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Could the Holocaust
Happen in America?

Is it possible for a Holocaust to happen in America? It is not only possible that a Holocaust could happen in this country, it is damn likely. Why do I say this and why should minorities be concerned? Here is the reason.

The larger government becomes, the more power it takes from the general population and keeps for itself. It is not the conservatives that minorities need to fear but the liberal factions that claim to care.

Liberals believe that freedom originates from the government and that it should do what it can to take care and provide for the people. Liberals tend to believe that government should get involved as much as possible and make as many necessary decisions as needed.

Here is the problem with this view. The more government provides for the people the more dependent the population becomes and the more decisions the governing body is required to make. If you want to work, you need someone to get you a job. It does require an effort on the part of the government. The responsibility is now on the government. And this is where the government likes to get its hands further into the lives of an increasingly dependent public.

The government passes laws to direct a population to behave in a certain manner based on society at large such as the following example - Wealth redistribution or taxing the rich and providing for the poor. It all sounds so simple and good. The problem begins with this. Government uses the police to enforce the laws it makes. A terribly hard job when the population of the neighborhood does not trust the authorities and local leaders do everything to tie the hands of the police that try to do the impossible job that has been entrusted to them. The catch is that these are the very people that want the government to provide for them at an ever-increasing rate.

Over the years, the media has shown a bias that has favored the liberal politicians. While many do not like this statement, it is true. President Bill Clinton made these remarks:

  • "We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans..." (1)
  • "Sometimes there is a difference in what is legal and what ought to be done." (2)
  • "I think that African-Americans are the same as regular Americans." (3)

When no one in the free press questions these statements, there is a problem.

You do not need to look hard to find liberals doing what they can to separate one group from another. It is this attitude that some seem to think brings attention and notoriety to some local leaders. And it is done at the expense of the very people that they are supposed to serve. One only needs to look at Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Louis Farrakhan, for example, and listen to their inane ponderings and decide as to whether they wish to unite or divide the population. Someone will make the accusation that the police are biased and just looking to shoot a black man is horrendous. This is the idea that they try to spread. The idea that white policemen are the enemy of the inner city population is a crime itself. This breeds total and complete distrust of the enforcement branch of the government at a local level. And the media will all be compassionate to them because they seem to care by their rhetoric.

Several years ago in Boston, there was a 9-1-1 call about a man and woman that had been assaulted in their car by a black man. The man had been shot and the woman had been killed. The man had called police from his cell phone and desperately tried to direct police and medical help to the scene. Local Black Leaders did not exclaim that this was an unfair assault on the black population. Nobody doubted that the crime had happened just as the male victim had described. The problem was that there was no black assailant. The man had killed his wife and then wounded himself. This was done to collect the insurance money on a policy he had on his wife. The police quickly discovered these facts, and I might add that the police that discovered this conspiracy were white!

The Susan Smith story is pretty much the same. White police did not arrest any black man, nor was a black man ever considered a suspect. This was from southern police authorities. Yet somehow, the black population seems to fear the authorities due to the vocal rhetoric from leaders with a heavy liberal agenda. Both of these situations were both believable from the beginning. No one from the black community ever vocalized that one of its own was being persecuted. Not until after when it was discovered that they were both lies told by the so-called "victims" did the liberals ever say anything. And they could not say much then because white police that investigated were the ones that discovered the truth. So it was stated that it was awful that the black community was blamed by the public at all.

Conservative leaders try to give back as much control to the individual populace as possible and let the citizens run their own lives as they see fit. The problem is that when you empower individuals, a certain level of responsibility is required and many in this population are just too lazy or stupid to exert the effort needed to live a productive life. Stupid decisions are made and others are expected to pay for these mistakes.

Political leaders will decide that one of these many separate groups are the cause for many if not all of the day's problems. He just has to give the order and the police start rounding up those that have been labeled as "Problems". Who will question this action? The media has shown a serious reluctance to asking tough questions of some of the liberal politicians. And this happens because no one in the media wants to question "one of their own". The bigger government gets, the more it has to do and the more power it has over its own people that it is supposed to serve. Government will only have the power that its citizens will give it. But once it has been given, it is very difficult to get the power back.


1 President Bill Clinton, USA Today, March 11, 1993, Page 2A

2 Bill Clinton, March 1997

3 Bill Clinton; Interview on Black Entertainment Television during the 1992 Presidential Campaign.

--David Meyer--

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