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John Petrovato

John Petrovato of Conway, MA is a life-long activist & advocate for non-violent social change. He owns Raven Used Books, specializing in scholarly used books, in Amherst and Northampton, Massachusetts. He is a staunch advocate for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an organization that has allied itself with such terrorist groups as al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah, and the PLO.

You remember the ISM... They were the ones that you saw on TV that were dancing in the street and passing out candy when America was attacked on September 11, 2001!

John Petrovato is a co-founder of Boston to Palestine (B2P), which describes itself as "a group of Boston-based activists who work in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their non-violent struggle to resist and end the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)." B2P refers to the Palestinians' "non-violent struggle", which is marked by extreme violence and acts of terrorism against Israeli civilians. The two organizations have worked together, temporarily taken over Israeli military checkpoints, interfered with the arrests of Palestinians charged with terrorism, and attempted to prevent the destruction of Palestinian homes with access to tunnels that are used for weapons smuggling.

John Petrovato is also a board member & recent general director of the Institute for Anarchists Studies - an organization that funds leftwing artists and writers and works closely with the Marxist organization the Industrial Workers of the World.

He also co-organizes the annual Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference.

E-mail for John Petrovato is:

Raven Used Book Shop
4 Old South Street
Northampton, MA 01060
Tel: (413) 584-9868

Raven Used Book Shop
59 Boltwood Walk
Amherst, MA 01002
Tel: (413) 253-9780

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