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The Fifth Column

A few days ago reader Steve responded to my recent post in which I asserted, "Do you believe Rall or Garamendi or CodePINK are with us, or with the terrorists? Exactly. They are fifth-columnists and if they had the opportunity, they would sell this country out in a heartbeat."

First, let me say that I am often guilty of overstatement for effect -- hyperbole, if you will. I am an "opinionist" who is not interested in giving equal time to all points of view. So let's dismiss two characters... Ted Rall is a "useful idiot", California Lt. Gov. Garamedi is a fool, but CodePINK exemplifies my definition of "Fifth Columnists".

While in agreement with my overall observation, Steve asked is there any "proof' that we could use to support this statement" that could be employed in political debate? Steve continued: "... what does it mean to be an "American?" Does it mean that we ALWAYS question authority? Does it mean that we acquiesce what is unique about being American and allow the 'world legal system' to dictate how we settle disputes?

"Does it mean that we try to 'jam' our beliefs into other people's lives? Does it mean that we believe junk science like that of Al Gore?"

I can always count on my readers to challenge.

First, let's define our terms:

"Fifth Column" - "A clandestine subversive organization working within a country to further an invading enemy's military and political aims." [First applied in 1936 to rebel sympathizers inside Madrid Spain as four columns of rebel troops were attacking that city.]

" further an invading enemy's military and political aims."

"Nazis Hail George Washington As First Fascist"


Years before Pearl Harbor, the German-American Bund and other Nazi sympathizer organizations, fascists, communists and anarchists were rampant in this country.

With the start of World War II, most of the Bund's members were placed in internment camps, and some were deported at the end of the war. The Bund itself failed to become a major force in U.S. politics and eventually died out. However, its influence is still felt in a number of American Neo-Nazi groups.

As usual, in 1941 we almost waited too long.

Now we live in a post-9/11 world. Our enemies no longer need to "invade" to damage or even destroy us, given today's arsenal of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and in this cyber-information age the IslamoNazi's political propaganda bombards our nation - our children - constantly.

Moreover, it is their most effective recruiting tool and it has produced an unknown number of murderers and would-be suicide bombers.

As well, there are radical Islamists among us... in our cities, benefiting from our laws and the protections of our Constitution, working and living among us. They have killed our citizens both here and abroad. There is no question a fifth-column exists within this population of Muslims and their allegiance is to their radical faith, not their native or adopted country.

News item:

NEW YORK -- Nearly one out of every five Democrats thinks the world will be better off if America loses the war in Iraq, according to the FOX News Opinion Dynamics Poll released Thursday (October 04, 2007).


The percentage of Democrats (19 percent) who believe that is nearly four times the number of Republicans (5 percent) who gave the same answer. Seven percent of independents said the world would be better off if the U.S. lost the war. Click here for results of the poll (pdf).

Let's do the math: 19% dems, plus 5% GOP (?), plus 7% indies... and astounding 31% have their hearts and minds with the enemy.

Cut the percentage in half if you must... that's still millions of your fellow citizens who I believe by commission or omission "furthers an invading enemy's military and political aims."

Now - those are just numbers, but as we know, it's always an issue of quality v quantity. Who are these fifth columnists? They are prominent in and have control of the mass media... publishing, motion pictures, television, newspapers, magazines. From the talent to the money men... most leading Hollywood actors, directors and producers are left to far left.

I can name 40 leftist TV programs; name me five "conservative" ones.

Pro-American pockets of resistance are found on the Internet and talk radio... and what happens? There are official demands that government use its power to quiet those voices. If you don't know this, you have not been paying attention.

Fifth columnists teach at and govern most leading colleges and universities in the country... lesser lights do the same on down the food chain... state colleges, community colleges and high schools. Leftist propaganda has replaced the study of capitalism, American exceptionalism, Western civilization and U.S. history.

Think not...? Angela Davis then; Ward Churchill, Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn now.

Angela Davis

There are thousands more.

So by virtue of where they are found, the fifth-columnists' ability to actively undermine the nation and its aims are exponential to their numbers.

I've long had a simple and quick detection method... ask a "suspect" - "Do you love your country?"

Any "yes... but" or an overly long delay in answering reveals a potential fifth-columnist.

Yet, have you noticed how a fifth-columnist immediately claims heretofore non-existent patriotism... and whine:

* "How dare you question my patriotism!"

* "I support the troops!"

* "Dissent is patriotism!"

As the storm clouds gathered over Europe more than 70 years ago, the remarkable Ayn Rand clearly felt as do many of us now.

In her 1941 open letter "To All Innocent Fifth-Columnists", she encouraged conservative intellectuals to form a national organization advocating individualism. She desired for the letter be issued by such organizations).


"... the tragedy of today is that you - who are responsible for the coming Totalitarian dictatorship of America - you do not know your own responsibility. You would be the first to deny the active part you're playing and proclaim your belief in freedom, in civilization, in the American way of life. You are the most dangerous kind of Fifth Columnist - an innocent subconscious Fifth Columnist. Of such as you is the Kingdom of Hitler and of Stalin."

"Are you the kind who are so devoted to your own career, your family, your home or your children that you will let the most unspeakable horrors be brought about to destroy your career, your family, your home and your children - because you are too busy now to prevent them?"

"What price your smug self-confidence? In the face of millions of foreign money and foreign agents pouring into our country, in the face of one step after another by which our country is [moving] closer to Totalitarianism - you do nothing except say: 'It can't happen here.' Do you hear the Totalitarians answering you - 'Oh, yeah'?"

"Don't delude yourself with slogans and meaningless historical generalizations. It can happen here. It can happen anywhere and a country's past history has nothing to do with it. Totalitarianism is not a new product of historical evolution. It is older than history. It is the attempt of the worthless and the criminal to seize control of society. That element is always there, in any country. But a healthy society gives it no chance."

Joseph Stalin

"It is when the majority in a country becomes weak, indifferent and confused that a criminal minority, beautifully organized like all gangs, seizes the power and once that power is seized it cannot be taken back for generations. Fantastic as it may seem to think of a dictatorship in the United States, it is much easier to establish such a dictatorship than to overthrow it. With modern technique and modern weapons at its disposal, a ruthless minority can hold millions in slavery indefinitely. What can one thousand unorganized, unarmed men do against one man with a machine gun?"

"When the Communists came to power in Russia, they were a handful of eighteen men. Just eighteen. In a country of [170,000,000] population. They were laughed at and no one took them seriously. According to their prophet, Karl Marx, Russia was the last country in which Communism could be historically possible, because of Russia's backwardness in industrial development. Yet they succeeded. Because they knew what they wanted and went after it - historical destiny or no historical destiny."

"Adolf Hitler started the Nazi Party in Germany with seven men. He was laughed at and considered a harmless crank."


Rand continues:

"Let us have nothing to do with 'Front' organizations, 'Front' agents or 'Front' ideas. We do not have to proscribe them by law. We can put them out of existence by social boycott. But this means - no compromise. There is no compromise between life and death. You do not make deals with the black plague."

"Let us expose all Totalitarian propaganda in any medium and in any form. Let us answer any argument, every promise, every 'Party Line' of the Totalitarians. Let us drop all compromise, all cooperation or collaboration with those preaching any brand of Totalitarianism in letter or in spirit, in name or in fact."

"Let us touch nothing tainted with Totalitarianism. Let us tear down the masks, bring them out into the open and - leave them alone. Very strictly alone. No 'pro-Soviet' or 'pro-Nazi' members of the board in our organization. No 'benevolent' Trojan horses. Let us stick together as they do. They silence us, they force us out of public life, and they fill key positions with their own men. Let us stick together - and they will be helpless to continue. They have millions of foreign money on their side. We have the truth."

Rand was writing about the profound, very clear and present danger of the Axis Powers... and her warning was just as clear a clarion call immediately after WWII when we faced world Communism and the Cold War.

And, her words are just as prescient and valid now... as we enter the Fourth World War.

The simple fact is... true Americans are not fifth-columnists.

A brief list of notorious, modern-day fifth-columnists by Ben Johnson at (2003) follows:

International Occupation Watch's Advisory Board is in effect a "Who's Who" of Hate-America radicals. Other luminaries include:

* Jodie Evans co-founder (with Medea Benjamin) of CodePINK. As Jean Pearce has noted on FrontPage, Evans is also institutionally tied to Mike Roselle, founder of the domestic terrorist organization Earth Liberation Front (ELF), "which along with the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) is ranked the No. 1 domestic terrorism threat by the FBI. The FBI attributes over 600 criminal acts and $43 million in damages to the two groups since 1996."

* Rania Masri of the Iraq Action Coalition. Masri frequently writes for the International Socialist Review, "A Journal of Revolutionary Marxism." The Iraq Action Coalition itself is tied to Ramsey Clark's International Action Center, an offshoot of the pro-North Korean Workers World Party.

* Maria Luisa Mendonša, who sits on the Organizing Committee of the World Social Forum, a modern day "Fifth International," whose meetings draw neo-Communist organizers from around the world. Their most recent meetings were the site of anti-Semitic physical assaults.

* Phyllis Bennis of the Institute for Policy Studies. The IPS has a long and infamous history of supporting Communist regimes around the world and collaborating with their agents.

* Milan Rai, who co-authored the book War Plan Iraq with Noam Chomsky. Rai labeled the war in Iraq, not a liberation, but "a re-branding exercise". He also co-founded the UK branch of Voices in the Wilderness, a Clinton-era group that called for an end to the Iraqi sanctions.

* Pratap Chatterjee of the Berkeley-based anti-capitalist CorpWatch. Chatterjee is also a "reporter" for Berkeley's Pacifica station KPFA. He was able to combine business with pleasure by broadcasting live from the Seattle riots in 1999.

According to Medea Benjamin, United For Peace and Justice will also work with Quaker organizations and Veterans for Peace. Quaker Associations have a reputation as dovish pacifists, although for the past 40 years groups such as the American Friends Service Committee have become the religious component of the far-left. VFP, which will feature Rep. Jim McDermott as keynote speaker at its annual convention in September and has decried the "murder" of Rachel Corrie, has called for the impeachment, not just of George W. Bush, but also Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and John Ashcroft. According to Benjamin, "We will be testing occupation forces in many ways." Indeed, she already threw one roadblock in the way of rebuilding this war-torn nation; earlier this year, Benjamin led the fight to topple General Jay Garner as transitional leader of Iraq. Sending one general packing inspired Benjamin to carry out her larger scheme of expelling the entire military from the Middle East.

Naturally, the cover for all these anti-American, anti-human rights schemes is... human rights! Occupation Watch told American authorities that its intention for opening an office in the middle of a combat zone was to serve as a "watchdog," reporting "possible violations of human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of assembly." (The Left seemed remarkably unconcerned about these issues when Saddam's regime was busy filling the mass graves seemingly as plentiful as the nation's oil reserves.) It also claimed it would provide "accurate information" about the occupation. To this end, their website has posted helpful articles by distinguished commentators like '60s pro-Communist activist Tom Hayden.

According to Medea Benjamin, it was only after Occupation Watch was firmly entrenched on embattled foreign soil that it "changed" its mission to shipping troops home. Benjamin told a Green Party meeting that this goal came about after she returned from Iraq on July 14, although her Nation article demonstrates months of premeditation. Presumably, telling the authorities her true goals would have complicated her application.

--Gary Alexander--

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