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Updated 29 October 2015

E-mails from Rwf Star
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27 October 2015

Rwf Star wrote:

Hows that Japanese money working for ya.It is either that or you are the biggest pack of idiots I've ever encountered, patriotic rubbish.
Guess what a WHALE is NOT A FISH, so they are not some innocent fisherman as you so sadly put it. Never mind its gotta be the money so you are hopeless idiots.

Well, this was a very simple e-mail to address. It appears that you are referring to the article on "Paul Watson". The fact is, we do not receive any money from any Japanese entity or anyone else. However, your question does make us want to ask the question, "What are you talking about? What are the consequences that you think apply in your mind to whatever situation you think exists with whatever money you think we are receiving from whatever source you feel has some negative connotations? We are not sure we ever said that a whale was a fish as we know they are not. We like how you never actually stated what your position was... all you were able to do was to show us your ability to debate whatever argument you have with us. You presented no actual argument other than to say that we referred to whalers as fishermen, but so did Paul Watson. Perhaps you might want take the time to write Paul Watson and correct his use of the word too. You have to realize that the term "Fisherman" is often used generically to refer to a person that catches creatures from the sea in this case. We are not criticizing your use of the word, we are merely taking this opportunity to inform and educate.

With all you could complain about or address in the article, you chose to ignore everything concerning the facts about Paul Watson and his actions. The only think you could focus on was... well... nothing that was in the editorial other than referring to whalers as fisherman, but we already addressed that in the previous paragraph.

We do thank you for writing us and providing your incredible incite and detailed examination of the information on this website. We know through your correspondence that you are definitely one of the most educated in your circle of associates and we appreciate your contribution to this website to help us increase our understanding of the subject matter that has caused you so much concern.


E-mails from Rwf Star
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29 October 2015

Rwf Star wrote:

Quite the lucid response although really you didn't say much.

Did you fail to see what you wrote? Your e-mail consisted of four sentences, two of the sentences consisted of insults and name calling. None of your statements consisted of any intelligent thought. There was an accusation of an exchange of money that seemed to imply some consequences to something, but that was never made clear. We did address all of your comments in your e-mail with the exception of your "patriotic rubbish" comment. We understand your sympathy toward the socialist agenda held within the Animal Rights Movement that is the center of Paul Watson's motives.

IN MY OPINION killing whales for profit or is highly repugnant.

So in your opinion, it is not the killing of whales that you feel is repugnant, it is the equipment used because both are killing whales to provide food and sustenance for others in their home communities. It is clear that the evil is if someone is making a profit in the process. We cannot have that. Profits are evil and are not part of their anti-Capitalist agenda. Think about it... How is this any different from any meat producing operation that provides food for people? If it is right to stop whaling, then why is it not right to use the same terrorist tactics in attacking anyone that raises chickens for food? If anyone that feels that is repugnant, are they justified in destroying the efforts of someone that raises chickens? The animal in question is not important, but rather the use of the animal as a source of food or income for a family. Where do your sympathies end and with which animal(s)?

With the exception of native peoples that generally go out in hand made boats into the elements like real men.

You like the danger involved in using small boats and the chance for the native people to risk their lives and possibly die in their efforts to feed their people rather than use better equipment that allows a safer hunt whereby the whalers stand a much better chance of returning to their families. Of course, this is where you probably hope that some of the Japanese whalers die in the process perhaps in sinking one of the whaling ships as has often been mentioned by Paul Watson's crews.

Because you are supportive of native whaler hunting whales, please give us the conditions where it is acceptable to hunt whales for food.

We are not sure what you mean "like real men" but it makes us wonder why you are not interested in Paul Watson stopping these "real men" from killing whales. Wait... they did that show. In Denmark, the Sea Shepherd crew tried to intervene and stop the local population from feeding themselves as they have done for a thousand years. Of course some of these boats are not handmade by the actual fishermen, which you made a prerequisite. Some of the boats are made of fiberglass and are made by boat companies on a commercial scale. That fact seemed be a factor on what you considered as a qualification to hunt whales. Any thoughts?

Anyone who stands in opposition to this activity is an excellent human being and should be supported to the fullest extent.
Your propaganda about PM being a terrorist is absurd and you obviously have a very narrow perspective about where you live(Planet Earth) and life in general.

What do you mean our propaganda? He sank ships and he is proud of it. All we have done is to print his accomplishments. Have we misquoted him? Is the information we have about Paul Watson inaccurate? So far, you have written two e-mails yet you have not disputed a single fact we have written about your hero. Please, tell us where are in error.

Of course, we are not the only one that thinks he is a terrorist or has engaged in terrorists activities. He is in exile running like the coward he is. He is a bully. He is attacking ships that will not for whatever reason will not fight back. Do you think he would be attacking the boats he is attacking if they were armed with M2 50 caliber machine guns? Of course not (even though it would be a great show suitable for pay-per-view). But this is very typical of people like him that use terrorist tactics to accomplish his goals. It is not that we expected anything more from him than this because this is exactly what we expected.

I have no interest in denegrating your group except that your ignorance is difficult to understand.

There is a reason that you cannot or will not understand us. You are thinking emotionally rather than intellectually.

My favorite quote on patriotism is "Loyalty to my country always,loyalty to government when they deserve it."Mark Twain

We do not really think you understand the first thing about patriotism after your comment in your first e-mail. This website stands for Freedom and Liberty and against Socialism, Communism, and Terrorism and this is what you referred to as "Patriotic Rubbish". You might want to refer to the following quote from Thomas Jefferson.

"When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is freedom."
-- Thomas Jefferson

Quit frankly I can't recall the last time a US government deserved the loyalty of the people. Eisenhower was probably the last honest president in my lifetime.

And the larger government gets and the more they attack our Freedom and Liberty, the worse it is going to get. We live a good life because of our Liberty that is inherent in our Constitution. The very liberty that people like you work to take away by supporting people like Paul Watson and the Animal Rights Movement.


E-mails from stephen adamo
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16 September 2015

stephen adamo wrote:

if america is so great...the best country in the world.....why are those people and groups you listed a threat?

Because of their actions and rhetoric.

Harley-Davidson makes the best motorcycle in the world, i highly doubt they spend a minute of their thoughts thinking Kawasaki or Ducatti are threats.

Threat might not be the correct word. Competition is the word you should be using and "Yes", Harley-Davidson does consider other motorcycles to be in competition with them to some point. While Harley-Davidson does not make the level of sport bike often referred to as a "Crotch Rocket", these other companies are in competition with Harley-Davidson to some extent.

And my point is to point out to you and as i do so i am pointing directly at you: Not only are you a prime example that americas is NOT the greatest country in the world, because guess what(???) there is no compitition, no contest, life is not a game and there has never been a winner.

You certainly have a misunderstanding of what makes America a great country. The Bill of Rights, which Freedom of Speech is one of these rights and this website is a prime example of that. On this website, we are not threatening anyone… we do not want to harm anyone… we do not want to take from anyone… If you think that America and its level of freedom that has been the brightest beacon in the world, granted it is dimming as each year goes by, perhaps you should look elsewhere such as North Korea for a comparison.

Life is not a game, and while death is going to take everyone, there are actually winners. The winners are the ones that are able to be the best that they can be and be happy living in a free country. It is clear that you do not understand this concept by your condescending attitude toward us. It is clear that you have totally missed the point of this website and you do not seem all that willing to want to get the point.

But you represent a small minority of disgruntled people, losers in looser terms.

We represent America and those that believe that government controlled freedom is not a good idea. It used to be that you could work and earn your way to a good life, but now there are so many people that just feel entitled and that is the problem. That is one of the things that makes America weak. Socialism and Communist ideals are not going to help repair the problems that America has, it is only going to make them worse. And people like you are going to applaud the actions because they stand in the face of what people like us stand for. In a hundred years, nobody alive today will recognize the country. They say that Democracy has about a 200 year life expectancy. As people can vote in laws that will allow them to get more for less productivity, the country gets weaker. We have become a country of sheep happy to live in a world where the government is willing to take from those that work hard to produce something and give to those that do not because they are able to live on the backs of the hard work of others and it is celebrated. If you understood this website and our viewpoint, you would see this, but it is clear that you are one of the ones that are happy to live in a socialist world whereby everything is given to you rather than earned.

As the years past start to out number the years ahead and you look back at a life filled with 'what if's" and 'i should have', realizing your lack of courage and ability has made you into nothing more then a cog in the machine. Or better yet a tin man with nothing inside, just an empty shell. The only way you can push these thoughts to the side(cause your damaged ego can not handle them) to blame others for your own faults.

That is a pretty good example of what you are doing. You are blaming us for what you consider to be America’s flaws. How you come up with the assertion of “lack of courage and ability” is part of you blaming us for what you see as the problems you are quick to point out as the problems of America.

You point at people and say "they make threats, they are a threat, they are terrorists" but you do the same. You say "they are terrorists , they have web sites" yet so do you. You say "they are a leaderless organization: a terrorist group" and yet i did not see one name connecting the author of your site to the site.

It sounds like you are referring to the ALF or the ELF. We have not threatened anyone. We have not committed any actions against anyone other than to speak out and actually list their actions for the historical record. We know that people like you want to get our names so you can direct some action against us. That is the only reason to do so as we have not committed any crimes against anyone. We have just stated the facts and people like you do not like what we have done. It could be that you are one of the people on listed and you want desperately to have your name removed because perhaps a security background check was made on you at your place of employment and you have been declined a promotion because of what was discovered about your true agenda. That has happened.

You list the definition for the word Terrorism. Well if you removed the word terrorism and replaced it with the definition would still fit.....perfectly. I guess your just not smart enough to know that not everyone is as stupid as you......I hope you can salvage whats left of your life and try to do something positive, other wise(and I hate to say this) but your the nigger now, your the terrorist, your the nazi and its your attitude and the minority that share it that has this country with one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel.

Perhaps you could cite an example because we are unaware how replacing our name in the context you described would be a perfect fit. You call us stupid and describe us as worthless and whatever other name you choose to make yourself feel superior, yet you fail to actually provide anything that says we are wrong with the information we have placed on the website.

If you are truly believing what you are saying, what is your concern? If indeed we are positioned with one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel, it would seem that is exactly where you would want us to be. So what is your problem? This should be your happiest day, yet all we see is hatred and discontent in your e-mail.

The fact is all you have is name calling and personal attacks to defend your position, which is based on an agenda centered on your hatred toward us.

You, your website and its content are direct threats to the constitution and the freedom of men & women and every other species all around the world.

Again, you have failed to cite a single example. Your thought process here is simply ludicrous. There is not one example of where anything we have said threatens the Constitution and anyone’s freedom. Far from it as we actually support the Constitution completely. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is probably the most perfect document that man has ever written.

I thank you for reading my note and i wish you luck and remember...around the mid point, between your head and hands is your heart, when sending signals from the brain to the hand to take action, have those thoughts stop by your heart first. Your actions will have better out-comes.

This is a perfect example of the Liberal mentality of thinking emotionally rather than intellectually. You are clearly not using your brain. You have offered nothing but the hatred and name calling of the Liberal agenda. You mention thinking with your heart rather than with your mind, which means you are not thinking at all.

Stephen, we have to thank you for this e-mail. We have not gotten a lot of good e-mails this year condemning this website that were not a rehash of e-mails we have already received over the last 10 years but this one was indeed a shining example. You represented your viewpoint in a grandiose manner. We all know that anyone reading this will be completely fascinated by your viewpoint and keen observations. You are clearly the most educated person in your circle of friends. And please understand that we are being completely sincere in this statement. Thank you very much and have a good day.


E-mails from stephen adamo
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21 September 2015

stephen adamo wrote:

I wanted to thank you for reading the note i had sent you and taking the time to reply in such a colorful fashion. I also include a big thanks for posting my note on your site. Now i can add the title of 'published writer' to my list of achievements. The oddity of it being posted in the hate mail section evened everything out, connecting the dots and helped me see the big picture.

The Hate Mail page is where we post the mail we think is most interesting to our readers, such as yourself. We are not so sure that you want to add the title of 'Published Writer'. We printed your e-mail exactly as we received it. You might want to have your 6th grade English teacher take a good long look at it before decide to put this on your list of accomplishments. Your e-mails may not enhance your credentials as much as you might expect.

I don't consider the note i sent as hate mail(shocked was the feeling i got when i stumbled into your site). I don't hate you nor do i hate anybody and from what i know no one hates me. I guess that is something that comes with the territory. If you are hated. If your actions are rooted in hate....only weeds will grow. And this is your method of operation. This is your M.O. Everyone who does not share your point of view is your enemy. When you do this its o.k. but when others do it its not. Even when they admit it, that they do it. But you deny it! You threaten no one(?) How can you say that with the name 'Target of Opportunity' for your website? which has pages titled 'enemy target', 'mission statement' & 'hate mail.

If you actually read the content, you would not find anywhere where we have said anything to spread hate or fear. It is only from the quotes of those that you support that you find this. The name of the website "Target of Opportunity" and "Enemy Targets" has more to do with its ability to infuriate those that hate us rather than anything else. However, we do fully believe that we should stand on our beliefs and stand our ground against those what represent the things that we see as evil… And the groups we have mentioned have certainly risen to that level. Of course, you believe that we should not because that is the only reason for this website exist.

The only reason you wrote us is because you vehemently disagree with us. It is so clear that you actually dislike us to the point of hate. You cannot hide that. It is so clear in your writings. With everything we have written, you have yet to offer any specific that is incorrect. Nothing at all. All you have offered is hatred to our existence. You have not cited a single instance where we have shown any hatred toward anyone other than to imply that we have by offering facts that you have in two e-mails not disputed a single one. What are we to make of that?

As far as Mission Statement goes, you failed to cite any example of where there is any hatred on our part anywhere on that page. There is a reason for that… there is none. The Hate Mail page is the hatred from people like you that despise our existence. You hate everything about us i.e., our existence. It is strange how you cannot see that. To most people, it is ever so clear but for some reason, you have failed to grasp the reason for the Hate Mail page. Apparently, you have not read of understood what these people have written.

You need to wake up and smell the gun powder. The smoke spirals out of your barrel. Empty cans & bottles, round targets, targets shaped like people, liberals, communist, what ever it is you think your shooting at, your just shooting yourself in the foot. And that is a good thing! Your foot in a sling would prevent you from walking around like you do, using the American flag like a kid uses a halloween mask. Actually he uses it to get a treat, you use it to trick. And do i need to say the only one that falls for your trick is yourself.

We take pride in the American Flag and everything it stands for. The fact that some hate this symbol of Freedom is not so unusual especially when you consider how many like to go out of their way to disrespect it as often as they can under the guise of "Free Speech". And of course, you fail to present a single example of your theory.

We understand that to you and people like you, the American Flag is a symbol of hatred and evil. We see it as a beacon of Freedom and Liberty.

I see your website as false, a lie, fiction and without morality and without 2 cents worth of common sense BUT I also see all the work you have put into it, the cost to keep it up and the research, my god man your research work is top notch.

So far, you have yet to produce a single example of what you are referring. You have not cited a single example of any fact on this website that is incorrect. In fact, you have not cited a single example of anything contained within the entire website. What it is that you do not like is our existence. Everything we stand for, you oppose. We understand that. You have made that crystal clear. It is not a problem for us. It is not that we are wrong or incorrect, it is that it flies in the face of everything you stand for and support.

The website has positive points: your a hard worker, focused, determined, serious. Then the overwhelming negativity, the expose.

What negativity? You failed to show anything specific, yet again. This is one point that we do understand. Facts that you do not like are what you refer to as "negativity".

Your special way of showing the world who you are. The thing you hate most about other people are the traits they share with you. Come on now, thats common knowledge(for 4th graders). Calling some guy who broke 3 windows a terrorist? Now thats the view of a radical.

Could you at least cite an example of this hatred?

Where did we call some guy that only broke three windows a terrorist for the sole reason he broke three windows? That is what you are implying by your statement.

Comparing the A.L.F. to the 9/11 hijackers? I'd bet you they have more in common with the Boston Tea Party(1773).

It is funny how so many people cite the Boston Tea Party as reason to commit vandalism, yet then go off and say how the Founding Fathers were nothing but a bunch of slave owning white men that did not want to pay their taxes. The lack of understanding it incredible. Actually, it is not really a lack of understanding, it is an excuse for them to break the law and try to legitimize their actions to themselves.

But, perhaps you can explain the differences in the core beliefs of the ALF and 9/11 hijackers. Take a look at "The True Agenda of the Animal Rights Movement" and maybe you can see how the Animal Rights Agenda and those groups that support it compare to terrorists.

And this goes on and on. But where does it come from? Could it be you suffer from something that has hurt many Americans? Spending so much time saying "we're #1","Americas the best", America is the greatest", "U.S.A.U.S.A." (and for a time it was true) that it became part of your character, your persona, who you are. Then when you came face to face with the reality of it no longer being true, our sphere of influence no longer, the world no longer looked up to Americans, they despised us and our clandestine operations(take note our black ops being responsible for our stepping on banana peels). Well this was like someone coming at you with a knife, who wanted to cut a piece of you off. and it hurt. Seeking revenge and longing for the past are two things that wont help you or anyone else. In your reply you mentioned something about a background check. What if they gave America a background check. It wouldn't read out to well. Yet you support it. The power structure you hope can restore your ego. Thats where we differ. Im not a liberal, not a conservative, not right nor left, republican or democrat and yet i too support America. but i support the American people not the power structure. The power structure does not care about you. People do. When it comes to tuff times, ruff times, disasters man made or natural the way Americans come together, to help each other IS # 1 in the world. You also claimed that in 100 years I wouldn't recognize America. Are you aware that the way things are going now, in one-hundred years you'll be lucky to find a living human being on the planet?

You may have a point. We have been too much into messing around with other countries with no exit strategy or defined victory. We have definitely lost respect from the world. And when did we do this… The Carter Administration, the Clinton Administration, and the Obama Administration. We lost so much ground during these Presidencies. That is a fact.

The reason you have peace is because the consequences of an attack is known and severe. We do not have that luxury any longer. During the 1970s, there was fight to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. The Liberals were shouting there were too many nukes in the world… Now those same people are doing everything they can to make sure that Iran has nukes. That is what the people that hate this website want to do… make sure that Iran acquires nuclear weapons, because somehow in their minds, that will make the world safer.

How exactly do you support the American people? You certainly do not support us and we are Americans. We have all served in the military. Have you or did you have more important things to do when you were 18? Was military service beneath you?

You say that you are not Liberal or Conservative. What exactly are your core beliefs? They obviously not our beliefs because you have tried to ridicule us. In all of your complaining about us, you have yet to actually state anything that you believe in other than to say that we are wrong and filled with hate, all without any actual examples. Have you read our pages in the Editorial section entitled "Are You A Conservative" and "Are You A Liberal"? Where do you fall within these two groups? How many of these characteristics apply to you from each category?

Use your research skills, take a closer look at 9/11. Something happened from within. Something is not right. its a mystery you might not figure out. But i do know that you will find out that the government you support now is no longer the government you supported when America was the greatest country in the World.

Something is not right? Please tell us what your view on this is. What have your research skills uncovered? Is this where you decide to blame President George Bush for the attack on September 11? If it is, then you would have to blame President Clinton for the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. If you look on the "Islam - A Religion Based on Terrorism" you will find that we have listed the 19 hijackers responsible. If you are one of those naysayers that claim that it was some ingenious plot by George Bush and it was not the 19 Muslim terrorists, you have failed to realize that the Muslim population all over the world is quite proud of the 9/11 attacks. They are only disappointed that they were unable to see the buildings fall and land on other nearby buildings thereby destroying a large part of downtown New York City. But soon, they will have the advantage of having nukes available in a country that is sympathetic to their cause. Who will we be able to thank for that?

Well, you are right about the government not being what it used to be. In fact, if you read the website, you would see exactly what that is. The Liberal agenda has been so interwoven into everyone’s life that it has destroyed the country. It used to be that if you wanted something, you worked hard to earn it. You cannot say that anymore. Obama cell phones, socialized healthcare, the welfare state, the destruction of the family unit, etc… It just goes on. The educational system is a disgrace and who has been running the educational system for the last 60 years? That would be the Liberals. The group that we rail against the most and the reason that you seem to hate us.

As to whether or not there will be humans existing in 100 years… if there are not, then why do you have a problem with this website? It is not us that are killing the earth. It is not us that are trying to control every human being on the planet. We are against this level of control, but the Communist and Socialist agendas that prevail today are the ones that do not believe in a person’s right to be free of government control. In fact, they are the ones that are doing everything to force government control into every facet of our lives. Something that the Founding Fathers would have never wanted but so many of the population are welcoming with a standing ovation.

Really the questions that need to be asked and answered are these. Why is America not the greatest nation in the world? What has changed since America was the greatest nation in the world? Who is responsible for that change? The next question is this. Which nation will replace America as the most powerful nation in the world and what will happen to America when that happens? When America falls back from the world power, who replaces America? These questions are the ones that no one can answer with any answer that keeps America safe.

If we just go along to get along, we die and become absorbed by some other doctrine that will not understand the Bill of Rights or Freedom or Liberty. That is what we stand against with this website. But the one thing you will not see is hatred from us, but only if you understand that the truth is not a version of hatred. The hatred that you claim to see on our website you will only see in and from our detractors.


03 February 2015

Neil wrote:

Hi there

I was so proud to read (here) about much of the work done by my friends and associates aka. ALF.

So you like the work of the ALF. Keep in mind that is pretty much what the Nazis did to the Jews. You support the firebombing of innocent people. You support vandalizing stores that do not sell furs. You just give your undying support to people that only wish misfortune to anyone that does not believe as you do. You have your target of hatred and that makes you feel superior.

We presented the question that no supporter of the ALF and any of the numerous Animal Rights groups ever has answered, you included. And here is that question:

If it is morally right for "Animal Rights Activists" to attack and destroy property in the name of animal rights, the environment, global warming, etc..., is it morally right for someone to target and commit an act of violence or destruction against the same activist for whatever reason they view as justifiable?

So go ahead... justify your hatred.

It's almost (almost) sad to read of the author's narrow minded views on animal welfare. Never once did the fool writing this drivel mention the actual subject matter: the unimaginable pain and suffering caused by humans against animals.

What are the author's "narrow minded views on animal welfare" that you disagree. Because you failed to mention any of them... not a single one that you allude to. If you actually read the ALF page, you would only find that the terrorist actions of the ALF were mentioned. But please, feel free to list all of the narrow minded views on animal welfare you find on this page. We only mention this because you failed to any actual view on animal welfare where the author actually calls for the suffering of animals at the hands of any human.

One can only imagine the pathetic "go humans" view this idiot has. So many top level intellects have spoke of the low I.Q.'s, and psychopathic mentalities of those unable to empathise with animal suffering. In fact the vast majority of criminologists agree that those able to disconnect with animal torture and suffering are most likely to comitt violent crimes against humans (the bad monkeys).

Where was any of this mentioned? All you want to do is to make up what you think anyone that does not support the ALF believes without a shred of evidence other than the beliefs held by you.

I fully support people raging against the machine...the human machine that tortures and terrifies animals. I wish I could feel sorry for those who simply can't empathise with animals, strapped to tables, bones slowly broken, sprayed with poisons, immobilised and screaming everywhere as I write this, but I don't. In fact, as much as I persevere to avoid hatred......I hate them/you.

Rage against the machine. Ah yes, the call for radical Liberalism as though there is actually some rationale for it that is not imagined within the confines of the Liberal mind.

Where is it that it was stated that we do not feel for animal suffering? Where are all of these animals that have having their bones slowly broken? Do you know of such activity taking place and not reporting this to the authorities? Shame on you for this lack of action on your part.

And to comment on your last sentence. "I hate them/you." You can just feel the love. This is exactly the tolerance of the mind that supports the Animal Rights agenda, and other such doctrines, has for anyone that dares to hold any position or viewpoint contrary to yours. Nothing but hatred and without actually stating what we said where you have any disagreement. You are so full of hatred it just boils. It must be mentally painful for you to live your life filled with so much hatred you have to hate others without being able to actually specify why. And somehow, we do not really believe that you "persevere to avoid hatred" as much as you really want others to believe you do. Your entire core beliefs are founded on hatred of anyone that disagrees with your beliefs.

I wish you a similar fate in your life...and that you may, at some point, witness a loved one (spouse, kid or whatever) being subjected to a similar fate....or better yourself.

And what fate is that? The fate imagined by your hate-filled mind toward anyone that does not believe as you do. Your hate forms the same rationale that the Nazis used to torture and kill "its enemies of the state". It is not that we expect anything else from your core beliefs as this is the only end to which your beliefs can manifest themselves. The hopelessness of the suffering knowing that there is no end to the pain is what you wish for anyone that does not believe as you do. Keep this in mind that you did not offer a single quote where we supported the suffering or torture of any animal. What this leaves us with is you are just another example of the hatred that is at the core of the beliefs of those that support the Animal Rights mind.

Maybe I'll see how well you've hidden?

We are not sure what you mean by that statement. The fact that we do not want you trying to kill us because we might disagree with your core beliefs is why we just assume not meet you, but we are not trying to hide from you.

You're probably a religeous fanatic so....go to Hell

And of course here we see you have offered your feelings toward any religious beliefs that people like us that hold actually values - your hatred of anything of a Judeo-Christian religious nature. Notice the similarities in your beliefs and those of the Nazi Party of the 1930s. Hey, but if you did not make the attempt to get your shot in at religion, then really, you would not be expressing your hatred in full, and of course, we applaud your efforts. It is funny how you are obviously not religious, yet you wish us to go to someplace you clearly do not believe exists. We do not know what to make of that.


23 January 2015

Joseph Hanzer wrote:

Good Morning,
I stumbled upon your site while doing research regarding statements claiming there is no such thing as a Palestinian.

That is not quite what we said. You have absolutely misquoted us probably you only read what you wanted to read within the text rather than what we actually wrote. What we said was there was never a sovereign country called Palestine. Palestinian Arabs were never referred to as "Palestinians" until 1964 when the phrase was coined. There are people that refer to themselves as "Palestinians" are they are quite real but the name Palestinian is just a label made up to try and legitimize a collection of Arabs that only want to take Israel from the Jews and kill them. We have seen countless Palestinians, followers of Islam and the teachings of Mohammad, dancing in the streets when news of the September 11 attacks were televised. We have seen car bombs by the thousands set by Palestinians in Israeli markets and other places where Israeli citizens for the sole purpose of killing Israeli civilians during the 1960s and 1970s. We have heard their chants calling for the "Death of America" and "Death to Israel" for decades. Ah yes, such is the peaceful nature of the Palestinians that only want to get along with Israel while Israel is busy stealing land from the innocent, peaceful Palestinians.(note sarcastic tone)

I read the majority of what is on your site relating to the creation of Israel and believe that there are two sides to every story. Yours is a nice story, but perhaps the accuracy is a bit off the mark.

The accuracy of the information on this website is right on the mark. But we are happy to hear where you think we have been less than accurate.

My family are Christian Palestinians. They lived in Bethlehem, in fact my father was born there in 1910. Eventually they moved to Jerusalem which is where they lived until 1948. In 1946, my father and his four brothers built a 5 story apartment building, one floor for each of them. When the invasion started they were forcibly removed from their home. Like any sane people, they left, at least four of them did. Any efforts to return to it after the conflict was rejected and claimed to be "enemy occupied territory". You see the Jews passed a law that stated any person who fled to "enemy territory" gave up their claim to any property left behind. There were five of them. Two brothers went to the Philippines, one went to Egypt, another to Lebanon and one stayed behind in Jerusalem. No Luck in getting back what was stolen from them.

But you clearly stated that your father stayed whereas his brothers left Israel. How was he forced off of his property if he did not leave? How was it taken away from him if he did not leave? And how is he trying to return if he did not leave? When the armed Arab invasion began, the Israelis had more than enough to do than to mess with civilians that did not pose a threat and did not want Israel to die at the hands of invading Arab armies. Maybe that is actually the key. How willing were your father and his four brothers to support the new Israeli government? Did they feel that the Arabs would be victorious? You were not clear on this part.

The Palestinians that leave did so because they were convinced that the Arab armies would win the invasion and push the Jews into the sea and there would be a quick end to the country of Israel. All land that belonged to Jewish settlers would be taken from them and given to any Arab that made a claim or something like that. This was the promise that Muslim Arab leaders made. This was the lie the Arab leaders told the fleeing Arabs.

I don't believe for one minute that my father and his brothers were the ONLY family to be driven off their property. I know, war is hell and my father was on the unlucky side of it. But please, in the interest of truth, don't legitimize Israel's actions with ancient history, or glorify it because of it's small size. Truth be known, Israel would not have lasted much past '48 if it didn't have serious backers, especially the USA.

You are right, war is hell. Provisions for survival must be made especially when one is outnumbered by 100 to 1. And for you, please do not legitimize the plight of the Palestinians who could have had their own country anytime since the late 60s or early 70s. All the PLO needed to do was to recognize Israel as a sovereign state, which they refused to do along with most, if not all, Arab countries. How many times has Israel traded land for peace only to end up with neither? The correct answer is every single time.

Regarding other countries helping Israel, you will get no argument from us on that. Israel needed the help of many countries to defend itself against the Arabs that only wanted to kill Jews and take their possessions. Funny how not much has changed since the formation of Islam 1400 years ago. They still have the same playbook.

We do not have to legitimize Israel’s actions. They are a sovereign country. They have a right to live as a sovereign country. If certain Arab nations refuse to recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, the problems in the region will never end and Israel will always have to watch its back.

As far as "There is no such thing as a Palestinian" using that logic, you can say the same for Americans. We both know that if you do that though, you will bite the hand that feeds you and will have 300 million pissed off people. If you are going to have an argument or sell your side of the story, be reasonable and don't sound like a spoiled child.

We are not sure where you came up with this idea. The United States has been a country for well over 200. Palestine was never a sovereign country so your claim that the same can be made for Americans is totally invalid, but we would love to hear your theory and explanation to support your belief. How you can believe that there is no such thing as an American is beyond our understanding, but that is how you presented your thoughts. We are not really sure how you came to that conclusion, so please do not assume that we agree with you, because we do not. There is such a thing as an "American". Any Muslim will be happy to tell you there is such a thing as an American and will be happy to explain their hatred toward the American Infidels and their hatred for Israel.

The only people we tend to upset are Liberals, Marxists, and Muslims, all of which are filled with hatred toward anyone that does not agree with their beliefs and that by far exceeds 300 million people.

We all know that the Muslims call Israel "Palestine". Muslims believe that all land is Muslim land if a Muslim has ever lived on it. Muslims cannot wait until Israel is destroyed and every Jew is dead. For that matter, every Christian too like your father and his brothers. They will be able to outlaw Judaism and Christianity in one fell swoop… first by legislation, then by the sword and they will take pride in their actions. You might want to remind your Christian family members. But perhaps the Muslims will be happy to "give" you back the land that was "stolen".

All we have done is to print the historic data. We do not know how you interrupt this as unreasonable, but obviously you do. If this is what you call sounding like a spoiled child, so be it, but it sounds like the inability to accept history and complaining that the poor decisions made by your family is somehow someone else’s fault… well, that sounds like the ranting of a spoiled child who cannot get their way. We are not sure where you came up with this idea. The United States has been a country for well over 200. Palestine was not so your claim that the same can be made for Americans is totally invalid. How you can believe that there is no such thing as an American is beyond our understanding, at least how you presented it. We are not really sure how you came to that conclusion, so please do not assume that we agree with you, because we do not. There is such a thing as an "American". Any Muslim will be happy to tell you along with their hatred toward the American Infidels and their support for Israel.

The only people we tend to upset are Liberals, Marxists, and Muslims, all of which are filled with hatred toward anyone that does not agree with their beliefs and that by far exceeds 300 million people.

We all know that the Muslims call Israel "Palestine". They cannot wait until Israel is destroyed and every Jew is dead. For that matter, every Christian too like your father and his brothers. They will be able to outlaw Judaism and Christianity in one fell swoop… first by legislation, then by the sword and they will take pride in their actions. You might want to remind your Christian family members. But perhaps the Muslims will be happy to "give" you back the land that was "stolen".

All we have done is to print the historic data. We do not know how you interrupt this as unreasonable, but obviously you do. If this is what you call sounding like a spoiled child, so be it, but it sounds like the inability to accept history and complaining that the poor decisions made by your family is somehow someone else’s fault… well, that sounds like the ranting of a spoiled child who cannot get their way.


03 January 2015

robmohr86 wrote:

Your a dumb bunch of shmucks. This guy's a terrorist? Lol Shut your Japan suckin ass up comrade. Your websites a joke. This email is fake. Send a bunch of bulls-shit to shit.

Ah yes, the first e-mail of the year perfectly showing the center of Liberal thought. Like most Liberals, you have trouble seeing what a terrorist really is. The word "comrade" is telling too. If you consider this website to be a joke, you would not have written and given your opinion, which was weak, totally lacking in substance, and devoid of any intelligent thought. Obviously we think we struck a nerve with you to cause you to take the time to write us with such vile hatred. However, we do appreciate the e-mail.

We are not sure what to make of you calling your own e-mail a fake... you are the one that wrote it. The one thing that we can take from this e-mail is values you set when you decided to write us... all you can do is to resort to name calling and personal attacks without every showing a single rational thought that actually contradicts anything we stated about Paul Watson or any of the other 160+ pages of this website. Your e-mail has illustrated your complete lack of education necessary to dispute the facts and it was done in typical Liberal fashion - by hurling insults without actually saying anything.

As a gesture of goodwill for the new year, we are going to help you with your e-mail writing skills. When you write a letter like this, you should do some of the following:

  1. State the point of disagreement or contention.

  2. State what was incorrect or inaccurate.

  3. State your opinion in a clear and concise manner without using any profanity, insults, or personal attacks upon the person with whom you have a disagreement.

  4. Present whatever evidence you have to strengthen your argument.

Take note of this fact… if you are a sex offender, serial offender, illegal alien, or on welfare, you are much more likely to side with, empathize with, and support these people and vote for the Liberal/Democrat candidate in an election. Why is that? It is because Liberals think emotionally, just as you have, rather than intellectually, as we have. Thinking emotionally prevents you from disseminating information in a rational, intelligent manner. It is clear from your e-mail, that you are very upset to the point hysteria so that you seem unable to actually form any intelligent thoughts to the point that you claim that your e-mail that you wrote is fake. We know if you would take the time to calm down and regain your composure, you might be able to muster up an intelligent thought to express your beliefs based on facts that you choose to ignore. Of course, it could be that we have seen the extent of your best thinking in this e-mail. We have therefore taken this time to share your e-mail with anyone visiting this website to read at their leisure.

As we leave, allow us to leave you with the following thought:

Still Liberal? You don't have a good argument. You don't even have a good excuse.


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