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Updated 24 January 2016

E-mails from shmatoo
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16 January 2016

Sajad Matoo wrote:

Grudges kills the person if it went out of the control I hope being you as the anti-islamic. You may write according the freedom no one is going to hit you as for now but what you wrote in out of the sense

You are absolutely right, grudges do kill if it goes out of control and that is a good example of Shar'ia Law and Islam. If you want to refer to us as anti-Islam, you could be right as Islam is totally incompatible with Freedom, Democracy, Life, Liberty, and everything that is not Islamic in nature and this includes the US Constitution. Islam is not a Religion of Peace... Islam is a Religion of Submission. When we see the rapes and the killing of non-Muslims by Muslims for the sole purpose of ridding the world of non-Muslims, well, we are totally against that and we want nothing to do with the people that do that. We know the dangers of Islam. We understand the dangers of Islam. They are broadcasted to non-Muslims daily by the leaders of Islam.

It is obvious this is what you support by you referring to us as "anti-Islamic". That is fine if that is your position, but do not expect us to support your position or agree with you. And if you want to call us "anti-Islam" because we disagree with you, then so be it. We will wear that label proudly just like we wear the name Infidel with pride because we want nothing to do with Islam and its teachings.


E-mails from Sajad Matoo
1 of 2

24 January 2016

shmatoo wrote:

I agree there are persons who had label of Muslim but they are not as they are doing what Islam doesn't allow. Islamic submission means" be like human not an animal, fight for cause, live for society "
People like animal only will kill other animal they don't have any religion. I don't believe in anything other than humanity nor I do go against any faith like you do. Respect for the human emotions.

It would be nice to believe that Islam is such, but it just is not true based on the actions and rhetoric of Muslims all over the world. Islam is based on killing other humans if they are non-believers. This is clearly stated in the Quran. It is also stated in the speaking points of Imams all over the world. It is also protested and yelled in the streets by millions of Muslims every day.

Listen to the rhetoric and rantings of Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf in Cologne Germany who believes that women deserved to be raped by Muslims because they wear perfume. "If they walk half-naked and use perfume, things happen." He has also told reporters that women who drink beer deserve to be raped. Another well-known Imam and preacher of hate is Anjem Choudary. He has actually said that he supports terrorism against the west on live US television. There are 10 thousand others that preach the same things all based on forcing Sharia Law upon the world. Non-Muslims do not want it. We want nothing to do with Islam. If Islam is the religion you choose, fine, just leave the rest of us alone. But you see, that is impossible if you are a true follower of Islam because Islam demands that treat non-Muslims a certain way. That way demands their death or enslavement. Again, we do not want it.

Do you know what religion on this planet is the only religion that allows slavery? It is Islam. Why the world stands for this is beyond me, but it exists. The attitude of Muslims that non-Muslim women deserve to be raped and their existence is merely for the enjoyment of Muslim men is disgusting, but this is what has been boasted by Muslims to reporters in Europe.

Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology of domination of everything that is not Islamic and this is the way it has been for the last 1400 years since the inception of Islam. This is what Islam was meant to be. The hatred of anything not Islamic that is instilled in Muslims from birth is not indicative of anything resembling peace. Teaching children to stab Jews and showing it as something positive is not teaching peace. Islam's core belief is hatred for others. There is no other way to see it.

Muslims and the rest of the world have different definitions of the word "Peace". To us, "Peace" means living in harmony with each other and allowing each other to live as we see fit. To Muslims, "Peace" means adherence to Islamic rule and traditions. There is no peace without submission to Islamic law because Muslims see any beliefs non-Islamic is an insult to Islam and everything it represents. You cannot have peace if you are being insulted even though no actual insult has been thrown. There is no living in peace with Muslims all others do not adopt Islamic law, custom, and accept Islam as the only religion. THIS IS NOT PEACE! This is what Muslims will not understand. You have your beliefs and I have mine, now please go away and leave me alone, but under Islamic law and the Sharia, Muslims cannot do this. They must force conversion or kill the offender. This is Islam as we see it from Muslims and as we hear it from the Imams all over the world.


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