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I am greatly disturbed by the Sea Shepherd and its crew. They use words like "genocide" which I find outrageous. (Putting an animal without the frontal cortex of a human being on the level of a human being is offensive.) Furthermore, do they become uptight when a whale eats a living creature no matter its size? After all, even small plankton is alive and deserves to live.

Consider a killer whale. Do these people think of the pain and suffering the animal goes through who is crunched by a monster like that? It is like animal activists forget that a large portion of animals eat each other in vicious ways. Yet, humans can't kill an animal (even quickly and as painlessly as possible) and eat it?

Have they ever watched a cat take down a rabbit screaming for its life? Would a rabbit (if it had a choice) rather be killed quickly without pain or would it rather be killed out in the wild by a cat that plays with it for awhile?

What kind of Xanidu are these people living in? They are trying to create a heaven on earth that cannot exist because the animals won't go along with it. Why won't the animals go along with it? Animals will never go along with the "don't kill and eat meat" mentality because they can't be reasoned with. Why can't they be reasoned with? Oh, yes! I remember now. They are animals. They don't have the fontal cortex humans have. They may communicate, but they don't have language. They are creatures run by instinct. They will always do what they do without change. (Oh yeah, bar a billion years for evolution to show itself.)

What I truly find frightening is that America is allowing these people to come back to America without consequences. While I would totally support their right to try to win the people who eat meat to see the wrongness of their ways, I do not feel that they should be able to physically and violently interfere with a foreign country without consequences from the American government. If the Sea Shepherd and its crew seek to live their lives that way, then they should be cut off from citizenship and its protections. Then, let's see their passion.

Furthermore, their concerns over the population begin with them. They need to put their action where their convictions are: I better not see one of them procreating. And, the best thing that they could do is remove their own polluting presence from the planet. (It's so easy to talk about population control when they're not the ones being gassed or shot in the head.)

Who taught these people to think and reason? Some of them need to meet real Mother Nature and be dropped off in the jungle or even a wilderness area in America for a year. Let's see if they are still alive after 12 months. Maybe then, they'd have a real understanding of the "circle of life" that the planet set up long before they arrived. Mother earth set up all the killing and eating. It's ultimately her fault. Will you love mother earth with all her warts? Or, will you try to dress her up and make her into something that she can never be… a vegetarian.

Right now, as I sit writing this, many things are hunting and killing each other in my back yard. A mouse will lose its life to a cat. A cat will be eaten by a dog. A dog will be eaten by a coyote. And, the coyotes better watch out for the wolves and bears. I live in the woods. I recognize mother earth, and I am not trying to change her.

In the end I do not want Americans going over and messing around in other countries right to kill and eat meat then screaming about their U. S. Citizenship when they are arrested. Let them rot in jail. True prophets are willing to pay the cost -- if that's what they see themselves as.

--L D Calder--
An American who's ticked off!

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