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Burning the American Flag

The Burning of the American Flag

Looks like they used a bit too much gasoline

For those that believe burning the American Flag is an act of free speech, here are some politically like-minded associates. Does it surprise anyone that those on the "Left-Wing" have this much in common with Islamic Fundamentalism/Terrorism? It is hard to tell which group this actually is - HAMAS, PLO, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, or students from Berkeley. But now we know who the "Left" considers to be their peers, friends, and comrades.

It is easy to see what the "Enemies of America" have in common with Americans that exhibit Liberal, Socialist, and Anarchist agendas. They all have such a complete and total lack of respect for the American Flag and the freedom it symbolizes. They hate America, the American way of life, and the success that is synonymous with "Freedom".

And this picture is just another perfect example that proves these people cannot engage in a simple activity without endangering everyone around them!!!


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