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Leslie James Pickering

Leslie James Pickering

Leslie James Pickering has been an "unofficial" spokesman for the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and have advanced the values that has made the ELF the terrorist organization that it is.

In 1999, Craig Rosebraugh and Leslie James Pickering founded the North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office that was a legal, above-ground news service dedicated to exposing the political and social motives behind the covert direct actions of the underground Earth Liberation Front (ELF). The North American Earth Liberation Front Press Office received anonymous communiqués from the ELF and distributed the message to the media and public. The office was founded in Portland, Oregon, "to work to explain the importance and necessity of clandestine guerrilla action in a revolutionary movement to liberate the Earth from the stranglehold of the system."

Look at what Leslie James Pickering has to say and see if he qualifies as a domestic terrorist.

"The ELF believes any sort of action is justifiable if it causes economic harm to businesses and government institutions threatening the environment."
-- Leslie James Pickering

"You know, it's destruction of property and it's done in order to further the liberties and freedoms of the people here on Earth."
-- Leslie James Pickering

"We're not saying that at all - education and other forms of legal protest are necessary and have been going on for decades in this country. And what we're seeing is that that isn't gonna work on its own, it has never worked on its own. Every successful social justice movement throughout history has had an element of radical activism or radical engagement. We're not gonna stop at what the system tells us to stop at, because it's the system that's causing the problems that we're fighting against."
-- Leslie James Pickering

"The system is the status quo, you know, the American lifestyle."
-- Leslie James Pickering

We now know that he dislikes the "American lifestyle"... the lifestyle that pretty much everyone in America is working 40+ hours a week to achieve.

"The establishment is the American dream, this capitalist society that we're living in, this imperialist society that we're living in, the way of life that we're taught to appreciate and aspire to. We (ELF) don't value property, and profits and economic gain over health or over the natural environment or over the natural world."
-- Leslie James Pickering

When asked if the idea of burning buildings is a great idea, he gave an answer that was straightforward and without hesitation.

"Oh, it's excellent."
-- Leslie James Pickering

Does Leslie James Pickering qualify as a domestic terrorist? YES!!!"

The source of this information:
Q&A: Extreme Environmentalist on "Radical Change". Tom Foreman, National Geographic, April 22, 2003.

Contact Information for Leslie James Pickering:

Leslie James Pickering
Arissa Media Group
PO Box 6058
Portland, OR 97228
Tel: (503) 703-6069


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