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Listed below are various editorials about important subject matter in the world today.

If you have a voice you would like to share with the rest of the world, we offer a platform for that voice to be heard. Here you can submit your work for free publication, so if you would like to write an editorial for publication on this website, please submit your original work for review. If it is accepted, we will print under your byline.

Updated 22 February 2015

  1. 10 Obvious Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

  2. 11 Things You Did Not Learn In School

  3. 12 Undisputed Goals of the Animal Rights Movement

  4. 15 Myths of the Iraqi War

  5. 50 Difficult Things You Can Do To Save the Earth

  6. 50 Years of Progress in Education

  7. A Concerned Look at the Second Amendment

  8. A Letter Home

  9. After Preserving Our Liberty, Will We Forfeit It?

  10. Ambassador of Death

  11. American Patriotism

  12. Applying for a Marriage License

  13. Are You A Conservative

  14. Are You A Liberal

  15. Burning the American Flag

  16. Discount Mats and SGT Hess

  17. Disgusted by CodePINK

  18. Facts About Social Security

  19. Fifth Column

  20. Forms of Government

  21. France, Thanks For All Your Help With Iraq

  22. Freedom, Not Freeloaders

  23. General Eisenhower Warned Us

  24. General Knowledge Exam


  26. Graphic Pictures From Iraq

  27. Green Energy - Who Has A Problem With It?

  28. HAMAS Charter of 1988

  29. Harry Reid and the Smear Letter

  30. Hate Crime? What Hate Crime?

  31. Holocaust in America

  32. How Does The Toyota Prius Compare To The American General Hummer

  33. How Long Do We Have

  34. How To Catch Wild Pigs - A Lesson In Socialism

  35. How To Destroy America

  36. I am a Bad American

  37. I am Wo-man, Hear Me Roar

  38. Idiot Alert

  39. If the Constitution was Written by Liberals...

  40. If The Liberal Agenda Takes Control Of The Military

  41. Iraq in the Bible

  42. Islam - A Religion Based on Terrorism --UPDATED--

  43. Islamic Links on

  44. Islamic Terrorism in Israel

  45. ISIS Forces Iraqi Christians To Pay Jizya,...

  46. Jews and Muslims - An Intellectual Comparison

  47. Jesse Macbeth - Poseur

  48. Joe Arpaio

  49. Just A Rant

  50. Lazy Democrats

  51. Left-Wing Protesters - A Photographic Record

  52. Let Us Reason Together...

  53. Letter to Senator Byrd

  54. Letter To The Editor

  55. Liberal Socialist Pigs

  56. Liberalism's Tragic Soul

  57. Medal Of Honor vs. Homeowners Association

  58. Motivational Posters

  59. PeTA's Unethical Nature

  60. Quotes From Famous People

  61. Quotes From The Political World

  62. Political Correctness Killed Common Sense

  63. Society's Five Stages of Economic Collapse

  64. Solution to the Foreign Debt Crisis

  65. Some Good News About Education for a Change

  66. Tampering With Reality

  67. The Meaning of Marxism

  68. The Second Amendment - America's Original Homeland Security --NEW--

  69. The Story of the Flag Raising at Iwo Jima

  70. The True Agenda of the Animal Rights Movement

  71. The True Threat of Illegal Aliens

  72. The Truth About the Palestinian People

  73. To Be A Conservative

  74. To Be A Liberal

  75. USS William Jefferson Clinton

  76. Utopia, Socialism, Communism, and Star Trek

  77. What Times We Live In

  78. When World War III Started

  79. Who is Smarter

  80. Who Is To Blame

  81. Why Are We Bankrupt?

  82. Why Teachers like Jay Bennish are not Good for Your Kids

  83. You Can't Blame White People

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