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Tire Reef Clean-up

In a world where PeTA murders puppies, it's no surprise that a bunch of enviro-whackjobs back in the 70s lead by group called Broward Artificial Reef Inc., with the help of the Army Corps of Engineers, Goodyear and volunteer boaters decided it was a good job to dump 700,000 used tires in the ocean.

What could happen? After all, it was to "save the environment" by creating an artificial reef along the Florida coastline the size of 31-football fields!

Well, far from "saving" anything, the tires have destroyed much of the natural reef and "if left unchecked, the tires could kill acres of coral and eventually start destroying other nearby reefs."

The tires are coming up... and the clean-up will take years.

Now... substitute "prevent global warming" for "protect the Florida reefs"... right.

Allowing "environmentalist" to make any policy or establish any program, is a fool's game, and a sure way to damage the environment.

Hillary has a 15-point lead over Barry Obama in recent polls; apparently the margin is entirely attributable to her 2:1 margin among female voters.

Hillary Clinton kissing babies

While I'm not surprised Gyno-Americans--especially young, and/or single dem party gals--would vote based on gender, but it still serves me right for expecting more from chicks.

Not so much different than blacks voting for democrats and black democrats who have never done a damned thing to help them, unless you call creating a multi-generation, welfare family disaster for the last 40 years, help. The gains blacks have made is due largely to their own initial, drive and determination and those gains prove that in ways the matters, discrimination ended long ago.

For example... Sheila and her (ex) husband Robert Johnson became billionaires after founding Black Entertainment Television (BET)... they didn't get there by waiting for a hand out in a welfare line, speaking as if they were mentally or vocally handicapped or bitching about "the man keepin' me down."

They benefited by the same free market system that favors anyone who believes in hard work and the resultant rewards.

But go figure... Shelia has announced she's backing Barry... the socialist, the Left-Wing, all suit, no experience with the annoying habit of trying to speak like he grew up picking cotton and listening the Mississippi Delta Blues.


Obama is the antithesis of a free market system... just one more democrat offering a free lunch to blacks in exchange for their vote.

No thinking person would throw away their vote based on something as ignorant as gender or color, or association.

I sure as hell didn't vote for John Kerry or Algore, even though they are Viet vets... and I most certainly wouldn't vote for Jim Webb either despite the fact that our units fought next to each other during Operation Pipestone Canyon May-June 1969, and he holds the Navy Cross.

Those who cast Women for Clinton... Blacks for Obama... Vets for Kerry... votes have the political savvy of Paris Hilton. They just like to do it (as Dennis Prager points out) because it makes them feel good.

A disastrous example of this is the I-wanna-feel-good 20-percent vote Ross Perot garnered as a third-party candidate which did nothing but guarantee the election of Bill Clinton in '92 and his re-election in '96.

Nice goin', dumbasses.

Katie Couric

Speaking of gender... Little Katie Couric is in the limelight again. Dan "Those documents are not forged" Rather called her out... saying that CBS is in the ratings cellar and headed deeper because Couric "dumbed down and tarted up" the evening news.

(That's the serious journalist among her fellow serious journalists, above).

Les Moonves, CBS suit, rushed to KC's aid: "I'm sort of surprised by the vitriol against her. The number of people who don't want news from a woman was startling," Moonves then attacked Rather saying he's a "sexist" in an attempt to prove Rather and other Neanderthals are at fault for the CBS Evening News ratings at a 20-year low.

Don't think so Ms. Leslie.... it's because she sucks; I wouldn't hire her to tell me it's raining on the Weather Channel.

If she's not a helpless little girl... stop rescuing her... and git her outta the kitchen - it's too hot.

--Gary Alexander--

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