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PeTA's Unethical Nature

Have you ever wondered why the "e" in "PeTA" was always lower-case? I have somewhat of an idea.

The People for the ethical Treatment of Animals have nothing to do with ethics. In fact, I don't find anything they do to be ethical.

Now, before anyone jumps down my throat about this, let's look at facts, shall we?

1. PeTA is well-known for their violent, gory films that seem to showcase the "horrors" of the meat, fur, and animal entertainment industries. What they DON'T want you to know is that a lot of these films are either staged or filmed in countries whose animal health and safety practices are nowhere near the minimum required in countries like Canada and the United States. There have been numerous times where even films made in North America have been spliced, mutilated and twisted to suit PeTA's agenda. One prominent case from a few years ago involved the skinning of a living fox. The trapper who did this came into the public eye stating that PeTA PAID him to do this, and it is nowhere near a normal practice in the fur industry. In fact, trying to skin a live animal would not only seriously damage the pelt, but also can often be dangerous for the person skinning the animal itself.

2. PeTA's propaganda has spread to the medical field. Their offshoot organization, "Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine" (or PCRM) is considered a joke among physicians. Many members have had their practice license taken away due to UNETHICAL medical practices. They discourage the use of things such as insulin for diabetics (due to the fact that it comes from pigs), and denounce ALL use of animal testing, to the point of saying "If even ONE RAT could find a cure for AIDS, we'd be against it." They proclaim unfounded "facts" about milk, stating it contains pus and blood, while the dairy industry has worked hard to prove these claims false. They've also claimed that meat causes any range of illnesses, from the common cold to obesity to cancer, all without proper evidence to support their claims.

3. PeTA has attacked parents who feed their children healthy, omnivorous diets. Moms and Dads out there, if you feed your children meat, PeTA believes you are guilty of CHILD ABUSE. According to them, child social services should search your freezers to make sure that you aren't ABUSING your children by feeding them pork chops, chicken breast and roast beef.

4. PeTA has been involved heavily with known local eco-terrorist organizations. They've financially supported such groups as the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) who have been known to break into labs and pet stores, "free" the animals (who end up on roads and run over), and have gone so far as to blow up and burn down buildings that promote "animal slavery" with little to no regard of human life.

5. PeTA is well known for personal assaults, including throwing buckets full of blood on people wearing fur and screaming in the faces of five year olds who want to go to the circus. They hand out gory, violent pamphlets (such as "Your Mommy Kills Animals!") to children as young as THREE YEARS OLD, possibly traumatizing these kids. With their anti-KFC campaign, PeTA had actually encouraged people to phone not only the CEO of YUM! Brand Foods (Owners of KFC, Long John Silver's, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut), but also, his parents, his wife, and tell his children that their daddy is an animal-killer... Something that's normally known as HARASSMENT.

6. PeTA claims they're all about saving animals. And yet, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) reports show otherwise. The VDACS 2005 report shows quite clearly that out of the 2107 animals "surrendered" to PeTA (meaning, given to them in the hope and understanding that these pets would be adopted out to loving families), PeTA had EUTHANIZED (i.e. KILLED) 1946. This gives them a 92.36% kill rate. For an organization who wants to end the violence against animals, they sure do kill a lot of them.

7. PeTA has no regard to public decency. Not only have they thrown blood on others as stated above, they've vandalized countless buildings (and even PROMOTE this by giving out FREE graffiti stencils to their teen members at but they stage ridiculous "protests" that include public nudity, feigned violence and baseless propaganda.

These facts not only point to PeTA being unethical, but also think about founder Ingrid Newkirk's claim, in an actual interview, about why she never wants children and had herself sterilized: She believes that having a "purebred human baby" is "nothing but vanity, pure vanity." What, are we supposed to have half-human/half-dog babies? It seems as though she's actually promoting bestiality.

All in all, I personally do not support PeTA for these and other reasons. Your choice is entirely your own, but know what you're getting into when you decide to put your efforts behind ANY organization. Time and again, the People for the ethical Treatment of Animals have proven that they don't actually care for animals, and that their methods are in no way ethical.

--Ambyr M.--

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