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Updated 15 September 2014

7 September 2014

Neil Whyte wrote:

And who is in charge of this web site? Hiding behind a computer and naming people and organisations that are trying to do some good looks suspect.
Looks silly and you have missed a hell of a lot of people and organisations that pose a real threat. Listing PCRM as a threat is stupid.

In all honesty, is not everything that we write considered suspect by you because it opposes your views regardless of the facts and what is actually written for everyone to see?

Why is it that people like you have such a problem with us recording events for the historical record with names, dates, and locations? We know that we do not have every organization that is a threat to freedom loving Americans. We have just listed some of them that people may not know exist and of course, you object to our efforts. Does it really matter who is in charge of this website? The information we have obtained is here for everyone to see and remember. We understand your objection to actually writing this down and keeping the record of who did what. You do not want us doing that. Trying to shift the blame and try to make us appear to be the bad guys is part of your strategy. You forgot to tell us where we have made a mistake with the information contained within the many pages of this website. You forgot to dispute the facts and offer the corrections to whatever content that you disagree or where you find error. There is a reason for that... you dislike that we have written and kept a historical record about the groups you support.

We see the Animal Rights Movement as a threat to the American way of life... you obviously do not by the fact you wrote us this e-mail. No problem, we believe that you support these groups. You have the right to do so. We are not trying to stop you from exercising your Right of Association.

The PCRM is a group that is closely associated with the ADL (Animal Defense League) and the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. This connects them directly with movements such as the ALF, ELF, and Earth First! that commit arson, theft, vandalism, and other crimes in the name of Animal Rights. That is how they justify their terrorist actions. They are no different than the Islamic terrorists that go around committing acts of terrorism in the name of Islam. It is pretty clear to us that you have never been targeted for retribution or threatened with death by these people that make up these groups "that are trying to do some good". So, you go ahead and continue to believe that "Listing PCRM as a threat is stupid". As long as they are not threatening you or causing you any problems, who cares? After all, it is not your problem and besides, these people that do not share your opinion or views on Animal Rights deserve what they get, right?

We did notice that you think that other groups should be listed. Apparently, instead of the PCRM, but you did fail to offer a single name so we are not sure what groups we should have included, but we would love to hear what groups you believe we should have included and why we should list them on this website.

If you think there are other groups that pose such a threat and you actually have reasons to substantiate your beliefs, there is nothing that stops you from starting your own website and listing these groups as you see fit. You are also free to print your name, home address, and any other personal information for all to see so that your supporters and critics may contact you anytime and discuss the validity of your website content.


E-mails from Robert Gage
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5 September 2014

Robert Gage wrote:

There is a disease in America. A long standing, chronic and fatal one. It is the disease of Right wing hatred, bigotry and greed that you perpetuate. You are completely inhumane. You live in a twisted fantasy world of White 1950's American delusion. God, Mom and Apple Pie. You and yours will burn in hell. You are diseased/

That is an interesting comment. What you forgot to do was to include the examples. So please, allow us to help you with some examples. You are free to dispute these examples if you like.

Let us take a look at Civil Rights. In 1964 when President Johnson was working hard at passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act into law, it was the Republicans that supported and voted to pass this legislation. It was the Democrats that tried to prevent it from becoming law by a wide margin.

Let us not forget what political party had the Grand Wizard of the KKK as a Senator... Democrat Senator Robert Byrd. But we guess you consider that acceptable and are able to justify and excuse this hatred and bigotry.

Let us examine the case of Clyde Kennard. He was imprisoned by the Governor of Mississippi for applying to go to college. What political party did Mississippi governor James P. Coleman belong to? That is right, the party of the Left-Wing... the same political party of Senator Robert Byrd... the Democrat Party.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution is something that the Right Wing love and the Left Wing hates. It is clearly in the Constitution and the Left-Wing hate it. They would clearly re-write the Constitution if they could and we have shown what their version would look like. We would love to have your insight on this... "If The Constitution Were Written By Liberals. We would love to hear why you think this is not an accurate representation of Liberal values... not opinion, but facts based on what the Left-Wing perpetuates.

The Left-Wing hatred of religion and anyone that believes in God. This all comes from the Left-Wing. They even took a vote on whether or not to allow "God" into the party platform in the 2012 election. We understand your argument of God, Mom, and Apple Pie. That is why when we see some Left-Wing supporter thank a Vet for his service, it is not from the heart... it is just something in vogue. You are probably going to say something like, "you do not support war so why should you support the Soldiers and Marines that served." We have gotten that from several haters of this website. At least they were honest with their opinions. We know the Left-Wing hates the military and everything it represents. This historically accurate with the inception of modern day Liberalism.

What else do Right-Wing Conservatives stand for? Self-Reliance, a strong military to protect our way of life, a strong economy where everyone is allowed and encouraged to work for themselves to become financially strong as opposed to the Left-Wing Liberal plan to support everyone on the backs of taxpayers and not allow them to achieve anything for themselves based on hard work and the ability to produce something. A good book for you to read is "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith. Everything in this book is as true now as it was when it was written.

We do not believe in racism. We believe that everyone is equal under the law, but that does not mean that everyone is equal in ability. Conservatives are not so much in favor in the Socialist policies that are nothing but Redistribution of Wealth polices. This is not what made this country great... Entrepreneurship, Freedom, Liberty, and Capitalism is what made this country great. Socialism did not... High taxes on those that actually produce did not... Taking money from some to pay others that did not earn it only causes a drag on society and enslavement to the government for those that accept the bribe. You are only going to argue on this point if you do not understand economics.

Conservatives stand against drug use... Liberals are in favor of drug use. Conservatives stand for a strong country... Liberals think we are too strong and think we should cut the military to the bone because it is a waste of money to buy weapons, invent new technology, and offer a strong presence around the world. Conservatives believe we should be energy independent... Liberals hate the idea of drilling for oil on our own land so we are energy independent and do not rely on countries that hate us for our energy needs.

Conservatives tend to support Israel and America. Liberals tend to hate Israel and blame them for all the problems in the Middle East while supporting Palestinians and HAMAS and other Islamic groups that only want to kill Americans. Face it, there are many Americans that support the Muslim/Arab cause and these are not Conservatives... they are most certainly American hating anti-Semitic Left-Wing Liberals. The same ones that were protesting for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. And what group is it that is always defacing the American flag. You can call it Freedom of Speech of you like, but just remember, when you use the right of "Freedom of Speech" to justify you burning the American flag... the symbol of freedom around the world, just what is it that you are saying. We know what it is. You are saying how much you hate America. We have pictures. Enjoy them are your leisure.

We know you hate us with a passion for speaking the truth and standing against the Marxist programs of the Left-Wing. It is understandable because it attacks the very core of Liberalism. We know you want to vilify us for opposing your beliefs. We would expect nothing less because it is your hatred for us that drives you. We know this because it is not Conservatism that is the problem - it is Liberalism that is the true disease of society. For proof, look at the worst cities in America... Liberals control them. Detroit used to be the giant in economic power, now just a memory of the power it once had and now nothing but poverty brought on by Liberal Left-Wing policies. The schools in America have been getting worse each year. What group has been in charge of the Educational system? The Liberal Left-Wing. So, you see, the long standing and chronic problem is not Conservatism... it is Liberalism.

The core values of Conservatism is what made this country great. It is what this country was founded upon and we know you hate all of this... God, Mom, and Apple Pie.


E-mails from Robert Gage
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15 September 2014

Robert Gage wrote:

You people are just pathetic

Why are you not giving an explanation of your thought processes? You throw around the accusation saying, "You people are pathetic", without a single idea or thought as to how you came to that conclusion. Contrast that to our response to you. Whereas we explained in detail our answer to your first e-mail, which you did not or were not able to dispute, you failed to show any argument to support anything you stated. It seems you are a person of few words. From your e-mails, it is clear to us why you are a person of few words. With your dislike of Conservative values, it probably rests on the Liberal education you have received that allows you to criticize us and others without actually offering a single fact to support your opinions. You can call us names, vilify us, and refer to us in a negative way without knowing why. You cannot support your arguments or else you would have done so.

But thanks for writing back. Your e-mails are always a pleasure to read.


E-mails from
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21 August 2014 wrote:

Thanks for providing contact info for all the " terrorist" groups. Wasn't sure where to send my contribution. You've made it much simpler..

Not a problem. It was our pleasure to present the truth to anyone desiring to know it. You know where your values lie. You know what your agenda is. There are so many people that hold anti-Semitic, Liberal, and/or Marxist views and wish to contribute to these causes. Apparently you are just one of them. We like to take a stand against these groups, but obviously, you feel some strong connection with them based on your e-mail. It is people like us that offer you this freedom knowing that you would protest and vilify us in the process. We know that no gratitude for the freedoms we provide for you will ever be given.

Our guess is that you would have found someone that holds your values to support without our help. What we do know is that you did not dispute any of the information on the website about these groups. We know we are accurate with the presentation of the material we have printed. We appreciate the confirmation of our accuracy as it is clear that you support whatever groups you support based on what we have printed.

We know these groups have a following. That is what makes them so dangerous. Others will follow their example with total disregard to the damage they create whether it be some animal rights group that targets the children of people they hate or by providing financial support to Islamic terrorist groups that have sworn death to all non-Muslims. So, for those people that end up getting hurt or dying in the name of protecting others from what you support, thanks for nothing.

Thank you very much for your e-mail. It is just another reminder of the importance of what we do here and why we must continue with standfast resolve.


E-mails from
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23 August 2014 wrote:

No. Thank you. Your lack of insight and perspective is refreshingly absent. I would help you. Would only I could.

If only you had actually disputed something we wrote, but as you stated, you are unable to do so.

What freedom did you, specifically provide? I served my country. How's bout you?

As a matter of fact, we did serve. I served in the United States Marine Corps. Everyone else here has either served in the United States Marine Corps, Army, or Navy. The fact you ask what freedoms we provided certainly makes us question in what capacity you served your country because you do not seem to include yourself in this claim that you served your country. If you had been in the military, you would not have to ask that question. You would already know the answer. You would know what freedoms you helped to guarantee to all Americans. So please, do not offer any veteran your "thanks for your service" or some other nice sounding phrase that makes you look good in front of others because it is clear that you have no idea why you are actually thanking them.


11 August 2014

nasreen khalid wrote:

Is this website trying to bring the other religions against islam?Dont just skrible something in your website before you know what exactly is islam. Islam never supports terrorism. Our prophet muhhammed musthafa( sallalahu Alaihivasallam) and the QURAN have taught us to respect all other religion.In fact ALL MUSLIMS ARE NOT TERRORIST....AND ALL TERRORIST ARE NOT FROM THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY.ISLAM do not support terrorism. Hell be with kurt westergaard!!

We do not need to bring other religions against Islam. Islam is doing that all by itself. We are only printing the truth. We have never said nor implied that all Muslims are terrorists. What we have stated is that Muslims rarely, if ever, speak against any terrorist acts of those Muslims that commit terrorism under the name of Islam. This lack of action makes them complicit in the acts of those that actually commit the acts of terrorism. Any person that does not stand against these terrorist actions is at least a passive supporter of terrorism.

You seem to hate Kurt Westergaard for a cartoon that Muslims find distasteful. Apparently you find it easy to ignore the hundreds of thousands of cartoons Muslims have drawn disrespecting other religions such as Judaism. So please, do not insult anyone reading this with such cries of disgust. But we can see how you are able to justify the death of non-Muslims based on the hatred of Kurt Westergaard all in the name of Islam.... such a peaceful and loving religion (note sarcastic tone).

And about all those pics in ur website people holding guns and all.Then how about the gangsters and the youth holding guns in your place and those of other religions roaming in streets out there?So are they terrorist too?and is it what their religion teaches them? so you guys better dont be stupid. i request u to take out all those stupidity done in ur website. NOBODY can destroy ISLAM whatever you do!!! analyse properly before u guys upload anything

"... and those other religions roaming in streets out there..." None of them are chanting "Death to Islam". What is your problem with other religions existing? It is easy to answer that question. You hate them with a passion. You hate them because you want to hate them and you do it in the name of Islam. You know what Islam is and so do we. You just do not want to admit the truth as we have. For other religions of a non-Islamic belief that has been around longer than Islam, they have all be targeted for extinction by Islam. Anyone that will not convert should die. How do we know that? If you have the courage to accept the truth, read the following two websites. ISIS Forces Iraqi Christians To Pay Jizya,... and Vancouver Sun. If you want more examples, it is an easy internet search.

We know what Islam is to non-Muslims. It is eventual death. The problem with Islam is there is no tolerance for anything non-Islamic. If you take a look at the quotes of the Islamic leaders, there mission is clear. We did not make up these quotes or the atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists. We also do not take pride in these terrorist actions as so many Muslims do.

So many people write us and complain how we are wrong on Islam, but they never cite any specific examples. They do not like how we use the terrorist actions committed in the name of Islam that define Islam by the Muslims that justify the terrorist actions.

If as you say, nothing will ever destroy Islam, what is your problem with anything we have to say? The real problem is, we are not afraid to speak the truth. We are not intimidated with personal attacks, name-calling, or death threats. For the record, we have reported the truth. It is clear you do not like it and you are incapable of accepting it. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow, but that does not change that it is the truth. Everything we have written on this website is true and accurate and all of your hatred toward us and the other religions that roam the streets freely here in America without approval of Muslims or being forced to pay Jizya has changed nothing.

And yelling "ALLAHU AKBAR" does not intimidate us at all. It only stiffens our resolve because we know what Islam really is to non-Muslims.


7 August 2014

K B wrote:


Believing that Zionists deserve to live in peace in Israel, I nevertheless have a problem with understanding the aggressive nature of Israeli land acquisition. At one time Israeli bulldozers were busy razing old farms and orchards that the farmers claimed had been in theArab (Palestinian) family for generations. This broke my heart, and as a Jewish person of compassion, I suddenly felt that Israel has stepped over the boundaries into bad moral behavior. These Arab farmers seemed to be good people, who deserve to be treated respectfully - after all, they lived in harmony with the earth threatening no one. There also seems to be a big issue looming over water rights as water will become the defining resource of future sustainability on the Earth.

Since this latest conflict between Israel and Hamas I have begun hearing antisemitism and even my friends are marching out the tired old arguments about Jews controlling everything from banking to the news. I sometimes have a difficult time explaining the complexities around genetic politics in the Mid-East. If you can, I would appreciate your thoughts on taking these several generation old farms away from innocent Arabs. (I think I remember something about the farmers not having documentation of ownership, but still, I don't morally accept Israeli demands to remove these people).
Ken B.

We think your problem is believing that Israel has an aggressive nature with land acquisition. It does not. It is the Muslims that believe that Israeli land is actually Muslim land. It is the Muslims that are trying to take land from Israel. If the Arabs had accepted the land distribution set in 1948 and did not declare war on Israel to take the small portion of land promised to the Jews (1/5 of the Palestinian Mandated land controlled by the British), they would have their land and country and supposedly everything would be fine. Of course, any rational and intelligent person knows this is not true. The problem is, Muslims hate the Jews and cannot tolerate a Jewish homeland. Muslims believe where Muslims live, that is Muslim land, which means the entire world. Muslims are set on world conquest and domination. It is happening in Europe as we speak. Unless something is done soon, in the next 20-30 years, Europe will be over 45% Muslim. Then Europe will see events like forced conversions or death such as what ISIS is doing in Iraq today.

Anti-Semitism is such an easy way to blame everyone's problems. Jews make up less than 3% of the world's population, are always in a death struggle to maintain such a small country smaller than New Jersey, yet somehow Jews are able to hold such power. The lunacy is so obvious it is hard to rationalize, but the ignorance of those that hold this position is even greater. Liberalism and its problems are blamed on Jews because there are so many Jews that are liberals. We do not understand it because so many Liberal ideas are anti-Semitic. This is what some people want to see and so they do. The problem is not a Jewish problem, the problem is a Liberal one. It is not the Jews, it is the Liberal ideology.

We cannot address the problems with the Arab farmers that you mentioned except to say that you answered your own question. If they did not own the land, they have no right to the land. That is a question of property ownership and apparently the land does not belong to them. What else can we say?

Muslims outnumber the Jews of the world over 100 to 1 and have sworn death to each and every one of them just like Hitler and yet who do the Liberals support.... HAMAS, PLO, and every other Muslim entity wanting to take land away from Israel.

If the numbers were switched and the population of Jews and Muslims were 100 Jews for every Muslim, would we see the problems we see today? Would you see Jews using suicide bombers going into Muslims shops and killing as many Muslim civilians as they could and celebrating the victory afterwards? Of course not. No where would you see anything like that. But such is not the case. Instead, we have Muslims forcing their religion on others with the choice of forced conversion or death. It is also death to any Muslim that leaves Islam. This could be the factor why Muslims claim that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.


E-mails from bollos
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29 July 2014

bollos wrote:

Subject: you people are morons

this is all i need to know:

"This website is a list and record of people that betray and endanger America by their Seditious, Treasonous, and/or Terrorist activities. Operating under the false illusion of Peaceful and Non-Violent activism, their methods are anything but Peaceful and Non-Violent. These people present a serious threat to all Americans. Each and every one of them should be considered a TARGET OF OPPORTUNITY."

It is always good to hear from someone that supports HAMAS, al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups. It is quite clear that you disagree with us as we make our stand against these groups along with Communism, Marxism, and Socialism. We also stand against Nazi oriented groups, but it is clear from your well-written e-mail that you support these groups. Thank you for offering your support to these groups and people we have cited our opposition. We are sure they appreciate your support.

The next time you see a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Airman, or a Military Veteran, please do not lie to them and thank them for their service.You do not support them or their service. We know this because you have been clear when you could only muster up an argument calling us morons for holding and supporting these values. As a Marine Vet and for all other Vets... thanks for nothing.

Thank you for visiting the website. We look forward for more insightful comments and e-mails from you in the future.


E-mails from bollos
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12 August 2014

Subject: Re: you people are morons

bollos wrote:

i'm an atheist you moron.

"In light of this dissatisfaction with Hamas security forces and administration, most respondents favored the prospect of the PA taking over Gaza. A remarkable 88 percent agreed with the statement "The PA should send officials and security officers to Gaza to take over administration there" -- including two-thirds who "strongly" agreed."

No one here is really sure how you being an atheist plays into anything we have said. It does not change anything. If you want to be an atheist, that is on you. We could not care less what your religious beliefs are, or lack thereof. Apparently you think that our response to your first e-mail held some form of commentary on you being an atheist. We are not sure what you read from our response that addressed atheism. But fear not, you got it in that you apparently are an atheist and that it is important for everyone to know that.

It is too bad your only argument has to begin and end with name-calling and personal attacks. The only thing you have to say is a regurgitation of something someone else has said that you may or may not agree with or even understand. We really do not expect more from you based on your delightful and well-thought out e-mails i.e. the first sentence of both of your e-mails. But thanks for sharing your intellectual thoughts.

Israel has a right to defend itself and its citizens from rocket attacks that are targeting civilians. If HAMAS wants to hide behind civilians for protection, the people of Gaza need to make a stand. We know this may be hard for you to comprehend. Israel has done more to protect the citizens of Gaza by calling them before an attack and letting them know to leave the area because Israel is going to destroy the missiles hiding in the school or in the backyard of a house or where ever HAMAS has placed them in the civilian population. The difference is that Israel is targeting the missiles or the HAMAS leadership. HAMAS is targeting Israeli civilians, Jews, and anyone else they can indiscriminately kill for the sake of killing in the name of Islam.

It is no secret that the civilians caught in the middle of a war do not want the war to take place in their neighborhood. But you also cannot expect Israel to just do nothing and allow HAMAS to kill civilians without any retaliation. If you were to go over there and fix the problem, there would probably be a Nobel Peace Prize in it for you. And what with you being a proud and self-proclaimed Atheist, HAMAS would love you.


E-mails from Juan Guillermo
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17 April 2014

Juan Guillermo wrote:

"It feels like we are in a furnace," said James Zanzot, an inmate who has lived in the tent jail for one year. "It's Inhumane." Here is a thought... Maybe you should not have committed the crimes that put you in the position you are in now. It seems that you now have a certain motivation not to break the law again. Is that not what rehabilitation is all about?

the above statement was taken from your article of sheriff Joe Arpaio. For some reason, this statement stood out to me above the others. Maybe because I think it's highly... misinformed.

First, the reason of rehabilitation is to restore something back to good condition. Whether it's restoring a violent offender, or a machine.

They may have committed a crime, but they're still human. They might be animals, but animals have feelings to. Treating them like a shit will only cause prison riots. Like Attica in 1973.

Then again, it was voluntary. If they didn't like it, they could've opted out of it.

The method seems more like retribution and not rehabilitation.

Jew: The concentration camps are inhumane

TOP: Well, maybe you'll think twice about being a Jew.

I know it's random and not related, just thought it was funny.

We stand by what we wrote. We believe it as much now as we did when the editorial was written.

It is clear what it is that you feel that criminals should be entitled to and how they should be treated. The concept behind the tent prison is that if is good enough for the American troops serving in forward areas, then it is good enough for prisoners. So far, we see nothing wrong with that logic. Apparently you do. You do not seem to understand the purpose in jail and prison and you do not understand the difference in the two. Attica is a prison where criminals are sentenced for committing felonies. Jail is for sentences of less than 12 to 18 months. What does this actually mean? Well, it means that they will not be there in the tent prison forever. There is an end in sight even from the beginning of their sentence.

We understand what you want for these prisoners. You believe they are entitled to and deserving of free luxury housing with air conditioning, free 24 hour coffee bar, free gym membership, and anything else that eases the pain and discomfort of being in jail... all at taxpayers' expense. Sorry, but they do not deserve that. You seem to have a lack of understanding that jails and prisons are for punishment first and foremost. That is their main purpose. It is not supposed to be a luxurious vacation from life. These prisoners are not being tortured. They are not being starved. They are not being worked to death. They are being punished for committing the crimes that put them into the situation where they find themselves so it is no one's fault but their own.

What you are so quick to forget is that for every crime these people have committed probably harmed someone else, either physically, financially, or both. We noticed you did not mention this aspect. The idea of rehabilitation is actually one for prisons, not local jails. Perhaps you did not realize this. That is because it may take years to complete the rehabilitation of an inmate. Jail sentences are not that long. As to whether the purpose of jails and prisons are for punishment, retribution, rehabilitation, or just to remove the criminal from society so they will not commit other crimes against innocent people is a matter of debate that could fill volumes of books. The one thing we do know is that when these people are in jail, they are not committing crimes against the citizens that are forced to pay for the criminal acts these people commit.

Now, let us examine at the last three sentences of your e-mail.

Jew: The concentration camps are inhumane

TOP: Well, maybe you'll think twice about being a Jew.

I know it's random and not related, just thought it was funny.

First of all, this is very offensive. Secondly, it is totally untrue. It is completely random and unrelated and ignorant on so many levels. Putting innocent people in concentration camps, starving them, torturing them, and then killing them and to equate that to Joe Arpiao's tent jail shows how severely uneducated you are. This is the epitome of ignorance of history. We have never said anything like that... EVER! How you can compare being Jewish to criminal behavior is such a stupid and moronic statement it is hard to believe you would even have the audacity to voice it much less put it to print for all to see.

You had to resort to making up a quote that we never said and would never utter to prove your position shows that you have no valid argument. You certainly have no ability for critical thinking on any substantial level based on your statement. The fact that you think that the deaths of millions of people, Jew and non-Jew alike, is funny and some kind of punch line to a made up example to validate your argument just shows the total lack of character, morality, and education that you have.


E-mails from Juan Guillermo
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18 April 2014

Juan Guillermo wrote:

First of all, this is very offensive. Secondly, it is totally untrue. It is completely random and unrelated and ignorant on so many levels. To equate putting innocent people in concentration camps, starving them, torturing them and then killing them with Joe Arpiao's tent jail shows how uneducated you are. This is the epitome of ignorance of history. We have never said anything like that... EVER! How you can compare being Jewish to criminal behavior is such a stupid and moronic statement it is hard to believe you would even have the audacity to voice it much less put it to print for all to see.

The fact that you resorted to making up a quote that we never and would never say to prove your position shows that you have no valid argument. You certainly have no ability for critical thinking on any substantial level. The fact that you think that the deaths of millions of people, Jew and non-Jew alike, is funny and some kind of punch line to a made up example to validate your argument just shows the lack of character, morality, and education that you have.

Wow, looks like I hit a nerve there, didn't I? You're quick to resort to name calling. Did you miss the part where I said it's random and "not related"?

Where was it that we resorted to name calling? Nowhere did we call you anything. It was just strange yet priceless to the point of being laughable that you tried to prove your point by making up your own "facts" that were complete falsehoods and then to refer to your own support for your viewpoint "random and not related" to substantiate your argument. The fact that you labeled your supporting argument "random and not related" was quite telling nonetheless. Your comments had the rancid scent of anti-Semitism, which is very common with people that embrace Left-Wing agendas.

Hitting a nerve is probably how you challenge any opposition to someone that voices an opposing view to your viewpoint. It is called Elitism. We have a picture of that.


The concept that allows Liberals to show their superiority.

People have a different sense of humor. Just get it over it.

Yes if it would've personally affected me, it would not be that funny of course. But it didn't.

We see. When it affects you, then it is not so funny, but if it affects others, you do not care. That is a pretty selfish attitude. It is not that we expect anything else from someone that would actually write these words, because we do not. We are over it, we just commented on what you wrote in your e-mail.

We understand what you want for these prisoners. You believe they are entitled to and deserving of free luxury housing with air conditioning, free 24 hour coffee bar, free gym membership, and anything else that eases the pain and discomfort of being in jail... all at taxpayers' expense. Sorry, but they do not deserve that. You seem to have a lack of understanding that jails and prisons are for punishment first and foremost. That is their main purpose. It is not supposed to be a luxurious vacation from life. These prisoners are not being tortured. They are not being starved. They are not being worked to death. They are being punished for committing the crimes that put them into the situation where they find themselves so it is no one's fault but their own.

Listen, I sent an email thinking that you would be more mature about this.

We addressed your e-mail with the same passion that we do for everyone that writes us. We addressed your e-mail point-by-point in a clear and concise manner. We were polite and did not resort to name calling despite your claims to the contrary. And we were respectful in our reply. What exactly are you looking for in our reply? Do you want us to agree with everything you say, pat you on the head and thank you for allowing to bask in the wisdom you presented? People are tired of criminals committing crimes against law-abiding citizens and then they are coddled and excused because they had a tough childhood or some other bleeding heart excuse for their criminal behavior. At least most of them are there because of their actions. We are leaving the opening that a very small percentage is not guilty and is there because of bad luck. Such cases can probably be found in every jail across the country and this does cause us outrage because someone somewhere is not doing their job properly. But for the rest of them, we have no sympathy.

You're just putting words into my mouth right now.

We certainly did not mean to put any words in your mouth. You objected to the "harsh" treatment of prisoners living in "inhuman" conditions. You addressed the heat the prisoners were exposed to being in an environment without air conditioning. You clearly stated that, "The method seems more like retribution and not rehabilitation." You obviously want the prisoners to have an easier life while they are serving their sentences. Explain it to us. What exactly are you saying? What is it that we misunderstood?

Yea, eventually they must've done something wrong, right? Or maybe they're just there on drug possession, or they're just illegal immigrants. We all know how Sheriff Joe likes to stop all the Spanish people to stuff them into his tents. It all just depends on who you and I think deserves to be in a jail.

The last we heard, drug possession is illegal. Perhaps you condone drug trafficking. It seems you do not believe that drug possession should be a crime as everyone knows that drug crimes are victimless crimes, right?

However, you have pointed out something we did not know and we thank you for that. We were completely unaware that there was a large population of Spanish citizens that were stuffed into his jail for absolutely no reason at all. That is unconscionable! Do you know if the Spanish Embassy has been notified? It is strange, but we have not seen anything in the media about this, but again, we thank you for letting us know about this. We just might have to change our minds about Sheriff Joe Arpiao.

What you are so quick to forget is that for every crime these people have committed probably harmed someone else, either physically, financially, or both.

"Probably" With this so call war on drugs, most of them are probably in there for drug charges.
No Victim = No Crime

As we do not know the details of every inmate there, it is hard for us to say with all certainty anything more than, "Probably". It has always been a well known fact that the drug culture has no victims. (note sarcastic tone) That appears to be what you are saying. We had been led to believe that the drug cartels and those that smuggle drugs into this country and the drug dealers were evil people that had no compunction against killing and other violent crimes usually associated with illegal drugs. Obviously you do not believe this to be true. Without putting words in your mouth, it would seem that in your estimation, the following applies.

Drug Crimes = No Victim = No Crime

That is an interesting concept.

One thing that you did get it right is that I did confuse jail and prisons. My bad.

The tents.. I guess they would not be so bad if it wasn't in the heat.

It would not be so bad if they had not committed the crimes they did to get themselves incarcerated... And we are back to where we started. Maybe if they had committed the crimes in another district where the local accommodations offer a better inmate lifestyle, things would not be so bad. The choices we make...

Fuck the troops. What freedom do they exactly defend? They're nothing but tools of war. Puppets. The politicians might as well stick their hands up a soldiers' ass and that would more accurately depict the American Soldier. They're nothing but indoctrinated fools.

It looks like we struck a nerve with you and the truth about you comes out for all to see. Suddenly all the vile hatred comes spewing out in an uncontrolled fashion. F*** the troops. Finally, you got the chance to voice your true feelings. Well done. Certainly with convictions like this, no one in the military will ever count on you for support. Back in the 1960s, it was people with convictions like yours that referred to returning Soldiers and Marines as "Baby Killers". They were also the ones that gave aid and comfort to the enemy and shared personal information on the families of POWs to the North Vietnamese so as to mentally torture the POWs. Your view on military personnel is abundantly clear. Once again, we have confirmation of what we have always known.

What we understand what your views are and we know they are not all that unusual especially on this matter with the military. It is the cornerstone of a good part of Liberalism and the entire Left-Wing. We knew exactly where you stood from your first e-mail and now, you just confirmed it.

This video. Two goons who work for the U.S. government take the flag away from a protester. The flag was upside down. UPSIDE DOWN. Does this mean that the American Soldier is an egomaniac just in it for the college money?

If you actually watched the video, you would see the two people on the scooter dropped the flag and the Soldier and Marine picked up the flag from the ground. You will also notice that the Soldier and Marine also voiced their Right of Free Speech too as is guaranteed in the US Constitution and as usual, the two people on the scooter there to make a statement by disrespecting the flag rode away as quickly as they could when confronted by someone with actual convictions and a backbone.

So it doesn't matter if the Soldiers can withstand heat while living on a tent. They're fools. Easily manipulated. People in jail, they're just in there for stupid shit. The Soldier CHOSE to be a soldier. They choose to be easily manipulated. A prisoner is not trained to push through fatigue.

The Soldier volunteered to join and serve his country in the military. The criminal chose to commit the crimes that landed him (or her) in jail. If you really think that military personnel are easily manipulated, perhaps you should go and try to manipulate the Marine that carried the flag away. You should try doing what the two people on the scooter did with the American Flag at the main gate of the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. And when you do, make sure someone is filming it.

They don't do a lot in the tents. So that's why I'm kinda like 50/50 on it. I like Arpaio's tough approach on crime. (Except the immigration part).

What is the immigration part? You never mentioned that part of your argument. All you mentioned was the Spanish people that were incarcerated for no reason just because Joe Arpiao liked to put them in jail.

Now, are you going to make fun of my education again?

We were not making fun of your education, we were merely commenting on the apparent level of education of your views.

Can I make fun of you?

Go ahead. Give it your best shot.

Let me try;

Still Liberal? You don't have a good argument. You don't even have a good excuse.

based on this, I am assuming you're a conservative. There's a chance you might be Libertarian, but I doubt it.

This line (Still Liberal? You don't have a good argument. You don't even have a good excuse.) is what we use as a signature line on e-mails. With regards to your e-mail, it seems apropos. If you had actually read this website, there would be no doubt as to whether or not we are Conservatives.

Based on how easily you get offended, I'm assuming you're past your college years. You think that just because you're older, you're somehow wiser. .... meh... I'm not good at making fun of people .. so, I'm just going to try to maintain a civilized conversation with you. Yes, Yes.. I know I "disrespected" the Politician's puppet.. oops I mean the American Troop.

Did you read any of the other e-mails? Do you really think you offended us? We did find your anti-Semitic tones somewhat offensive, but it was not hard to resist the urge to yell at the computer. It is interesting how you are completely unaware that as you get older, most people do get wiser as experience is itself a real education. Obviously, you do not believe that as you age, you become wiser. It would seem that you are at your intellectual peak and you now are on the downside slope of your intellectual peak and will only be getting less and less educated every day. That appears to be what you are saying.

It would be nice to imagine that one day when a Soldier or Marine saves your life with the skills he (or she) learned while in the service, that you might thank them, but as you have clearly stated your appreciation would carry little to no weight as it would be nothing more than an empty and meaningless gesture vocalize by you in an attempt to deceive to the person that actually helped you.

By the way, how's that degree on political science working out for ya?

Sorry to disappoint you, but we do not have nor require a degree in Political Science to hold a rational conversation with you.


19 March 2014

David Teuscher wrote:

Is this a parody site?

We read your e-mail almost in amazement. We tried to determine if you were being insulting or if you just do not understand what you read.

So, to answer your question, this is not a parody site. What was it that caused you to make assumption that this was a "parody site"?

With that being said and without meaning to be disrespectful, allow us to make the following observation. Perhaps you are one of the many people that have no real understanding of terrorism or freedom and how people are affected by these acts.

Maybe you are one of the people sympathetic to the terrorists' actions we have criticized and recorded for posterity. As with so many of the people that detest our efforts to keep a record so no one forgets and our opposition to them, we never had anyone dispute any of the events. What we do get are attempts to minimize our efforts from those that hate us and are not afraid to state their hatred usually through insults and personal attacks.


11 March 2014

Khurram Liaqat wrote:

This is nothing more than misguided fear mongering and an overall lack of common sense; below the levels found in a 5 year old.
Nonetheless, I shall persevere.

And so it begins. In the first sentence you resort to insults and personal attacks. You have absolutely no argument to dispute anything we have printed so you resort to the only weapon at your disposal. If you are going to make such a statements and accusations, you should be able to show where we have misstated the facts, which you have not done.

Muslims represent a tiny minority in regions such as Europe, and as such it is infeasible to conclude "how long until Buckingham Palace becomes a mosque". It is an impossibility.
Furthermore, the class system in place makes it very difficult for immigrants to climb up the social ladder in any way; most earn around minimum wage and make the most of it by not spending frugally.

Exactly what would stop Muslims from making Buckingham Palace a Mosque? It did not stop Muslims from making the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (a city that is never mentioned in the Koran) from becoming the Dome of the Rock. In America, Muslims want to make Ground Zero of the World Trade Center a Mosque, so please, do not insult our intelligence by claiming it is an impossibility for Muslims to take over other cultures and force Islamic dominance over any other culture and religion within the claws of Islamic Law. It has been standard operating policy for the last 1400 years.

Are Muslims worried about climbing the social ladder? Based on public statements, Muslims are more interested in dominating Western culture, not assimilating into it.

Regarding the religion itself and its history, I strongly recommend educating yourself. Muslims are told respect other beliefs, and to adhere to the law of the land when not in direct conflict with the religion. Arguable evidence for coexistence can be found during mediaeval Spain, when it was under Muslim occupation. A link to it is here:

That is a good example. Did you actually read the link you used as your example? It clearly states how other religions are forced to pay a tax to worship as they wish. It tells how Islam tries to dominate all other religions and control them under the umbrella of Islam. This is not respect of other religions… this is dominance and total control of other religions. Freedom and Liberty have nothing do to with Islam.

We have educated ourselves. We know the truth. We have printed the truth. What you are saying is if Muslims do not want to live under the laws of a country all they need to do is to show any conflicted link to Islam and they should be exempt. We have seen this countless times in Europe where Muslims stop traffic and decide to illegal congregate in public areas under the guise of their Islamic faith. Of course, other religions would never be able to do that to any Islamic Law.

How does that coexistence work in Saudi Arabia and Iran? How many Jewish Temples and Synagogues exist in these countries where Shariah Law reigns supreme? Think about the religious preference of those that are always screaming "Death to America" and "Death to Israel".

Terrorism is indeed a vile thing that must be stamped out entirely, but misinformation and ignorance are usually the cause of these views.

Terrorism is indeed a vile thing and it is followers of Islam that are responsible for most of the terrorism on this planet, so please do not pretend to tell anyone of the peaceful nature of global Islam. Have you seen the quotes of the leaders of Islam? Where have you seen the protests of Muslims against al-Qaeda? You have not because people like the Muslims that form al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, the PLO, and other groups like these are the ones that form the leadership of Islam all around the world.

Why do you not just cite the "misinformation" that you try and pin on us? We can tell you why you do not. There is no misinformation.

I understand that this website was trying to help and do genuine good, and that intention can be commended, but this will do nothing more than cause yet more violence and hate crime.

So you are trying to say that because we state the truth about certain subject matter and certain people that are dangerous to others will do nothing more than cause yet more violence from these people. We get it… the terrorists are not responsible for their actions, but rather it is their victims (non-Muslims) that are the responsible and apparently deservingly so for the violence of Islamic terrorists.

All things considered: I'd conclude with this; there are 5 things that must be done by a Muslim, just these things and nothing more.

Believe in Islam, God, and the Prophet.
Give wealth to charity.
Once in your lifetime pilgrimage to the holy city.

We noticed that one of the things that all Muslims must do is to show respect for other religions and to allow other people to peacefully worship God as they see fit to do so. The reason is tolerance of other religions is not one of the core beliefs of Islam. This lack of tolerance is the foundation for the violence experienced by non-Muslims at the hands of Muslims for the entire 1400 years of Islamic existence.

These 5 activities do nothing to negatively impact on any society. While it is true that Muslims will find it harder to integrate into western culture due to the forbiddance of Alcohol and such, it doesn't necessarily mean they will impact negatively on society.

The reasons that Muslims find it hard to integrate into Western Civilization is because Islam does not want to integrate into anything non-Islamic. They want to force Islamic dominance over all other religions and eliminate other religions. The fact that beer is sold in Western countries has nothing to do with the resistance to accept other cultures and religions. You are right, Islam should not have a negative impact on society, but once Islamic populations reach 38-40%, you see a huge impact on society and history has shown it to be very violent especially on non-Muslim populations.

Not only have you not offered an intelligent argument to support your position, once again, you have done what so many have tried to do... dismiss the evils of Islam toward non-Muslims and ignore the violent history and attitudes as if they are nothing but some rare isolated events and that is the biggest lie and insult of all.


10 March 2014

Yasir Samsung wrote:

Dear Sir
I want to point out a glaring mistake. In the section of intellectual comparison between jews and muslims you have mentioned that muslims dont have any Nobel prize in Physics. This is incorrect. Muhammad Abdussalam had won Nobel prize in Physics. Pl correct your data. Needless to say this has rendered your website unauthenticated.

You are absolutely right and thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. Muhammad Abdussalam was indeed the first Muslim to win a Nobel Prize in Science. The correction will be made and Muhammad Abdussalam will be added to the list. We did find a few more to add to the list. This brings the total of 14 Muslim Nobel winners.

We have no idea what you mean when you claim that a small mistake that has since been corrected renders this website "unauthenticated". The claim even sounds stupid. We know there are many people that hate us for the facts we have chosen to print, but as you can see, everything is factual. However, if you do find any other errors, please feel free to bring the inaccuracy to our attention and we will make the necessary correction.

Of the list of Muslims and Jews that have won the Nobel Prize, you only found one that was not on the list... We found seven that needed to be updated. Let's see your level of integrity. How many Jews Nobel Prize winners were not on our list? We have updated that part of the list and currently the count is 193 Jewish Nobel Prize winners. Would you care to check that list?

If you think about the actual facts, Muslims make up approximately 20% of the world's population. Jews make up approximately 0.2% of the world's population, yet there are so many more Jewish winners of the Nobel Prize. Why is that? It is pretty simple. Muslims are not trying to make the world a better place. This starts from the Islamic leadership. They want a paradise... an Islamic paradise. Let us understand what this actually means. The goal of Islam is world domination under Islamic law whereby all beliefs in all other religions are viewed as a sin. Religious Police exist in Islamic countries to enforce, arrest, and punish any violators. This pretty much invalidates any argument to try and prove Islamic tolerance of other religions. This is not an opinion, this is fact based on Islamic Law and actual life under Islam. Maybe you should take a look at our "Islamic Links on". Here, we allow real life Muslims to explain it to anyone that wishes to see the true meaning of Islam.


E-mails from Jamie Lemelledo
1 of 3

05 January 2014

Jamie Lemelledo wrote:

To whom it may concern,
I am asking you to either remove my name from an article or take it down. I did not give anyone the consent to use my name. This is in a direct violation of my rights. The is about a professor named John Daly and was printed in 2005. If I would have known it was out there before then I was took action sooner. I hope you will respect my thoughts to privacy of not i will have my attorney follow up with you. Thank you, Jamie Lemelledo

There are many people that share the same name. How do we know that you are the same Jamie Lemelledo cited on our website? Can you confirm that you were the individual person that made the following statement?

"I don't think the man did anything wrong, I think it's too bad he had to resign."
-- Jamie Lemelledo, student at Warren County Community College, at a public meeting before the WCCC Board of Trustees, 22 November 2005

Can you verify any other comments you made at the meeting in question?

Because you have indicated you wish to use an attorney, we were somewhat hesitant to respond to your e-mail so let us take a look at the facts. We addressed an article written by Sara Leitch for the Express-Times. As we read your e-mail, we did take notice that perhaps we were a little vague with regards to establishing a proper foundation in mentioning your name and comments in our editorial. We have therefore, added some text to the article about John Daly and his attack on Rebecca Beach at the Warren County Community College in November 2005 to clear up any confusion.

We did not mention any details of your life so we are not sure where we violated your rights. All we did was to comment on an article by Sara Leitch for the Express-Times. Any issues you have should be addressed to her as our article only references her new story. Your comments were made at a PUBLIC meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Warren County Community College and were recorded for posterity to be judged by history that is if anyone ever feels compelled to care about comments made at this public meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Warren County Community College on 23 November 2005. If you feel Ms. Leitch misquoted you at that meeting, you should speak to her about this. The Express-Times can be reached at (610)258-7171.

The comment you made was done so at a public meeting where reporters were present to record everything that happened and was said at the meeting for the historical record. However, because we are speaking in a forthright and civil manner with each other, and you feel that we have violated your rights, perhaps you should explain to us exactly what rights of yours we have violated. If you can show us where we have violated your rights, we will immediately make the necessary changes so as not to violate your rights as we have no intention of doing so.

The reference to the article from the Express-Times has been on this website for eight years, apparently without you knowing about it so it is hard to believe any mention of your name has done you any harm. You spoke from your heart your true feelings for everyone to hear and it was reported accurately. The article from the Express-Times has also been on several other websites and we have provided links to some of them on our website.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


E-mails from Jamie Lemelledo
2 of 3

07 January 2014

Jamie Lemelledo wrote:

Actually I'm the only person in th he world with j this name and in the one who spoke for Mr.Daly. just remove, thanks

You have not given us any evidence supporting your claim that we have violated your rights by mentioning your name and reporting the truth, therefore, we will not be removing your name from the article.


E-mails from Jamie Lemelledo
3 of 3

07 January 2014

Jamie Lemelledo wrote:

So I have told you that you used my name in a negative way, your article pretty much quotes me as being uneducated and dumb.. Obviously, you do this to a lot to people, so I'm going to respectfully ask you one more time to remove the article or the next time you hear from me will be through my attorney. Please have some respect and take it down. Thanks

I spoke to the express times and they did not post this article on your website. They wrote and article but it does not say anything negative about me. You need to take the article down our I will be taking legal action. Thank you and good day, Jamie Lemelledo

You never said that we used your name in a negative way. You said we violated your rights. We did not. We also did not use your name in a negative way. We merely commented on some of the statements you made at a public meeting of the Warren County Community College Board of Trustees. We quoted you exactly as was reported in the Express-Times and we offered commentary solely based on your statements in that Express-Times article. The commentary on our website is our opinion. The article we wrote mentioned you and your statement made in public for all to hear. It was your statement that was the focus of our commentary.

As to your level of education or to address the question whether or not you are dumb is something we will not delve into although others may make a determination based in part on your actions and/or statements and who you decide to publicly support. Some will support you and others will oppose you. If you choose to support a Marxist, there will be people that might make a judgment call and the way they see you will be enhanced by your comments on the matter. You publicly stated, "I don't think the man did anything wrong," is a statement that will cause some people to make a judgment on you. You think we that made you look "uneducated and dumb" just by quoting what you said and somehow it was our fault. You have an opinion and you offered it. We are also allowed to have an opinion and we offered it. We have not tried to stop you from publicly speaking, in fact, we have actually given you a platform and quoted you exactly as you spoke to the Board of Trustees of the Warren County Community College, but you seem to want to stop us offering our opinion. We have been respectful to you. We have not insulted you nor have we resorted to personal attacks, but somehow according to you, quoting you is an attempt to make you look "uneducated and dumb".

Unless you can show us how we violated your rights (which was your initial claim), we stand by our article and will not change it.


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