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Paul Watson

Paul Watson

Paul Watson was one of the founders of Greenpeace in 1972. Since then, he was forced out of the organization because of his violent beliefs. The group he founded and leads to this day is the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS). This is a pirate organization that sails around the world, terrorizing fishermen.

How violent does one have to be in order to be expelled from Greenpeace?

Just like the 9-11 terrorists, Paul Watson sees himself as some sort of hero and not as a terrorist. They all see themselves as heroes on a mission from God. Paul Watson and his friends probably see the hijackers more as heroes and less as Terrorists.

In 1977 Paul Watson founded the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Watson and his ship, Sea Shepherd, which was designed specifically for ramming into and destroying other vessels, are well known for their actions involving the ramming and sinking of whaling ships.

Paul Watson, by his own words, has hunted down, rammed and sank boats on the open ocean. He engineered in the scuttling of half the Spanish whaling ships in the eighties and organized attacks on the whaling industry among many other successful direct actions.

Paul Watson

"The first vessel we sank was the notorious pirate whaling ship, Sierra."

"I set out from Boston in the Sea Shepherd with a crew of 19 volunteers. I hunted down, rammed, and disabled the pirate whaling ship Sierra. We fired up the engine and made for the Sierra, which was in the middle of the harbor. I hit her at full speed..."
-- Paul Watson

This attack failed to sink the Sierra, Watson and his crew returned for a second attack on the vessel and sank the Sierra.

"We don't give a damn what you or anybody else on this planet thinks. We didn't sink those ships for you. We did it for the whales."
-- Paul Watson

He sank ships with crews on the high seas! And nobody does a thing!

These are the actions of a Terrorist no different than the 9-11 Terrorists. At some point, someone is going to get killed, if they have not already. On the vast expanse of the ocean, who would know if a crew from a boat he rammed was left to die. He has already shown his hatred for those that do not believe in that he does.

Whale Wars

To fuel his ego, Paul Watson now has a series on the Cable Channel Animal Planet. The show "Whale Wars" prominently displays his agenda. Below is a photo of the Steve Irwin, the flag ship of the Sea Shepherd organization. The show also displays the restraint of the crews that are attacked by Paul Watson and his Eco-Pirates. Regardless of the humor found in the incompetence of crewmembers being unable to remember to turn on the radio or follow the very basic of instructions when engaging an attack, it is amazing that no one has been killed or lost at sea. This, of course, does not take away from the serious nature of attacking and ramming ships at sea.

Sea Shepherd

Paul Watson is responsible for ramming, scuttling, and sinking a slew of boats across the world's waterways trying to kill the fishing industry. A closer look reveals a truth about Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The Official Record

Do not believe for a moment that these people are non-violent. Watson has also used the threat of force in pursuit of other causes. In 1992, despite his animals-first/humans-last ideology, he threatened to sink a fleet of ships reenacting Columbus' voyage of the discovery of America on its 500th anniversary if the participants did not sign an apology for Columbus' mistreatment of American Indians.

To believe these people are non-violent is to believe the German submarine wolf packs of World War II and their doctrine of unrestricted submarine warfare were non-violent.

If any of the crewmembers that are attacked by Paul Watson and eco-pirates were injured or killed, how many tears would be shed by the attackers? That is a pretty easy question to answer... None, not a single tear... not a single moment of regret. Would they care about the families of the crewmember(s)? Would they change their tactics? Of course not! They would take pride in striking an unforgettable blow to the enemy and dismiss it as an inevitable and deserved consequence of working on a whaling boat or being directly associated with the whaling industry.

At some point, one of the whaling ships will fight back with full fury with something other than a wimpy non-lethal weapon such as LRAD. When they do, we hope they get if on tape. That will make a great episode.

Well, guess what? The Ady Gil, one of the boats Sea Shepherd fleet was sunk in a collision with one of the whaling boats and we were right, it did make for a great episode. Whoever you are, you either cheer for the whalers when the boat was damaged or you cry for the Sea Shepherd gang. Before you look at the following video with Paul Watson, examine the above photo showing the ships that Paul Watson rammed and sunk.

What does that video say about Paul Watson's past actions and the sinking of the boats he has attacked? He keeps saying that the Ady Gil was not moving. Such does not appear to be the case.

"Nazi propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once remarked that if a lie is told often enough people will begin to see the lie as truth."
-- Paul Watson

The Ady Gil appears under power moving forward right in front of the Shonan Maru No. 2. As they have no problem admitting, they are at war with the Japanese whalers. When you are at war, you do not spend your time lounging on deck taking it easy pretending to be minding your own business on the frontline of the battlefield, which is what they are doing. The entire crew of the Ady Gil saw the Shonan Maru No. 2 from over a mile away and all they did was laugh at the use of the LRAD. The never took their job seriously. The Ady Gil certainly had enough fuel to move a mile away and off the battlefield, but this is what happens when you have incompetent and inexperienced crewmembers.

We Desperately Need Your Money
To Help Save The Baby _______...

We have always thought that stroking his huge ego and making a profit were motivating factors with Paul Watson. It seems strange to us that "Captain" Paul Watson is not making money on his endeavors. Just look at the facts. He does not pay the crew. People give him money through his fundraising efforts and the contract with the cable channel "Animal Planet" and the "Whale Wars" television series must be financially lucrative. He never actually solves the problem so it continues to be a problem. He makes the claim they are doing irreversible financial damage to the Japanese whaling industry, but they keep coming back every year. All they are really doing is maybe raising the price of whale meat and that is passed on to the consumer.

If Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society really wanted to end whaling, all he would have to do is to find the whaling ships and follow the whalers in boats fitted with underwater acoustic equipment much like the LRAD system the Japanese whalers have used. This would frighten the whales away and keep them away from the whaling ships. Something on the order an ultrasonic dog repellant device. With the physics of sound waves traveling through water, there would not be whale within 10 miles of a whaling boat, but that would negate having to engage in direct contact with the enemy that makes for great fundraising stories i.e. there is no money in that plan. It would also allow for utilizing much smaller boats to thwart the whaler's efforts. No sea captain wants to downsize their boat and with Paul Watson's ego built up on being an outlaw rebel pirate, no reduction in boat length is going to happen. Of course if money is the primary concern over their actions attempting to save whales, there is no reason to adopt this battle plan.

At the end of an interview with Larry King, the crew was asked when they would stop their efforts. They replied they would stop harassing the whaling ships tomorrow if the Japanese ceased commercial whaling. How much money would they lose if commercial whaling actually ended? Being only mildly effective, their efforts could continue indefinitely, the association with rock stars and rich people would continue, and the donations would keep rolling in and filling the coffers.

We have no factual evidence of a scam and we are not saying that this is the case. With that in mind, take a look at this 1978 interview on Canada's public radio broadcaster, CBC radio and come to your own conclusion.

No one here is suggesting that Paul Watson should not earn a living. Everyone needs to do something to pay the bills and we applaud Paul Watson for his ingenious efforts, after all, this entire Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a great source of money. They ask for donations under the guise of charity and goodwill and then we hear something like this interview proving that money is their primary concern. The exploitation of baby seals for financial gain is nothing more than a means to an end. From what we hear on this interview, it sure sounds like they were using the baby seals as a tactic to raise money.

It makes us question as to whether the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is nothing more than a scam for publicity and money. This can only be proven by an examination of their financial records by a forensic accountant. It does make you wonder where Paul Watson pays his income taxes, if he pays taxes at all. Is it the United States, Canada (his native country), Australia, New Zealand, or some European country? Perhaps he claims citizenship in Antarctica. That seems to be where he spends much of his time. It is funny, but this notion is certainly within the bounds of possibilities.

The Environmentalist Connection

Environmentalists love him. His opponents hate him.

Of course Environmentalists love him. This is just another example of the terrorist activities and tactics that these organizations use daily. More proof that these are not "Non-Violent Activists" as they would have the public believe. Who says that these people are not terrorists?

Paul Watson Paul Watson

Watson is a terrorist who has said that "earthworms are far more valuable than people." It is that attitude that explains why he has started the careers of some of the most violent animal-rights activists. SHAC terrorists Rodney Coronado and Joshua Harper have both served as crewmembers on SSCS expeditions.

"There's nothing wrong with being a terrorist, as long as you win. Then you write history."
-- Paul Watson

"We should never feel like we're going too far in breaking the law, because whatever laws you break to liberate animals or to protect the environment are very insignificant compared to the laws that are broken by that parliament of whores in Washington. They are the biggest lawbreakers, the biggest destroyers, the biggest mass-murderers on this planet right now."
-- Paul Watson, at the Animal Rights 2002 convention

And then we have this jewel.

"The fact is that we live in an extremely violent culture, and we all justify violence if it's for what we believe in."
-- Paul Watson, at the Animal Rights 2002 convention

This statement is the very definition of a lawless society and we know he is happy about that as long as no one is making him the target of any violence. It is respect for the law that keeps his targets from taking the law into their own hands and killing him and his crew. This is just another typical example showing the Environmental Movement thought process where they believe that their actions are exempt from the laws that everyone else are supposed to follow.

"As for myself, I do not believe in loggers, I believe in trees. I do not believe in fishermen, I believe in fish. I do not believe in miners, I believe in the rocks beneath my feet. I do not believe in pie in the sky spirituality, I believe in rainbows, rivers, mountains, and moss. I do not believe in environmentalists, I believe in the environment. I am a proud traitor to my species in alliance with my mother the Earth in opposition to those who would destroy her, those parasites who believe the Earth is here to serve human interests."
-- Paul Watson

It does not sound like he is hiding the fact that he is a Terrorist. He proudly admits it. This is what qualifies him to be a board member of the Sierra Club.

"Ecotage, is, by definition, non-violent by nature because one life cannot be defended by the taking of another life. Never, in any of our direct actions, has a human been injured. But life can be defended, by neutralizing the weapons of death."
-- Paul Watson

Is that not what the 9-11 Terrorists did with the World Trade Center... neutralize them?

These are the actions of Terrorists under the false delusion of being the ocean's policemen. How does anyone consider this not Terrorism? And you just know that those that consider Watson a hero, would consider the Minuteman Project on the American-Mexican border that are unarmed and are only reporting what they see to the Border Patrol as Vigilante organization.

Jerry Vlasak

Jerry Vlasak, a long-time board member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, has even gone so far as to endorse assassination as a means to save animal life. A senior member of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Vlasak has spent the month of March (2005) campaigning against the East Coast seal hunt saying "violence is necessary to bring the seal industry to an end."

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is now disassociating itself from the comments made by Jerry Vlasak.

Founder Paul Watson, who earlier this week supported Vlasak's position on the society's board of directors, issued a statement on Thursday afternoon 14 April, 2005, saying the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society does not condone violence against sealers.

"We are a non-violent organization. We certainly don't advocate threats against anybody," Watson said Thursday, 14 April 2005 from the society's ship, the Farley Mowat.

In 1983, the Sea Shepherd II blockaded the harbor at St. John's, Newfoundland, preventing the Canadian sealing fleet from leaving for two weeks.

"We lurked outside the Narrows daring the sealers to come out of the harbor. There were traffic jams in St. John's from all the cars trying to ascend Signal Hill to catch a glimpse of the Sea Shepherd II. The sealers did not leave, under the belief that we would ram the first one that put out to sea."
-- Paul Watson

Why would anyone believe that? Because they know Paul Watson. They know his tactics. He and his crew sank the ship "Sierra" years earlier. It makes you question the validity of the statement that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a "Non-Violent" organization.

To show the level of honesty and integrity the Paul Watson has, we have this quote.

"If you don't know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then ... make it up on the spot."
-- Paul Watson, in Earthforce: An Earth Warrior's Guide to Strategy

Here are a few other words of wisdom from Paul Watson showing what he really believes.

"Nazi propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels once remarked that if a lie is told often enough people will begin to see the lie as truth."
-- Paul Watson

"Human communities should be maintained in small population enclaves within linked wilderness ecosystems. No human community should be larger than 20,000 people and separated from other communities by wilderness areas."
-- Paul Watson

"We need to radically and intelligently reduce human populations to fewer than one billion. We need to eliminate nationalism and tribalism and become Earthlings. And as Earthlings, we need to recognize that all the other species that live on this planet are also fellow citizens and also Earthlings. This is a planet of incredible diversity of life-forms; it is not a planet of one species as many of us believe."
-- Paul Watson

There are 6 billion people on this planet. How do you propose eliminating 5 billion people? We noticed you conveniently left out your plans for the Global Human Population Reduction Initiative, but there are three possible solutions.

  1. End Distribution of Food and Humanitarian Aid to Poor Countries - If America stopped exporting food to other countries and we reverted to a more nature friendly culture and we allow nature to take its course, populations would starve down to what you consider acceptable levels (less than a billion) in less than five years. If you consider the food wars that would follow, that number could be achieved in less than two years. America and most of the western cultures would be intact because we could feed ourselves. A lot of the world's problems would be solved by this action. Would we be allowed to send food to Canada or do we have to let them lower their populations by the natural cycle of overpopulation recovery by the Nourishment Reduction Plan?

  2. Set Rigid Reproduction Limitations - Limiting reproduction and preventing couples from getting pregnant. Forced sterilization policies and mandatory abortions laws would have to be enforced. Extreme penalties would have to be sanctioned and applied to all violators of instituted laws. Are limitations to be spread equally or would minority status be taken into consideration and allowed special privileges? Who would be in charge of the Limited Reproduction and Overpopulation Reduction Authority?

  3. Enact Extreme Culling of Overpopulated Areas - Direct large scale elimination of populations by more aggressive means requires more planning and control by the governing body. This has been tried before with moderate success. Most historians remember it as the "Final Solution" to the "Jewish Problem". The catch is it would just have to do it on a worldwide scale and as quickly as possible. Who knows, we might have a use for all of those nuclear weapons that are just lying around gathering dust. When you think about the severity of the danger to the planet that Paul Watson claims is the problem with five billion people over the limit the planet can support and the need to rid the world of this surplus of human lives, would it not be ironic that nuclear weapons could be the tool that saved the earth from inevitable destruction? As this plan of instant population reduction would apparently reduce the stress on the environment and give other animals a better chance for life, we could refer to this policy as the Redistribution of Life Initiative.

Muslims tend to have large families. How do you think they will take to your plan? There are about 1.3 billion Muslims in the world today. They might actually like your plan as long as the population is allowed to exist at 1.3 billion instead of dropping populations to less than one billion. By adopting your ultimate goal and for the benefit of the Earth, everyone has to sacrifice something, right?

From Paul Watson's point of view, it is quite apparent that the human population is the reason for most of the suffering on this planet. For those that subscribe to this philosophy, you should definitely check out the following website. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement will probably solve all of your problems and therefore all of the earth's problems.

"Curing a body of cancer requires radical and invasive therapy, and therefore, curing the biosphere of the human virus will also require a radical and invasive approach. It won't be easy but then it's better than the alternative."
-- Paul Watson

Which one of the population control strategies do you see as an acceptable solution? If you have another solution, we would love to hear what you have to say.

"We need to stop burning fossil fuels and utilize only wind, water, and solar power with all generation of power coming from individual or small community units like windmills, waterwheels, and solar panels."
-- Paul Watson

"Sea transportation should be by sail. The big clippers were the finest ships ever built and sufficient to our needs. Air transportation should be by solar powered blimps when air transportation is necessary."
-- Paul Watson

When can we expect your fleet of pirate ships to convert to sailing ships powered by wind instead of diesel fuel? There is nothing like removing technology to improve the standard of living for all "Earthlings". Your ships use more fuel in three months than 1000 middle-class American families use in a year.

"All consumption should be local. No food products need to be transported over hundreds of miles to market. All commercial fishing should be abolished. If local communities need to fish the fish should be caught individually by hand. Preferably vegan and vegetarian diets can be adopted. We need to eliminate herds of ungulates like cows and sheep and replace them with wild ungulates like bison and caribou and allow those species to fulfill the proper roles in nature. We need to restore the prey predator relationship and bring back the wolf and the bear. We need the large predators and ungulates, not as food, but as custodians of the land that absorbs the carbon dioxide and produces the oxygen. We need to live with them in mutual respect."
-- Paul Watson

If we decrease populations by over 83% as you suggest, we eliminate the need for most of the world's infrastructure. By doing so, everything you suggest will probably happen naturally. All we have to do is "eliminate" 5 billion people. Where do you suggest we start this systematic reduction in population?

"We need to remove and destroy all fences and barriers that bar wildlife from moving freely across the land. We need to lower populations of domestic housecats and dogs. Already the world's housecats consume more fish than all the world's seals and we have made the cow into the largest aquatic predator on the planet because more than one half of all fish taken from the sea is converted into meal for animal feed. We need to stop flying, stop driving cars, and jetting around on marine recreational vehicles. The Mennonites survive without cars and so can the rest of us."
-- Paul Watson

Do Al Gore and the other environmentalist that love to tell others how they should live wish to maintain this standard of living? Does the rest of the population of the world want to lower their lifestyle to something akin to the 1800s? Are you going to get off your boats and live this lifestyle or are you going to maintain a position of the policing authority to make sure everyone is living as you suggest and not maintaining to high of a standard of living? How are we going to get the food the 100 miles to feed 20,000 people?

"Who should have children? Those who are responsible and completely dedicated to the responsibility which is actually a very small percentage of humans. Being a parent should be a career. Whereas some people are engineers, musicians, or lawyers, others with the desire and the skills can be fathers and mothers. Schools can be eliminated if the professional parent is also the educator of the child."
-- Paul Watson

Is your plan to issue licenses to be a parent? What is the penalty for a woman having a child without the proper credentials? What happens when the local population exceeds the 20,000 limit you have set? What will be the penalties for violations?

Dateline History of Paul Watson

1977: Founding member of Greenpeace, Paul Watson, expelled from the organization after a campaign against sealing during which he threw the sealers' clubs and skins into the sea.

1977: Watson establishes Sea Shepherd organization. States that Sea Shepherd is not a protest organization. "We are a self-appointed policing organization given credibility by the terms of the United Nations Earth Charter of 1982." 1978: Watson admits to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) programme "As It Happens" that his work is aimed at raising funds for his organization, Sea Shepherd. 1979: A Sea Shepherd vessel rams the whaling vessel Sierra, causing considerable damage. Sierra survives attack.

1980: The IWC at its meeting in Brighton, United Kingdom, assigns high-level protection to two Canadian Government delegates after Watson threatened to kill them for voting against a moratorium on sperm whales. Delegates are given Royal Canadian Mounted Police protection until their return home to Canada.

1980: The Sierra is sunk in Lisbon harbor. Sea Shepherd claims responsibility. Investigation shows limpet mines used to blow up the vessel.

1981: Sea Shepherd claims responsibility for the sinking of the two whaling vessels, Ibsa I and Ibsa II, in the Spanish harbor of Viga.

1983: Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd vessel engineer Paul Pezwick, tried and convicted in a Quebec, Canada court for "interfering in the annual seal hunt in the Gulf of St. Lawrence." Trial followed arrest in March 1983 when the Sea Shepherd vessel was boarded by Canadian police. Sea Shepherd fortified including electric barbed wire around the deck's edges. Seventeen crewmembers were arrested. Watson and three others flee across ice to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, but caught and arrested. Watson charged additionally with piloting a ship in a dangerous manner, intimidation of the sealers and being unlawfully within a half mile of the seal hunt - a violation of the Seal Protection Regulations. Watson sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

1983: In retaliation for Watson's arrest by Canadian police, animal rights extremists slash car tires and spray paint slogans on walls of buildings in the inner city of Quebec. "Fisheries Murder Seals" and "Set Paul Watson Free" slogans spray painted on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans offices in Keele Street. Animal Liberation Front delivers letter to the Quebec Star newspaper admitting causing several thousand dollars worth of damage to the Department's Keele Street offices.

1986: Sea Shepherd attempts to stop Faroe Islands pilot whale harvest. Using rifles, Sea Shepherd activists shoot at Faroe Islands police in an attempt to sink their rubber dinghies. The vessel Sea Shepherd was ordered to leave Faroese territorial waters. The police report of 7 October 1986 states: "One of the rubber dinghies was attacked directly by a "Speed Line" line rifle. The attack... endangered the lives of the police crewmembers... and signal flares containing phosphorous was thrown at the police. At a later stage the Sea Shepherd used "toads" (rotating iron spikes, pointed and sharp at both ends) against the rubber dinghies... petrol was poured over the side of the ship and signal flares were thrown from the Sea Shepherd in an attempt to set the petrol on fire."

1986: Sea Shepherd claims responsibility for the sinking of two whaling vessels in Reykjavik, Iceland, and for malicious damage to a whaling station. (This act of violence was carried out after Iceland stopped whaling in line with the IWC moratorium on commercial whaling.) Attack carried out by Sea Shepherd members Rodney A. Coronado and David Howitt.

1988: Paul Watson returns in Iceland demanding to be held responsible for the sinking of the whaling vessels in Reykjavik in 1986. He is arrested and held for questioning and told he could face several years' imprisonment. In a press release, the Icelandic Ministry of Justice stated: "At questioning, Paul Watson has admitted that he has given some remarks that connect him with the sabotage, but in spite of this he now claims that he neither took part in the planning nor the execution of the sabotage." There was no evidence incriminating Watson. He was ordered to leave the country and declared persona non grata in Iceland.

1991: A US crew member on a Mexican fishing vessel, reports that Sea Shepherd, some of whose crew were armed with rifles, rammed his vessel causing considerable damage.

1991: Scott Trimmingham, president of Sea Shepherd quits in protest. "We had rules about not hurting anyone, about not using weapons. I left because those rules and that philosophy seem to be changing." Outside Magazine (Sept. 1991). Paul Watson admits there are arms on board Sea Shepherd. "We confront dangerous people. As the captain, it is my responsibility to protect the lives of my crew ... Therefore, I have prepared myself for the possibility of defending my crew in a situation that could go never occur, but if it does I will use firearms to first intimidate and then to defend," Watson tells the Los Angeles Free Weekly (April 24, 1992).

1992: Sea Shepherd makes unsuccessful attempts at ramming three Costa Rican fishing vessels. In a written complaint to the local authorities the fishermen report that the Sea Shepherd crew shot at them with bullets containing a red substance, hitting two of them and causing them great pain.

1992: Sea Shepherd makes unsuccessful attempt at scuttling the whaling and fishing vessel Nybræna at her moorings in the Lofoten Islands, northern Norway. Attack committed by Paul Watson, girlfriend Lisa DiStefano and one other Sea Shepherd member. Watson later states: "The scuttling of the "Nybræna" was not a terrorist or criminal act. We were responsible for removing an instrument of death and destruction without causing death or injury."

1992: Sea Shepherd vessel "Whales Forever" collides with Norwegian Coast Guard vessel "Andenes" on July 4. Charges against Paul Watson include negligent navigation, refusal to leave Norwegian waters on orders of the Coast Guard and transmitting false distress signals.

1993: Paul Watson orders the crew on board the Sea Shepherd vessel Edward Abbey (formerly US Navy) to open cannon fire at a Japanese fishing vessel. Sea Shepherd crew do not carry out the order, but instead fire a shot across the bow of the Japanese vessel. The Japanese vessel does not stop. (Recorded by Yorkshire Television Documentary "Defenders of the Wild - Ocean Rider".)

1993: Paul Watson claims in an open letter to the people of Norway that Sea Shepherd has sunk eight ships and rammed and damaged a further six vessels. In the same letter, he states: "The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is a law abiding organization. We rigidly adhere to and respect the laws of nature or lex natura. We hold the position that the laws of ecology take precedence over the laws designed by nation states to protect corporate interests... the smell of guilt is already a stench in the nostrils of God."

1993: Federal Grand Jury in Michigan State hands down five-count indictment against Coronado for illegal use of explosives, extortion, threats to interfere with interstate commerce and interstate transportation, to commit arson, theft and destruction of government property and for receiving stolen property. Indictments stem from February 1992 fire-bombing of Michigan State University in East Lancing. Coronado involved in sinking two whaling vessels in Iceland in 1986.

1994: Sea Shepherd claims responsibility for the unsuccessful attempt at scuttling the combined minke whaling and fishing vessel Senet at her moorings in Gressvik. The vessel was salvaged, but the water had caused considerable damage. Paul Watson tells Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet on January 26 that former US Navy Seal Commandos took part in attack on the Senet. "Certainly these men are trained to kill, but they are also well disciplined and respect my orders," he told the newspaper.

1994: Sea Shepherd loses observer status at the International Whaling Commission. IWC Secretary, Ray Gambell, declares that the IWC and all its member states ardently condemn Sea Shepherd's acts of terrorism.

1994: US National Fisheries Institute asks for investigation into Sea Shepherd. "The recent alleged actions against Norwegian fishing vessels constitute a clear case of piracy," it says in a letter to former US IWC Commissioner James Baker. "Acts of violence against fishermen of any nation cannot be tolerated. Their safety and livelihood could be threatened unless US officials vigorously condemn violence on the high seas."

1997: Paul Watson arrested at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam, Netherlands, for the 1992 attempted scuttling of the Norwegian combined whaling and fishing vessel Nybræna.

2000: Watson campaigns against the Makah people of Northwest United States. He uses intimidation to prevent the Makah from carrying out their IWC approved catch of the gray whale.

2002: Watson tells Animal Rights 2002 Conference in Washington DC that if a person dies from one of his actions, he would consider it "collateral damage".

More information on Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society can be found at

Contact Information for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
P.O. Box 2616
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
Tel: 310-456-1141

Based entirely on their own actions, Paul Watson and his crew are Terrorists.


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