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Updated 05 December 2005

05 December 2005

Paul Graham wrote:


This really was an actual e-mail sent to us. It makes you wonder how he feels about Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. He probably feels bad because in his mind on September 11, 2001, 19 "Freedom Fighters" died trying to save the world from America. Just more proof that even the followers of these Domestic Terrorists know what they are doing is ethically and morally wrong. And because of their elitist attitude, they believe that they are exempted from the laws that govern the rest of society.

Here is a quote that pretty much sums up the Animal Rights crowd.

"Animal 'rights' extremism is a belief system based on 100 percent emotion and zero science, riddled with hypocrisy and roiling with contempt for humans. They're so consumed by self-righteousness that they rationalize intimidation, property destruction, assault, arson and bombing to meet their ends."
-- Wayne LaPierre


14 June 2005

John wrote:

Thought you might want to see what others think of your website.

From the WW4 REPORT website:

By Bill
Created 06/13/2005 - 17:40

David Horowitz' website Discover the Networks: A Guide to the Political Left is pretty funny, evoking what Richard Hofstadter called "the paranoid style in American politics". Its list of un-American "radicals" includes both George Soros and Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman (neither "leftists"), as well as Death Row celebrity Mumia Abu-Jamal and pro-death penalty ex-prez Bill Clinton. What isn't so funny is that Discover the Networks apparently exchanged links with a truly evil site called Target of Opportunity. The disingenuous 'disclaimer' on this site is actually an explicit incitement to violence:

This website is a list and record of enemies that have betrayed and endangered America by their Seditious and Treasonous activities. Operating under the false illusion of "Peaceful" and "Non-Violent" activism, their methods are anything but "Peaceful" and "Non-Violent". These people present a serious threat to all Americans. Each of them should be considered a:


The only thing that this website has done is to accumulate a list of groups and people that called for destruction and harm to law abiding citizens. SHAC has listed names, addresses, and other personal information and yet you call this website "Evil". The ALF, ELF, ADL, and others actively and openly endorsed illegal direct actions that have caused millions of dollars of damage and this website is what you call "Evil". Bill, it seems pretty clear which side you have chosen. This country has been pretty good to you, and yet you choose to align yourself with the likes of the PLO, HAMAS, Hezbollah, the ISM, Al-Qaeda and the rest of the groups that seek the destruction of America.

Besides, we are not sure you are even qualified to determine who is and who is not "Evil". You have not offered any credentials that would qualify you to discern what is or is not "Evil". The only one that we know of that is qualified to make this assessment is Professor N. Ann Davis. She is a Professor at University of California at Berkeley. She lists "Evil" as an Area of Expertise and as far as we can tell, you have not spoken to her.

The disingenuous 'disclaimer' on this site is actually an explicit incitement to violence.

You missed that altogether. It is not a disclaimer, but rather an accurate assessment of what the website is all about. There is no need to place a disclaimer on this website. Unlike many of the people that are listed on this website, we are not trying to hide anything.

It would seem that the prevailing attitude of the WW4 REPORT (as with many like-minded people) is if no one gets hurt, then it is vandalism, not terrorism. By that [extremely flawed] logic, if no one had been in the WTC on September 11, 2001, then the destruction of the WTC would have been classified as a mere act of vandalism. It is hard to imagine that there are actually people in the United States that hold and support this belief. But there are those that do. It is even being taught in our universities. The famous Ward Churchill and John Daly come to mind.

The very reason for this website is to show that these people do exist. The people on this website are TERRORISTS. By their own words they expound terrorist tactics and ideals. Nothing is taken out of context. Nothing is misquoted. These are the EVIL ones and so are the people that provide them cover and protection. As this website is clearly opposed to Terrorism, and WW4 REPORT seems to be totally against this website for that very reason, it would appear by default that WW4 REPORT would be in favor of Terrorism.

Among those listed as "Domestic Terrorists" on the site is our friend John Petrovato, a bookstore owner in Amherst, MA, who has traveled to Palestine with the International Solidarity Movement and is an organizer of the annual Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference, at which WW4 REPORT editor Bill Weinberg was a featured speaker in 2002. Also listed are former Village Voice columnist Ellen Willis, California redwood crusader Karen Pickett, and Vermont's Institute for Social Ecology, a school founded by writer Murray Bookchin. All the Institute's teachers and administrators are named and pictured, with the kicker: "And there you have it. Radical Liberalism, Socialism, Marxism and Anarchism all rolled up into one nice package. Will someone please stop these people!!!"

Here is a good example of cover and protection. John Petrovato is portrayed as an innocent bookstore owner by the WW4 REPORT website. This is disingenuous! What they do not state is he actively and openly supports the International Solidarity Movement. This is a deliberate attempt to hide the truth about their good friend John Petrovato. For readers that are not that familiar with the ISM, they are the ones that organized the dancing in the streets by the Palestinians on September 11, 2001!!! This organization is a staunch advocate and supporter of the PLO, HAMAS, Hezbollah, and Al-Qaeda.

It would seem that WW4 Report does not wish to interfere with terrorists and their tactics. What they consider an attack on dissent is really an attempt to stop terrorism. It is clear that these people support the terrorist tactics and methods that many listed on this website advocate. One only needs to look and listen to Robin Webb (amongst others on this website) to see how he advocates harming others. And in Robin Webb's comments, harming children. But it would seem that WW4 REPORT supports these tactics. And then label this website as "Evil".

Please take notice that nowhere in the comments on the WW4 REPORT website was there any mention that any of the information on the Target of Opportunity website was incorrect or inaccurate.

NOTE: While Targets of Opportunity still links to Discover the Networks, the reverse does not appear to be true at this point, despite the fact that we were alerted to the link several weeks ago. Perhaps Horowitz thought better of Target's legal implications.

We do not know Mr. Horowitz and as far as we know, he does not know us. The Discover the Network link was placed on the Target of Opportunity links page because of its socially redeeming content and quality. We here at WWW.TARGETOFOPPORTUNITY.COM have not asked anyone to trade links with us.


02 June 2005

Mike S. wrote:

This is an example of how far some people have taken the DaHo message with the Christian Taliban vision----

How do we embrace the ones who are being enticed to kill us??

No one is trying to kill you. No one is even paying attention to you. We are not sure where you came up with that "Christian Taliban" thing. Nothing like that was ever mentioned on this website. But that is not unusual for Liberals to read things that are not really there.

This website is a list of terrorists that are a danger to the American public. There are many that consider these people as heroes and cannot stand that someone else had the audacity to tell the truth about these people. By their own words, they confirm the truth of whom and what they are. If you believe that these people speak for you and you encourage them with the terrorist acts they commit, then you actively support acts of terrorism. And by that action, YOU are the one supporting violence.

You need to embrace what is right. Not acts of terrorism. The problem is that you do not want to see that people like Rodney Coronado and Gary Yourofsky amongst others listed on this website, and groups like the ELF and the ALF openly advocate terrorist activities and tactics.


16 May 2005

Linda Sheldon wrote:

Your ignorance is flabbergasting...topped only by your vicious hatred and attempts to incite violence. You should be hauled into court for posting your "target list" of Americans, by and large, who happen to have the critical ability to think and question, unlike you or those attracted to your ridiculous website!

Linda Sheldon
Washington state

This is a very typical letter written by someone on the far Left. You don't have a good argument. You don't even have a good excuse.

"Your ignorance is flabbergasting..."

Name calling and personal attacks. All without actually stating what you believe to be incorrect. And the reason you have not challenged the content is because everything on this website is accurate and true. Nothing is taken out of context or misquoted.

"...topped only by your vicious hatred and attempts to incite violence."

You have not taken the time to familiarize yourself with the individual Terrorists and Terrorist groups that are on this website along with their accomplishments. Unlike many on the Left, we are not especially fond of any Terrorist or Terrorist group. If you had read the website, you would have seen that the people that are listed are the ones that are calling for hatred and violence.

"You should be hauled into court for posting your "target list" of Americans, by and large, who happen to have the critical ability to think and question, unlike you or those attracted to your ridiculous website!"

From your e-mail, it does appears that you advocate the violence of the groups like the Animal Liberation Front, the Earth Liberation Front, the Animal Defense League, Earth First!, and those that support their actions. All you have to do is to listen to the leaders of the Animal Rights Movement to learn of the violence that these groups advocate and support. They are nothing more than Terrorists. That is what this website has recorded. But it seems that you believe, from your own words, that these people and groups that support domestic terrorism "...have the critical ability to think and question..." And you seem to support their actions. What does that truly say about you?

You would love to have this website silenced for making and keeping a record of what these groups have said and done. If there is something on this website that is inaccurate or untrue, please send an e-mail and a correction will be made. It has been noted that you never really did say anything was inaccurate or untrue. You just did not like the fact that someone took notice and recorded it for all to see.

As far as those that "have the critical ability to think and question", it was not clear who you are referring to. It could be Robin Webb who said:

"Some say it is morally unacceptable but it is equally unacceptable to use animals in experiments. The children of those scientists are enjoying a lifestyle built on the blood and abuse of innocent animals. Why should then be allowed to close the door on that and sit down and watch TV and enjoy themselves when animals are suffering and dying because of the actions of the family breadwinner? They are a justifiable target for protest."
-- Robin Webb

"In England we do have some problems with legislation that prevents us from buying certain products, but over here you don't have the same excuse. You've heard Black Panther leader Mr. Bobby Seale: you're allowed to bear arms. Why are you here now listening to me? You can go out and get animal liberation!"
-- Robin Webb

Or it could be Bruce Friedrich who said:

"I think it would be great if all of the fast-food outlets, slaughterhouses, these laboratories and the banks who fund them exploded tomorrow. I think it's perfectly appropriate for people to take bricks and toss them through windows."
-- Bruce Friedrich, Vegan Campaign Coordinator, PeTA, Animal Rights 2001 Conference, July 2001

Or it could be anyone of the other terrorist-minded groups or individuals listed on this website. You were a little vague. You never did cite any specific information as being inaccurate or untrue.

As far as your reference to the "vicious hatred and attempts to incite violence." No one at this website ever said what these people have said. It is inconceivable that you do not see these people as a dangerous threat. Perhaps you are the one that does not "have the critical ability to think and question".

By their own words, the people on listed on this website have threatened Americans. And people like you would give them "aid and comfort". For some strange reason you seem to believe that they "have the critical ability to think and question..." These people are Terrorists that wish to harm Americans... and now we know whose side you have taken. But is there anyone who is really surprised by this revelation.


09 May 2005

Matthew Kresha wrote:

Your site seems to advocate terrorism and violence... which would also make you a terrorist, right?

Wrong. You are not even close. This website speaks against terrorism and the violence that is associated with terrorism. This site lists those that commit or advocate terrorist activities.

It is understandable that you do not want this information out there for all to see so you call us Terrorists. And by supporting these individuals and groups, you become part of the problem, not part of the solution. You give "Aid and Comfort" to people that wish to harm others.

How do you determine who gets on this list? Is Army of God on it?

People that commit or advocate terrorist activities are listed. We understand your desire to try to add "Army of God" so as to make anyone that disagrees with you a bigot or religious zealot. And that is OK. You are free to do so. The elitist, Liberal tone in your e-mail is enough to make known your level of hatred for those that disagree with you. Your bias against others is evident enough to understand the basis for your views.

How do I get on it? I am sure by your criterion I can make it, I am, after all, an anarchist.

You are wrong yet again. Being an anarchist has nothing to do with it. Have you committed any terrorist activities? Have you committed any acts of vandalism? And why would you want to be on this website? Are you a budding Terrorist?

Isn't it the "Right" who say freedom isn't free? Why are people who advocate change to keep and enhance freedom and liberty considered dangerous?

Do you mean those people that advocate change through tactics of intimidation or terrorism? These are the ones that are considered a threat. We are at a loss that you actually had to ask the question. We believed it was self-evident.

Did you know that there was freedom, direct democracy, liberty and more in this land before Europeans?

What is your point here? Where was this addressed in the website?

Did you realize that the framers of the constitution rip off the Iroquois Confederacy?

How did the framers of the Constitution rip off the Iroquois Confederacy and where was this addressed in the website?

There were millions of people here that were massacred in the name of freedom, oh I mean, Manifest Destiny... and I suppose slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, these are just... well what are they to you?

You must be confusing this website with another one. What are you referencing? None of this is remotely addressed on this website.

How about that the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, and most of the "Founding Fathers" cultivated hemp. Does that make them potheads?

The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are currently housed in the National Archives. All three are written on parchment, not hemp paper.

Does it make you feel better to consider the "Founding Fathers" as "Potheads" thereby forming some sort of negative image of them? In typical Liberal fashion, it seems that all you are trying to do is to tear down the culture of America. Again, none of which is addressed on this website but your intent is clear.

Face it liberals and conservatives are two sides of the same coin that are being played against each other.

That is a very common phase used by the "Hate America" Crowd. The fact that you seem to be having trouble with understanding the difference shows you might need to take another Civics class.

Let us as people work together to fight the real battle of the rolling back of our rights and liberties by corporations which control... I mean, work with the government. I am sure you think I am crazy; but Franklin D. Roosevelt did not think so when Smedley Darlington Butler testified before congress to the coup plot brought by big money... what do you say?

Where was this was addressed on the website?

You seem to have a problem with the money that is earned by the corporations. That money is also used to employ others, thus raising the standard of living for everyone. It would seem that you don't really have a grasp on the concept of Capitalism other than as some evil plot against mankind.

If not have fun advocating the destruction of other human beings because you disagree with them. Wish you the best and watch out for those Molotov cocktails, you hear. Peace Matthew

It is not advocating the destruction of other human beings, but rather "Self-Defense". The impression that is seen here is that you don't see the fact that these people listed on this website are nothing more than terrorists. And it is the self proclaimed Leftist and Anarchist, such as William Cottrell, Rodney Coronado, and Ryan Daniel Lewis & Company that have used the Molotov cocktails and other type arson devices that you are so fond of to intimidate and threaten.

And we will be watching out for the Molotov cocktails because we know who is using them.


08 May 2005

Melissa Mona wrote:

I am a relentless advocate of justice. I believe in a woman's right to abortion at any age without anyone's knowledge or consent, socialized medicine, redistribution of wealth, and I vigorously oppose the current US goverment's policies. I oppose war, genocide, colonization, oppression and incarceration. I think Turtle Island should be vacated by all non-indigenous people. I don't like Nukes, I've never voted for a Republican and I absolutely detest George Bush & crew.After reviewing your list of people you hate, I can only beg you to add me to it - I can't imagine better company. I'm not worried about your violent rhetoric because, judging from your grammar deficits, faulty thinking and reactionary bluster, you're a small and stupid group.

Thank you for your interest in being listed on this website. If you wish to be listed on this website, you will have to submit a profile of the Terrorist activities you have committed so that it can be determined if you do indeed qualify to be among the people and groups already listed on this website. However, it sounds like you could be one of those people that just want to be given credit and recognition for the accomplishments of others. By exemplifying behavior such as this, one is generally regarded to as being a "Leech" or a "Parasite". Please feel free to contact the website if this assessment is inaccurate.

We are very impressed on your opposition to oppression, although a bit confused. Based on the tone of your letter and your hatred for President Bush, we have to believe that you are totally against the war in Iraq (and we could be wrong) but that only leaves the oppression, imprisonment, and torture (we realize that you did not say "torture") that Saddam Hussein forced on the innocents in Iraq. You did not actually state that you were against that. It does appear that you are actually against stopping Saddam Hussein from the oppression, imprisonment, and torture of Iraqi citizens. That would certainly place you in friendly association with the Bath Party and al-Qaeda. This is just another example of a Liberal siding with an enemy of America.

Regarding your belief in a woman's right to abortion, please feel free to abort any and all of your children. You know the value of your genetic material and if you consider your genetic offspring to be worthless, then who are we to disagree with you? Abortion was legal before Roe vs. Wade and it is still legal today so... enjoy abortion until your heart is content. We hope that each and every abortion brings you a little more happiness and gives you another reason to live. The subject of abortion was NOT addressed on this website so we are not sure why you mentioned it in this e-mail. Perhaps you are merely confusing this website with a different website.

We are glad to see that you are a "relentless advocate of justice". That would mean that you would be against the vandalism and destruction of the personal property of others that the ELF, EarthFirst!, ALF, and others openly advocate. That raises the question: If you are an advocate of justice as you say you are, then why then do you wish to associate yourself with such domestic terrorist groups as the aforementioned?

And as far as your belief on the "redistribution of wealth", please feel free to redistribute some of your wealth to us. The good people at PayPal will be kind enough to deliver it via our E-mail address.


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