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How Does The Toyota Prius Compare To The American General Hummer

There are things in life that seem like such a good idea until you make comparisons. A little objective research reveals the truth about the enviro-nazi theatre and what is actually consists of. For example, the American General Hummer is the focus of much of their propaganda that states that the Hummer is more environmentally destructive than the hybrid Toyota Prius.

Both the Toyota Prius and the American General Hummer are fine vehicles. We will concede that both are well-engineered vehicles, but the Radical Environmentalists and Eco-Terrorists state the Toyota Prius Hybrid is totally and completely environmentally friendly and the American General Hummer is the cause of global warming and the destruction of the planet. They are completely wrong and that, and only that, is what we will address today.

Let us take a closer look at these two very different vehicles. The fact is that building a Toyota Prius causes more environmental damage than an American General Hummer that is on the road for three times longer than a Prius. For those that do not know, the Prius is a "Hybrid" vehicle that is partly driven by a battery that contains nickel. The nickel for the batteries is mined and smelted at a plant in Sudbury, Ontario. This plant has caused so much environmental damage to the surrounding environment that the area around the plant is devoid of any life for miles.

This plant is the primary source of all the nickel found in these batteries and Toyota purchases about 1,000 tons annually for the batteries in the Prius. Also known as the Superstack, this factory spreads sulfur dioxide across all of northern Ontario, becoming every environmentalist's nightmare. "The acid rain around Sudbury was so bad it destroyed all the plants and the soil slid down off the hillside," said Canadian Greenpeace energy-coordinator David Martin during an interview with Mail, a British-based newspaper.

Toyota Prius

As if this was bad enough, the manufacturing process to build a hybrid vehicle does not end there. The nickel produced by this plant, ship by container ship to the largest nickel refinery in Europe, and then ship over to China to produce "nickel foam" and then it goes to Japan. Finally, after starting in Ontario, the completed batteries ship to the United States, ending the around-the-world excursion required to produce the batteries to power the Toyota Prius. These are sounding less and less like cars that are good for the environment and more like a huge environmental joke.

Here is the best part of the whole story.

American General Hummer

When you take into consideration the combined energy it takes to drive and build a Toyota Prius, the flagship car of the hybrid energy fanatics, it takes almost 50 percent more energy than a Hummer.

Through a study by CNW Marketing called "Dust to Dust", when the total combined energy taken from all the electrical, fuel, transportation, materials (metal, plastic, etc) and hundreds of other factors over the expected lifetime of a vehicle, the Prius costs an average of $3.25 per mile driven.

The American General Hummer offers a considerable savings of $1.95 per mile to put on the road. One of the biggest factors is the expected lifespan of each vehicle. The expected lifetime is 100,000 miles for the Prius - the expected lifespan of the Hybrid whereas the Hummer has an expected lifetime of 300,000 miles. This means that the Hummer will last three times longer than a Prius and use less combined energy doing it and a lower cost means lower environmental impact resulting in less damage to the environment.

Of course, neither Environmentalists nor the Environment Movement will ever accept these facts because the facts do not fit within their agenda. Keep in mind that their agenda is not based on facts, but rather on emotions and junk science.

NOTE: Environmentalists always default to a small, lightweight, very fuel efficient vehicle that is cheap to operate - a vehicle for the masses. They believe that any vehicle that gets less than 30 mpg is destroying the planet, causing Global Warming, and insults people that cannot afford a larger and more crash survivable vehicle. With Environmentalist, it is a case of class warfare illustrating the have and have-nots and the desire to equalize the situation and require everyone to drive the same quality of car because it is unfair that some people have so much more than others. In their minds, if you require everyone to have the same car at the same price, the overall quality will increase because those that can afford what they want will require a better car and everyone will benefit. The fallacy of this way of thinking is lost upon those that espouse these beliefs.

The fact is, it really does not matter. If someone needs a Ford Excursion to haul 10 kids around after school, a Prius will not do the job. The simple truth is a Prius will never be a substitute for a Hummer or any other SUV. People purchase cars and trucks because the particular model fits the specifications and satisfies the requirement of the owner. This is why you see so many different vehicles on the road.

We know there are some individual models of the Toyota Prius that have logged over 200,000 miles and that is well and good, but if you have a hard time considering what the average Prius will look like after 7 years and 100,000 miles, remember what the Yugo and the Geo Metro looked like after 7 years and the odometer rolled over 100,000 miles. These economy cars just do not hold up well. They do not last. They are not meant to. It is a strategy auto manufactures refer to as Planned Obsolescence.

If all you want is low cost and high mileage, the undisputed champion is Toyota's own gasoline-powered subcompact, the Scion xB, whose energy cost averaged a negligible 48 cents for each mile traveled over its lifetime. Fully armed with all the facts, environmentalists may want to zip down to their nearest Toyota dealer and trade in their Prius for a Scion xB. That would be the equivalent of reducing their energy footprint from a size 24D (the Prius) to about a size 5A (the Scion). So, if you are an environmentalist and you really want to show everyone else you care more about the Earth than they do, you should be pushing the Scion rather than the Prius. Otherwise, anyone driving a Scion can honestly make the claim that anyone driving a Prius is harming the environment, causing Global Warming and Climate Change, and simultaneously killing the Earth's eco-system.

We know Liberals found this article exasperating, but they find anything they disagree with to be exasperating, racist, and unfair.

The CodePINK Top Ten Reasons
Not To Buy A Hummer

It seems that CodePINK has decided that they have something to say about what Americans should and should not drive. From their website, here are their "Top Ten Reasons Not To Buy A Hummer".

Hummers may look cool on the outside. They might even appear to be a symbol of patriotism and solidarity with our troops in Iraq. But don't let appearances fool you. Peer beneath the surface and you'll find a host of reasons why the Hummer... is a bummer.

OK, so they are starting out making a comparison of the symbols of patriotism and solidarity with our troops that Hummer owners have compared with the anti-military actions of CodePINK. That is a simple assessment. It would be safe to say that the majority of Hummer owners support the troops in Iraq whereas those in agreement with CodePINK do not and in true form, they do what they can to stop any support to our troops.

  1. The Gas Mileage Alone Will Kill You - The Hummer has the worst gas mileage of any civilian vehicle. Although the number is tightly guarded (vehicles that weigh over 8,400 lbs, the weight of the smaller and lighter model of Hummer, the H2, are exempt from revealing their gas mileage to consumers) it hovers somewhere around 9 mpg. The Environmental Protection Agency gave a 2 out of 10 rating for the H2. In fact, the Hummer's gas mileage is less than half the mileage of the Model T Ford, the first car ever mass-produced. As our country's gas prices continue to soar and our economy continues to sink, ask yourself, can you honestly afford the astronomical cost of driving a hummer?

    It is no secret what the mileage of a Hummer is. They are big vehicles. The Hummer is not a compact car. They use more fuel than small vehicles. They fill a different role than small vehicles. Hummers and SUVs can do things that other vehicles are not able to do. This has a price. No one expects a Hummer to get 40 mpg... well... no one except the people that hate the fact that private citizens have the right to buy a Hummer and hate the people that own them.

    The comparison to the Model T Ford manufactured 100 years ago is laughable to the point of being stupid. The Hummer H2 weighs about 7000 lbs more and yet the Model T Ford only got twice the mileage. The Hummer H1 weighs about 8500 lbs more than the Model T Ford. It has a diesel engine. This vehicle gets about 25% less mileage than the Model T. They deliberately failed to include that nugget of information. Although the H1 and H2 get worse mileage than the Model T Ford, they burn much cleaner, pollute much less, and they are much safer vehicles. You really have to be grasping as straws to use that comparison to make your point. Just think about it, this comparison between the Hummer and the 1908 Model T Ford was the best argument that they could make to show the Hummer in a bad light. This is a good example of an environmentalist making an argument that we should move back to the days of 100 years ago.

  2. The Hummer Receives More Complaints Than Any Other Car - Hummers are full of bugs. According to the 2003 J.D. Power and Associates Automotive Survey, Hummers received more complaints than any other line of cars both foreign and domestic-225 reported problems per 100 new vehicles compared to an industry average of 133. Complaints ranged from wind noise to poor performance to... you got it: poor gas mileage.

    Taking the vehicle for a test drive might be a good idea. Perhaps the extended warranty would be a good investment. Here is something that Hummer haters do not know. The Hummer is not a luxury vehicle such as a limo or Lexus. Like any other vehicle, Hummers have certain characteristics that are unique only to Hummers. The people that like and appreciate these characteristics are the people that drive them.

    If you cannot afford the purchase price and the maintenance costs of a Hummer, perhaps you should not buy one. This applies to any vehicle. If you cannot afford it, you should not buy it. However, if you can and wish to do so, then it is none of anyone's business how you spend your money that you worked hard to earn. This is a very simple concept that most Liberals and Left-Wingers cannot understand.

  3. Oil Addiction Leads to War - The global addiction to oil is leading to resource wars through out the world, and the US is the #1 addict. According to a recent World Bank study, countries that export oil are 40 times more likely to be engaged in war than non-exporting countries. Would over 500 American soldiers and countless Iraqis have died if our country was not addicted to fossil fuels? The EPA reported that an improvement of just 3 mpg overall would save 1 million barrels of oil per day. Considering that the United States imports 740,000 barrels of oil per day from Iraq, a modest improvement in fuel economy would free the country from its dependence on this unstable state. And if we all drove hybrid cars, which get over 50 miles per gallon, we could prevent all future wars for oil.

    You know what else would free us from foreign oil, drilling off the coast of California, in the Gulf of Mexico, and in Alaska. Allowing people to adopt solar and wind power to their own homes without outdated neighborhood restrictions and Liberals stopping them. To understand what we mean, read "Alternative and Green Energy - Who Has A Problem With It?".

    Look at the quote, "Oil Addiction Leads to War". This is a stretch that no one believes this to be true. If you really believe that oil addiction leads to war, then the responsible thing to do is to stop using oil completely, not use less of it. Not to do so would be hypocritical and irresponsible... that is if you really believe this lie.

  4. They Are Killers on the Road - According to a study by the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, if you are in an accident with an SUV, you are 3.4 times more likely to be killed than if you had been hit by another car. Simply put, on the road, mass wins. The 8,400 pound H2 and 10,000+ H1 weigh significantly more than the average SUV, and are thus some of the most dangerous killers on the road. Their height, weight and the stiffness of their frames put drivers of smaller cars at great risk for fatalities. Tough luck for the other guy (or woman or child), you might say, but at least I'll be protected, right? Wrong! Hummers are not safe for their own drivers, either. The higher mass of SUVs and Hummers make them more difficult to stop. This lack of maneuverability INCREASES the numbers of fatal accidents.

    With this statement, we have CodePINK admitting that you are safer in a SUV. Moreover, what result does CodePINK want... they want to force everyone to drive a vehicle that is not as safe in terms of crash survivability as the SUV. That in itself is reason to buy one.

  5. Soldiers Are Dying In Them - Although the Army does not keep a breakdown of Humvee casualties, almost every week the media reports incidents of soldiers being wounded or killed in their Humvees. Some officers estimate that upwards of 60% of the casualties suffered by their troops occurred in Humvees. Beyond the unavoidable dangers of war, there are two primary causes of the high number of Humvee casualties, faulty armor and terrible maneuverability. Most Humvees being used in active duty in Iraq were originally built with no armor whatsoever, as they were not meant for frontline combat. The newer armored models are not expected to arrive in Iraq until 2005. The weak or non-existent armor of the Humvees allows roadside bombs to rip through the vehicles. This leads to countless deaths and amputees. Beyond the lack of armor a significant percentage of humvee casualties is due to accidents such as tipping over, resulting from the humvee's poor maneuverability.

    What hybrid vehicle would better protect the soldiers from the CodePINK supported terrorists that are running around causing the aforementioned casualties? How did armor come into play? If someone felt the need to have armor protection, what vehicle would be better to use other than a Humvee? Keep in mind if CodePINK or any of the other environmentalists had their way, our soldiers would be going into battle with Yugos instead of Humvees.

  6. The Tax Break Is Unfair... and Unpatriotic - Hummer dealers are snagging new customers by telling them they can get a tax write-off of up to $100,000 as a business expense. How can that be? This tax break was originally designed for farmers and their trucks, but the legislation defines the vehicle by weight, not use, creating a loophole big enough to drive a Hummer through. Many people are furious about this loophole and are pushing for Congress to change the law. With our nation facing a $500 billion deficit, is it fair for Hummer owners to rip off the US government and their fellow taxpayers? Is it patriotic? Hardly.

    This is such a Liberal argument and probably more telling of their true intentions. Allow us to break this down. Why is the tax break unfair? Any tax is nothing more than a punishment that takes hard-earned money from an individual and then it disappears. Someone who did not earn it gets it. How fair is that? How patriotic is that? It is not fair or patriotic. What does that have to do with anything? Rest assure that anyone that can afford a Hummer is in the top 5% of wage earners and is paying the lions share of taxes already, but that is not good enough. Their goal is to have every dollar above what the average person earns should be taken away so that everyone is equal and no one has more than anyone else.

  7. People Won't Like You - Hummer drivers have become a target for angry pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers who don't like seeing super-sized gas guzzlers lumbering down their roads or parked in over-sized spaces on our city streets. Hummer drivers get yelled at, flipped off, cut off; their vehicles get plastered with anti-Hummer bumper stickers. The website, for example, features pictures sent in from around the world of people flipping off Hummers. As anti-Hummer campaigns continue to pick up speed and disseminate information, the public sentiment against Hummers and their owners will only increase. Do you want this anger focused on you and your vehicle?

    According to CodePINK, people that do not like what a person owns is deserving of hate. This is "Envy", "Jealousy", and "Class hatred". Ah, yes... the petty emotions of the people that do not like SUVs. This is nothing but an attempt to blame the owner of a Hummer for the damage rather than the people that actually commit the crime. Yelling and flipping off the owners of Hummers by CodePINK and other likeminded individuals pretty much describes these people. Of course, this is no surprise to anyone. This is exactly the uncivilized and anti-social behavior that we expect from these people. It is no different from the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany during the 1930s and we know how that ended.

    Look at the statement. "People Won't Like You." That is why they would buy a "green" vehicle, so people will like them. It is too bad that these people would deliberately dislike someone because of the vehicle they drive. Not the way they drive, but rather for nothing more than the make and model of vehicle they drive. The vanity of these people that they feel the only way to be accepted is by what they own rather then who they are. Who needs friends like this? People like this that cannot be counted on for anything of substance, but is this not an accurate description of these people?

    And what do they mean "their roads"?

  8. Mother Earth Won't Like You, Either - Beyond compromising the safety and well-being of yourself, your passengers, and other drivers, by driving a Hummer you are endangering the health of the planet itself. Hummers, with their absurd weight, are exempt from meeting ANY emission standards. In other words, Hummers and other extremely large SUVs, such as the Ford Excursion, are allowed to pollute as much as they want without any government interference. Not only does the Hummer emit over 3 times more carbon dioxide than an average car, hastening global warming, but it gives off substantially more smog-producing pollutants and dangerous particulates as well. These are issues affecting all of us today, especially children. In fact, rates of asthma among our nation's children have increased to the point of constituting an epidemic. Furthermore, the EPA released a devastating report on 4/15/04 that indicates nearly one in five counties nationwide are breathing unhealthy air, affecting an estimatetd 159 million Americans. Is your Hummer really worth the very air you breathe?

    Well, it has been established that occupants are safer in SUVs, especially the Hummer, than other vehicles in a crash. If you are referring to the use of fossil fuels that Hummers use, any one that uses fossil fuels is doing the same thing so you cannot limit blame to SUVs. By the justification of CodePINK's argument, if you want to compare the mileage of different vehicles, anyone that uses less energy than someone else can be justified in blaming everyone else for global warming... or high gas prices... or whatever is the problem of the day.

    Here is a solution. If everyone that voted for Al Gore in the 2000 election would just stop using fossil fuels as Al Gore suggests, the problem would no longer exist.

  9. Will You Really Survive a Falling Asteroid? - A recent ad campaign for the Hummer says: "When the asteroid hits and civilization crumbles, you'll be ready." Makes you sound pretty safe, no? But if the military Humvees can't even protect soldiers in Iraq against roadside bombs, how well do you think the unarmored civilian version will fair against the apocalypse?

    Only CodePINK, their followers, and the rest of the environmental movement would take this advertisement seriously. An advertisement is supposed to make you remember the product. Ask yourself this - would you be better off in a 4WD Hummer or in a lightweight hybrid that will crumple up if you hit the curb?

  10. There Are MUCH Better Deals - The H2 starts at $50,000, the H1 at $100,000! They are super-expensive, not very comfortable and big gas guzzlers. Stack that up against a Toyota or Honda hybrids, which cost under $25,000 and get 50 miles a gallon. If you really need a bigger car, in 2005 you can buy a hybrid SUV that will get significantly improved mileage. According to the New York Times, the most "cool" Hollywood stars drove to this year's Oscars in hybrid cars and wouldn't be caught dead in a Hummer. So why not save $25,000, be kinder to the planet, and join the "cool crowd"? What are you doing wasting your time with the Hummers? Go on over to your nearest Toyota or Honda dealer. You'll be glad you did.

    That is what makes America great. We can decide what the best deal is. We are free to decide which vehicle best fits our individual needs. No one tells any environmentalist which vehicle he or she should drive because it is no one else's business. Everyone has their own needs and should be free to decide what vehicle best fits those needs. For example, Al Gore has the need to travel in a private jet that uses more fuel in one flight than most American families use in almost 2 years, but no one ever challenges him saying that he should not be free to do so.

There you have it - CodePINK and their view of SUVs. When you consider the birth to death energy cost of a Prius compared to a Hummer and the irritation factor it is to people that want to control your life, the Hummer actually becomes a very attractive vehicle.


From the archives of the Internet, we bring you a Strongly Worded Letter that absolutely rocks...

Backwards to The Future

15 November 2007

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
19001 South Western Ave.
Dept. WC11
Torrance, CA 90501

Dear Toyota Guy or Gal,

I drive one of your 2007 Wait, what do you call more than one? I am generally happy with it. So it's not a very exciting automobile to drive but it is comfortable and more than 40 miles per gallon is welcome these days.

I also like how quiet it is on the road and I sometimes drive up right next to a jogger or better yet, a blind guy, and lay on the horn right at the last second before he even knows I'm there. Hilarious!

But I digress. I am writing with a question about one of your features on the car when it is moving in reverse. The little camera on the rear bumper that shows me what is behind me before I hit it is helpful and I applaud you for that. What I don't get is the obnoxious "beep beep beep" that accompanies every backwards trip.

You know the reason that garbage trucks make that annoying sound is so that vehicles and pedestrians in the area are advised the truck is moving, right? Their beeping is heard on the outside of the vehicle and that makes it a safety feature.

Your beeping is only heard on the inside of the vehicle! That means that literally the only person in the world who hears the warning signal is the one person who already knows that the car is in reverse. I'm the driver. I put it in R so why do I need all that noise?

I would appreciate it very much if you could explain this seemingly illogical attribute of an otherwise sensible car. Also, is there any way to disable it?



This was just too cool not to print.

And speaking of too cool not to print, here was an e-mail sent to us from a reader who owns and drives a H2. There is no doubt that this person knows more about the American General Hummer than anyone from CodePINK ever will. It is doubtful that Medea Benjamin or anyone else from CodePINK has driven a Hummer enough to give an intelligent opinion about it.


Yesterday, I sent an e-mail to you regarding your articles on the top ten reasons not to buy a Hummer. I wanted to send you a revised version, because I have some additional points. Also, I found out that you guys are trying to implement a plan to pay no taxes at all. Please respond, I am dying to hear your thoughts.

  1. The Hummer has the worst gas mileage of any civilian vehicle. This is SO NOT TRUE. We recently just bought a 2007 H2 that gets 13 mpg and we upgraded the exhaust and did an air intake, which bumped it up to 16 mpg. Our other full sized SUV gets 11 mpg. You do the math. Yes, we can afford the astronomical cost of driving a Hummer.

  2. Now, I am sure that you women have NEVER been in a Hummer to know anything about it. When we are at a speed of 80 mph, we hear nothing. As far as performance, this truck has out performed any other SUV we have owned (this list includes...
    Denali XL, Landcruiser, ML320, Suburban, Navigator, and Pathfinder). With the exception of the Landcruiser (the older ones, not the new ones), no other SUV can climb a rock or go through 3 ft. of snow. As far as gas mileage, we expected that when we bought the truck. Please tell me what car / truck does not have any bugs.

  3. Well, Target Of Opportunity states it best...You know what else would free us from foreign oil, drilling off the coast of California, in the Gulf of Mexico, and in Alaska. Allowing people to adopt solar and wind power to their own homes without outdated neighborhood restrictions and Liberals stopping them. To understand what we mean, read "Alternative and Green Energy - Who Has A Problem With It?".

  4. Yes, if I collide with a car, I will do major damage to it. However, it is not the truck that is the issue. It is the driver. Weather the DRIVER is driving a car or SUV, if they are unsafe behind the wheel, they will cause an accident, no matter what vehicle they are in.

  5. Sorry...again Target Of Opportunity states it best... "What hybrid vehicle would better protect the soldiers from the CodePINK supported terrorists that are running around causing the aforementioned casualties? How did armor come into play? If someone felt the need to have armor protection, what vehicle would be better to use other than a Humvee? Keep in mind if CodePINK or any of the other environmentalists had their way, our soldiers would be going into battle with Yugos instead of Humvees."

  6. Yes, Hummer drivers will get a tax break, ONLY IF THEY USE THE VEHICLE FOR MORE THAN 50% OF BUSINESS PURPOSES. We own a few businesses, so we do get a tax break. However, you have to provide your tax attorney in depth information of how you use the truck. This is done through receipts. You cannot just get a tax break because you bought a Hummer. Also, we are in the highest tax bracket possible. So we pay more taxes than any other average person does. So why would you have a problem with this?
    You guys are currently in the process of implementing no taxes at all? Do you not understand the importance of taxes?

  7. If people are so ignorant that they feel they have to harass me, then that shows me what kind of person they are. It all comes down to envy. Hummers are somewhat expensive and the "average" person cannot afford them. The funny thing is that people are always making negative comments, but in the end they want to take a ride in it (very ironic isn't it?). Also, I would LOVE someone to damage my truck. I think it would be funny to have my insurance company pay for another one because some ignorant moron cannot see what their actions caused.
    Has it ever occurred to you that the majority of people that send pictures to do not really care about people who drive Hummers or the environment for that matter? Most of them have nothing better to do and are just trying to get pictures of their selves posted on a website.

  8. Blah, blah, blah. Mother earth will not like me? How about this...
    - People who heat their swimming pools to 90 degrees.
    - People who have TVs in every room and numerous computers.
    - People who light up their houses with so many Christmas lights that you can see it from the moon.
    - People that live in mansions and it is only the two of them.
    The list goes on and on, but honestly, it is nobody's business. I am just trying to show you guys that there are other issues regarding global warming that nobody touches. They would rather bash on SUV drivers.

  9. I think we are all pretty screwed if an Asteroid falls, no matter what kind of car you are driving.

  10. Hummer's are not made to be luxury cars. They are made for off-roading (which is why we bought it). If we wanted a more comfortable vehicle, we would have gotten an Escalade, Lexus LX, etc... I am really tired of hearing that people buy Hummers to substitute for something missing, or to justify "manhood", or to be cool. Do you really think people buy this truck for these reasons? It will cost $60,000 to take this truck off the lot, another $100.00 to fill it up and the general up keep is 3 times more expensive than a "regular" SUV. For example, the cost of a new set of tires will run about $2,500, if you go with mud. Think about it.

I would be more than happy to buy a hybrid SUV, if it could do what the Hummer does. Does the hybrid SUV have an independent suspension? Does it have a function that will raise it an additional 3 inches, in order to climb rocks? No, of course not. Why do you think people spend so much money on a lift kits for their trucks? Exactly who are you people to say what vehicle someone should buy? I thought the "cool" crowd thing was in high school.

So NO, I would not be glad I that went over to my nearest Toyota or Honda dealer. Reason being, is that we sold our Denali for the above reasons. We enjoy four wheeling and we did so in this truck. In the end, we nearly blew our engine and transmission. We were also consistently leaking fluids (I know this is bad for the environment, so we did something about it... I bought an H2).

If you are going to respond to me, please do so with facts, not opinions.



You make to many good points so it would be our bet that they will not respond to you. The only thing they are interested in is pushing their anti-American Marxist agenda not debating facts.

And YES it is true that CodePINK is complaining that there are some people that are receiving "unfair" tax breaks and they are currently trying to implement a plan advocating not paying taxes at all.


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