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Disgusted by CodePINK

PFC Jessica Lott, US Army

I was shocked, disgusted and completely saddened by what I read on your page. I am a female in the military. I accidentally stumbled across your website and was immediately intrigued to finish reading your entire page until my stomach was literally in knots.

Maybe I've turned my cheek a little too long on these people who call themselves Americans... I had no idea this CodePINK occult actually existed. Are these women serious? How is it even feasible (maybe I should use smaller words for the verbally challenged hate mail writers) or how is it believable that they can call soldiers killers? Yes we have guns in Iraq. I seriously doubt we could defend ourselves with a banana when these men (terrorists) are loading their women, children and themselves down with machine guns. Yeah, that's right. These terrorists that CodePINK want to protect and comfort are sending their babies to kill OUR TRUE AMERICAN soldiers. Now why do they send their babies and women? Hmmm, would it be because we have compassion and are not likely to kill women and children? Yep, I believe that would be why.

When you join the military you have to be 18 and be a consenting participant. Gee, how immoral. Burning flags, supporting terrorist, dishonoring our own people? These women are nothing but modern day Nazis. That's right, I said it. We are trying to bring freedom to another country that does not have the same rights as our own. And yes, dancing in front of the White House wearing abhorrent clothing clutching on to your America hating signs is your right.

However, all you are doing is attempting to hinder our efforts to truly "let freedom ring" for those who cannot fight for themselves. In actuality, you're wasting the law officers' time that have to break up your clan meetings, which in return, keeps them from doing important things like FIGHTING CRIME and making sure your children can sleep safely at night. Thank goodness we have an army. Otherwise women like these confused uninformed CodePINK rioters would bring our nation to doom... That completely blows my mind. Thanks a lot CodeSTINK.

And by the way, why can't you find your own color? There is no sense in defacing a color that truly stands for a good cause, fighting cancer. You may have heard of Breast Cancer Awareness. They are the ones pouring their money, time, and heart into a cause that saves American lives and not destroys them. Or maybe you didn't have a choice. Maybe pink was the color that was left on your white cloaks when you let the terrorist wipe their blood drenched hands on you. Below I have compiled a list of the similarities between a CodePINK Moron and the Ku Klux Klan:


Ku Klux Klan

wears a lot of pink

wears a lot of white

burns a flag

burns a cross

hates all who fight for freedom

hates all who fight for freedom

think they are superior

think they are superior

Thank you,

--PFC Jessica Lott, US Army--

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