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Lazy Democrats

Growing up, I was taught the basics that I would need to be a decent person.

  1. The value of life and its religious aspects.

  2. Family values and listening to/obeying your parents.

  3. Respect for others. Always allow someone else their opportunity.

Money never came up until I was older. Money meant nothing outside of providing comfort (home, utilities, toys). I grew up learning about Republicans and Democrats and how our government worked in the United States. I had family that were both... some voted for Jimmy Carter - others for Ronald Reagan. You asked a family member why he voted for someone, he would sit you down and explain his views. If Ronald Reagan won, and Jimmy Carter was defeated... family members who voted for the losing team resembled a Brooklyn Dodger (or woeful sports team) fan --- "Wait 'till next year!"

Jump ahead 20 years. I still have family members who vote on opposite sides of the table. Luckily, we have civil discussions regarding political views - BUT you can see the difference as some family members are quick to get aggravated when talking about politics. Outside my family it gets far worse.

I have friends, close friends, who curse at the sight or sound of President George W. Bush on TV. I ask them:

Me: "Why do you hate Bush?"

Them: "He's an idiot."

Me: "I know he lacks some social skills, but you have to admire his courage to stand for what he believes in."

Them: "What? All he believes in is being a party boy and getting drunk."

I then proceed to discuss actual policies he has brought about or some of his political decisions....but I get about 10 secs into that before the conversation ends.

Me: "Do you feel [insert Bush policy] is not right for our country?"

Them: "I won't feel happy until Bush is out of office."

Me: "What about his view on"

Them interrupting: "I'm sick of talking about Bush... what an idiot."

That leaves me only to conclude that my friends do not want Bush as their president because he is an idiot, aka - cannot present himself on nationally TV without stumbling or stuttering. None of my friends EVER have a political reason why he should not be the leader of our country.

Then we talk about the war in Iraq.

Them: "Bush is an idiot sending us to Iraq."

Me: "Should we not defend the innocent?"

Them: "Bush is just finishing his daddy's war."

Me: "So we should not have sent our troops over there to free the Iraqi?"

Them: "Bush lied."

Such intellectual debating there. I feel everyone has a right to debate, vote Democrat or vote Republican. That is the great part about being American. Hatred is a choice, but I do not believe it belongs in politics. I like a good debate, therefore I sometimes feel like it's not worth debating politics if I cannot have a worthy adversary to actually TALK politics instead of name calling.

Very common that the people and friends I talk to refuse to discuss WHY Iraq needed someone's help before the US went to war with Iraq. All they want to do is bash George W. Bush. Either by calling him an idiot or blaming the war on Iraq as Bush's fault. I get the word Idiot describing Bush all the time. While being an idiot is not a very pleasing term, it does not relate to how well someone manages a country. According to the Greeks, we are all idiots as we are individuals....something that some countries like North Korea do not allow. No idiots in North Korea.

Take a look at the word Idiot. What does that word mean?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Idiot is a word derived from Greek , idiotes ("person lacking professional skill," "a private citizen," "individual"), from idios ("private," "one's own"). [1] In Latin the word idiota ("ordinary person, layman") preceded the Late Latin meaning "uneducated or ignorant person." [2] Its modern meaning and form dates back to Middle English around the year 1300, from the Old French idiote ("uneducated or ignorant person").

So by calling George W. Bush an idiot, you are saying someone who is a private citizen...or ordinary layman should never be allowed to be president? Does that not go against everything we are taught about our country. That ANYONE (who is a legal law abiding citizen) can have the opportunity to hold a political office - maybe even president?

I know that is not what friends are saying or meaning. That would be too in-depth on their part. All they are really doing is taking a cheap jab at George W. Bush because Bush stands for what he believes in. Bush is actually pushing moral, religious and American values back into our country - and that quite frankly, pisses people off (including my friends).

My friends, as good of people as they are, hate having accountability in their life. They know and have values, they just do not like being told there could be consequences if we do not hold or stick to our values. They call George Bush an idiot not because they think he makes bad political decisions. I know this because they have never told me which decisions they did not like that Bush has made. They tell me Bush lied and got us to go to war with Iraq, but they never tell me Iraq did not deserve our help.

I had a conversation with a gentleman this past evening. It was a civil discussion about the war in Iraq. It was started by a random comment by this anti-war gentleman and it only lasted a few seconds.

Me: "I'm glad I found this item on sale."

Gentleman: "I'd be glad if we never went over to Iraq."

Me: "I'm glad innocent people do not have to watch their family members getting tortured."

Gentleman: "They only love us because we saved them."

Me: ".....ummm......."

It is this kind of mentality that really makes me sad to see people make decisions in life with this kind of mentality. I wonder if this gentleman ever heard of the word "irony" or if he knows what it means?

I encourage all people, of all partisanship, to have a good reason for protesting something besides hatred or the greed for attention. Everyone says they could do a better job...but HOW would you do it?

I have concluded that Democrats or anti-war people I talk to are not dumb. They are just lazy. They are so full of some form of hatred for George W. Bush or so full of contempt due to having someone of their rival partisanship in office they resign to the fact that anyone besides who they voted for is going to be evil. I did not vote for he is an idiot and evil. That is called laziness. I do not believe these people have become politically lazy on their own. I believe the responsibility is on the media. BOTH sides of the media, left and right. While some news sources and media outlets can be fair and impartial some of the time, they still bring a slight division between the two parties. After years and years of this on TV, America now has their own Kurds and Shiites, aka Democrats and Republicans.

In Iraq, tiny little kids are taught from their young age to hate the "others". This resentment grows with the child and leads to violent resistance between the two factions. It seems some of their citizens would rather die than covert over to the other side. Very drastic mind sets. This IS curable to the fact that violence is NOT the answer over their differences, but it will take time as these people have spent their entire lifetime being taught violence was their only answer with many examples being provided by Saddam.

Now...step back into America. Adults get so riled up about politics that it will fester into their families. It seems some political activists are SO LAZY, they have transformed into an Iraqi citizen that has NEVER KNOWN any other way but violence and these activists are using radical and sometimes borderline violent means to get everyone to notice they are unhappy. Do they have a solution? They do not have a ready solution, but they have a big bang to get your attention. When they get your attention they usually have no idea what to do with it, so they use the spotlight to promote themselves or take jabs at their competition. What about discussing solutions!? Nope, rather point fingers talk about the other person's short comings. Still have not seen any sign of a solution other than the one being attempted already by George W. Bush.

Sheesh! If these people are so upset about us being in Iraq, then why are they trying to recreate it over here in America!!? I jokingly say that, but in the back of my mind - I feel it may be all too real of a scenario.

God help us. Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Penticostol....all the same to me: The God our country's forefather's trust.

Reference: -Link- Yes, some democrats are lazy. Do they have a solution to Iraq? No. They just want us out, worry about solution later. Eat now, pay later. I am not saying Republican senate members have the answer, but you do not see a majority of them telling George Bush his solution is wrong. How can you grade someone's test if you do not have the correct answers in front of you?

So people who want to express their view, stop being lazy! Bring something to the table besides your hatred. Why not help your country instead of tearing it down. Anybody can call someone a name or pick up a weapon and use it. But how many people can stand for what they believe in, even if it means people might hate you? Ah...too much work you say. Easier to pick up a small sign or microphone than it is to pick up responsibility.


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