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For your convenience, we present this collection of editorials from this website referencing certain facts about Islam that most Muslims and their friends, the anti-American "Peace Activists", would like the rest of the world to forget or ignore. These links give a through history and show the dangers that Radical Islam poses the rest of the non-Islamic population of the world. While there are some people that will dislike or even hate us for the audacity to keep track of the historical events that take place with regards to the violence of Islam, there are none that can dispute the truth of what we print.

10 Obvious Reasons Why Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace

15 Iraqi War Myths

HAMAS Charter of 1988

Islam - A Religion Based on Terrorism

Islamic Terrorism in Israel

ISIS Forces Iraqi Christians To Pay Jizya,...

Jews and Muslims - An Intellectual Comparison

Quotes From The Islamic World

The Truth About the Palestinian People

When World War III Started

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