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Some Good News About Education for a Change

Left-Wing Professors Lose Keystone Battle

by Christopher Flickinger
Human Events
July 25, 2005

Left-Wing professors who prey on captive and impressionable students will soon be purged in the state of Pennsylvania. The Keystone State has created a select committee that will examine the "academic atmosphere" within colleges and universities that receive public funds. Liberal groups couldn't be more upset about the investigation. Meanwhile, those in conservative corners see this as a step in the right direction - providing young minds with an unbiased, untainted and truly well-rounded educational experience. The committee, established on July 5th by a 111 to 87 state House vote, will probe a wide range of areas within academia including whether: "...students are evaluated based on their subject knowledge or ability to defend their perspective in various courses; ...students are graded based on academic merit, without regard for ideological views, and that academic freedom and the right to explore and express independent thought is available to and practiced freely by faculty and students;" and that faculty are hired, fired, promoted and granted tenure based on their knowledge of the subject matter and their ability to educate students on "various methodologies and perspectives".

Recently, Human Events has uncovered and reported numerous abuses of power and authority by liberal professors, as well as, students who have felt intimated to voice their conservative views in the classroom. One such case involved a biology professor at Shippensburg University, a publicly funded school located within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Yet, in spite of these abuses, a number of Left-Wing groups oppose the state's new oversight of higher education.

Ruth Flower, national director of government relations for the American Association of University Professors, told the Daily Pennsylvanian, "we're disappointed that [Pennsylvania lawmakers] thought there was even an issue there." Dr. Patricia Heilman, president of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties, told Human Events, "The resolution and its investigation quite simply are not needed. Each public college and university has policies and procedures in place to address the very issues that this Select Committee is going to investigate." Human Events asked Dr. Heilman if she believes there is a liberal bias within Pennsylvania's institutions of higher learning. She responded, "No." William Cutler, president of the faculty union at Temple University, is cited by Inside Higher Ed as writing a letter to Pennsylvania legislators saying, "...the intellectual climate on college and university campuses will be far less open if students and professors feel that their work is being monitored by those who answer to a particular group or set of constituents."

The comments and concerns raised by these intellectual heavyweights are astounding! I do not even know how respond to such platitudinous (you professors might want to look-up that word) statements and reasoning. I believe a quote from the movie Bill Madison would serve as a suitable reply: "Nowhere in your rambling, incoherent response did you come close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. We are all dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul." Yep, that about sums it up.

The intellectual climate is already far less "open" on college campuses if you're a student with conservative views. In fact, I can prove it. Walk onto any college green across American wearing a Bush/Cheney T-shirt and carrying a homemade sign that reads, "I'm a conservative and proud of it," and you'll be spit on, sworn at, screamed at, sneered at, possibly punched, kicked, shot or stabbed, but most likely egged by students and faculty alike at 8 out of 10 campuses. Contrast that experience by walking onto the same college greens wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt, carrying a rainbow flag and a homemade sign that reads, "Impeach Bush; He's a criminal!" and you'll have a good chance of getting elected student body president.

Dr. Heilman's claim that the state's investigation is not needed because colleges and universities already have policies and procedures to deal with complaints of bias, unfair grading, etc., is ridiculous. Why would I trust school administrators, who are most likely Left-Wing radicals themselves, to take a conservative student's complaint seriously when it involves a liberal professor? Using Dr. Heilman's logic, liberals shouldn't have any complaints concerning the Bush administration's investigation of Karl Rove. If the president says Rove did nothing wrong and did not break the law, that should be good enough. Right, Dr. Heilman?

If a liberal bias doesn't exist on college campuses, why are liberal groups distraught over an official investigation? These academic elites should have nothing to worry about since there isn't a problem to begin with. In fact, such an inquiry should serve to vindicate those respected educators in the land of academia once in for all. Truth be told, anyone who fails to recognize a liberal bias within a majority of America's institutions of higher learning most likely lacks the intellectual capacity to educate others at those institutions. Students spend thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, to attend college. They deserve a fair, unbiased, untainted, well-rounded education - not liberal indoctrination.

Finally, there is something being done about this serious problem. Who knows, now maybe the United States Constitution as well as other 'obscure' items in American history will be taught to a new generation of college and university students who will understand what this country is REALLY about. Not the lies, half-truths, and Liberal spin that is being propagated and taught as factual by Marxists posing as teachers.


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