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Motivational Posters

You see them everywhere. Motivational posters that share a thought associated with a photo to illustrate a message. The idea is to make you think and understand a particular point view.

We present for you viewing pleasure a few motivational posters. Of course being on, they hold a certain political identity. You may take from them what you wish. You may be disgusted, irritated, and/or start hysterically ranting to your friends. You may realize something positive in the message that offers nothing to harm anyone (the primary objective), but whether you like the message or not, they reflect an idea that is hard to dispute.

If you have a poster that you would like to submit to the website, feel free to send it to and if we use it, we will place a credit with your name (if you desire a credit). These posters can be created at Motivator: Create Your Own Motivational Posters.

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Here we have another example by Muslims proving that Islam is not a religion of "Peace, Love, and Tolerance". Islam is the problem, not the solution. There is a reason that non-Muslims fear Islamic doctrine and this public display of tolerance toward non-Muslims illustrates this violent attitude toward anything non-Islamic.


If you want peace, you have to be prepared to fight for it.


The truth about Communism that Communists never tell you.

Islamic Protesters

They say they believe in peace, love, and religious tolerance. They are also willing to kill anyone who challenges or questions their beliefs.

Muslim Casual Wear

It was a Muslim that came up with the idea for this shirt. It was a Muslim that thought he could make money selling this shirt. It was a Muslim that ordered these shirts and placed them in his store. And it was a Muslim that purchased this shirt and now wears it with pride.

Modern Education

This is what happens when the education system fails. This girl and many just like her have no idea of the horrors of Communism. They were never taught subjects such as History or Economics. Their understanding of Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism is so lacking as to be completely ignorant as can be seen by the fact she is proudly holding this sign. This happened because these things were never taught in school. Another success story brought to you by the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

Pepper Spray

They so unaware that all we do is laugh at them,
especially when they are being pepper sprayed.

Tea Party Member

In all of the Tea Party protests, you never saw a scene like this.


Proof of the Liberal/Anti-Capitalist/Communist connection.

Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a Socialist/Communist movement. Led by people that hate America and Capitalism, their desire is to take control of every aspect of life and destroying the ideals this country was founded: Freedom, Liberty, Independence, and Self-Reliance.

War on Poverty

This is one of those rare instances where the Occupy Wall Street Protests got it right. The War on Poverty is not a war but a Redistribution of Wealth scam. None of the social programs were ever meant to stop poverty. They were meant to enslave poor people and make them a dependent class where Freedom, Liberty, and Independence would be taken from them by offering just enough of an entitlement that their lifestyle would forever depend on this handout.

Money Well Spent

Another fine upstanding representative from the Occupy Wall Street Movement destined to become a drag on society - a burden to everyone else who will be forced to pay for his useless existence.

He is upset that someone loaned him money. He is upset that he is now in debt. He is upset that he is expected to repay the money after he applied for the loan, received the money, and went to college. Somehow in his mind, this entire situation is so unfair. The one thing that can be deduced from this picture is that this person has never had to work for anything in his entire life. He believes he deserves what he wants and someone else should pay for it. This is Socialism.


When you give the government the power to provide for every aspect of your life, the level of enslavement is infinite.


A statement that all Veterans should never forget.


Here we have another useless Occupy Wall Street protester being the usual drag on society that hates successful people.


Pretty women have no need of feminist values which is why you see so few pretty feminists. It is not the lack of physical beauty that makes them less attractive, it is their general attitude of the world.


The one cost cutting secret the socialized
medicine crowd likes to keep secret.

Senior Healthcare

When it costs more to keep you alive than the government thinks you are worth, you had better get your affairs in order because you will lose. However, you will probably be able to appeal the decision. It should only take a few years in court to get the care you needed.

Refusing to administer available medicine is not a criminal act. It is a cost controlling measure inherent with Socialized Medicine. When some nameless bureaucrat who does not know you is charged with making the medical decisions that determine what healthcare you will and will not receive, your health is not always the primary concern.


Call it what you like. Obamacare, Socialized Medicine, or free healthcare, it removes the patient from all of the medical decisions that affect his/her life. The price tag associated with so-called free healthcare is enormous. Socialized Medicine by any name is anything but free.


The concept that allows Liberals to show their superiority.


These are the Cornerstones of Freedom.
They do not teach this in schools any longer.


There is nothing like Self-Reliance to show
how well you can take care of yourself.


The truth about the Welfare State.

Planned Parenthood

The truth about Planned Parenthood.
Just ask Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood.

Comparative Socialism

Liberals hate it when people finally realize that the actions of the Left-Wing are much closer to repeating the horrors of history despite their good intentions.


That is what they are going to do.
There is no other way to look at it.


So many Americans do not realize their self-worth and how foolish it is to sell it for a few dollars. One of the many things never learned in a world where Redistribution of Wealth Policies are the order of the day.

Disaster Readiness

Here we see the fine job by the City of New Orleans to take care of its citizens after Hurricane Katrina. Everyone knew the hurricane was on the way. No one was ready. None of these people took the time to prepare and this is the inevitable result. They failed to prepare and have become refugees in America.


How does this differ from any form of Life Insurance?


The return for some investments is not always easy to measure.
It is sometimes dependent on what you actually value.

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