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PETA's Tax Records

Here is the proof that PETA has contributed to domestic eco-terrorists.

For years, PETA has made the claim that they do not support domestic terrorists. They maintain that they only want to protect animals and are true believers in the welfare of animals. PETA and the people they support do not have the care of animals as their main priority. This is merely a disingenuous attempt to fool the public. And here is the evidence that proves that this is total fabrication.

We have obtained the tax records from PETA showing donations to Rodney Coronado, the PCRM, and others proving the claims that PETA is not the organization that they claim to be. These documents show PETA supports terrorist organizations and individuals.

Rodney Coronado money from PETA

Contribution to Rodney Coronado

Absolute proof that PETA supports terrorism. How much more proof do you need?


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