are there to ensure everyone's safety, but as you can see, CodePINK thinks these rules do not apply to them.

Photos of the CodePINK disruption can be seen HERE, HERE, and HERE. Once again we witness it is CodePINK that is trying to limit Free Speech.

RUDE, DISRUPTIVE, and LOUD - that is CodePINK.


26 July 2008

CodePINK has worked hard at trying to undermine President Bush with their call for Impeachment. They had better hurry up with their Impeachment efforts because this coming November, there will be a Presidential election and President Bush is not running for office again.

In spite of their efforts, there are newsworthy items that CodePINK seems happy to ignore. One can speculate, but it is a safe bet that it is because this information is contradictive to their agenda.

The following is what CodePINK refuses to acknowledge or embrace. Actually, this is what they are fighting to stop.

They are so busy referring to the people that are responsible for the following achievements possible that they do not have the intellectual honesty to accept the reality of what is really happening in Iraq and what America's involvement has really accomplished. Instead, they want to portray America as a Terrorist state led by, as they so eloquently put it, the "Terrorist" George Bush.

  1. Terrorism is on the decline in Iraq.

  2. Iraq is becoming self-sufficient under Democracy.

  3. Over 1 million new cell phone subscribers in Iraq.

  4. In January 2005, 25 Iraqi students began work to re-establish the Fulbright Scholarship program for Iraq.

  5. 47 countries have re-established embassies in Iraq.

  6. 1.2 million Iraqis now employed by the Iraqi government.

  7. 3,100 schools that have been renovated.

  8. 364 schools are under rehabilitation.

  9. 263 new schools are under construction.

  10. 38 new schools have been built.

  11. 20 universities are now open.

  12. 4 research centers have been built.

  13. Iraq has a counter-terrorist unit.

  14. Over 95 percent of Iraqi children under age of five received their first polio vaccines.

  15. The Iraqi Stock exchange opened in 2004.

  16. 93 water facilities have been built.

  17. 69 Electrical facilities are now operational.

  18. 46 institutions of higher learning and/ or colleges are now open.

  19. Iraq now has 75 radio stations, 180 newspapers, and 10 television stations.

  20. Political candidates in Iraq recently had a televised debate.

All of the proceeding completed while fighting terrorists in the streets.

The above is why CodePINK is so entrenched in the Impeachment of the Bush administration. They do not want these achievements in Iraq credited to George Bush while he is in power or while the military is having success against Islamic terrorists that hate and seek the destruction of Western civilization. The last thing anyone associated with CodePINK or the rest of the so-called "Peace Movement" wants to see is the implementation of Democracy in Iraq and a victory for the military. What they want to see is the military running home as fast as they can with their tails between their legs.

"We have nothing against communism."
-- Jodie Evans, CodePINK Leader Admits Communist Sympathies, "Shut-up-athon" at Fox News' headquarters in New York City at 6th Avenue at 48th Street, August 31, 2004

The above statement shows the truth about CodePINK's true agenda.


10 July 2008

For some time, members of CodePINK have been getting into events using Press credentials. The fact is, they are not reporters. They are not there to report the News; they are there to disrupt the event. They are there to make the news. They are not there to unify and strengthen, they are there to break cohesion and weaken. They are there under false pretenses... you know, they are dishonest with their stated intentions.

Rude, disruptive, and loud... These are the "ladies" of CodePINK.

We have a 9th grade English teacher from Fremont, CA that decided to involve herself in CodePINK's disruptive antics.

Jennifer Teguia and friends

Jennifer Teguia (pictured on the far right) was removed before she was able to disrupt a speech by Senator John McCain.

This is what she wrote and posted on the CodePINK website at

This morning I attempted to watch McCain give a speech at the LULAC convention at the Hilton.

I had a press pass to get in but not 5 minutes later was removed by Secret Service agents. The LULAC representative told me that even if I was registered he would not let me in and would not give me any reason. I got the impression that he really wanted me to be able to stay but that the Secret Service told him to have me leave.

I exited the property with no fuss and was followed out by 2-4 Secret Service agents. I was not raising a ruckus or resisting at ALL. I simply walked myself off.

A block and a half later on public sidewalk one of the agents walked up to me unannounced and totally spooked me by being so close to me and put a camera in my face and without permission took my photo.

I then later went back to the area of the Hilton and (staying across the street on public sidewalk) spoke to the press and private people. I told them that I am a teacher and came all the way across the country at my own expense for a month to try to get our nation's financial and moral priorities back on track.

I spoke about not having money for books but trillions for war. Most I spoke to very moved by my story and shared my deep worry about a new war with Iran.

The Secret Service agent showed up again and followed me around a bit. I asked him for his badge number. He refused to give it to me.

I repeatedly asked him, "Sir, what is your badge number?" and he either said, "I am doing a job" or refused to answer.

I asked him his last name and he refused.

I have posted the photo of this man so you can see the image of a man who is in violation of his duties - he removed me without cause, followed me on public property on two separate occasions and refused to identify himself (which makes me strongly suspect he was not doing what he was supposed to do and feared me reporting him).

McCain was whisked inside so I didn't even get to take his photo or see him at all.

That war criminal knows how to be seen when it works to his benefit and not seen when it doesn't, let me tell you.

This blog by Jennifer Teguia has since been removed from the CodePINK website probably because of the embarrassment to the High School, but we will not allow them to change the truth or to cover up of what she wrote.

It appears that Jennifer Teguia had a Press Pass. However, it is up to the people who are running the event to either accept or reject her credentials as a reporter and the Secret Service for some reason removed her and it is probably because her credentials were not credible and they knew her to be there to disrupt the proceedings.

To Jennifer Teguia and everyone with CodePINK, anyone who is in the military or maintains pro-military beliefs is a "War Criminal" as can been seen in her last statement about John McCain.

There is also a quote from her on an earlier blog post where she seems to applaud the eight interruptions of Bush's July 4 speech with a bullhorn. Would she tolerate student interruptions in her English class? Would she tolerate the disrespect from her students she shows others? Would she tolerate forged homework assignments from her students? Of course not. She is just another teacher that hooked up with a Marxist, anti-American, anti-Semitic organization that has no problem calling United States Soldiers and Marines "War Criminals" and she in charge of teaching impressionable high school students whatever she likes.

Jennifer Teguia and friends

For anyone wishing to contact Jennifer Teguia (seen here with Cindy Sheehan), John F. Kennedy High School, or any of the other faculty, below is the contact information. Feel free to exercise your Right of Free Speech and let them know what you think.

Jennifer Teguia
9th Grade English teacher
Kennedy High School
39999 Blacow Rd
Fremont, CA 94538-1913
(510) 657-4070

School Administration
Thomas Hanson, Principal
Halbe Carol
Velez Edward
Weems Brian


09 July 2008

Here was an e-mail passed on to us. This is nothing more than proof that CodePINK is a Marxist/Communist organization.

CodePINK Header

Subject: A Night With The Stars!


Reply To:

July 2nd, 2008


Come join CODEPINK LA and other local peace groups in some fun and creative actions this month!

Spend an evening with Howard Zinn and Karl Marx!

Saturday, July 19th, 6:00PM **8PM showtime is already sold out!!
To see additonal showtimes, Click here for more details!
RSVP here to reserve your seat today!

Come hear the powerful sounds of Michelle Shocked!

Saturday, July 31st, 8PM CODEPINK's very own longtime PINKer, Michelle Shocked, joins the 'Twilight Dance Series' along with her band and their original sound! They will be showcasing old favorites as well as new material that's fresh from their soon to be released album, Soul of my Soul for this free, fun, family-oriented event under the stars on the Santa Monica Pier (map).
RSVP here so we can meet up!

In Solidarity,
Jodie, Linda, Patricia, Sarah, Susan & Tighe

Look at what they are advertising. Spend an evening with Karl Marx. Nobody can argue that CodePINK is not a Communist organization. We will not comment on the contribution of Howard Zinn, but rather we will let his works stand on their own merits.

So, an evening with Howard Zinn and Karl Marx is what CodePINK calls "A night with the stars." It is clear who they think best defines their views.

Here is another example of CodePINK and their Marxist agenda from the Central Florida

Brian Moore of Socialist Party USA is the Socialist candidate for the U.S. Presidency, spoke at University of Central Florida on Wednesday, July 9, 2008, to discuss social, economic, political, socialism and issues he believes will be the imminent fall of capitalism in the U.S. Moore was invited to speak by Jay Jurie, faculty adviser to Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and holding the title of Assistant Professor of Public Administration at the University.

CodePink UCF, the campus chapter, co-sponsored the event along with SDS. Amanda Mailey, a junior majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, is a member of CodePink and welcomed Moore's Socialist Anti-War, Anti-Military perspective.

"I think that a lot of people here are against the war," Mailey said. "I just want them to know how the Socialists feel about the war."

Moore said he has been a peace activist since the Vietnam War and found a home for his Socialist views in the Socialist Party USA, which advocates the eradication of nuclear programs and gross reductions to the military.

Moore campaigns for a classless society, with universal health care, housing and individual incomes of more than $35,000. According to Moore, in such a society, penalties would be set against those who violate either the sharing or the labor aspects of the Socialist system.

"We believe that we will not change the system electorally," Moore said. "We believe ultimately that there will be a confrontation between the workers and the owners."

He went on to say that without radical change, unrest resulting from a capitalistic system will lead to the collapse of the country and the rise of a dictator.

"What happens when that occurs is you have anarchy," he said. "And then you have a white knight on a horse that comes in and that could be a right wing dictator or a left wing dictator."

Here we have the continuation of the Marxist/Socialist/Communist agenda/indoctrination that CodePINK supports and is so prevalent on College Campuses and Universities today.

The truth about the Socialism can be found in "The Meaning of Marxism".

Additional information on the Socialist Party USA is located at and www.votesocialist2008.

Additional information on the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is located at Students for a Democratic Society (1960 organization) and Students for a Democratic Society (2006 organization).

Contact Information

CodePINK University of Central Florida
Kathryn Milholland
Orlando, FL 32127-9231
Tel: (954) 649-8817


07 March 2008

There have been many connections between CodePINK and Islamic Terrorists organizations. Some are weak while others have a bit more strength to them. If you look at the actions of CodePINK and their friends, you will see that their actions have a lot in common with the Islamic groups that are busy killing American troops. Their actions have so much in common because their goals are the same. Consider the fact that CodePINK gave over $600,000 to the families of the terrorists that sworn to kill as many Americans as possible. What does this say about this group?

In 1997, the estimated population of Iraq was 22,219,289. In 2007, the estimated population of Iraq was 27,499,638. CodePINK claims that 1.2 million Iraqis have died at the hands of "murderous" American troops since "the Occupation" began and yet the population has actually grown since we have removed Saddam Hussein and started to establish a truly Democratic government. We are not sure where they get this number. Have there actually been 1.2 million funerals in Iraq? This figure sounds fictitious. Even CodePINK has not shown evidence of all of these funerals. This is nothing but propaganda - lies to portray America in a poor light and to empower those that have no compunction about killing Americans, as is the desire of Radical Islam. Do not forget what CodePINK thinks of American Soldiers and Marines. They refer to American troops as "Terrorists", "Killers", and "Rapists". This is exactly how Islamic Terrorists wish to view America and CodePINK happily gives them what they want.

For your consideration, examine this map showing the Islamic Terrorist Network that exists in America today.

Islamic Terrorist Network in America

Compare the location of the local CodePINK Groups with this map and you will notice that there is a CodePINK group well within 10 miles of every single Islamic Terrorist Group on this map. We do not believe this is a coincidence as CodePINK sides with the very terrorists that American Soldiers and Marines are fighting.

It would be easy to write this off as a coincidence. The map shows terrorist cells in large cities. When you take a closer look, you can see that there is an al-Qaeda group in Arlington, TX. Why would there be an al-Qaeda group in Arlington, TX? Who is in this town? In Arlington, TX, the leader of CodePINK Arlington is Desiree Anita Fairooz, the wife of Mohammed Fairooz. When Desiree Fairooz left Arlington, TX to go to Washington DC and participate in CodePINK's protests, Mohammed Fairooz remained back in Arlington, TX. If you consider that CodePINK provides an invaluable service to al-Qaeda with their support, it is hard to sustain the idea there is no connection. If nothing else, al-Qaeda and CodePINK are both working toward the same goal.

It looks like CodePINK serves as a civilian connection for these Islamic Terrorist groups. Today's so-called "Peace Movement" facilitates and supports the Islamic terrorists that are killing American troops. Not surprisingly, CodePINK has never spoken against even one of the groups shown on this map but they have both spoken and taken a hard stand against the United States Marine Corps, the other military services, and the War against Terrorism.

We have shown on this website how CodePINK and their friends support the terrorism propagated by these terrorist groups. CodePINK's primary existence is to work with these groups to undermine and weaken America.


13 February 2008

CodePINK was at it again in Berkeley disrupting everyone's day by protesting the existence of the Marines, they and the Berkeley City Council have given every Islamic Radical more propaganda to show the hatred that surrounds the American Military.

From the KTVU website:

Councilwoman Linda Maio said the council opposes recruitment, not the military. "It's behavior that we oppose, not the people," she said.

This is a very unusual statement. Whenever a "Conservative" makes this statement about homosexuality, they are called homophobes and fascists. Well... Conservatives are always called Fascists no matter what they do - it is the Liberal default setting. What behavior is Linda Maio referencing? The willingness to complete the hard physical work required to becoming a Marine. What about the rude, disruptive, and loud antics of CodePINK? It is clear that the Berkeley City Council and Mayor Tom Bates approve of the CodePINK behavior as they have given them special provisions to carry on as they wish.

Medea Benjamin, co-founder of the anti-war group CodePINK, said her group supports the troops -- "we support them so much that we're desperate to get them back home."

We have reported on this before and we will continue to as long as necessary. CodePINK has called Marines "Killers" and made the claims that every Marine is a "War Criminal". They have prevented American citizens from exercising the freedom to choose to join the Marine Corps. They have blocked and prevented new applicants from entering the Marine Recruiting Office, thus proving that they have a "Zero Tolerance" for anyone that does not agree with CodePINK.

Meanwhile, protesters with CodePINK waved signs saying "Peace Now" and "Bring Our Troops Home."

What these people do not know and do not want to know is that American troops want to be victorious. They do not want to run home as cowards also known as the "Cut and Run" strategy. That concept is insulting to any who has ever served in the military... well, except for Berkeley Council Member Max Anderson and Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates, but no one really expects any honor and integrity from these people.

At its height, police estimated the crowd at about 2,000. A handful of people were arrested for scuffles between protesters, said Berkeley police spokeswoman Sgt. Mary Kusmiss.

The recruiting office opened in Berkeley in late 2006 and operated quietly until four months ago when CodePINK began holding regular protests.

The City Council's initial vote Jan. 29 outraged several lawmakers, who have threatened to withhold millions in state and federal money destined for Berkeley.

Of course, CodePINK and the Berkeley City Council were offended because they believe that they deserve that money. They believe it is an entitlement owed to them. In typical Liberal fashion, they believe the taxpayer's money rightfully belongs to them because of the Right of the Redistribution of Wealth clause they find in the Constitution.

In a session that began on Tuesday 12 February and stretched into the early hours of Wednesday, the council said they recognize recruiters' right to be in Berkeley. The council reiterated its opposition to the war but said, "We deeply respect and support the men and women in our armed forces." Keep in mind that the reiteration passed with a vote of 7-2. The council also decided against issuing an apology for the earlier resolution...

From the CodePINK ALERT!:

Emergency 24-Hour Peace-In to support Council's stand for Peace:

Feb 11th Monday 7:00pm until 7:00pm Tuesday February 12th,

Maudelle Shirek City Hall, 2134 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley.

"The right has put out the call to invade our city 5:00a.m. on Tuesday morning Feb 12th."

The Elitist attitude from the source. It is their city and only their kind deserve to live there.

"They intend to spend the day further attempting to intimidate our peace-loving City and City Council while they hammer home THEIR war propaganda."

They are not stopping anyone from speaking or going about their daily business. They are not preventing anyone from entering the recruiting office. They are not intimidating anyone by trapping them in hallways and in elevators. Who does this. CodePINK does. They try to intimidate to others. By their own words, the women in CodePINK are "unreasonable". The only people that are trying to intimidate anyone are the women from CodePINK

"We are putting out the call for all peace-loving people to come to our Emergency 24-hour Peace-In Vigil in front of Old City Hall. Sign up - let us know we can count on you to BE THERE! For 24 hours or 2!!"

"This fight is about war and ending war. This is about recruiting our youth to be the fodder of war. It is not about the marines. It is not about being anti-American. It is not about rights, freedom, or apple pie."

This fight is about "Cut and Run" and not being victorious. It is about preventing selfless people from joining the military out of a sense of duty. It is about CodePINK advancing their Communist agenda for America and YES, it is about rights, freedom, and pride in America.

"It IS about this occupation of Iraq: about the 1.2 million dead Iraqis, 3950 dead U.S. soldiers, trillions of dollars of our tax payer money, the attack on our civil rights and constitution, torture, rape, wounded and neglected soldiers, suicide, depleted uranium."

We are in Iraq; we are not occupying Iraq as conquerors. What is this about civil rights? Your previous statement made the claim that "It is not about rights, freedom, or apple pie" and of course, you try to make criminals of the American military with accusations of rape and torture, but you support the troops, right? We know how you feel about American troops. Of the 3950 dead soldiers, CodePINK celebrates every one of those deaths. Imagine the celebration you will have at 4000.

Of the 1.2 million dead Iraqis, and we are not sure we really accept that number, you would have everyone believe that they were all killed at the hands of American troops much like the Nazis when they invaded Russia during World War II, because that is how you see American troops.

CodePINK has forgotten that it is the terrorists and sectarian death squads that are responsible for all of the "death and destruction" taking place in Iraq.

With all of this talk about torture and rape, you fail to condemn the previous Iraqi regime under Saddam Hussein and the torture and rape rooms. You fail to acknowledge the invasion of Kuwait by Iraqi troops that actually committed these crimes, and you want to believe that American troops are committing these atrocities... but let us not confuse the issue and your argument with a bunch of relevant facts.

"It is about recruiting youth to be the occupying forces Iraq."

So here it is, the way you see the American military. You see the military as "Killers" and "Occupation Forces". How is it that you claim to support the troops? Look at the following photos and you can see the respect that CodePINK and their followers have toward the military.

These photos were taken on February 12, 2008 in front of Berkeley City Hall, at the protest and counter-protest over the decision by the Berkeley City Council to support CodePINK's attempt to expel the Marine Corps officer recruiting office from Berkeley. Courtesy of

Berkeley Protest against the Marines Berkeley Protest against the Marines Berkeley Protest against the Marines
Berkeley Protest against the Marines Berkeley Protest against the Marines

...but these people want you to know they support the troops!

How stupid do they think we are?


31 January 2008

Just when you thought that the "I hate the military" crowd could not side more with America's enemies, we get this story from... where else... Berkeley, CA. It is no surprise what happened took place in Berkeley. It is exactly what to expect from this crowd. Nowhere is this action condemned in the media or with the Left-Wing Liberals in Congress. Congressman Henry Waxman, Democrat Congressman from California, Congressman John Murtha, Democrat Congressman from Pennsylvania, or Speaker of the House Nancy have yet to remark on this insult to all Marines serving today or ever in the past... or any other branch of the military. Where is everyone? Where is the outrage? There is only one-way to look at it - the Berkeley City Council hates Marines and the Marine Corps. More on this can be found by clicking here.

On 29 January 2008, the Berkeley City Council voted to tell the U.S. Marines that its Shattuck Avenue recruiting station "is not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders."

...but these people want you to know they support the troops!

Members of the Berkeley City Council showed their opposition to a Marine Corps recruiting office in Downtown Berkeley by supporting the two resolutions.

Resolution I - CodePINK, a national anti-war grassroots organization, will be granted a parking spot for their regular Wednesday afternoon protests and will not need to apply for a sound permit for the next six months.

Resolution II - The city manager was directed to send a letter to the U.S. Marine Corps saying they are "uninvited and unwelcome intruders" in the city.

...but these people want you to know they support the troops!

In addition, the city attorney will investigate whether the city's anti-discrimination laws are enforceable at the recruiting center, based on the military's consideration of sexual orientation in hiring. Local activists have also proposed an initiative for the November 2008 elections that would require military recruiting centers to acquire a special use permit to operate in Berkeley.

Does anyone find this to be a contradiction? They are protesting against the military rejecting applicants based on sexual orientation. Why do they have a problem with this? They want to keep everyone out of the military. You would think that they would be in favor of any disqualifying standard.

This raises another question. Do these "anti-military" people believe that women should serve in the military perhaps with combat assignments? They should be requiring is higher enlistment standards. This would shut out many from enlisting, but that will not work because raising standards would only show they care and we all know they do not. Remember, these people LOATHE the military and everything about it.

With the passage of these resolutions, the Berkeley City Council gives CodePINK and other anti-military organizations approval to continue operations vandalizing and defacing the U.S. Marine Recruiting Center as they did in September 2007. For those that are up on history of the Nazis rise to power in Germany, this is much like "Kristallnacht". It is easy to equate CodePINK to the Nazis and the Marines to the Jews because the roles are the same. So is the mentality. Heavily out numbered, the Marine Recruiters cannot fight back - they have to take the abuse, insults, and harassment.

Currently, a recruiting office is held to the same standards as most other businesses, which do not require a public hearing or have limits on where offices can be established.

If passed by a majority of Berkeley voters, a proposed initiative would require military recruiting offices and private military companies in Berkeley to acquire a special use permit. To obtain this permit, a business must hold public hearings and a public comment period. Recruitment offices could not open within 600 feet of residential districts, public parks, public health clinics, public libraries, schools or churches.

...but these people want you to know they support the troops!

The author of the initiative, Berkeley-based lawyer Sharon Adams modeled the initiative after current zoning law that restricts the location of adult-oriented businesses.

"In the same way that many communities limit the location of pornographic stores, that's the same way we feel about the military recruiting stations," said Phoebe Sorgen, an initiative proponent and a member of the city's Peace and Justice Commission.

The Berkeley City Council wants to treat military recruitment offices like porn shops.

...but these people want you to know they support the troops!

In a city measure that passed 8-1, with Gordon Wozniak providing the lone dissenting vote, for the CodePINK parking spot and 6-3, with Gordon Wozniak, Betty Olds and Kriss Worthington dissenting, for the condemnation resolution. The Berkeley City Council also voted 7-2, with Gordon Wozniak and Betty Olds dissenting, to explore enforcing its law prohibiting discrimination based on the sexual orientation against the Marines and to encourage the women's peace group CodePINK to protest in front of the station. The Berkeley City Council has officially written the U.S. Marine Corps stating that the Marine recruiting station are not welcome in the city, and if recruiters choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders." in the city of Berkeley.

...but these people want you to know they support the troops!

A member of the Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission, PhoeBe Sorgen said, "By taking a stand against recruitment we are protecting the health and safety of our youth. I see the protest as taking a proud and courageous stand."

...but these people want you to know they support the troops!

What a friendly city with fair and open-minded people (note sarcastic tone). This is the Liberal example of "Tolerance" we keep hearing about. Berkeley is the Holy Grail and birthplace of Liberalism. It is the cornerstone where all Liberal thought is accepted, but you can see what is happening. There is no tolerance of others with Liberalism. The "tolerance" that we hear about is for everyone else to tolerate them. It is a one-way street to nowhere. They want what they want and to hell with everyone else. No one else counts. Joining the Marines is a voluntary decision made by people that desire the military life. The Marines do not forced anyone into military service. These Liberals say they are for choice, but as you can see, such is not the case. It never has been the case. They are for choice as long as you choose what they want you to choose and nothing else.

We at this website want to make sure we give proper credit where credit is due. The Berkeley City Council passed a measure calling troops "uninvited, unwelcome intruders". Does anyone else find this disgraceful? This action reminds us of some towns in the South where groups such as the KKK ran Blacks i.e. African Americans, out of towns because the rest of the population did not want them in their town. Many times this happened by a vote of the City Council. In fact, how is this different?

Berkeley City Council Member Max Anderson

In speaking of the military that selflessly protects his right of free speech, council member Max Anderson (pictured to the right) said, "If we can provide a space for ordinary people to protest this barbarity, we ought to do so."

You read that right; "Barbarity" is the only word that Max Anderson of the Berkeley City Council can use to describe the existence of the Marine Corps.

...but these people want you to know they support the troops!

"I believe in the CodePINK cause. The Marines don't belong here, they shouldn't have come here, and they should leave," Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates said after votes were cast.

Council Member Gordon Wozniak, who voted against both resolutions, said perpetuating the conflict in front of the center would harm nearby businesses.

Council Member Betty Olds voted against the resolution to criticize the military and said, "The Marines ought to have better sense than to come here."

"I'm ashamed of my vote," said Councilwoman Betty Olds, who helped approve the parking spot but not the condemnation. "The protesters should have free speech - this is where Free Speech was born, after all - but to tell the Marines they are not welcome is shameful. If I had to do it again, I wouldn't even go for the parking spot."

Council Member Dona Spring said she would love to step up the pressure even more against the Marine recruiting office. "We're not condemning the men and women who serve, we are condemning the U.S. policy that is teaching the Marines and other military people to torture, oust other countries' political leaders and do other evil things."

Council Member Kriss Worthington voted against the requirement to send a letter to the U.S. Marine Corps.

Council Member Laurie Capitelli voted for both resolutions but said he was concerned about the council's opinion on the war influencing the procedural aspects of the resolution, which was the first of its kind ever passed in the city. "We are not talking about the legality of the Iraq war," he said.

Oh nooooo... We are just talking about a bunch of "Killers" and "Occupation Troops", right? That is the way you classify the Marine Corps.

If that does not prove how one sided and unsupportive of American troops these people from Berkeley are, this will. In the same measure, the Berkeley City Council tried to out do every military protest in history. They encouraged the CodePINK to fight the Marines by granting them their own FREE DESIGNATED PARKING SPOT DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE MARINE CORPS RECRUITING OFFICE! Berkeley City Council is allowing CodePINK to disrupt area businesses with their loud protests. The Berkeley City Council boldly proclaimed it does not care because they granted CodePINK a "Free Sound Permit" that allows them protest as loud as they please once a week from noon to 4 PM while the military office tries to go about their day-to-day tasks.

These anti-military activists do not need to apply for a sound permit for the next six months - allowing them free reign to disrupt the day-to-day operations by the Marines. Notice how much al-Qaeda and CodePINK have in common. Both are always working for the same cause in hopes of achieving the same result. Harassing Marines - this is what CodePINK calls "Patriotism".

...but these people want you to know they support the troops!

Several business owners have complained that CodePINK protestors drive away business and harass patrons during their protests. Berkeley City Council then snubbed nearby businesses in the face when it ignored their pleas to stop CodePINK from disrupting business with their loud protests.

Why does this surprise anyone? CodePINK is a Marxist organization. They do not believe in Capitalism. Communism is their goal. The success of small business is not in their agenda.

If after all of this, you hear these people say they support American troops, the one thing you can be sure of is THEY ARE LYING! They do not even support the first step of becoming one of "Our Troops".

Information on the CodePINK protests can contact:

Suzanne "Zanne" Joi
Phone: (510) 524-2776

Suzanne "Zanne" Joi is the granddaughter of Holocaust Survivors. Who does she think saved them? But for men in the American military who she refers to as "Killers", her grandparents would have died an unknown and undignified death in the death camps of Nazi Germany, her parents would not have lived, and she would have never existed today where she lives under an umbrella of freedom that is the envy of the world. This is the epitome of ingratitude.

Sharon Adams, Attorney at Law
2140 Shattuck Ave. #707
Phone: (510) 649-1331

"I believe in the CodePINK cause. The Marines don't belong here, they shouldn't have come here, and they should leave."
-- Tom Bates, Mayor of Berkeley, CA at Berkeley City Council meeting 29 January 2008

Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates

If anyone wishes to contact the Mayor Tom Bates (pictured right) at the Mayor's Office or the Berkeley City Council to discuss this abomination, the Contact Information is below:

The Mayor's Office
Mayor Tom Bates
2180 Milvia Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Phone: (510) 981-7100
FAX: (510) 981-7199
TDD: (510) 981-6903 E-mail:

Berkeley Peace and Justice Commission
Manuel Hector, Jr. - Health & Human Services
(510) 981-5110

Berkeley City Council
City of Berkeley
2180 Milvia Street, 5th Floor
Berkeley, CA 94704

Linda Maio - District 1
Phone: (510) 981-7110
FAX: (510) 981-7111

Laurie Capitelli - District 5
Phone: (510) 981-7150
FAX: (510) 981-7155

Darryl Moore - District 2
Phone: (510) 981-7110
FAX: (510) 981-7122

Betty Olds - District 6
Phone: (510) 981-7160
FAX: (510) 981-7166

Maxwell Anderson - District 3
Phone: (510) 981-7130
FAX: (510) 981-7133

Kriss Worthington - District 7
Phone: (510) 981-7170
FAX: (510) 981-7177

Dona Spring - District 4
Phone: (510) 981-7140
FAX: (510) 981-7144

Gordon Wozniak - District 8
Phone: (510) 981-7180
FAX: (510) 981-7188

This is insulting to anyone that has ever worn the uniform. The military exists solely to defend Constitutional freedoms, such as Freedom of Speech, which these people are using to harass them.

What we ought to do is to close every military base in California and move them to any of the 49 other states because it is obvious that that military personnel are not appreciated or respected at all. Perhaps the views of empty military bases will get their attention. Perhaps talk of pulling Federal funding to that part of California should begin.

Here is a thought. Does action by the Berkeley City Council mean when the next earthquake that hits the San Francisco area, the military (any branch such as the National Guard) does not need to help?


14 January 2008

On 12 January 2008, four CodePINK activists in pink dresses and tiaras demanded the arrest of anti-communist Luis Posada Carriles Saturday, but aborted plans for a demonstration in Little Havana after hundreds of irate Cubans gathered in front of Miami's Versailles restaurant to show the courage of a people oppressed by 50 years of Castro flavored tyranny. The pink clad activists were met in front of a Little Havana restaurant by Cuban-Americans that ran at the activists' truck, which carried a photo of Posada and a sign reading "Wanted by the FBI: Luis Posada Carriles for terrorism". Some people tried to tear down the poster, while others shouted insults.

The truck then drove away directly to the nearest police station about three miles away. The activists later met with journalists at the police station. CodePINK wanted to cause a reaction and they did achieve this goal although it was probably not the result they had expected.

You come into an anti-Castro Cuban-American neighborhood for the sole purpose of causing trouble and you are surprised when your pro-Castro demonstration is challenged. You were outnumbered well over 100 to 1. If anyone really wanted to harm your group, you would not have made it out of the neighborhood to tell your story, especially with that Cum-by-ya, peace sign wearing, pro-Castro mentality.

CodePINK keeps saying that they speak for the people. Apparently, they do not have quite the following they thought. And why did they only have four people protesting? Is not CodePINK a large and powerful organization with thousands of members?

Here is an observation. We have seen CodePINK selling T-shirts saying, "These colors don't run". Apparently by what is seen in this video, CodePINK's colors DO run... very quickly... to the nearest place of safety at the first sign of trouble.

For those of you who do not know him, Luis Posada Carriles is one of those soldiers of fortune who worked with the CIA in Central America during the Cold War although his exact involvement is not known. After Castro's takeover in Cuba he had taken refuge in Venezuela and acquired Venezuelan citizenship. Sometime in the late 1970s he was accused of having planted a bomb on a jetliner which was carrying members of a Cuban sports team. Everybody on the plane, Cubans and non-Cubans, were killed.

Posada Carriles was subsequently tried in Venezuelan courts and found innocent of all charges. However, Venezuelan law does allow a person to be tried for the same crime more than once.

When Hugo Chavez came to power in 1998, Posada Carriles, knowing of Chavez's close relationship to Fidel Castro, thought it the better part of valor to flee the country. He entered the United States illegally through the Texas-Mexican border.

Under normal conditions, the correct procedure would be to extradite him to Venezuela and allow him to face trial again. However, because Chavez has already declared that "He doesn't need a trial; we already know he's guilty," the United States is unable to extradite Posada Carriles at all.

Venezuela has sought the extradition of Luis Posada Carriles since 2005, however the U.S. Department of Homeland Security initially decided to try him on the charge of illegal entry into the U.S. rather than to process the Venezuelan request for his extradition. He was freed from a U.S. jail in El Paso, in May 2007 after a federal judge dismissed the charges against him for illegally entering the U.S. and U.S. courts have ruled that he cannot be extradited to Venezuela on the grounds that he may be subjected to torture - a claim which the Venezuelan government says is baseless.

Since then he has been living freely in Miami where he spends his time at the Versailles Restaurant or the Big Five social club lounging by the pool and according to Benjamin, "He is even hosting an art exhibition because now he is an 'artist'."

With that title of artist and the beatnik description of him hanging out at the Big Five social club and lounging by the pool, he would seem to be the type of person that any Left-Wing Liberal group would openly embrace and even aspire to be... well... except for his quintessential anti-Castro, anti-communist characteristic. The reality of it all is, that is why they hate him and "hate" is the right word for their feelings toward him or anyone else holding anti-communist beliefs.

CodePINK protesters demanding the arrest of Luis Posada Carriles called off a second planned demonstration on Sunday, 13 January, in the Little Havana neighborhood after they were confronted by supporters of the anti-Castro Cuban militant.

This action by CodePINK is so remnant of the Nazis march through Skokie, IL in the 70's and pretty much for the same reason - to get attention, throw their political beliefs into everyone's face, and make everybody around them uncomfortable under the illusion that everyone should be forced to extend forth every degree of tolerance, acceptance, and approval for everything that these groups represent.

They had planned to discuss with reporters their campaign against Luis Posada Carriles, who is free after a judge dismissed the government's charges that he lied to investigators in a bid to become a naturalized U.S. citizen. Luis Posada Carriles is wanted by both the Cuban and Venezuelan governments on charges that he plotted the deadly 1976 bombing of a Cuban jetliner while in Caracas.

It is hard to see why CodePINK had any real problem with the reaction of the local population, which is no different than the vandalism of Marine recruiting offices in Berkeley and denying Americans their right to exercise free speech by deciding to enlist?

When CodePINK protests, they are trying to get a reaction from everyone. They work hard to be rude, disruptive, and loud and their goal is to disrupt and squelch everyone else's activities to spread their message.

"Hip to the fact that well-behaved women rarely make history, Diane [Wilson] has already inspired a new movement of totally uncontrollable, irresistible and unreasonable women!"
-- Medea Benjamin

Keep in mind of Medea Benjamin's support and affection of Cuba's Communist regime and the general rude, loud, and obnoxious behavior of CodePINK as they disrupt proceedings at the Capitol building. Remember Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz's bloody hands and Condoleezza Rice and the other numerous arrests for rude, disruptive, and uncivilized behavior.

What reeks of hypocrisy is when you consider CodePINK's pro-Castro affinity and then Medea Benjamin has the arrogance to say... get ready... here it comes...

"We're not in Cuba. We're supposed to have free speech. This is indicative of how a small group of Cuban-Americans are holding the rest of the community hostage."
-- Medea Benjamin

Apparently Medea Benjamin does not believe that this "free speech" entitlement applies to everyone, only members of CodePINK. This is the general attitude of groups like CodePINK, which do not believe that people should be allowed to dissent or speak against them.

CodePINK's sentiment can be read at the Cuba Journal. It is easy to see the similarity between these Pro-Castro blogs where anyone that opposes Castro is a fascist, an attitude that is expressed by CodePINK.

Medea Benjamin, one of CodePINK's founders, has acknowledged that the Cuban communist social and economic structure fit well with her political views.

The only reason that they are protesting Luis Posada Carriles is because he is an anti-Communist. They want to see him put in prison for the rest of his life or even given the death penalty. CodePINK claims that they are against the death penalty, but they would like nothing more than to see Luis Posada Carriles hanging just like Saddam Hussein or in front of a Castro-ordered firing squad. But this just proves CodePINK's hypocrisy. From the CodePINK website:

CodePINK knows that war destroys, prison destroys, violence destroys

And what is the only thing that CodePINK wants to do... place him in prison.

"He's a known terrorist. This man should be behind bars," Medea Benjamin said. "We feel our government should be consistent. We go looking for terrorists all over the world."

Let us not forget CodePINK's fondness of Communism.

"We have nothing against communism."
-- Jodie Evans, CodePINK Leader Admits Communist Sympathies, "Shut-up-athon" at Fox News' headquarters in New York City at 6th Avenue at 48th Street, August 31, 2004

CodePINK will be relaunching their campaign again at the Versailles Restaurant on 9 February 2008. They will also be asking the FBI and Miami-Dade Police to guarantee their right to free speech and free assembly.

Medea, your Right of Free Speech has never been challenged or restricted. When have you ever been prevented from spewing your anti-American, anti-military, pro-Castro, pro-Marxist rhetoric? The fact is that you have never been prevented from yelling at the top of your lungs whatever you wish. You just do not like that others are not forced to listen and tolerate your "I hate America" message. Of course, the same consideration cannot be said of CodePINK. You are constantly being rude, disruptive, and loud. We have seen you and your group constantly disrupting proceedings with the sole purpose of preventing others from speaking. This is nothing but the actions of a close-minded, selfish organization full of close-minded, selfish people.

One of our readers wrote us after he noticed something from the video.

Did you happen to notice the You Tube footage of Tighe Berry lecturing the policeman? That is so typical of CodePINK to happen to have a camera there and for THEM to give a lecture any sort of confrontation is always caught on camera. This is no coincidence. The lecture to the policeman is designed to appear like it is just that, but in fact it is a canned lecture targeted at the You Tube viewer, not the policeman. Notice how the conversation was one sided. A tactic they appear to use is to follow officials around and corner then and THEY give lectures to these officials to make it APPEAR they are having a conversation when in fact it is all propaganda and the officials are just background props to give it credibility.

The footage of Tighe Barry lecturing the policeman was taken at the police station was not even at the "protest". Tighe Barry saw the reporter at the police station and knew they were looking for footage so he engages in a completely one-sided conversation with a policeman who is in the parking lot. The police officer stands there silent because it is almost certain he was not even there to dispute what was said because he is not the public relations officer for the department.

Also, with all the media there covering this event, I did not see any footage of people carrying 10 foot poles with spikes as described by Tighe Barry. CodePINK often uses camera phones and video cameras for its propaganda. Where are the photos of the ten foot poles? Upon reviewing the film, I did see the poles Tighe Barry was talking about. They were flagpoles. Apparently, Tighe Barry finds the presence of American and Cuban flags threatening and he told the policeman that their permits do not allow poles with points on the top.


That pretty much sums up the disingenuous nature of CodePINK. Without question, they are media whores. If they are not afforded the opportunity to be filmed ranting hysterically at someone who cannot fight back, they have no meaningful existence. And of course, who do they choose to yell at and throw insults knowing they would not be allowed to fight back? They insulted very people that they ran to for protection - the police.


11 December 2007

In an attempt to gain access to the Capitol Building, members of CodePINK have tried to illegitimately acquire Press credentials. The purpose of which is to gain access in order to disrupt whatever proceedings they can get to. On Tuesday, 11 December 2007, two members of the group attempting to apply for media credentials with false information claiming that they were documentary workers for Dateline NBC. They are illegitimate from their inception. They were found out and a confrontation ensued. Of course, this is no surprise to anyone as that is what this group does.

Failing to get authorization from the Senate gallery, they left the office and tried the same trick on the other side of the Capitol with the House Radio-TV Gallery. They failed in that endeavor too. CodePINK protesters often break the rules of the Capitol to impede congressional hearings, disrupt floor proceedings and make their opposition known.

Again we will state that these women are nothing but rude, disruptive, and loud. And not as a surprise to anyone that knows the truth about this group, lying and deception can be added to that list. Their actions prove it. It is definitive CodePINK. It does really make you wonder what they really want to do if they are allowed to infiltrate the Capitol. Infiltration is what they are trying to do. What damage are they going to inflict with this kind of access? Are they going to plant some virus into a computer in an office they will have access to with these press credentials? They sure would like to damage the property of some Senator or Congressman that holds dissenting opinions from the standard CodePINK belief system.

The attempt to attain media credentials occurred on the same day the Senate Intelligence Committee held a closed-door hearing with CIA Director Michael Hayden on the 2005 destruction of two tapes that had recorded CIA interrogators questioning key terrorism suspects.

About 10 women from CodePINK showed up outside the hearing room, shouting anti-war rhetoric at lawmakers and Hayden. Some lay down in the hallway where Hayden was to walk before being moved by the police.

We will assert this claim again that these people are nothing but RUDE, DISRUTPIVE, and LOUD.

The disruptions forced the media to move its typical stakeout location for lawmakers and officials to answer media questions to the middle of the hallway in an attempt to form a barrier and prevent distractions by the protesters.

Here we have a group of women that have now made an attempt to prevent media access to lawmakers. Maybe that was their intent all along. Another staged event causing problems for everyone. Another example of their selfish antics showing that no one else matters but them and proving yet again that CodePINK is part of the problem and not part of the solution.


08 December 2007

Well it seems that Medea Benjamin and a lesser-known member of CodePINK named Tighe Barry got into some self-inflicted trouble with the Pakistani government while attempting to disrupt relations with the United States and Pakistan. Who does this help? Well, it helps the terrorists. By trying to divide the partnership with an ally helping to fight the War on Terrorism, look at whom they are helping... the very terrorists that are killing American troops. These actions define CodePINK.

Here is the account according to Medea Benjamin.

Deported At Gunpoint by Pakistani Government
by Medea Benjamin

On our tenth day in Pakistan, my colleague Tighe Barry and I, both human rights activists with CODEPINK and Global Exchange, were arrested at gunpoint by agents of the Pakistani government. We had just left a student rally and were driving down the streets of Lahore with a car full of Pakistani journalists and lawyers. Two cars and six motorbikes came screeching up, blocked our car, piled out with guns drawn, dragged the journalists and lawyers out of the car, beat the bystanders, and hijacked the car. With the two of us huddled in the back surrounded by shouting police, our captors raced at breakneck speed through the crowded streets of Lahore. We had no idea why we were being abducted or where we were headed.

Medea Benjamin does everything she can do to get arrested. She does it in America with the intent to get attention. Now she is doing it in Pakistan. It took her 10 days to stage events so as to get arrested. Do not believe for a moment that this was not her plan from the beginning.

The car pulled up to the Race Course Police Station, where more police threw open the gate and dragged us inside. Terrified, we found ourselves in the office of a shady-looking character in a running suit. He had on no badge or ID, but behind his desk was a framed certificate made out to Faizal Gulzar Awan, awarded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Great-he'd been trained by the FBI. That made us even more terrified!

Our phone had been ringing non-stop, with our friends desperate to find us. The police tried to grab the phone from Tighe, but I snatched it and stuck it down my shirt, assuming the Muslim deference for women would keep them from attacking me physically. I also pressed the answer button, as a call was coming in. Infuriated, Mr. Awan called in a policewoman to get the phone, who pulled and shoved and pinched me, putting her hand down my shirt while I screamed and held on for dear life. All of that, we informed them, was being recorded at the other end by our journalist friends.

So much for Medea Benjamin's view on equal rights. Like any other feminist group, they want to be treated the same as men, but they also expect preferential treatment. All they did was to have a policewoman search her until they recovered the phone. No torture... no abuse... no solitary confinement... no punishment whatsoever. Apparently, Pakistan is more tolerant of human rights than CodePINK cares to admit.

You would have thought that they would have wanted to keep it a secret that a recording was being made. Now, counter-measures will be taken to ensure that recordings via cell phones will be no longer be made in the future.

At that point, our captor Mr. Ijaz from the Special Police Force, walked in, and the two of them switched to the good cop mode. "Okay, okay," said Mr. Awan. "Let's all calm down." "Yes, yes," Mr. Ijaz smiled. "Let's all drink tea together." They brought out the tea, which we refused to drink, and tried to talk small talk, asking us questions like "What is your favorite Pakistani food?," and "What is the weather like back in the United States?" We refused to answer their questions and instead insisted on talking to a lawyer or someone from the US Consulate.

Isn't it funny how they expect to be given the same rights that they have in America. They want a lawyer when they demand it. It seems they forgot that they are not in America anymore. It just shows they do not appreciate the rights they have in America. They think they have a right to a lawyer before a trial. Such may not be the case, yet they expect it. And then, who was the first people they call. They do not call Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela or Fidel Castro of Cuba, both of whom they share special bonds and common beliefs. Instead, the first people they call are the "war mongers" and the "fascist" government that they hate known as the United States. To be exact, they called upon the State Department. They called upon President George Bush, the very person they have spent the last 6 years protesting. Let us not forget the Secretary of State... Condoleezza Rice, the very people they have spent the last several years protesting. And their message was a simple one - "COME SAVE US!!!"

When we got off the phone, Mr. Awan shocked us with his comment. "We don't know why you were arrested," he said, "we are only carrying out orders from high up. But I think your own government had a hand in it because you embarrassed the Ambassador when she was in town." Just the day before, when Ambassador Anne Patterson was holding a press conference, we had confronted her about the Bush administration's continued support for Musharraf. Now we didn't know who to fear more, Musharraf or our own government.

Four hours later, Mr. Grueble from the Consulate appeared with two security agents. He said that Pakistani government had canceled our visas (which were valid for two more months). The government felt we were engaging in seditious acts under the emergency rules by showing up at rallies and by sitting outside the home of detained lawyer Aitzaz Ahsan. "Why didn't the government just warn us that we were doing something wrong or nicely ask us to come into the police station, instead of terrorizing us?," Tighe asked. "Because this is Pakistan," Greuble replied, condescendingly.

This is indeed Pakistan, but it is the Pakistan of a Pervez Musharraf, a close U.S. ally who has been receiving over $100 million a month of our taxdollars. It is the Pakistan of a dictator posing as a democrat, a general who took off his uniform to please the West, but who remains the strongman who runs the show. It is the Pakistan of Musharraf's emergency rule, issued on November 3 in the name of fighting terrorism but used to wage war on the democratic forces of this country.

There is only one America. All of the other countries in the world are not America and are different. While we may be friends with many of them, they have their own laws. As a country, America can have good relationships with other countries, but we have to be accepting and respectful of the differences. The ladies of CodePINK know this. Here they are complaining about our support of Pakistan. What do they want us to do? Invade and force our beliefs upon the Pakistani people. That is the very thing they are protesting our being in Iraq. They want it both ways. The only difference is that Pakistan did not invade Kuwait and did not violate any Ceasefire agreement as did Iraq.

In our ten-day visit, we met lawyers who had been brutally beaten and thrown into prisons with rats and murderers. We met judges who had dedicated their lives to the rule of law, only to find themselves unceremoniously thrown off the bench and even physically evicted from their homes. We met students who had been beaten with batons and face expulsion for participating in pro-democracy rallies. We met journalists whose programs had been yanked off the air and tossed from their jobs for criticizing the government. All this under the guise of the war on terror. All this with the continued support of the U.S. government.

Let us just assume that this is a completely accurate accounting with no bias at all. What should we do? Pakistan is a sovereign country. Pakistan is needed as a friend to help with the worldwide effort to combat the War on Terrorism. There is a certain responsibility of the people of Pakistan to fix their own problems. Again, we will just reiterate that the last time America tried to fix the problems of another country, CodePINK rose to action against those very efforts.

Back at our jail in Lahore, Mr. Greuble explained our options. We could languish in jail for an unknown period and then be deported, or we could leave the country on the next available flight. We "chose" the latter. We were released under the care of the U.S. political officer, who booked us on a flight the following day.

So, they took the cowardly way out and chose not to fight where they had no protection of the United States Constitution. This is no surprise especially when you consider that this was a staged event.

Before we left, we had a final goodbye gathering with our newfound friends-the amazing group of lawyers, journalists and students we had met at rallies, vigils, debates. They apologized profusely for the actions of their government; we apologized profusely for our government's actions.

And after they caused trouble, they left the country leaving their "newfound friends" to clean up their mess. Then, CodePINK apologized for America. They apologized for America leading the effort to stop worldwide terrorism. They apologized for American coming to their aid. They apologized for America's very existence.

Reflecting on our ordeal on the flight home, Tighe and I marveled at the courage and determination of the Pakistani activists. We left angry at the Pakistani government for the way we were treated, but inspired and motivated by the example of our Pakistani brothers and sisters.

Take notice that they never thanked anyone from the US government on coming to their aid when they needed it. They left Pakistan angry at Pakistan and America and they returned to... you guessed it... America. They could have gone to any other country in the world, but which country did they decide of their own free will to go to... the same choice that anyone looking for freedom... America. This leads more credibility to the theory that this entire event was staged from the beginning just like every other CodePINK demonstration.

Allow us to recount what CodePINK really is. They are not for the Democratic government anywhere. There definition of Democracy is actually a form of Marxism and the familiar forms of that ideology. A good example is Hugo Chavez and the government of Venezuela. He tried to implement Socialism and set himself up as dictator for life. This is exactly what CodePINK favors. Fidel Castro and the Cuban government is another example. To them, that is the implementation of Democracy. Squelching all dissent against is what they consider as some sort of "Progressive" Democracy. They do not like the fact that Pakistan canceled their visas, but that is in their right to do. CodePINK is not trying to help any government that is on friendly terms with the United States and is working with the United States on the War on Terrorism.

In addition, let us not forget the indelible words of Jodie Evans that describes the underlying ideology of CodePINK.

"We have nothing against communism."
-- Jodie Evans, co-founder and CodePINK Leader

They absolutely do not have anything against Communism. In fact, they advocate it. The idea of Democracy has nothing to do with this group. Again, allow us to reiterate that CodePINK's reason for existing is to cause trouble for America and America's allies.

For some additional background information that may shed some light on the truth concerning this CodePINK's incident in Pakistan can be found at Wyatt K's Blog, which is the source for the following information.


Code Pink's leader, Medea Benjamin, was arrested in Pakistan and deported. She claims that she was abused by the Pakistani police, but her claims are just more staged media manipulation from a master manipulator.

Arrest Not Spontaneous

The arrest of Medea Benjamin in Pakistan was not a spontaneous event even though, at first glance, it may appear that way. It was timed to coincide with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearings on U.S. funding for Pakistan. The hearing, which was scheduled for Dec. 6, was advertised well in advance of that date (See Schedule of Hearings for 110th Congress).

Medea Benjamin, along with Tighe Barry, went to Pakistan ten days in advance of the Dec. 6 hearing. They kept a low profile, until the eve of the hearing and then they pressed some really hot buttons in Pakistan to catch the attention of the authorities there and to get arrested.

They made sure that Code Pink had a Pakistan blog on it detailing this trip (See Code Pink's Pakistan Blog [Scroll down a few days to see it]). It is the only blog on their site that was closed to public comments. The reason why the blog was closed for public comment is that it was designed to be a press release, not a blog. Notice how each blog details the organization and refers to Benjamin as a "human rights activist."

They knew in order to get media attention they had to get arrested and detained in Pakistan. On the day the Senate hearings started here in the U.S. they did just that. Did you notice how the article refers to Benjamin, coincidentally as a "human rights activist'? This is because the Code Pink Pakistan "blog" subtly gave the media this idea which is just as manufactured as the arrest and deportation was planned ahead of time.

Even before she got on the plane back to the U.S. Benjamin was on the telephone with the Washington Times telling them, she was "mistreated" and "terrorized" by the Pakistanis. She made it really dramatic by adding "I thought I was going to die (See Article)." Apparently, she felt that at a time when Pakistan was seeking money from the U.S. that they were going to kill one of its citizens.

Code Pink's media spokesperson, Dana Balacki, was ready to give a salivating press all the lurid details of Medea Benjamin's claims that she was abused by the Pakistani authorities. She claimed they pointed a gun at her in a car that was transporting her and described her experience as "terrifying." All of these details were fed to the press. The media in San Francisco really ate it up and even did a photo montage of the many faces of Medea Benjamin (See Article).

Within two hours of landing back in the U.S., Tighe Barry, one of the few Code Pink members allowed in Senate hearings because of his lack of a significant arrest record, rushed to the Senate and disrupted the hearing on, you guessed it, funding for Pakistan (See Washington Times Article). He was arrested and will appear in court later this month.

Staged and Planned Events Designed to Look Spontaneous

The actions of Code Pink are staged and planned. Nothing is spontaneous when it comes to Code Pink. It is all designed to manipulate a naive media who reports it to an even more naive public that thinks all of these events just happened out of the blue. If you buy that, I will sell you a bridge in Brooklyn!

This was nothing more than a staged event to get some ink the only way Code Pink knows how. It was a manufactured event to undermine U.S. relations with Pakistan at a crucial time by staging an event to insure bad press by manufacturing an incident to make an already unstable Pakistan look bad. It gives Code Pink an opportunity to further undermine the United States and its allies in the public arena. Code Pink claims it is patriotic, but it is actually the domestic equivalent of an Axis Sally or Tokyo Rose. Al Queda Medea!

Who doubts this was a staged incident in Pakistan seeing has how everything else with this group is staged for maximum effect.


04 November 2007

CodePINK is at it again. They gave a live "Waterboarding" demonstration for Senator Feinstein as she entered CNN studios in Washington, DC. Their claim is that "Waterboarding" is a torture that should not be used as a tool to interrogate captured terrorists. So to prove their point, they found a volunteer to experience this form of torture in a very dramatic display. This in itself shows that it is not all that bad and does no harm, in fact, it is gentle enough to be used on the public streets as shown by the ladies of CodePINK. If, as they say, it should be illegal, then what are we to make of their display. Should they be punished for the torture of another human being, if indeed it is the torture event that they claim?

The ladies of CodePINK do not really know what the difference between interrogation and torture really is. To them, interrogation and torture are the same thing. They believe that it is safe enough to perform on the streets, but it should never be used to stop terrorism.

What is the purpose of "Waterboarding"? Take a look at the following video and then decide if waterboarding should be used to stop terrorist acts like this. Beware, this video is very graphic.

Islamic Terrorists in Action

The ladies of CodePINK have never spoken against anything like this nor are they going to because these are the very people they support. They do not support American troops. They support these people. Iraqis that are killed like this are the ones that they claim America is responsible for killing. All they do is speak against America everyday.


24 October 2007

Here is another example of how disruptive the ladies of CodePINK can be. These women cannot be considered "Ladies" in any sense of the word. They are rude, disruptive, disrespectful, obnoxious, and intolerant of anyone that does not share their viewpoint. It is uncivilized behavior like this that makes anyone have to question the sanity of what can only be described as deranged, perhaps even menopausal, women. Of course, upon closer inspection and knowing what they really are, it could be nothing more than their treasonous nature.

Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, pictured to the right, is confronted by CodePINK member Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz, a 51 year old former 4th grade teacher. Condoleezza Rice testified before the House Foreign Relations Committee regarding US policy in the Middle East where she spoke about Iraq, Iran, and the Israel/Palestinian conflict on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on Wednesday, 24 October 2007. Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz, with her hands painted red, advanced toward the Secretary of State and shouted that Rice was a "war criminal" and should be taken to the Hague, a reference to international war tribunals.

What happened to the security? Where were the Law Enforcement/Military Grade Tasers and the subsequent video of their use? Condoleezza Rice is third in line to be the President of the United States. How is anyone from CodePINK allowed to get that close to the Secretary of State without security stopping them? How can these people not be held accountable for interrupting the business of government? The Secretary of State, along with everyone else in the room, was working on Middle East Peace and who is getting in the way... CodePINK proving once again that they are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

This incident proves that Conservatives are much more civilized then Liberals. The restraint that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shows is infinite. Any other time, this woman have been considered to have a death wish, but here Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz knows without any doubt that she is safe from any fight showing that this CodePINK honey has the roar of a lion but the heart of a coward. Condoleezza Rice is a black woman first, Republican second. This CodePINK traitor better be glad Capitol Police came when they did. Do not be mislead by the party affiliation, without the grace, self-restraint, and civilized behavior that defines Condoleezza Rice, there is little doubt that Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz could very well have found herself on the ground before she knew what hit her. Not that this would have been a bad think, it just speaks volumes about the Secretary of State and the typical rank and file CodePINK protester that supports the very terrorists that are killing American troops and giving the death toll that CodePINK loves to celebrate to further their cause.

Do you think that any of the women from CodePINK would have the courage to do this to the Secretary of State of Iran? Of course not... but it sure would be fun to see!

After seeing the disrespect and rude behavior toward the Secretary of State, it makes you question what she was actually teaching her 4th grade students.

Because of her actions, Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz has been barred from Capitol Hill.


21 October 2007

Here we have a great example proving that CodePINK does not like the military. In fact, they loathe the military. Not that this is a big surprise, but they keep claiming that they hate the war, but support the troops. We all know that is a lie. The following action is nothing more that another reason for Islamic terrorists to love the work performed by CodePINK. How far are the ladies from spitting on Marines that have served in the War on Terrorism around the world?

The following is an announcement for one of their gatherings for the sole purpose of planning and executing disruptive activities and tactics with the desire to stop all recruiting efforts of the Marines in Berkeley, California.

Title: CodePINK MMMEG: "Stories from the Front Lines"
START DATE: Monday October 22
TIME: 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location Details:
MudRakers Cafe, 2801 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley
Event Type: Fundraiser

At this month's CodePINK MMMEG (Monthly Monday Meet, Eat & Greet) Dinner Fundraiser, come hear womyn share "Stories from the Front Lines: Berkeley Marine Recruiting Station"!

Last Wednesday, we were joined by over 21 groups and over 100 individuals as we SHUT DOWN the Marine Recruiting Station and faced the 'gathering of eagles' sending them back to their nests!

We will also strategize future actions at the Station, from doing "How Berkeley Can You Be" Actions to blocking the doorway! We will be asking ALL of Berkeley to step forward and take responsibility for reclaiming our city from the Marines!

Mudrakers Cafe, 2801 Telegraph Ave, Oakland - scrumptious Mediterranean mostly organic dinner and help support the office, $23 more if you can, less if you can't!

Together we WILL get Marines out of Berkeley AND out of Iraq!

Peace, MMMEG Team

P.S PLEASE sign up 510-524-2776 for a shift at the Marine Recruiting Station Wednesday 10/24 - we will be there from 7:30a.m. until 5:00p.m. - come for two hours, all day, an hour, 10 minutes - just BE THERE and help SHUT DOWN this recruiting station!

P.P.S. PLEASE check out the calendar at for all the exciting actions and events coming up this week from tomorrow's MMMEG to the awesome Sisters of Fire Awards Ceremondy Sunday 10/28

As you can see, CodePINK has the same goals as al-Qaeda and all of the other Islamic terrorist groups. By trying to stop recruiting efforts, they are deliberately trying to weaken America by severely limiting our ability to effectively combat terrorism. They wish to leave America vulnerable to enemies that, when they get the chance, will kill as many Americans as possible... anytime... anywhere...

The women of CodePINK, or "womyn" as they often refer to themselves, have so much sympathy and respect for Islamic terrorists around the world, they consider the Marines to be predators. They speak ill of the US military at every possible opportunity. They have never spoken a single harsh word against the terrorists that have taken action against American troops or Iraqi civilians.

This moronic mindset can be summed up in a quote from Cynthia Papermaster.

"We're not against the Marines, but against what they're recruited to do."
-- Cynthia Papermaster, Berkeley resident, National Impeachment Network, CodePINK Bay Area Coordinator and Democrat Candidate for Congress
- (Updated Link)

Cynthia Papermaster
Democrat Candidate 16th Congressional District
1907 McGee Ave
Berkeley, CA 94703
Tel: 510-333-6097

If you are against the job the Marines are required to perform, how exactly are you supporting them? If you are protesting their very existence, what is it about the Marines that you support? Every Marine serving in the Marine Corps volunteered to do the job you are protesting. In essence, she and the rest of the CodePINK protesters here are advancing the following idea.

I support the Marine Corps and everything about the Marine Corps, I just do not support what the Marine Corps represents and what Marines do. I think the entire concept of the Marine Corps is an evil entity that should be abolished and that anyone that enlists in the Marine Corps is not thinking clearly and should not be allowed to join such a fascist organization whose only purpose is to kill civilians from foreign countries who are probably not white... but aside from that, the Marine Corps has my full support.


18 October 2007

Both sides of Shattuck Avenue slowed traffic and jammed sidewalks on Wednesday, 17 October 2007, hundreds of pro-military supporters turned out for a giant Support the Troops rally in the most anti-military and anti-war city in the United States. That is right... Berkeley, CA... the home to Marxist thought in this country. Not only did the size of the rally shock the San Francisco Bay Area news media, it surprised the anti-war activists at CodePINK as they were severely outnumbered on their home turf!

CodePINK have said that they represent and speak for the majority of Americans. As we are about to show, they do not. We at this website have always known that they do not speak but for a small minority with core beliefs routed in Marxist doctrine.

CodePINK are the real traitors Protesting the treasonous CodePINK

It is so nice to see so many loyal Americans face off with this traitor and supporter of the terrorists that are killing Americans.

On the right, we see support for the military. Take notice on the right side of this picture. You can see how outnumbered CodePINK really is. Who says they represent the American people?

"Our message is very clear. We are peaceful people. We don't want to send our sons and daughters into this war. I think the sentiment of Berkeley is on this side of the street," said CodePINK co-founder Medea Benjamin.

CodePINK are the real traitors

Listen up Medea Benjamin... None of YOU are sending YOUR sons and daughters into the military. Other young people who know the dangers are volunteering to fill the void left by groups like yours. They deserve your support and not your protesting that only empowers an enemy that will make every attempt to kill them in the future. You are not solving the problem, you are exacerbating the problem. No one in their right mind is expecting anyone from CodePINK or any of your similar organizations to help protect America. It is a well-known and established fact that none of the Left-Wing, anti-American protesters can be counted on to protect and provide security for this country. This is no secret. You have made that exceptionally clear. The recruiting office is for those Americans that wish to volunteer to protect America. The recruiting office is not for people like you and your sons and daughters. People like you do not have the necessary qualifications to serve in the military.

Move America Forward and other pro-troop organizations and leaders put on a pro-troop rally to counter the harassment of the U.S. Marine Recruiting Center by CodePINK in Berkeley.

For three weeks the United States Marine Recruiting Center at Berkeley has faced protests, vandalism, and defacing of their building from the local CodePINK affiliate. They have also received ridicule and taunts against the Marines calling them "traitors" and "liars" and "murderers" and guilty of "assassination". This exactly what CodePINK represents to be patriotism. What it amounts to is doing the bidding of the terrorists that Iran is supporting in Iraq and disloyalty to the military. But this is nothing new. These acts is what truly defines the ladies of CodePINK.

The shirt pictured above that confronted CodePINK saying "CODE PINK ARE THE REAL TRAITORS" is available from

Of course, if you really want to see CodePINK in action...

Your browser is not able to display this multimedia content.

What happens when you put down your sword and shield? How vulnerable do you leave yourself? What are the consequences of such unpreparedness and lack of readiness? Are you ready to trust the enemy to do the same? Are you ready to trust the enemy sworn to kill you to treat you fairly and give you the freedoms that you want? Do you think you can negotiate with terrorists when you have no power other than talking to them?

This video shows the truth about CodePINK. They think that they can make peace throughout the world with a lack of readiness. This is right out of the Liberal strategy to weaken America.


05 October 2007

Just when you think that the far left, liberal, unhinged can stoop no lower... they do. To no one's surprise at this website, CodePINK is at it again. To show support for America and American troops (note sarcastic tone), CodePINK decided the best way was to commit the same act that any al-Qaeda operative would do to try to stop Marine Corps recruitment. They got together and vandalized the Marine Corps Recruiting Station in Berkeley this week.

From KPIX-TV, the CBS affiliate in Berkeley:

Marine Corps Recruiting Station defaced by CodePINK

BERKELEY - Marine Captain Richard Lund recruits college students and graduates as candidates for officer positions in the marines. But carrying out that job in Berkeley is not always an easy task.

He has listened to a variety of complaints from members of the anti-war group CodePINK in recent weeks.

"We are so shocked and horrified that the Marines have come to Berkeley to prey on our children," said Suzanne "Zanne" Joi, a CodePINK member.

Last week, the CodePINK group protested by defacing the recruiting center and calling the recruiters liars.

Marine Corps Recruiting Station defaced by CodePINK

In the face of all this, one might ask, "Why would any recruiter want to come to Berkeley?" Lund says that the office is close to the UC Berkeley campus and a BART station that it is convenient for recruits.

But what about the Berkeley attitude?

"It was a little bit of a consideration," Lund said. "But this is my home. This is America. I'm from the Bay Area. I don't mind being in any city, any neighborhood. To me it's all home."

The Marines did receive a couple of visitors who approve of their presence.

"It seems to me by trying to shut down recruiting on or near college campuses, you're really violating the principles of free speech. And I find that repugnant," said Berkeley resident Nancy Klein. "But we have to be a little bit crazy here, it's kind of our persona."

It is clear that this action does not support the people in the US military. But who does it support? It supports the Islamofascist enemies that wish to kill as many Americans as possible. But this is no surprise to anyone. These are the people that CodePINK has supported from its very conception.

Take a look at the core values that CodePINK are against.

Every Marine Officer, upon receiving a commission or promotion, will recite the Oath of Office:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose or evasion; that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.

From the Revolutionary War to the present, countless Marines have protected our country's freedom and way of life. Leading these brave men and women have been Marine Officers. They lead by example - by never asking those under their charge to do something they would not do themselves.

Allow us to take a closer look at the intelligence and education of the typical CodePINK member. This shows us how low, pathetic, and ignorant the CodePINK faction of the left really is. All of the work and planning that went into this action and they proved that they cannot spell.

This is the correct way to spell "ASSASSINATION" and this is the CodePINK way to spell "ASSASINATION". Notice the difference...

Oh yeah... this is a brilliant group (again, note sarcastic tone).

So what do we take away from this? Well, it is pretty simple. CodePINK abhors the Marine Corps and everything it stands for. They loathe the other military services as well. They hate the people that volunteer for a dangerous job that they themselves would never do. The members of CodePINK and their like-minded military loathing associates do not have the courage, the discipline, the honor, or the integrity on their best day to perform the tasks at the level which the personnel in the military are expected to perform every day. They never have and they never will.

Captain Lund has also written an open letter to CodePINK, which can be found in The Berkeley Daily Planet. When you read this letter, it is very easy to see who is civilized and tolerant of others. But then, there really never was any doubt.

"We are so shocked and horrified that the Marines have come to Berkeley to prey on our children,"
-- Suzanne "Zanne" Joi, a member of CodePINK

Zanne Joi

This is Suzanne "Zanne" Joi's bio:

I'm a 56 yr old jewish lesbian anti-racist mother striving radical womonist/feminist; daughter & granddaughter of survivors of the holocaust, mother of a young amazon healer & amazing human being, lover of wimmin & student of consicous living.

The Hanging of a rape victim in Iran

You really have to wonder what these people are all about. She aligns herself and supports the very Islamofascists/terrorists that are killing Americans... and people just like her. By her own words, she holds the United States Marine Corps in utter contempt. Does she not know how people like her are treated in Iran? Does she not know how lesbians, Jews, and outspoken women are treated throughout the Islamic world? If she was in Iran or anywhere else in the Islamic world and living the lifestyle that she lives here in America, she would be given a fair trial and then hung in the public square. Oh yeah... and according to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Holocaust never happened.

Iran executes more than its fair share of lesbians for a different sexual crime. In Iran, lesbians are guilty of the crime of "adultery" or committing "acts incompatible with chastity". So are rape victims. To the right, we see the quick and swift punishment for such crimes.

Here we have groups of women standing against their own country and supporting these regimes. What are we to make of this? These people are completely irrational.


04 October 2007

There was no welcome mat waiting in Canada for Medea Benjamin, 55, and Ann Wright, 61, when they arrived yesterday, and or course, if you ask anyone from the Left-Wing, it was all the fault of President Bush and not due to any actions, arrests, or criminal activity of Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright of CodePINK.

It seems that the Canadian Government has moved into the category of "Fascist Government" on par with the United States Government at least according to Medea Benjamin, CodePINK, and the Atlantic Free Press. And as we have shown in our editorial "Are You A Liberal", anyone that opposes their beliefs or desires is to be considered a Nazi or Fascist.

Take a look at what they have to say.

Canada Refuses Entry to CODEPINK Cofounder Medea Benjamin and Retired Colonel Ann Wright

by Medea Benjamin

Canadian Flag by CodePINK

Two well-respected US peace activists, CODEPINK and Global Exchange cofounder Medea Benjamin and retired US Army Colonel and diplomat Ann Wright, were denied entry into Canada today (Wednesday, October 3). The two women were headed to Toronto to discuss peace and security issues at the invitation of the Toronto Stop the War Coalition. At the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Bridge they were detained, questioned and denied entry. They will hold a press conference on Thursday afternoon in front of the Canadian Embassy in Washington DC to ask the Canadian government to reverse its policy of barring peaceful protesters.

The women were questioned at Canadian customs about their participation in anti-war efforts and informed that they had an FBI file indicating they had been arrested in acts of non-violent civil disobedience.

WHEN: Thursday, October 4th at 1pm
WHERE: Canadian Embassy, 501 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC

"In my case, the border guard pulled up a file showing that I had been arrested at the US Mission to the UN where, on International Women's Day, a group of us had tried to deliver a peace petition signed by 152,000 women around the world," says Benjamin. "For this, the Canadians labeled me a criminal and refused to allow me in the country."

"The FBI's placing of peace activists on an international criminal database is blatant political intimidation of US citizens opposed to Bush administration policies," says Colonel Wright, who was also Deputy US Ambassador in four countries. "The Canadian government should certainly not accept this FBI database as the criteria for entering the country."

Both Wright and Benjamin plan to request their files from the FBI through the Freedom of Information Act and demand that arrests for peaceful, non-violent actions be expunged from international records.

"It's outrageous that Canada is turning away peacemakers protesting a war that does not have the support of either US or Canadian citizens," says Benjamin. "In the past, Canada has always welcomed peace activists with open arms. This new policy, obviously a creature of the Bush administration, is shocking and we in the US and Canada must insist that it be overturned."

Four members of the Canadian Parliament - Peggy Nash, Libby Davies, Paul Dewar and Peter Julian - expressed outrage that the peace activists were barred from Canada and vow to change this policy.

It is not that Canada is turning away "Peace Activists", but rather they are turning away disruptive people that have a criminal history. In other words, they do not want a criminal element entering their country that might be defined as habitual criminals. Face it, the CodePINK leadership has shown that they have a total lack of respect for the law. When have you ever seen anyone from CodePINK upset that they were being arrested? They thrive on causing trouble that ends in arrest. They want to cause trouble and it seems that Canada does not want troublemakers in their country.

"I have been arrested for sitting in front of the White House. I've been arrested for standing up and speaking at the U.S. Congress. All of these are misdemeanors," said Wright, who quit a 16-year State Department career following the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. "I've never spent a day in jail as punishment."

Perhaps that is the problem. The minor fines incurred do not seem to be effective enough to stop repeat and habitual offenders. It sounds like you are proud that you have not served any time in jail for what you have done. Maybe going to jail is the answer. The punishments received thus far for giving "aid and comfort" to the enemy have been completely ineffective.

The peace activists met today with immigration officials at the Canadian embassy in Washington. The women were informed they could not enter Canada until they completed a lengthy application detailing their "criminal rehabilitation".

Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright have nine convictions between them, all involving civil disobedience committed while protesting the war in Iraq. Just three weeks ago, both were arrested for disrupting Washington hearings at which Gen. David Petraeus was testifying on the war. As a policy that is in place for the security of Canadian citizens, the Canada Border Services Agency said visitors with criminal convictions are inadmissible.

Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright speaking against Canada's right to stop people with extensive and continuing criminal histories from entering Canada

It would appear that CodePINK does not believe that Canada has the right to enforce its borders and keep people out that they believe may be a security issue. It could be that Canada does not want people with criminal records into their country. They have that right. They do not need to allow anyone into their country that they do not want. Why do Medea Benjamin, Ann Wright, and anyone else from CodePINK think that they should automatically be allowed to go anywhere they want just because of what they think that are or how important they think they might be? Maybe the Canadian government does not want to allow criminals and trouble makers into their country.

"We are appealing to Canadians not to treat peaceful activists like common criminals. I travel all over the world on a regular basis and Canada is the first country to use the NCIC to keep out people like us."
-- Medea Benjamin

What it boils down to this easy to understand concept: Canada does not want common criminals entering their country until they have been rehabilitated at a minimum. For Canada this means a five-year waiting period following the "last arrest".

The truth of the matter is that Medea Benjamin is nothing more than a "common criminal". This is verified by her arrests and convictions. She seems to view paying a fine associated with her arrest as buying her way out of trouble as opposed to pleading guilty to a criminal offense. She either forgot or is in a state of denial.

As a result of the Canadian government stopping undesirables from entering their country, CodePINK has targeted them for protest so apparently they consider the Canadian government to be the enemy, at lease on some level. This is a good example of their lack of tolerance. According to CodePINK (or any other Left-Wing Liberal group), everyone should bow down and give them whatever they want and do whatever they say without question. All of these groups have always had one opinion:

"Just shut-up... do what we say... give us what we want... and do not EVER question us or our motives!"

In all actuality, the Canadian government will probably cave in to these protesters as some point in the future. We will just have to wait and see what kind of backbone Canada really has.


02 October 2007

Perhaps a current example of CodePINK's support of the military is in order. The following is from

The Marines have landed in Berkeley! We are shocked and infuriated they have opened a despicable Officer Recruiting Station just blocks from Berkeley High School, UCB and Berkeley City college.

We are determined to SHUT DOWN this recruiting station and we need your help! Tell the Marines NO Military Predators in our town!!! Protect our vulnerable youth!

BE THERE TODAY Wednesday, Oct 3rd from 7:30a.m. until 4:30p.m. at 64 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, just south of University, on Shattuck Ave where Shattuck is one-way and runs north.

Join with CodePINK, Grandmothers Against War, and many allies as we banner, flyer, picket in front of the station and go inside to ask the Marines to LEAVE our town!

For more information and to sign up for any other days' shifts, call 510-524-2776 or email info (at) bayareacodepink (dot) org.

Their disdain toward the men and women in the military has never been so clear. They still consider Soldiers and Marines of all ranks to be "War Criminals", "War Mongers", "Occupation Forces", and "Killers"... And now we can add the word "Predators" to their name-calling list. It is quite the vocabulary they are building to describe their loathing attitude toward the military. But you would have to be very foolish, terribly uninformed, or completely blind to the truth to believe otherwise.

We are determined to SHUT DOWN this recruiting station and we need your help! Tell the Marines NO Military Predators in our town!!! Protect our vulnerable youth!

We have noticed that you never see CodePINK referring to groups like al-Qaeda and their recruiting efforts in the same negative light. Has anyone from CodePINK ever said the same of the recruiting efforts of groups like al-Qaeda? Of course the answer to that question is rhetorical. Everyone knows the answer. They support the efforts of al-Qaeda... and HAMAS... and Hezbollah. They do not support the United States Military in any way, shape, or form.


01 October 2007

Take a look at the standard set by CodePINK and their supporters. This was taken at a Senate hearing on September 26, 2007, with Robert Byrd chairing the Senate Appropriations Committee.

CodePINK protesters

Here we have more photographic evidence showing that CodePINK is Rude, Disruptive, and Loud. By this example, it is safe to add "Obnoxious" and "Irrational" to the list. Take a good look at this picture. Now ask yourself these questions. Who is practicing tolerance? Who is being tolerant of whom? Who really is supporting Free Speech and who is hindering it?

This is yet another reason we support President Bush and the War against Islamic terror. Take a look at how the President's critics dress and act. They are hardly women maintaining any of the characteristics of class, culture, or dignity. When we are supposed debate critical issues, these useless Liberals stroll out in pink and behave like drunken college kids at their first frat party. There is nothing rational about these people at all. There never is.

Remember that THIS is the Left-Wing's "base". THIS is who they pander to. THIS is who wants to run US policy and defense and THIS is who will run US policy and defense if anyone from the Left-Wing is elected in 2008. And of course if history is any indication, their definition of defense is nothing but appeasement toward the enemy and a "cut and run" policy that shows nothing but cowardly spirit.

Contrast the CodePINK traitors to the USAF Colonel in front who is trying to maintain composure and professionalism. There are no doubts that these women accurately represent the Liberal Standard. They do not have the cognitive abilities to grasp the discipline and integrity required to actually defend this country.

But if you really want to see what these people believe, take a good look at the photograph above then read the editorial "Are You A Liberal".

CodePINK protesters

CodePINK should just say what they really mean. Here, in this photo modified by Adobe Photoshop, are their true feelings toward American troops and the military in general. This is their agenda. Remember, they have never spoken against of any Islamic terrorist... EVER! But they have called the President the worst terrorist in the world. They do refer to the American troops as "Occupation Forces" and "Killers" and they speak ill of the military and their mission at every possible opportunity. They stand in the way of recruitment. They do not support American troops. However, they do support Islamic terrorists. They do not support the War on Terrorism. They are part of the problem and not part of the solution. Presenting a unified front with the military against Islamic terrorists and terrorism would be a much better method of ending the war in Iraq, but instead, they work at undermining the efforts of President Bush and all of the Soldiers and Marines fighting in Iraq and supporting the efforts of those that are killing American troops and Iraqi civilians. The death of every Soldier and Marine is cause for celebration. They complain that the soldiers are not properly equipped and then in the same breath, they seek to cut funds for equipment.


15 June 2007

CodePINK is now actively siding themselves with Iran against America. They are not just against war, but their actions are actually designed to help Iran to kill Americans.

From a CodePINK Action Alert e-mail:

Senator Joe Lieberman is waving his sword again. On Sunday, he told CBS "I think we've got to be prepared to take aggressive military action against the Iranians to stop them from killing Americans in Iraq."

Upon hearing these words, our own Leslie Angeline, a CodePINK member who recently returned from a peace delegation to Iran, decided to go on a hunger strike until Senator Lieberman agreed to meet with us. "Seventy percent of the Iranian population is under the age of 30--the age of my son. Iran is a country of warm, kind, and generous people and their children. We cannot start bombing these kids," Leslie told us.

By their own words and actions, CodePINK is against any plan that is not their plan that stops the killing of American soldiers. Senator Lieberman is not saying that we are going to, but he is suggesting that we need to be prepared to take military action. This is facet of diplomacy that Liberals do not comprehend. Senator Lieberman's statement is a possible scenario of things to come. It is a warning. It gives the Iranian government something to consider and that is, if you continue killing Americans, then you should consider the possible use of aggressive military action from the United States. This statement by Senator Lieberman might be all that is necessary to stop a war. Iran has been warned. They can proceed with whatever course of action they desire, but now they are aware of possible consequences. If they decided to live in peace and stop killing Americans, this will not become an issue and thereby war will have been avoided. They are free to decide their own fate armed with facts with regards to America. One thing that Iran can count on is that Iran with their anti-American rhetoric currently has a friend in CodePINK and their associated organizations, none of which have any problem helping Iran do whatever they wish as not a harsh word will be uttered against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and the government of Iran.

Iran also knows that they have an ally in CodePINK. Even Leslie Angeline has vowed to go on a hunger strike totally in the tradition of the many other hunger strikes sponsored by CodePINK. We have no information whether or not it will be a "rolling fast" or if it will be fasting between meals.

We like her assertion that "Iran is a country of warm, kind, and generous people". She thinks that we are going to target them if military action is needed. Any attack will be against the ability of Iran to kill Americans and that is what she is protesting against. The soldiers that are being killed do not appreciate the support of those that are killing them.

And what was that "Peace Delegation to Iran" all about? What strategy did the ladies of CodePINK discuss with Iran? Did they negotiate America's position through strength or weakness? They have no power to deal with another country on foreign policy, so what were they doing there? It would seem that they are trying to undermine American foreign policy by helping Iran as that is the only power they have with respect to relations between the United States and Iran.

There is a concept that they do not understand. Peace happens when a sworn enemy is afraid to attack because the consequences of their actions are known and severe. Senator Lieberman is merely making those consequences known.

Does anyone still believe that CodePINK supports American troops or any other American that is the target of Iran?


11 June 2007

CodePINK have created a petition which demands that the Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Regional Government condemn this brutal act and bring the killers to justice.

The murder of Du'a Khalil Aswad, a 17 year old Kurdish girl stoned to death near Mosul in Northern Iraq has created a wave of revulsion. Footage of the brutal murder filmed on mobile phones has been circulating on the Internet and was eventually shown on CNN.

Samantha Miller and Emily Sharpe of CodePINK

And who does CodePINK think is committing these crimes? The fact is that these honor killings are being committed by the very Radical Islamic terrorists that are killing our soldiers. These are the same ones that CodePINK is supporting. When you see the signs "We Support the Iraqi Insurgents", these are the people that are responsible. Back in 2005 when CodePINK acknowledged their donation of more than $600,000 in medical supplies and cash to the "other side" in the terrorist haven city of Fallujah in Iraq, who did they think received some of this money? That is correct; some of that money went to the insurgents that American troops are fighting. It is clear when they say the "other side"; we know who they are talking about. When CodePINK gave that money, they gave support to the very people that are that are killing these women. That is why we believe the $600,000 CodePINK donation was a bad idea.

When CodePINK protests against the war, they empower the insurgents with their radical brand of Islam. What they will not admit to is that they have spent an enormous amount of time and energy empowering the same people that are behind the honor killings of women. What we have not seen is a coalition of CodePINK women dressed in pink slips, protesting these honor killings in the streets of Fallujah (or anywhere else in Iraq or any other Muslim country) for months on end like they do in front of Walter Reed Hospital. While we would like to see that, we know we will not because, when it all comes down to it, CodePINK and the other "Peace Activists" are gutless. They only protest when it is perfectly safe to do so, such as here in America.


06 June 2007

Marine Captain Robert Secher was killed last year by a sniper in Iraq's Anbar province. What does this have to do with CodePINK? Well, CodePINK has decided to use Captain Secher in a CodePINK traveling exhibit that would include names and images of fallen soldiers, including that of her son. The exhibit was displayed in the National Civil Rights Museum courtyard last week. Crafted by volunteers, the display portrays soldiers and marines killed as victims rather than casualties. What the display does not tell anyone is that CodePINK helped to support the insurgents that are killing our troops.

Elke Morris, Captain Secher's mother, is asking for an injunction against CodePINK to stop the group from using her son's image in its exhibits and memorials. Mrs. Morris said she received a letter from CodePINK several weeks ago saying its members were creating a display that would include names and images of fallen soldiers, including that of her son. It is unclear if they were looking for her approval or just informing her that they were using her son whether she liked it or not.

Make no mistake; CodePINK is no friend to the military. They despise and loathe the entire concept of the military. They block and interfere with recruiters. They refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website. They cause mental anguish to soldiers recovering at Walter Reeve Hospital. They celebrate each and every death to the benefit of CodePINK.


25 April 2007

"I believe myself that the secretary of state, the secretary of defense and you have to make your own decision as to what the president knows that this war is lost, and that the surge is not accomplishing anything, as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday."
-- Senator Harry Reid, (Dem - Nevada)

Members of CodePINK visited Senator Harry Reid's Washington DC office this week to thank Senator Reid and his staff for the Senator's comments on the Senate floor where he said that the war in Iraq is lost.

This certainly shows where CodePINK stands on victory in Iraq, not that there has ever been any doubt. They have stood in the way and done everything they could to harm the US effort in Iraq and around the world. That is pretty much the difference in the Left-Wing and everyone else. The Left-Wing is so invested in the defeat of America, that they need America to be defeated.

Senator Reid's staff told CodePINK that we need to get people to call, write, or e-mail his office with supportive messages.

Senator Harry Reid

Here is the contact information for Senator Harry Reid:

Senator Harry Reid (Dem - Nevada)
Tel: (202) 224-3542
Contact Info:

So far their phones have been ringing off the hook with people opposed to his statement of defeat. They have said that only 5% of the calls have been positive, which means that 95% have been negative.

Is this a surprise to Senator Reid? Does he think that the defeat of America is what the American public wants? When has America wanted to be defeated? It is clear that he believes in the defeat of America because he is a major player in the Left-Wing and like the rest of the Democrats in all of Congress, they are not backing the American Troops. This can be seen from the desire to stop funding the troops that are doing a job that he will not do or even support via long distance. In fact, he and his friends on the Left are opposed to anything that helps achieve victory for America.


21 March 2007

News from the CodePINK website:

Send CODEPINK Peace Delegates to Iran!

Another way you can help counter the rush to war is to help send an emergency CODEPINK delegation to Iran. We are organizing a high-profile group of activists/analysts to meet with Iranian government officials and citizens about how to decrease tensions between our nations. This citizen diplomats delegation, led by CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin and Colonel/Diplomat Ann Wright, will return to pressure Congress, educate the public and speak to the media about Iranian and American perspectives for preventing another disastrous war. To help get this delegation to Iran ASAP, donate .

So, we have a delegation from CodePINK speaking for America. What are they actually doing? What promises are they making? What backroom deals are they making with the Iranians? Does anyone think that the Iranian government with its radical Islamic foundation is going to respect these women? Has anyone forgotten that they do not respect the intellect of a woman. They do not like Americans, so their motivations are not for the benefit of America. They have called for the destruction of America and Israel and CodePINK seems to want to help Iran in their endeavor. And they want donations to help them complete their mission.

It is no secret that the Left-Wing is completely embedded in the defeat of America. They rarely, if ever, have done anything to help strengthen America. All they do is to call for more and more dependency of Americans and less and less of the independency that made America great. And the above delegation is just another example.


20 March 2007

Gayle Brandis

Gayle Brandis, pictured to the right, wrote a very telling editorial that clearly represents the Left-Wing, America must be defeated attitude. The article in its entirety can be viewed at

Here are some excerpts.

I got a call from Samantha at the CODEPINK office last week: "Can you disrupt Pelosi on Saturday?" she asked. Nancy Pelosi was going to be speaking at an event less than an hour from my house.

Here is the proof that these women are rude, disruptive, and loud. These women work tirelessly to prevent others from speaking thereby showing their disrespect for the Free Speech Rights of others.

I continue to be deeply inspired when I witness CODEPINKers disrupting conventions and hearings and speeches, putting their bodies on the line to speak for peace.

These women would scream hysterically if someone tried to stop them from speaking but that is exactly what these women do as a matter of routine. It is a key part of their strategy. Being rude and aggressive in groups makes them formidable against one or two people. It is nothing more than bullying others that do not wish to get into a fight with these women.

And exactly how are they "putting their bodies on the line to speak for peace"? They risk nothing. THEY NEVER DO! All that they do is cause problems for others by being rude and disruptive in an attempt to push their anti-American agenda.

I found myself feeling more and more determined as I drove into the desert, more convinced that disrupting Pelosi was the most important thing I could do, shyness be damned. At the casino, I walked past the ringing bells and flashing lights of slot machines; my heart started pounding again but my steps felt strong as I neared the convention center within the building. There was a bit of a hassle at registration since my name wasn't on the official list, but no one seemed suspicious or wary as I grabbed some veggies at the buffet and slipped into the hall where the luncheon was being held. I found a seat near the front of the room--better for disruptive visibility--and flipped through the program, trying to keep my breath steady.

We have gotten so many e-mails complaining that we refer to CodePINK as being disruptive. Being disruptive seems to be the primary objective. The only problem was that Nancy Pelosi did not show up at this function. Instead, Hilda Solis, Democrat Congresswoman California was there.

Jodie Evans arrived, looking like the goddess she is in all her pink glory, shortly after Hilda Solis started to speak. Jodie joined me at the table and we commiserated as Solis pimped No Child Left Behind, Bush's dubious education plan. Solis had some good and important things to say about global warming, about health care, but she didn't mention the war or funding at all until the end of her speech.

Jodie turned to me and said "I'm going to be sick." We decided that as soon as Solis' speech was over, we'd carry the DON'T BUY BUSH'S WAR banner to the front of the room.

So now, Jodie Evans is sick that funding the war on Terrorism so the troops can be adequately supplied with the hardware necessary to protect themselves and complete their mission despite the efforts of CodePINK to help aid the "other side".

When we stood up and unfurled the pink banner that had been folded in my backpack, the climate of the room changed: there was both a hush and a crackle of energy. We walked up to the front table, where Solis was shaking hands and having her picture taken. Solis smiled and nodded at us at first, but when we asked her to vote NO on the supplemental, to not buy the war, her expression changed. She clearly wasn't expecting to be the target of our message. She clearly thought she was doing the right thing with the supplemental. We tried to open her eyes.

So, in the minds of CodePINK, keeping supplies from the troops is what they consider "Supporting the Troops".

I know that if Nancy Pelosi, or any other leader, comes to town now, I will not hesitate to stand on my chair and yell for justice, for peace.

RUDE, DISRUPTIVE, and LOUD - this is CodePINK's trademark and Standard Operating Policy. How would they react to people continually being rude, disruptive and loud against them?

It is no secret that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is a hardcore Liberal with a serious Left-Wing agenda that borders on Socialism. Keep in mind that CodePINK has an agenda that is so far to the Left that they consider Nancy Pelosi to have a Right-Wing agenda. They are busy protesting Nancy Pelosi and others like her such as Hillary Clinton with almost as much vile hatred as they have shown President Bush and American military personnel.


02 February 2007

From the blogsite peacegonewild:

For the third week in a row members of the Surge Protection Brigade which also includes members of CodePINK Portland, succeeded in shutting down the Army/Marine Recruiting office in Portland today it partially reopened after six protesters were arrested.

On Friday, February 2, 2007 members of the Surge Protection Brigade in Portland, Oregon successfully blocked entrance to the Army/Marine Recruiting office on NE Broadway for two and a half hours. Emphasizing that many of them are grandmothers, they arrived at 7:45 AM with their rocking chairs. They rocked and stood in front of the three doors of the office, denying entrance to two recruiters and several visitors. At one point, frustrated recruiters physically pushed two of the protesters aside to squeeze through the back door. When two recruiters left to get breakfast they were denied re-entry and the accompanying police officer told them they would have to wait outside.

They want special protection in their mission to help the Islamic terrorists cause because... are you ready... they are grandmothers. They want to hide behind their gender and their age. That is their excuse for their Treasonous behavior that endangers American troops around the world.

Take a good look at these photographs. Which terrorist group would want this kind of action to take place... Al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah? The only people that this action helps are the terrorists that are trying to kill Americans. And these women are trying to help terrorists around the world in their mission to kill as many Americans as possible. They deliberately interfere with every aspect of stopping terrorism. And they do this with full approval of al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah, and every other terrorist organization with a taste for American blood.

Anti-American Surge Protection Brigade Anti-American Surge Protection Brigade

These people do not like people in the military.
They are bothered by and oppose every enlistment.

Anti-American Surge Protection Brigade Anti-American Surge Protection Brigade

These people have no respect for the American military.
They have no respect for the mission of the American military.

Anti-American Surge Protection Brigade Anti-American Surge Protection Brigade

These people do not support military troops.
In fact, they support the people that are trying to kill them.

Anti-American Surge Protection Brigade Anti-American Surge Protection Brigade

These people stand allied with al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah, and every other terrorist group that wishes the destruction of America and the death of Americans. Terrorist organizations around the world are very, very proud of these women. And rightly so as these women have been tirelessly working for them and advancing their agenda.

Anti-American Surge Protection Brigade

Is this who we are supposed to rely on for the security of this nation?
Would he place his life on the line for this country?
Would anyone actually expect him to?

All of these people bask in the freedom that the American military has provided. What has their contribution been?

Peace, like Freedom and Liberty, is a great thing, but it must be earned and it is the brave and unselfish people serving in the military that these so-called "Peace Activists" are always so busy protesting against are the ones that are charged with the mission to maintain Peace, Freedom, and Liberty for America.

Instead, all they are doing is interfering and forming alliances with enemies that are working to kill as many as Americans as possible. Remember September 11, 2001? For a few more examples, read "When World War III Started".


01 February 2007

Take a look at back to the year 2005.

In January 2005, CodePINK acknowledged a donation of more than $600,000 in medical supplies and cash to the "other side" in the terrorist haven city of Fallujah in Iraq. They have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and they refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website.

Now we move to the year 2007 and we see this picture. These are some of the ladies of CodePINK. They probably do not realize that they are proving their guilt in helping kill American soldiers, but here it is.

CodePINK with blood on their hands

The reason that CodePINK has blood on their hands is because they have financed and supported the "other side" and that means the terrorists that are killing American troops and Iraqi civilians with their suicide bombers and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices).

These people do not care about peace, they only care about empowering America's enemies. If they put their efforts into truly supporting America, the war in Iraq would have ended, our troops would be home, and people around the world would be living safer and better lives without the specter of terrorism. But this is not what CodePINK is all about. Everything they do is geared about dividing America.

Here is another reason that CodePINK has blood on their hands. For those that do not really understand who CodePINK supports, take a look at the following video clip. They support the people with the face masks and the knives that are standing at the end of the clip.

Beheading of Japanese Hostage Kouda Shouse

Still believe that these people are not dangerous and stand for a real and lasting "Peace" for everyone? Take a hard look at who they support!


27 January 2007

Tens of thousands of demonstrators converged on the Mall in Washington today to urge the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq. The event, organized by the group United for Peace and Justice, drew somewhat less than the 100,000 people that authorities had anticipated. It began with a rally at 11 a.m. and was followed by a march around the Capitol.

About 3,000 people, many wearing pink or carrying pink signs, showed up for an antiwar protest sponsored by a women-run peace organization called CodePINK. On hand were guest speakers that included Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon and Jesse Jackson. Knowing that, take a look at the entire list of speakers that want to associate themselves with these people.

Here is the full list of Guest Speakers:

  1. Mayor Rocky Anderson, Salt Lake City, UT

  2. Moriah Arnold, 12-year-old sixth grader from Harvard, MA

  3. Carlos & Melida Arredondo, Gold Star Families for Peace

  4. Medea Benjamin, founder of CodePink: Women for Peace

  5. Clayola Brown, Vice-President, UNITE-HERE

  6. John Brown, former State Department diplomat

  7. Leslie Cagan, National Coordinator, United for Peace and Justice

  8. David Cline, Veterans For Peace

  9. Representative John Conyers (D-MI)

  10. Felicia Eaves, Black Voices for Peace

  11. Eve Ensler, playwright

  12. Noura Erakat, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

  13. Jane Fonda, actress, author

  14. Kim Gandy, President of the National Organization for Women

  15. Umuna Ghismay, Peoples' Hurricane Relief Fund

  16. Danny Glover, actor/activist

  17. Reverend Graylon Hagler, Plymouth Congregational Church, Washington, DC

  18. Jonathon Hutto, active-duty member of the U.S. Navy

  19. Reverend Jesse Jackson, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

  20. Raed Jarrar, Iraq Project Director at Global Exchange

  21. Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

  22. Judith LeBlanc, National Co-Chair, United for Peace and Justice

  23. Rabbi Michael Lerner, Tikkun Magazine

  24. Liam Madden, active-duty member of the U.S. Navy

  25. George Martin, National Co-Chair, United for Peace and Justice

  26. Kevin Martin, Executive Director, Peace Action

  27. Fred Mason, AFL-CIO

  28. Andrew Murray, Stop the War Coalition UK

  29. Michael O'Gorman, Farms Not Arms

  30. Jesselyn Radack, former Justice Department official

  31. Garett Reppenhagen, Iraq Veterans Against the War Tim Robbins, actor/activist

  32. Josh Ruebner, US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

  33. Susan Sarandon, actor/activist

  34. Khalidah Shabra, Muslim American Society Freedom Foundation

  35. Susan Schaer, Women's Action for New Directions

  36. Eleanor Smeal, Feminist Majority

  37. Bishop Walter Sullivan, Pax Christi

  38. Bob Watada, father of Lt. Ehren Watada, first officer to refuse deployment to Iraq

  39. Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA)

  40. Randi Wilson, National Youth and Student Peace Coalition

  41. Representative Lynn Woolsey (D-CA)

  42. Ann Wright, retired Army Colonel, former State Dept. diplomat

Do any of these people want America to be victorious? What have they done to help America be victorious in this war? The fact is, they have done nothing to help, in fact, they have made it a priority to hinder America's progress and empower the enemy. They want America to fail in its mission to spread democracy and freedom to Iraq. Why do they not want the Iraqi people to be free? The reason is their strong Marxist philosophies form the basis of their core beliefs. They do not believe that the Iraqi people should live under democracy and freedom. They do not believe that democracy and freedom are concepts worth fighting for.

Take a look at the public officials that are speaking at this event. They are allying themselves with known Communists. This is not speculation. This is fact.

"I would think that if you understood what Communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees, that we would someday become communists... I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism."
-- Jane Fonda

And here they are:

  • Mayor Rocky Anderson, Salt Lake City, UT

  • Representative John Conyers (D-MI)

  • Representative Dennis Kucinich (D-OH)

  • Jesselyn Radack, former Justice Department official

  • Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA)

  • Representative Lynn Woolsey (D-CA)

  • Ann Wright, retired Army Colonel, former State Dept. diplomat

"We have nothing against communism."
-- Jodie Evans, co-founder and CodePINK Leader

The entire CodePINK organization was formed and exists today based on Marxist philosophy and so are these other groups. These public officials embrace these Marxist values, they do not oppose them.

The only possible exception is Moriah Arnold, the 12-year-old sixth grader from Harvard, MA. After all he is only 12 years old. His training in Communist, Marxist, and Socialist doctrine is not yet complete. He could still be saved, but obviously his parents want him growing up filled with anti-American rhetoric. Is this supposed to make him a better citizen?

Hanoi Jane in Vietnam

"I haven't spoken at an antiwar rally for 34 years," Jane Fonda told the crowd, adding that she had been afraid that lies about her past could undermine the antiwar cause. "Silence is no longer an option," she said.

What lies is she speaking of? Take a look at the photo to the right where she is proudly and lovingly posing for pictures with a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft crew. There is a reason that she earned the name "Hanoi Jane" to which she is still referred. She and her friends did not support the American troops then and they do not support American troops now. They did support the enemy and still do. The only lies that have been perpetrated about Jane Fonda are the lies about her patriotism and the fallacy of her caring about military personnel.

"I'm so sad that we still have to do this, that we didn't learn the lessons of the Vietnam War," she said, including approaching the people of a foreign land with "hubris and arrogance."

One of the lessons is not to allow Liberals that use Communist doctrine as a model to be in charge of national security.

These people want you to believe that they support American troops and only have their best interest in mind. Remember, it was Medea Benjamin and CodePINK that gave $600,000 in "Aid and Comfort" to the very people that are killing our troops on the ground. They have exacerbated the problem and strengthened the enemies that are causing the deaths they are protesting, yet again, proving that they are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Why do these people think that running from terrorism is going to make it stop and combating terrorism and stopping terrorists are going to increase it? Do they think that running away and ignoring the problem will make it go away? They must because that is their plan.

Here are some interesting statistics:

As of 27 January 2007, there has been a monthly average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theatre of operations during the last 22 months, and a total of 2,112 deaths.

That gives a death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers. The firearm death rate in Washington D.C. is 80.6 per 100,000 Persons for the same period. That is not including knives and other weapons that were used in the total killings in Washington DC during this same period.

That means that you are 25% more likely to be shot and killed in the U.S. Capital than you are in combat in Iraq and everyone knows what a Liberal Mecca Washington DC is. Maybe the America should pull out of Washington DC.

CodePINK, Cindy Sheehan, and Jane Fonda Iraq Anti-War Rally

This pretty much shows the true nature and the core beliefs of CodePINK and their followers. What percentage of Islamic Terrorists like what the ladies of CodePINK are doing? They have never said anything negative about any of the terrorists killing American Soldiers or Iraqi and Israeli civilians. Whose side do they really represent?


25 January 2007

CodePINK plans a protest on 27 January 2007 at the Navy Memorial to insult American troops. How do we know that? Jane Fonda is their honored guest.

From the CodePINK website.

10:00 am: Women Say Pull Out! Converge with other amazing women to march in a loud, colorful and rowdy group to the United for Peace and Justice rally on the Mall together. Join Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon, Eve Ensler, Q'orianka Kilcher, Rhea Perlman, Mimi Kennedy, Sean Penn, Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Waters, the Co-founders of CodePINK and many other amazing women. Other co-sponsors include: National Organization for Women, V-Day, WAND, Feminist Majority, Feminist Peace Network and WATER. Don't forget your PINK!

Where: Navy Memorial, 7th and Pennsylvania NW When: Saturday, January 27, 2007 at 10am We will rally at 10am then meet up with the UFPJ (United for Peace and Justice) rally and march!

Other speakers include actors Danny Glover, Tim Robbins, Jesse Jackson, and Carlos Arredondo, who in 2004 set himself on fire after learning of the death in Iraq of his Marine Corps son, Alexander.

The enemies of this country are bold enough to bring Jane Fonda to the Navy Memorial to protest. Do not forget that during the Vietnam war Jane Fonda traveled to North Vietnam and posed with our enemy on an anti-aircraft battery used to shoot down our Navy pilots.


What a slap in the face it is to the many aircrews that were shot down and killed from the very anti-aircraft gun in this photo. Choosing the Navy Memorial for Jane Fonda to vent her anti-American, Marxist rhetoric with CodePINK proves that they do not care about American troops. Their appearance is nothing more than desecration of the Navy Memorial. It is probably only a matter of time before the ladies of CodePINK follow her example. That might have already started as Emily Sharpe, a past member of CodePINK, went to Qatar and Kuwait in February 2006 for a year. Whatever could she be doing over there?

"I would think that if you understood what Communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees, that we would someday become communists... I, a socialist, think that we should strive toward a socialist society, all the way to communism."
-- Jane Fonda

That quote from Jane Fonda pretty much sums up the views of CodePINK as can be shown by the following comment from Jodie Evans, co-founder of CodePINK.

"We have nothing against communism."
-- Jodie Evans, CodePINK Leader Admits Communist Sympathies, "Shut-up-athon" at Fox News' headquarters in New York City at 6th Avenue at 48th Street, August 31, 2004


16 January 2007

Helen Thomas and CodePINK

On October 28, 2006, Helen Thomas received the prestigious 2006 Pink Badge of Courage Award from the anti-war, anti-capitalist, pro-terrorist, pro-Saddam, pro-deserter and pro-Hugo Chavez CodePINK Organization! She received this award at a gathering in Washington DC. Helen Thomas is noted for her disdain for all things Bush.

Helen Thomas receiving the Pink Badge of Courage is a perfect example of the Liberal bias that has become the accepted industry standard in today's news media.

CodePINK Peace Rally

On March 18, 2005, CodePINK, the San Diego Coalition of Peace and Justice, the International Socialist Organization (ISO), and their supporters appeared in true form on Laurel Street in San Diego for a demonstration showing their full appreciation and support for all of the U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Democracy that is being established there.

This is who CodePINK is. This shows their true colors and by accepting this award, Helen Thomas has shown her loyalties lend themselves to everything that is CodePINK and their Marxist/Socialist agenda. This is what Helen Thomas is supporting.


11 January 2007

As part of the CodePINK delegation to Guantanamo, former Lt. Colonel Ann Wright makes this statement.

Former Lt. Colonel Ann Wright

"We apologize to the Cuban people for our governments' decision to illegally occupy part of their territory for more than a century, and then turn it into a center of torture and abuse,"
-- Former US Army Colonel Ann Wright, part of an international delegation of peace activists in Cuba demanding the closure of the detention center.

Former Lt. Colonel Ann Wright   

Take a look some facts about this "International Delegation of Peace Activists" and their true goals.

  • The prisoners in Guantanamo are almost certainly terrorists unless one can think of any reason to keep innocent people, at great expense, in prison and interrogating people that could not possibly have any useful information.

  • The prisoners in Guantanamo would kill the entire CodePINK delegation if given the chance. They want to kill as many Americans as possible. With a history of their disapproval of outspoken and liberated women, when they do, what are they going to need these people for?

  • The prisoners at Guantanamo have it much better than the majority of Cubans and their fellow terrorists with respect to medical treatment, the quality of food at least in caloric intake, and variety of reading material.

  • Many of the people in the Cuban jails are there because they disagree with the Castro government policies and not because they target and blow up little kids like the ones at Guantanamo. But we notice not a word was vocalized about the human rights violations of the Castro government.

  • GRANMA, the official Cuban newspaper, the only kind in Cuba, sees this visit as a propaganda opportunity as Cindy Sheehan, one of the delegation, is prominently featured on their website. It should have made clear that this visit was not an actual endorsement of Castro's policies. It is not that they oppose or desire to advance the policies of the Castro regime; it is just that their visit was primarily an attempt to embarrass America and empower terrorists around the world.

    "We have nothing against communism."
    -- Jodie Evans, CodePINK Leader Admits Communist Sympathies, "Shut-up-athon" at Fox News' headquarters in New York City at 6th Avenue at 48th Street, August 31, 2004

A group called the "Ladies In White", a movement which began in 2003 after the imprisonment of 75 dissidents, asked for a meeting with the peace delegation urging them to visit any Cuban prison. The 75 dissidents have been imprisoned for their anti-Castro beliefs and thoughts. It was decided that their group would not meet with the "Ladies In White" nor would they visit any Cuban prisons during their visit to Cuba.

"We are here as American citizens, feeling responsible for what our government does", said Medea Benjamin. "We are not here to see the problems which exist inside of Cuba, but to protest the abuses being committed in Guantanamo, although we defend the respect for human rights throughout the world."

Make no mistake, they are there to protest the United States. What prisoners are worthy of their support? Why is CodePINK so busy protesting America that they care so little about the freedom of people that only want to the freedom to say what they believe. CodePINK has the right to do so, but in true Left-Wing form, they side with the Castro regime and against those that deserve freedom, such as the dissidents that Castro has imprisoned in the Cuban Gulags where they are starved, beaten, humiliated, and constantly abused. The ladies of CodePINK could have looked, but they chose not to care about anyone that dissented against a Communist regime. They could have said something but they did not. They do not care about freedom. They only care about supporting a Communist government and trying to destroy America. How is this not considered "Treason" and what does this say about the true motivations of Lt. Colonel Ann Wright?


09 January 2007

On 09 January 2007, CodePINK sent out an e-mail where they stated the following:

Deadly attacks against American troops and Iraqi security forces continue on a daily basis. The increasingly brutal occupation by American troops provides insurgents with a constant stream of new recruits.

Once again, CodePINK is clear about their allegiance. At no point do they offer any suggestion that anyone joining a cause that entails the killing of American soldiers is a bad idea. In spite of the danger that insurgents are to everyone, CodePINK says nothing against their terrorists actions, however, the same cannot be said for their description of American troops.

Yet again and in true form, CodePINK refers to American troops as brutal occupation troops. They do not even believe that the insurgents that are committing the "Deadly attacks against American troops and Iraqi security forces" should be removed from the battlefield and sent to Guantanamo or anywhere else. It is easy to see whose side they are on.

First, they again refer to American troops and their "brutal occupation" and then they try to obtain the release of dangerous insurgents that will return to the killing of American troops and Iraqi security forces. This shows how they are part of the problem and not part of the solution.


05 January 2007

From the

CodePINK Delegation Travels to Guantanamo to Protest Infamous U.S. Prison

Medea Benjamin: US phone 415-235-6517 Cuba 011-53-5-292-0573
Catherine Murphy: Cuba 011-53-5-283-2210
Dana Balicki: US phone 202-422-8624

International Delegation Travels to Guantanamo, Cuba to Protest Infamous U.S. Prison Delegates include mother of current prisoner, former Guantanamo detainee, and high-level U.S. peace activists

On January 9-13, a first-ever international delegation of former prisoners, families of current prisoners, U.S. lawyers and human rights activists will travel to Guantanamo, Cuba to hold a conference on prison abuses and march to the Cuban-side security gate of the U.S. Naval Base to call for the closure of the illegal prison. The protest in Cuba is part of the January 11 International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo, the day that marks the 5-year anniversary of the first prisoners being sent to Guantanamo.

"I am traveling all the way from Dubai because by heart is overflowing with grief over the abuse and ongoing detention of my son," says Zohra Zewawi, whose son has been tortured and blinded in one eye during his detention, and has never been charged or tried. Her son was imprisoned in September 2002 and is still a prisoner in Guantanamo. Asif Iqbal, a former detainee who was freed on no charges after years of abuse, is coming to show his support for the basic rights of detainees.

"All prisoners deserve humane treatment and fair trials, which is not happening in Guatanamo," says retired U.S. Army Colonel and delegate Ann Wright. "US federal courts, not military commissions, should hear the cases against those charged with terrorist acts and the infamous prison in Guantanamo should be immediately shut down."

The group, organizing by U.S. groups CodePINK: Women for Peace and Global Exchange, will hold a press conference in Havana on January 9, a conference in Guantanamo on January 10 on prison conditions and international law, and then on January 11 will march from the center of Guantanamo to the security gate of the U.S. Naval Base where the prison is located to hold an interfaith service and call for the closing of the prison. The group will then travel to Havana to debrief the press on January 13. A smaller group will then travel to the U.S. to lobby Congress to shut the prison, restore Habeas Corpus, repeal the Military Commissions Act, and give all detainees fair trials or release them.

In both Guantanamo and Havana, the award-winning film "Road to Guantanamo" will be screened, with a post-showing dialogue with e film co-producer Matt Whitecross and former prisoner Asif Iqbal, whose horrific story of detention is portrayed in the docu-drama.

The 12-person delegation also includes renowned U.S. "peace mom" Cindy Sheehan whose son was killed in the war in Iraq; Adele Welty whose firefighter son was killed on 9/11; U.S. human rights/peace leader Medea Benjamin of Global Exchange and CODEPINK; retired U.S. Colonel and diplomat Ann Wright who resigned over the invasion of Iraq; and legal director of the U.S. Center for Constitutional Rights Bill Goodman who has taken the cases of Guantanamo detainees to the U.S. Supreme Court.

On January 11, the International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo, protests will be held all over the world, including England, Australia and Holland. In the U.S. major protests and radical street action will take place in Washington DC and New York City, plus dozens of cities throughout the country, including outside the U.S. Southern Command in Miami.

For interviews with delegates traveling to Cuba, contact Medea Benjamin by phone or For information about U.S. and other international protests on January 11, see or contact Matt Daloisio, 201-264-4424.

They will not be on the Marine Base at Guantanamo, Cuba. They will be visiting Castro's Cuba, a country that is not unfamiliar to Medea Benjamin. She has close ties to Cuba. This trip is costing money that would be well spent on supporting the troops that they claim they care about. But as you can see, they care more for the people that are killing Americans. See how the actions of CodePINK compare to the American Patriotism that others show our troops. Do not ever believe that CodePINK cares about American troops.

Who does CodePINK Support?

Who do they support?

Which one of these people have they spoken against? Which one do they negatively refer to as "Killer"? Which one do they refer to fondly as a "Freedom Fighter"? Which one have they called "Fascist Occupation Forces"? Which one did Medea Benjamin give more than $600,000 in "Aid and Comfort" so they could continue to fight and kill American servicemen and Iraqi citizens? Who is CodePINK going to support while in Cuba?

The people are that are being held at Guantanamo Bay are enemy combatants that were captured on battlefield and/or are associated with terrorist groups that commit crimes like the beheading of Japanese hostage Kouda Shouse. They all have been raised from birth to kill Americans. These are who CodePINK, Cindy Sheehan, and the rest of their followers support... empower... and worship as freedom fighters. The detainees at Guantanamo are the ones that these "Peace Activists" are hoping to be victorious in the war on terrorism.

This trip is just another example that CodePINK, Cindy Sheehan, and the rest of their followers are deliberately working against the interests of the American troops that are fighting to bring victory to their mission.


31 December 2006

On 31 December 2006, CodePINK sent out an e-mail directing the recipients to this page on the CodePINK website.

3000 Dead

As Bush considers sending thousands of additional troops to Iraq to control the violence, our troop death toll has reached the 3,000 mark. It is crucial that we commemorate this grim milestone in Bush's disastrous war by pressuring Congress to bring the troops home NOW, and to stop this insanity NOW!

CODEPINK suggested actions:

  • Events: Make a powerful statement for peace on the 3,000th U.S. death with a vigil or other event in your community. Organizers should bring extra candles and lighters. This will encourage passersby to join your vigil. Click here to add your event, and here to find an event you can join.

  • Pink armbands: Ask people to wear pink armbands or a piece of tape (preferably big, bright pink duct tape) with 3,000 dead written on it, and tape to their clothing. The idea is to not only have activists wearing ribbons and/or armbands but to distribute these in large quantities to everyday folks - in shopping districts, on campuses, in front of government buildings, at busy mass transit stops, wherever there are people in motion.

  • Reading of the names: You can find a list of all U.S. casualties to read aloud at your event. We suggest alternating U.S. names with Iraqi names. For U.S. casualty names, see and for Iraqi casualties see Iraq Body Count.

  • Media: You can download a sample media advisory to announce your group's activity marking the 3,000th U.S. soldier's death. Flood your local radio talk shows with calls. Write an op-ed for your local paper and be sure to send us an on-line link if it gets published! The mainstream might give major coverage to the 3,000 U.S. death and our voices should be heard. Be sure to always talk about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed in this outrageous war.

  • March to Congress: Tell everyone you meet about our upcoming mass mobilization in Washington, DC on Jan. 27 to remind Congress to honour the mandate of peace delivered by the people on election day.

  • Take Photos! Don't forget to upload reports and photos for your local action to our local spotlight section. Your actions will be listed below here within 24 hours!

If you read what CodePINK has to say, it can clearly be seen that they revel over the deaths of American soldiers. They encourage the deaths of American soldiers by their support of Iraqi insurgents. The deaths of American soldiers empower them just like the Iraqi insurgents that are their heroes. The number 3000 is the milestone that is cause for the celebration that they have been looking forward to since the death toll reached 2000. They could not wait until the number of deaths of American soldiers reached the magic number of 3000.

Take a look at what they have to say and the attitude that they say it. From the CodePINK website:

Past Actions & Commentary Commemorating 2000 Dead:

These people do not have the strength to stand up to the terror that American soldiers are fighting. If these people had been around in WWII, they would have been protesting telling America that the attack on Pearl Harbor was justified and deserved and that America should not have declared war against Japan. And of course the attack on Pearl Harbor certainly was not any reason to go to war against Germany and Italy. After all, they had nothing to do with Pearl Harbor. CodePINK would just assume to leave Hitler in power because in spite of the human atrocities committed on the world's population. And with their anti-American and anti-Semitic views, CodePINK also seems to have a special relationship to those that are attracted by the Nazi doctrine.

Radical Islam

The people in the above photo are the people that CodePINK and their like-minded friends have pledged their undying support by their protesting, marching, and pushing their America hating rhetoric and by the hundreds of thousands of dollars of aid that they proudly send to support the "other side" against American troops.


07 December 2006

This past summer, CodePINK was caught on video throwing a tantrum outside the White House. A group of kids taking a tour of Washington DC for July 4th encountered CodePINK who began singing an anti-American version of "God Bless America" (as "God Help America") that was directed at the tour group in an attempt to taunt them. The kids spontaneously break into "America the Beautiful" to counter the anti-American attack and the disrespect that was aimed at them. The video is viewable at the following link.

This CodePINK protest was a prime example showing how rude, disruptive, and loud these people can be. It also shows the disrespect and intolerance that is the very essence of their core beliefs. It also shows the disdain that CodePINK has for "Everything that is America."


21 November 2006

From the CodePINK website:

CODEPIINK cofounder Medea Benjamin, together with Cindy Sheehan and a delegation of 14 Americans, visited South Korea in November to show solidarity with Koreans who are struggling to stop the expansion of a major US base and bring their troops home from Iraq.

U.S. troops could leave South Korea all together and leave them at the hands of Kim Jong Il. That is the future that CodePINK would like to see for the free people of South Korea. And that is not a misprint on our part... C-O-D-E-P-I-I-N-K is the way they spelled it on their website.

Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan protesting in North Korea

This photo was taken in a South Korea outside a U.S. military base. These photos have not been edited or modified!

That is Cindy Sheehan on the left and Medea Benjamin on the right.

If you have not already, please note the spelling error with the protest sign that Medea Benjamin is proudly holding. Spelling is definitely not their strong suit. Is this what can be expected from a graduate of Tufts University? Oh wait... she did not graduate, she dropped out of school after a year and spent some time hitchhiking across Europe and Africa, then she moved in Cuba to celebrate the finer points of Communism not long after the Cuban Missile Crisis when America was being threatened with a nuclear strike. What does this say about any of her followers?


21 September 2006

Samantha Miller

Samantha Miller working on CodePINK's Bird Dogging Hillary. This is an operation organized to demonstrate against Hillary Clinton because of her position on the Iraq War. CodePINK's position is one of siding with insurgents that wish for the death of as many Americans as possible. To see who it is that the women at CodePINK have given their support, read "Islam - A Religion Based on Terrorism". This operation is going to continue until Hillary Clinton gives in to the demands of CodePINK.

From the OBS News website:

On April 21, 2006, Bill and Hillary Clinton came to Beverly Hills as the guests of Yucaipa Group founder and billionaire Ron Burkle, who hosted a fundraiser for Senator Clinton, ostensibly to raise money for her 2006 U.S. Senate re-election campaign in New York, but also to increase the size of her 2008 presidential war chest, should she decide to seek the nation's highest elected office two years from now.

CodePINK has decide upon a course of "Bird Dogging Hillary" in hopes of changing her mind and having her give in to the desires of Islamic terrorists.

Bird Dog Hillary Clinton

From the CodePINK website:

To symbolize the appalling carnage and its effects on women and children especially, we staged our SHOES AT HILLARY'S DOOR protest with a hundred pairs of children's shoes labeled with the names and ages of children who have been killed in Iraq. After standing vigil with them for an hour and half outside Hillary Clinton's Manhattan office we moved the shoes to Union Square for the Peace Party where they were seen by more passersby. This action really got people talking -- mothers discussing it with their children, groups of nannies with strollers talking to each other, strangers standing together silently and then exchanging words, people kneeling or sitting, gently touching the shoes and moving the tags to read them better. We plan to repeat it at other locations in the coming months. And we are still collecting shoes so please ask your friends and neighbors if they have any shoes their children have outgrown that can be donated to this cause. Read more on CodePINK's Spotlight page and see photo gallery below!!

It is hard to believe that CodePINK would actually oppose Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and her desire to become the next President of the United States, especially when you consider the Left-Wing agenda that she has. Make no mistake; Hillary Clinton does not care about the military unless it will help her achieve her goals. And then her help only lasts as long as the military is useful to her cause. After that, they are meaningless to her.

Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is a Liberal. This is no secret. Everyone knows that Hillary Clinton is a Left-Winger. Again, this is no secret. What is surprising is that as far Left as Hillary Clinton is, CodePINK is so far to the Left, they consider Hillary Clinton to be a Right-Wing war monger.

There could be several reasons for this. As to whether they really consider her to be a Right-Wing war monger is still in question. It could be merely a ploy to give Hillary Clinton some credibility with the more conservative voter for her 2008 run for President. No one really believes that she is anything but a hardcore Liberal, but she will make the attempt to deceive as many as possible. To even suggest that she has ever been allied with anyone having a Right-Wing position is ludicrous, that is, unless it made her look better for whatever reason.

And on a final note, it seems that Hillary Clinton does not keep promises, even among her fellow Liberals. In June 2006, CodePINK wanted to protest the war at the Take Back America conference. The keynote speaker at the conference was Senator Hillary Clinton. The Senator did not want the group to protest, so there were negotiations in which a deal was made that the group could pass out flyers. However, in true Liberal form that is totally in character with the Left-Wing behavior, when it came time for the speech, security guards did not allow the group to pass out the flyers. Whatever happened to the 1st amendment of the U.S. Constitution?


26 July 2006

Medea Benjamin interrupting the Prime Minister of Iraq addressing Congress

On 26 July 2006, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki addressed a joint session of Congress. During his speech in which al-Maliki said that Iraqi's ink-stained fingers are clear evidence of their desire for democracy and freedom, Medea Benjamin stood up from the gallery and shouted, "Iraqis want the troops to leave, bring them home now! Listen to the Iraqis!" Benjamin repeated the statement several times before she was forcefully lifted from her seat, handcuffed, and escorted out by Capitol police. Benjamin was wearing a pink shirt with the statement "Troops Home Now" written on it.

This is a perfect example of the lack of respect that Left-Wing groups have for democratically elected leaders. Their desire is merely to interfere with the spread of democracy and freedom throughout the world. This is just more clear evidence proving that CodePINK is rude, disruptive, and loud.


07 July 2006

For the first day and a half many subsisted on water, but then they switched to water mixed with Gatorade and some fruit juice.

At this point, you can see that this "hunger strike" has simply transformed into a liquid diet. After a day and an a half, their seriousness has faltered. They should just setup a juice bar on location. Imagine the money they could make. They could still call it "fasting" by their definition and still make a profit. It is not exactly in line with their Marxist core beliefs but who cares.

"We have to put our own lives on the line, and I'm willing to do that," said activist Diane Wilson of CodePINK, who pledged to fast until the United States withdraws from Iraq. She said she plans to live off water for as long as she can. This is her seventh hunger strike. However, this one will be different. Wilson has stated that she plans to take this fast to her death and has already written her will. "I think in order to create peace, we have to be as serious as those who create war," Wilson said.

We will wait and see if she really means it. No one really believes that she is ready to die and therefore, has no intent of taking it to this point. In the two and a half months until September 21st, she will be dead before that unless someone interferes and "forces her to eat something for the benefit of those that love her" or she reverts to the rolling fast, then she can continue the "fast" indefinitely.

"We encouraged the fasting to begin on July 4, because it was symbolic," Dearborn said. "Hopefully, people will fast for as long as they can, and then they can do a rolling fast, where the fast gets passed from person to person in the community, for at least one day, or two or three days each, so that so it continues until September 21st, International Peace Day."

This is a perfect example of the ineptitude of setting a timetable. No one is going to take you seriously. And when you add in the joke of the "rolling fast", which is not even considered dieting, all that is left are the headlines. After September 21st, you will plan another action that will necessitate new headlines and everyone will forget about the famous "hunger strike" that gave you a few moments of fame. This event will merely fade into history and become a minor footnote at best.


04 July 2006

An alliance of anti-war groups began a 24-hour fast outside the White House on July 4 to press their demand for withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

In Washington DC, approximately 2,700 activists pledged to refuse food for at least 24 hours to express solidarity with Iraqi, American and other victims of the Iraq war.

A whole 24 hours... wow... that's impressive. How will they summon the courage and stamina to do it? Is that what these people consider a "total commitment"? It is a good thing that no one is really depending on these people to protect America's interest. With that kind of commitment and dedication, it is clear that these people must have the kind of jobs that robots will soon be doing.

CodePINK spokeswoman Meredith Dearborn told Reuters the demonstration aims at highlighting the costs of the war, in which more than 2,500 U.S. soldiers and thousands of Iraqis have died.

Dearborn says 2,700 other activists nationwide, including actors Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn, would work as a relay team passing the fast daily from one to another.

A fasting relay team? This is known as a "rolling fast," which is not fasting at all. In the past, this has been referred to as "not eating between meals." Is this group or anyone with this group really serious about fasting? Is this a joke? A "rolling fast" - are we not suppose to laugh at these people? This is the same as earlier hunger strikes such as the Big Hunger Strike that CodePINK sponsored at Camp Casey in 2005.

Although each individual is encouraged to fast only as long as his or her body allows, some, including environmental activist Diane Wilson, who is in her mid-50s, of Seadrift, Texas, and activist and comedian Dick Gregory, who activists said had been at the White House protest, are fasting with no specific ending date.

Does anyone really think that she is really going to complete this pledge? Of course not, she is just looking for the headline and mention in the newspaper.

Members of Seacoast Peace Response in Portsmouth, NH have joined in a nationwide hunger strike to end the Iraq war. Some were fasting for the day. Some had not determined the length of their fast. It was another way to bring attention to an issue they say is being ignored by the U.S. government.

Less than a dozen people held signs in Market Square from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and all resolved to not eat for various lengths of time. Motorists honked in support as they rode by, or shouted in protest of their signs.

"Some are fasting for the day, some are fasting for as long as they can," said Pat Galloway of Seacoast Peace Response. "I'm going for as long as I can."

Just like everywhere else on this "big hunger strike," some members of Seacoast Peace Response were participating in a "rolling fast," where one person fasts for 24 hours, and the next day someone else fasts for the day and so on. The rolling fasts are expected to end on Sept. 21, International Peace Day, when activists throughout the country will initiate a week of nonviolent actions against the war as part of the Declaration of Peace.

Independence Day is the one day that Americans truly come together to celebrate the freedoms that our parents, grandparents, and sons and daughters have fought to preserve and today there are Marxist based organizations that are protesting America on American soil in front of the White House. This protesting is an insult to all Americans on this day. It is especially insulting to the American troops that are in the hot sun of Iraq and on patrol while insurgents are trying to kill them.

July 4th is the celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, PA in 1776, which, whether these people like it or not, was the beginning of freedom for this country and the world. It was the birthday for the country that has spread freedom and democracy throughout the world. It is the one document that provided the rest of the world a country to go to whenever they needed help to save them from floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, or when other countries are invaded by foreign troops, i.e. Germany invading France, North Korea invading South Korea, the USSR invading Afghanistan, and Iraq invading Kuwait.

"This is in response to the lack of response of the U.S. government to end the war in Iraq, lack of congressional action, lack of the government's response to public opinion," said Wes Flierl of Seacoast Peace Response. "A lot of our efforts to get attention have gone ignored, and this is a traditional peace effort going back to Gandhi."

A "rolling fast." Gandhi would turn over in his grave if he knew. Is that what these people consider a committed effort?

Ingrid Newkirk made a comment that pretty much summed it up when describing these Left-Wing groups.

"We are complete press sluts."
-- Ingrid Newkirk, PETA's president and founder, The New Yorker, April 14, 2003

President Bush has refused to set a timetable for troop withdrawal, arguing that doing so will embolden terrorists and insurgents.

He says that U.S. troops will come home only when Iraqi forces are able to stand on their own and defend their country's 'nascent' democracy.

And of course, that is the real problem. These people do not want Iraq's emerging democracy to succeed. They do not want the insurgents to fail. Time and time again, they have sided with the insurgents that are killing American's and Iraqi's alike.

Michael McPhearson, executive director of Veterans for Peace, said: "From our own history we know a nation cannot be free while occupied... we must allow the Iraqi people to determine their own destiny."

For the first time in 6000 years, the people of Iraq have engaged in free elections and all with the insurgents trying to stop them. Does anyone remember the threats against the Iraqi people that voted? All had been threatened with death if they voted, yet they walked to the polling locations and waited in line for hours to vote... to exercise their new right to vote in free elections and choose their own elected officials in numbers (percentages) that are much higher than in the United States. CodePINK and other "Peace Activists" have joined forces with the insurgents to stop the democratic process in Iraq.

Our troops are not occupying any country. No one is forced to live under the rule of the United States. These people want to use the negative connotation of "occupation troops" when referring to American troops. They want to associate American troops with the indelible and vivid image of German troops invading France and then marching down the streets of Paris in the early days of WWII. They are doing everything they can to make sure this is the image that is presented to the world so America will be viewed in a negative light.


30 June 2006

From the website


Atenco and the Mexican Elections
by Various

June 30, 2006

As activists, intellectuals, and artists we wish to express the following:

We are deeply concerned about the escalation of intimidation by the Mexican government - as well as a systematic pattern of serious human rights violations perpetrated by the administration of Vicente Fox, in collaboration with the PRI - against the legitimate resistance and struggles of the Mexican people.

More than a month after the police incursion in the town of San Salvador Atenco, Estado de Mexico, it has become public knowledge that two young men were assassinated by police gunfire; houses were raided, searched, and property destroyed. Two hundred people were detained without a warrant and many of them were brutally beaten and tortured. Five foreigners were physically abused and illegally deported from the country. And most disturbing, the majority of the forty-seven female detainees were victims of sexual aggression, abuse, and rape.

These actions appear to be part of a recurrent pattern in Mexican history that reveals the authoritarian and violent face of the Mexican State in the last decades: like the massacres of October 2, 1968, June 10, 1971, and December 22, 1997. The recent atrocities in Atenco are a reminder that repression and brutality are endemic to the Mexican government, allowing the powerful interests that rule the country to maintain their hold on power while also remaining unaccountable and seemingly exempt from the grievous violations of human rights that continue to take place.

Because little has been done to investigate and punish those responsible for the serious violations of human rights that took place in Atenco, we support the calls for an immediate, full and impartial investigation from international organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the International Civil Commission for the Observation of Human Rights. We have witnessed over the last ten years the growth of a vital, progressive, inclusive, peaceful, and imaginative grass roots movement, inspired by the struggle and resistance of the Zapatistas. We wish to express our solidarity with the indigenous people, campesinos, workers, women, and civilian organizations that have been the targets of government-sponsored abuses.

We support the deep need for a change in Mexico - the history of Mexico as an independent republic deserves to flourish in its search for justice, democracy and equality for its citizens. The change also needs to include a break from neoliberal structural reforms and independence from the United States' designs for imperial hegemony in the hemisphere. We will be watching that the elections are conducted in a peaceful and just manner: the popular vote must be respected. And above all, the activist grass-roots movements, who are independent of the electoral process, must be protected against the abuses of power by the Mexican government, so that they do not become targets of repression for the creation of social instability and fear.

Noam Chomsky, Author/Professor, Tariq Ali, Author, Howard Zinn, Historian and Author, Mike Davis, Author, State Senator Tom Hayden (retired), Cindy Sheehan, Camp Casey, Michael Eric Dyson, Writer/Professor/Minister - U. of Pennsylvania, Zack De La Rocha, Musician, Jodie Evans, CodePINK, Jeff Chang, Author, David Barsamian, Author, Suheir Hammad, Poet , Ruben Ortiz Torres, Artist/ Professor, UC San Diego, Brian Cross, Photographer/Filmmaker, Anthony Arnove, Author, Sohail Daulatzai, Professor, UC Irvine, Aura Bogado, Journalist, Dan Stormer, Civil Rights Lawyer, Pilar Perez, Editor, Sandra de la Loza, Artist/Instructor, CSUN, Amitis Motevalli, Visual Artist, Lalo Medina, Artist, Mariana Botey, Artist

You will not see any of these people protesting in Mexico. The reason is because they have no courage. They have no spine. They will protest in America and speak ill of others that are actually asked to show courage and put their lives on the line every day. They will provide "Aid and Comfort" to those that are killing Americans. They will call American soldiers "Killers". Yet they will not make a simple "non-violent" show of dissent by engaging in a small protest outside of the police department in San Salvador Atenco, Estado de Mexico against what they see as a clear violation of human rights. As we have previously stated, this shows that these people actually sacrifice nothing, unlike those that they protest against. This merely proves that those associated with CodePINK have no Honor or Integrity!!!


23 June 2006

On July 3, 2006, CodePINK, Global Exchange and Gold Star Families for Peace will announce a historic hunger strike against the war in Iraq. At 5pm, they will sit down in front of the White House to eat their last meal and hold a press conference before beginning the fast at the same location in the morning of July 4 at 10am.

"We've marched, held vigils, lobbied Congress, camped out at Bush's ranch. We've even gone to jail. Now it's time to do more," says Cindy Sheehan. "While others are celebrating July 4th with barbeques, we'll be showing our patriotism by putting our bodies on the line to bring our troops home."

Diane Wilson, who has engaged in several hunger strikes in her history as an environmental activist, says she will not set an end date to her fast. "My goal is to bring the troops home. I don't know how long I can fast, but I'm making this open-ended," she says. "I plan to take this as far as I've ever taken anything in my 58 years. I fear our future is at stake, and I'm ready to make a major sacrifice."

The fast will last until September 21, International Peace Day, when activists around the country will initiate a week of nonviolent actions against the war as part of the Declaration of Peace.

For more information, including a full list of fasters, please see

From the CodePINK website:

Sign-up below to support the fast that began on July 4! You can fast with us in Washington, DC in front of the White House, or in your own community. You can fast as an individual, or organize a rolling fast (each one taking one day) in a public place such as a congressional office, a recruiting station, a federal building or a church. And if you live outside the United States, we encourage you to fast outside a U.S. Embassy or consulate.

Click here to sign up to volunteer to help with the fast. You can volunteer throughout July, August, or September to help support fasters. Volunteer for an hour, a day, or more!

It is easy to march and hold vigils when you are not actually sacrificing anything of value. What are they really putting "on the line"? They are doing nothing to help the troops. The American troops are putting their bodies on the line everyday and all these people can do is to protest their every action. Perhaps a reminder of how these people really show their patriotism.

CodePINK gave $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our enemies. They did not give $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our soldiers. They have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and they refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website.

Will more effort be expended on this hunger strike or will it just called a hunger strike for the headline value. The last hunger strike did not turn out to be much at all. In fact, it was completely lacking. But then again, these people are not known for their substance, just their bright glitter and the hopes that it will somehow camouflage the truth of what they really are.


21 June 2006

From the Office of U.S. Senator Rick Santorum.

Washington, D.C. U.S. Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA), Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, joined Congressman Peter Hoekstra, (R-MI-2), Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, today to make a major announcement regarding the release of newly declassified information that proves the existence of chemical munitions in Iraq since 2003. The information was released by the Director of National Intelligence, John Negroponte, and contained an unclassified summary of analysis conducted by the National Ground Intelligence Center. In March, Senator Santorum began advocating for the release of these documents to the American public.

The information released today proves that weapons of mass destruction are, in fact, in Iraq, said Senator Santorum. It is essential for the American people to understand that these weapons are in Iraq. I will continue to advocate for the complete declassification of this report so we can more fully understand the complete WMD picture inside Iraq.

The following are the six key points contained in the unclassified overview:

  • Since 2003 Coalition forces have recovered approximately 500 weapons munitions which contain degraded mustard or sarin nerve agent.

  • Despite many efforts to locate and destroy Iraq's pre-Gulf War chemical munitions, filled and unfilled pre-Gulf War chemical munitions are assessed to still exist.

  • Pre-Gulf War Iraqi chemical weapons could be sold on the black market. Use of these weapons by terrorists or insurgent groups would have implications for Coalition forces in Iraq. The possibility of use outside Iraq cannot be ruled out.

  • The most likely munitions remaining are sarin and mustard-filled projectiles.

  • The purity of the agent inside the munitions depends on many factors, including the manufacturing process, potential additives, and environmental storage conditions. While agents degrade over time, chemical warfare agents remain hazardous and potentially lethal.

  • It has been reported in open press that insurgents and Iraqi groups desire to acquire and use chemical weapons.

Examine how these people at CodePINK really support our troops. They have said that President Bush lied about WMDs. They have said that there was no reason to go to Iraq. Now that WMDs have been found, they owe the American troops an apology as well as President Bush. No one expects this to happen. CodePINK also needs to stop protesting the actions of the U.S. troops in Iraq. No one expects this to happen either. If CodePINK was really motivated because they really believed that there were really no WMDs in Iraq, then they do not have any reason to keep protesting, as WMDs have been discovered IN IRAQ!!! No one has any real expectation of this to happen because none of it is true. Their motivations are not driven by any concern for America, the American troops or the Iraqi people. THEY DO NOT LIKE AMERICA OR ANYTHING THAT AMERICA STANDS FOR AND WILL DO WHATEVER THEY CAN TO HARM THOSE THAT DO NOT SHARE THEIR MARXIST AGENDA!!!

If they keep protesting, then we know that they wanted Iraq have and use WMDs and/or they wanted Iraq to provide terrorists with these offensive weapons to use against the United States... or Israel... or England... or Spain... or (fill in country). These people do not have the best interests of America in mind when they protest and provide aid and comfort for our enemies. These people would rather have our enemies armed and in a position to kill Americans. In fact, they do just about anything they can to make sure this happens.

Let us not forget that CodePINK gave $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our enemies. They did not give $600,000 of "Aid and Comfort" to our soldiers. They have also participated in war crimes tribunals against America and they refer to American soldiers as "Killers" on their website.

The people at CodePINK will do whatever they can do promote and force their own selfish Marxist agenda on the American public even to the point of selling out and siding with the Islamic Terrorists that wish for the total destruction of America.


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