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Below are organizations and individuals that are working desperately to ensure America's defeat against pretty much everything. Many of these people are University Professors that are teaching students to "Hate Evil America". They find the experience of weakening America to be very rewarding. This systematic indoctrination is on par with the Anarchist, Socialist, and extreme Liberal agendas that are promoted and advanced at virtually every school of higher learning. And this is being done at the taxpayers' expense. Look at how it influenced Ryan Lewis. These "Professors" need to be removed from their teaching positions.

"Give me your children for one generation and I will change the world."
-- Joseph Stalin

For the long term, we must educate in order to defeat terrorism. It will be through the education of young minds in a positive and creative way to live life and enjoy wholesome relationships, that we will find a positive and permanent change in our world. Do we want teachers in the classroom teaching Marxist agendas and ideals and teaching today's youth that America is "Bad" and "Evil?" This divides America, nothing positive is accomplished and America is only made weaker.

No Compromise
740A 14th Street
San Francisco, CA 94114
Tel: (831) 425-3007

The Ruckus Society
369 15th St.
Oakland, CA 94612-3033
Tel: (510) 763-7078
FAX: (510) 763-7068

The Ruckus Society was founded in late 1995 by Mike Roselle and Howard "Twilly" Cannon. Roselle was a co-founder of Earth First! During the 1980s, these people became famous with the tree-spiking activities. This gave way to the formation of the domestic terrorist group the Earth Liberation Front in 1992. He also co-founded the radical Rainforest Action Network. Cannon built his extremist credentials as a front-line activist and ship's captain with Greenpeace's French and Russian anti-nuclear campaigns.

The Ruckus Society contributions to the activist agenda are its "Action Camps". These weeklong boot camps for leftist protesters, usually held a few weeks prior to a major organized demonstration. A few hundred young recruits typically attend each camp, where they are trained in the finer points of "Police Confrontation Strategies", "Street Blockades", "Urban Climbing & Rappelling", "Using the Media to Your Advantage", and "Learning to Lock Your Head to Something".

Ruckus Society spends time grooming the foot soldiers of the "Protest Industry". Activists looked to Ruckus Society leaders for planning, logistics, media attention, and physical tactics for demonstrations. They have been active for the massive and violent protests against Philadelphia's 2000 Republican Convention, and the aggressive anti-World Bank demonstrations in Washington, DC, during that same year. In these cases, as with the WTO protests in Seattle in 1999, serious damage was done to private and public property. In Philadelphia alone, 23 police cars were damaged and 15 officers were injured.

The Ruckus Society has no problem breaking laws whenever the laws become inconvenient and they can be counted on to do so. While the standard claim that the protesters that are arrested at these protests were railroaded by law enforcement, police officers often confiscate a variety of weapons from protesters at the scenes of arrest. These weapons including piano wire and gasoline-soaked rags tied to chains.

John Petrovato

John Petrovato

John Petrovato of Conway, MA is a life-long activist & advocate for non-violent social change. He owns Raven Used Books, specializing in scholarly used books, in Amherst and Northampton, Massachusetts. He is a staunch advocate for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an organization that has allied itself with such terrorist groups as al-Qaeda, HAMAS, Hezbollah, and the PLO.

You remember the ISM... They were the ones that you saw on TV that were dancing in the street and passing out candy when America was attacked on September 11, 2001!

John Petrovato is a co-founder of Boston to Palestine (B2P), which describes itself as "a group of Boston-based activists who work in solidarity with the Palestinian people in their non-violent struggle to resist and end the occupation of Palestine by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)." B2P refers to the Palestinians' "non-violent struggle", which is marked by extreme violence and acts of terrorism against Israeli civilians. The two organizations have worked together, temporarily taken over Israeli military checkpoints, interfered with the arrests of Palestinians charged with terrorism, and attempted to prevent the destruction of Palestinian homes with access to tunnels that are used for weapons smuggling.

John Petrovato is also a board member & recent general director of the Institute for Anarchists Studies -- an organization that funds leftwing artists and writers and works closely with the Marxist organization the Industrial Workers of the World.

He also co-organizes the annual Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference.

E-mail for John Petrovato is:

Raven Used Book Shop
4 Old South Street
Northampton, MA 01060
Tel: (413) 584-9868

Raven Used Book Shop
59 Boltwood Walk
Amherst, MA 01002
Tel: (413) 253-9780

Cindy Milstein

Cindy Milstein

Cindy Milstein is on the board and a faculty member at the Institute for Social Ecology, where she teaches each summer and works with degree students year round. She is a member of the Free Society Collective and Black Sheep Books Collective in Vermont. She is also a board member of the Institute for Anarchists Studies, a nonprofit organization that provides grants to radical writers, and co-organizer of the annual Renewing the Anarchist Tradition conference, which attempts to create a scholarly space for a new generation of libertarian left theorists.

Additional Contact Information concerning the "Renewing the Anarchist Tradition" conference is with Cindy Milstein:


For more information on the conference, visit the website Renewing the Anarchist Tradition

From Providence, Rhode Island and the Providence Anarchist Book Fair.

These people contradict themselves with every breath. First, they claim to be tolerant of all forms of government and then they are in opposition to all forms of government. They just cannot be honest about who they are and what they stand for. From the Providence Journal:

Defining the word "Anarchy" can be difficult.

Webster's defines it as "the abolition of government or governmental restraint."

"But, it depends which dictionary you read," says Cindy Milstein, an anarchist from Montpelier, Vermont who was at the Providence Anarchist Book Fair in Providence, Rhode Island. "It's really not an opposition to all forms of authority or government."

"Anarchy has largely been critical of all forms of hierarchy," Milstein says. "It is suspicious of anyone who has the ability to control or coerce somebody."

In its own statement, the Providence Anarchist Book Fair "promotes values of mutual aid, direct democracy, anti-authoritarianism, autonomy and solidarity. We reiterate our opposition to capitalism, imperialism, patriarchy, heterosexism, colonialism statism and all other forms of oppression."

Free Society Collective Protest

This is a good example of Cindy Milstein's friends at the Free Society Collective in public. They don't realize that Capitalism is what gave them those warm clothes and the money to make those banners.

Free Society Collective Protest

Nobody ever said that these are America's "Best and Brightest" and nobody ever will.

Ellen Willis

Ellen Willis

Ellen Willis directs the Cultural Reporting and Criticism program in the Department of Journalism at New York University. Her essays on leftist politics and socialist culture have appeared in several publications including The Nation, Dissent, The New York Times and The Village Voice. She is a fellow of the Nation Institute, A liberal-left independently funded and administered organization.

New York University
Division: Faculty of Arts & Science
Department of Journalism
285 Mercer St. 402A
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 998-7992
FAX: (212) 995-4148

Are Ellen Willis' Marxist views what we should expect from a professor that directs the Cultural Reporting in the Department of Journalism? Is this really the best that New York University can get for the teaching faculty???

Dissent Magazine

Dissent Magazine is a quarterly magazine of extreme liberal politics and culture edited by Mitchell Cohen and Michael Walzer. The New York Times reports that Dissent ranks among the handful of political journals read on a regular basis by intellectuals. This is a magazine for those with an extremely Marxist philosophy. It caters to the Left-Wing and the "I Hate America" crowd. And you can believe that they "DO NOT SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!"

Foundation for the Study of Independent Social Ideas
310 Riverside Drive
Suite 1201
New York, NY 10025
Tel: (212) 316-2130

Jeremy Rosenbloom

On August 13, 2002, charges were filed against Jeremy Rosenbloom and three others for firebombing a logging truck owned by Ray Schoppert Logging in Oregon. The firebombing took place at a protest against the Eagle Creek timber sales. One truck was destroyed and two were damaged.

All three were released from custody after pleading not guilty and promising to remain in Portland, to stay home after 10 P.M. and not to associate with environmental activists. At the time, only Tre Arrow remained "at large". His friends from the Cascadia Forest Alliance said they had not seen or heard from Tre since he headed south to California months earlier, and insisted that it was unfair to call him a fugitive, because he might not even be aware of the charges against him.

The faculty of Portland State University (PSU) is coming to their defense. Declaring that she knows Jeremy Rosenbloom personally and cannot bear to see him spend too much time in jail, the Chair of PSU's Economics Department, Professor Mary King, recently pushed a resolution through the Faculty Senate that states the use of the term "Eco-Terrorist" as "inflammatory".

Jeremy Rosenbloom is currently incarcerated.

Contact Information for Jeremy Rosenbloom

Mary King

Jeremy Rosenbloom #66521-065
Federal Prison Camp Sheridan
PO Box 6000
Sheridan, OR 97378

Contact Information for Mary King (pictured to the right)

Portland State University
Economics - Liberal Arts & Sciences
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207
Office: 241-N CH
Tel: (909) 621-8676
FAX: (503) 725-3945

From Williamette Week Online, 20 November 2002

Profs Decry "Terrorism" Label

By Amy Roe

In a rare move of political activism prompted by the plight of three former students charged with arson, two Portland State University professors are calling on public officials to stop using the term "terrorism" as a catchall for political dissent.

Mary King, chair of PSU's economics department, and Barbara Dudley, adjunct assistant professor of political science, co-wrote a faculty senate resolution earlier this month that criticizes statements made by the media and public officials (particularly a local law enforcement panel known as the Joint Terrorism Task Force) linking nonviolent political dissent to terrorism.

The resolution, which passed 46-9, does not refer to any specific cases, but King says she was moved in large part by the fate of one of her students, Jeremy Rosenbloom, who received a bachelor's degree in liberal arts in March. "I know him," King says, "and the idea of him spending a big part of his life in jail appalls me."

Jeremy Rosenbloom, 25, is one of four activists accused of setting fire to three trucks belonging to an Estacada logging company in June 2001. Two other defendants, 20-year-old Jacob D.B. Sherman and 23-year-old Angela M. Cesario, are also PSU students, both having taken classes as recently as this past summer. The fourth defendant, 28-year-old Michael J. Scarpitti - better known as Tre Arrow - was never a PSU student.

Additional Articles

Portland State University Faculty Criticize Labeling Extremists as "Ecoterrorists"

Eco-Terrorist On The Run

Are Liberal Professors Brainwashing Our Youth?


Tre Arrow pleaded guilty to setting fire to cement trucks at Ross Island Sand and Gravel Company in April 2001 and to logging trucks at Schoppert Logging Company in June 2001. On 12 August 2008, he received a sentence of 78 months in federal prison.

The 34-year-old activist who said he changed his name from Michael Scarpitti because the trees told him to do it will get credit for about four years served in a Canadian prison while he was battling extradition to the United States.

"I feel that I'm not a threat or a danger to the public or ever have been," Arrow told U.S. District Judge James Redden. "I don't feel I need to be rehabilitated."

The Three Professors

And here we are at yet another University where anti-American professors are trying to bring down this country one student at a time.

At Pomona University Rodney Coronado was supposed to speak at the Rose Hills Theater. Instead, Coronado canceled at the last minute due to "legal problems."

In spite of this set back, a panel discussion about radical environmental activism took place with three Pomona professors, Environmental Analysis Department Chair, Rick Hazlett, Politics professor Richard Worthington and Philosophy professor Ann Davis offered their thoughts on a panel.

Professor Richard Hazlett

Professor Richard Hazlett

Areas of Expertise:

Geology; Mineralogy; Petrology; Volcanoes

With Pomona Since: 1987
Campus Address: Seaver South 209
Tel: (909) 621-8676

"...'Eco-terrorism' is an extreme misnomer. I know of no innocent human victims of environmental action. On the contrary, there have been a number of environmentalists killed in response to environmental activism."
-- Professor Richard Hazlett

I guess if no innocent human victims are hurt, then violent action, arson, and destruction of private property is ethical and/or moral. At least he acknowledges that these are eco-terrorists. Of course, that word "innocent" may exclude those humans that these people do not like.

Professor Richard Worthington

Professor Richard Worthington

Areas of Expertise:

Environmental Action; Globalization; Science Policy; Information Technology

With Pomona Since: 1990
Campus Address: Carnegie Building 102
Office Tel: (909) 607-3529
Office Hours: M, W 2:30-4 p.m.

"I understand arguments for property destruction."
-- Professor Richard Worthington

He understands the arguments for the destruction of property owned by others as opposed to property that he owns. He probably would not want someone to vandalize his car for any reason.

"But I'm uncomfortable about people taking it into their own hands. It makes people feel more righteous in protecting this thing that can't protect itself. I think we are interconnected with nature so we should take care of ourselves and nature."
-- Professor Richard Worthington

Then why are you at a rally where Rod Coronado was supposed to speak? I guess you there to speak out against Professors' Davis and Hazlett, is that right?

Professor N. Ann Davis

Professor N. Ann Davis

Professor of Human Relations
Professor of Philosophy
B.A., Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Areas of Expertise:

Bioethics; Ethics; Evil; Morality; Abortion Debate

Her area of expertise is "EVIL"?! Wasn't that Hitler's area of expertise?

With Pomona Since: 1998
Campus Address: Pearsons Hall 210
Office Tel: (909) 607-1695

"Terrorism could be the use or threat of violence in pursuit of ideological gain, but in that sense the police are terrorists. And what about the unauthorized use of force? But who authorizes force and under what conditions?"
-- Professor N. Ann Davis

She sees the police as terrorists too? What does she think of the military? Does she equate American soldiers as terrorists? And what about the unauthorized use of force. That is what those that commit arson are really doing. But she seems to advocate that use of force from the likes of Rodney Coronado and others like him.

You would think that these three professors would be able to see the difference in the police and terrorist. Perhaps they do not know the definition of terrorism.

Terrorism - The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or group against people or property with the intent of intimidation or coercion often for ideological or political reasons...

Of course, we all know they do, being highly educated professors. The problem is that either they refuse to accept the truth or they do not have the courage to accept the truth because of ideological or political reasons. The inability to condemn terrorism is very consistent with those having strong Anarchist and Marxist ideals.

"I look at terrorism as an act against other people 9/11-style or the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand prior to World War I. This is more political vandalism. 'Eco-terrorism' has been co-opted into the same terrorism we face in 9/11."
-- Professor N. Ann Davis

Is Professor Davis, with her expertise in "Ethics" and "Morality", equating Terrorism to mere vandalism? What does she think the purpose of Terrorism is? Is this woman is really a teacher?

Alex Kunhardt

Kunhardt mailed letters to an American soldier in Korea last month written by 21 of his sixth-graders at Junior High School 51 in Park Slope for an assignment. Nearly half of them derided President Bush or the Iraq war and accused soldiers of crimes such as killing civilians and destroying mosques.

This teacher decided to teach his sixth grade students to hate the military troops. You know the ones I mean. The ones that have ensured our freedom for over 200 years.

You want to know what is wrong with the schools in America. You want to know why teachers are not respected. Here it is!

"It was never my intention to demean or insult anyone,"
-- Alex Kunhardt

That was exactly your intention!

"I never meant for the words of my students to hurt any of our troops. The responsibility for this action is mine alone, and I apologize."
-- Alex Kunhardt

That was exactly your intention! You wanted the troops to feel ashamed and worthless. You went out of your way to make sure that these letters were sent to our troops.

One boy who wished soldiers would come home wrote, "From what I see on TV and in the newspaper, I don't think the US is even close to obtaining Iraqi freedom."

He went on to say: "I'm concerned that George W. Bush is president for four more years, because he doesn't want to get troops out, so you might end up staying longer."

Another boy wrote: "Bush thinks he's brave . . . in his safe little white house with as many guards as he thinks he needs." He concluded with: "By the way, when you shoot someone, is it great or horrible?"

These are sixth graders. Those letters were nothing more than talking points from Mr. Kunhardt.

Who is to blame for this? Do we blame Alex Kunhardt or the Department of Education for hiring such sub-standard teaching staff? I hope this is not indicative of the quality of the rest of the teaching faculty at JHS 51.

Jacobs, who is stationed 10 miles from the North Korea border said he found the letters demoralizing.

Do not forget that it is winter in Korea. It is very cold there. The US has less than 30,000 troops against well over 250,000 North Korean troops. Mr. Kunhardt is just one of many liberals that don't appreciate or care about the sacrifice that our military troops make daily.

Mayor Bloomberg said New Yorkers should support the troops but that GIs in the war zone know they are protecting freedom of speech.

Perhaps this "Social Studies" teacher should consider that while he is thinking he is brave by exercising his "freedom of speech" in his safe little house, there are those that are being shot at daily, risking their lives trying to maintain that freedom!

"We have freedom of speech and you certainly cannot go around censoring what people want to write," Bloomberg said.

No, but you can teach them to appreciate the sacrifice that our troops are making every single day. You can teach them the meaning of words like "Honor" and "Courage". Of course, you can only do that if you have teachers that understand these words themselves.

And when you hire teachers like this, please don't tell me that you "Support Our Troops". Ask yourself this, is this something that our enemies would do to demoralize our troops?

If you would like to complain to the school and the district about Mr. Kunhardt's anti-American class project, here is the contact information:

Alex Kunhardt
William Alexander School
Junior High School 51 (Park Slope)
350 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215-2813
Tel: (718) 369-7603
FAX: (718) 499-4948

Joel I. Klein, Chancellor
NYC Department of Education
52 Chambers Street, Room # 320B4
New York, NY 10007
Tel: (212) 374-0200

Susan Van Haitsma and the Dissident Voice

Susan Van Haitsma is an active member with Nonmilitary Options for Youth and Austin Conscientious Objectors to Military Taxation. Her e-mail address is

From the website Dissident Voice and the article written by Susan Van Haitsma.

The message printed beneath the image of the stern drill sergeant on the US Marine Corps...

The inaccuracies begin with the very first sentence. The Marine Corps does not have "Drill Sergeants". That is the US Army. The Marine Corps has "Drill Instructors".

Studying the image, she says quietly, "He doesn't look like a guidance counselor. His eyes are steely. He doesn't look like someone who would listen."

Written by someone who does not have a clue. Ask any Marine. But she clearly did not take the time and properly research this material because she did not want to see the truth. She only wanted to write in solidarity with the anti-American, anti-military doctrine that our enemies share. And then she has the audacity to say that they support our troops.

Drill instructors are looking toward ever-younger audiences.

Again, this was written by someone who does not have a clue. Marine Drill Instructors do not interact with others as Drill Instructors until after new recruits are received at the training depot at Parris Island or San Diego. It would appear that she is having trouble distinguishing between Drill Instructors and Recruiters. Clearly she did not take the time and properly research this material because she did not want to see the truth. She only wanted to write in solidarity with the anti-American, anti-military doctrine that undermines those that have volunteered to do a dangerous job for some that are so very self-centered, selfish, and ungrateful.

Keep in mind that no one is even asking Susan Van Haitsma to step up to the plate and protect this country. She gets a free ride. She does not have to lift a finger to ensure the security of this country. But instead, Susan Van Haitsma and her likeminded comrades at CodePINK... and the San Diego Coalition of Peace and Justice... and the International Socialist Organization (ISO) and the many others, feel the need to interfere with this process. This interference weakens and divides America, which, if you look closely, is their main objective.

The week after Veterans Day, I had an opportunity to speak with US Army Staff Sergeant, Booker T. Newton during a demonstration at his recruiting station on National Stand Down Day. Joined by other activists, parents and veterans, several CodePINK women and I, dressed in pink police uniforms, issued citations to the recruiters for morality violations related to their use of deceptive recruitment practices and their roles as accomplices to an immoral war.

Does this sound like these people support anything other than their own selfish agenda and Left-Wing ideals that do nothing but weaken America? Ask yourself this, "Would our enemies approve of this action? Would they be willing to pay someone to do this?"

When Sergeant Newton learned that I was involved with Nonmilitary Options for Youth, he wanted to know what kinds of options we suggest. He was asking, he said, because more young people than usual are failing the academic tests required for enlistment, and he wonders what is happening or not happening in Texas schools to prepare students for the future.

The reason that more young people are failing the academic tests required for enlistment is because it is people like Susan Van Haitsma and CodePINK are the ones who make policy for the educational system in this country. Is Susan Van Haitsma upset because the minimum standards are too high or too low? She never really makes that point clear. The point that she does make clear is her disapproval of the very existence of the American military. It is abundantly clear that Susan Van Haitsma, CodePINK, and the rest of the anti-military crowd disapprove of the decision of each and every person in the military to join the armed forces.

Susan Van Haitsma asks the question, "Why is a drill sergeant who orders strict conformity is billed as a protector of freedom?"

Here is a person that simply does not understand the job of the military nor the contribution to freedom that the American military has given. Take a look at who really is the protector of freedom in this country?

It is the soldier, not the reporter,
     Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet,
     Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
     Who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier, not the lawyer,
     Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the soldier,
     Who salutes the flag,
     Who serves under the flag,
     and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
     Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

Does that bring clarity to your rose colored glasses?


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