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Craig "Critter" Marshall

Craig "Critter" Marshall calls himself an anarchist, a revolutionary, and a liberator of the Earth. In 2000, with companion Jeff "Free" Luers, Marshall set fire to three vehicles at a car dealership. Marshall was also accused of attempting to ignite a gasoline tanker in a separate incident, a charge that was dropped as part of his plea bargain. For his crimes, Marshall was sentenced to five years in prison. He remains unrepentant, his writing appearing frequently in the Earth First! Journal, among other radical rags.

This is a Communiqué from
the Earth Liberation Front (ELF)

As an early New Year's gift to Long Island's environment destroyers, the Earth Liberation Front (E.L.F.) visited a construction site on December 29 and set fire to 4 unsold Luxury houses nearly completed at Island Estates in Mount Sinai, Long Island. Hopefully, this caused nearly $2 million in damage. This hopefully provided a firm message that we will not tolerate the destruction of our Island. Recently, hundreds of houses have been built over much of Mount Sinai's picturesque landscape and developers now plan to build a further 189 luxury houses over the farms and forests adjacent to Island Estates. This action was done in solidarity with Josh Harper, Craig Rosebraugh, Jeffrey "Free" Luers and Craig "Critter" Marshall, Andrew Stepanian, Jeremy Parkin, and the countless other known and unknown activists who suffer persecution, interrogation, police brutality, crappy jail conditions, yet stand strong.

"It is my belief that as a movement, we need to focus on how humans can co-exist with nature at a bare minimum; at optimum, how can we stop civilization from existing at all; but really aren't these one in the same? To co-exist with nature doesn't mean we need to pull away from civilization; it means we have to dismantle it."
-- Craig 'Critter' Marshall, April 16, 2002

These people in this organization are terrorists in every sense of the word. These people must be stopped!


On January 6, 2005, Craig "Critter" Marshall was released and is now a free man. This is what Jeffrey "Free" Luers had to say about the release of Craig Marshall

"Yesterday, on January 6th, 2005, Craig "Critter" Marshall, my co-defendant walked out of prison after serving 4 1/2 years. I can only imagine what that felt like. Back in the day Critter was one of my closest friends, and while many are aware that he and I have had a falling out, I am truly glad his time is done and he has gone home."

"Now that Critter is out I can't help but wonder why I am still here. We were arrested at the same time, charged with the same offenses. Up until the very end he and I refused to cooperate with the state. Yet, the state in Critter's case decided that the exact same fire was only "Conspiracy to Commit Arson" and "Possession of Destructive Devices". I've half a dozen theories as to why things played out the way they did. The one fact I know is not once did the state offer to treat my case as Critter's. I'm doing 17 years more for the same actions and same evidence. 22 years for actions that hurt no one and caused less than $50K in damages. Critter is home now where he belongs."

Jeffrey, perhaps you should have gotten a better lawyer.


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