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The Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was founded in July 2004. "We dedicate ourselves to beginning the long, patriotic, nonviolent, and ultimately unstoppable process of transforming the Democratic Party." PDA reflects the far left wing of the Democratic Party. It claims responsibility that it helped install Howard Dean as Chairman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

"We believe that the greatest need of our nation, is to redirect the resources of our government from destruction to creation, from war to peace, from military spending to social spending, from sickness to health, from selfish desires to universal needs. The future of humanity and our planet are at stake."
-- PDA's Progressive Plan to Change America

It is clear from this statement that these people do not understand the need for a strong military. But they do want to place everything they can under government control. This comes from a strong Marxist agenda from its leadership.

The core of activists who founded and currently run Progressive Democrats of America came from the failed 2004 presidential campaign of Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich. He was one of the leaders of the radical Progressive Caucus. PDA's co-founder and National Director is Tim Carpenter, who in 2004 was Deputy National Campaign Manager for Kucinich's presidential run. Carpenter describes himself as a social and political activist. For over 30 years, he has worked for causes such as nuclear disarmament, peace and justice, abolishing the death penalty, defending the homeless, and campaign finance reform.

The PDA is nothing more than another Socialist/Communist group. In the Left-Wing mindset, the word "Progressive" is a politically correct name. Which means it is a lie. It is a lie that does nothing more than creates a diversion from the true agenda that is the basis of this group's true beliefs.

Their "Progressive" ideal takes away independence and offers nothing but dependence and subservience. Their Marxist based beliefs are the core of their existence. It is merely another way of hiding the true meaning of who they really are and what they represent.

Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans from CodePINK are key players in this group. So is Cindy Sheehan and Tom Hayden. Everyone in this group has Left-Wing views. Some demonstrate extremely Marxist views. This group can only be considered "progressive" if it is accepted that a Marxist based philosophy allows for growth and prosperity, which it does not... It never has... It never will.

A Marxist philosophy cannot provide the gains that is promised because it is counter to human nature. It is unnatural at its very essence. Every country that has adopted this philosophy has given their people a very low standard of living where food, living conditions, and health care are marginal at best.

Who are the guiding forces behind the Progressive Democrats of America?

Here is the PDA Board.

Mimi Kennedy

  • Advisory Board Chair
  • TV actress: Played Abby, Dharma's hippie mom, "Dharma and Greg"
  • Worked on Dennis Kucinich's anti-war presidential campaign.
  • Founded Progressive Democrats of America, of which she is Honorary Chair.

Stephen Shaff

  • Advisory Board Vice Chair
  • Founder and President of Community-Vision Consultants, a community development and social activist firm based in Washington, DC.

Medea Benjamin

  • Founding director of Global Exchange
  • Co-founder of United for Peace and Justice
  • Co-founder of CodePINK

John C. Bonifaz, J.D.

  • Constitutional lawyer, who filed a federal lawsuit challenging President George W. Bush's authority to wage war against Iraq absent a congressional declaration of war or equivalent action.
  • Author of the book "Warrior King: The Case for Impeaching George W. Bush".
  • Co-founder of
  • Lead counsel for the Green/Libertarian Party-sponsored recount in Ohio

Acie Byrd

  • Vice President of the Veterans' Institute for Security and Democracy
  • Founding member of the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign
  • Executive Board Member of the SANE/Freeze Campaign
  • Member of the University of Maryland Board of Trustees for Behavioral and Social Sciences
  • Political analyst and commentator on Pacifica radio
  • Worked on the presidential campaigns of Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and the Rev. Jesse Jackson
  • Chaired the Working Group for the Alliance of Atomic Veterans
  • Served as a field coordinator for the Democratic Party's Get Out The Vote efforts in Florida

Steve Cobble

  • Co-founder of PDA
  • Co-founder of
  • Former Political Director and speechwriter for the National Rainbow Coalition
  • National Delegate Coordinator for Jackson for President '88
  • Directed the Keep Hope Alive PAC
  • Campaign worker for Carol Moseley Braun for U.S. Senator from Illinois in 1992
  • Worked with Nader for President in 2000
  • Strategic Adviser to Dennis Kucinich in 2003-04
  • Served as a Fellow at Harvard's Institute of Politics
  • Director of the Campaign for a Progressive Future
  • Director of the Arca Foundation
  • Senior Fellow at the Center for International Policy

Jeff Cohen

  • Founder of FAIR
  • Communications Director of the Kucinich for President campaign
  • MSNBC commentator
  • Co-host of "Crossfire" on CNN
  • Senior producer of "Donahue" on MSNBC

United States Representative John Conyers Jr.

  • Ranking Democrat on the pivotal House Judiciary Committee
  • Co-founder and Dean of the Congressional Black Caucus
  • Founding member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Jodie Evans

  • Co-founded CODEPINK
  • Co-authored the book Stop the Next War Now
  • Ran Jerry Brown's campaign for president in 1991
  • Serves on the boards of 12 non-profits including Rainforest Action Network

Gary L. Flowers

  • Serves as a Vice President of Programs/National Field Director for Reverend Jesse L. Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

Lila Garrett

  • Southern California Chair of the Kucinich Campaign for President
  • Host of the popular political radio talk CONNECT THE DOTS on Pacifica's KPFK
  • Former President of Southern California Americans for Democratic Action
  • Served on the Board of the ACLU
  • Founder and Co-Chair of Americans against War in Iraq (AAWWI)
  • Founding member of the Board of the California CleanMoneyCampaign
  • TV-screen writer, producer and director

Congressional Representative Raúl M. Grijalva

  • 7th Congressional District of Arizona

Tom Hayden

  • Founding member of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
  • Lead street demonstrations against the war at the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention
  • Former California state Assemblyman
  • Former California state Senator
  • Former husband of "Hanoi Jane" Fonda

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

  • House International Relations Committee
  • House Financial Services Committee
  • Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus
  • Whip for the Congressional Black Caucus
  • Senior Democratic Whip
  • Only member of Congress to vote against the resolution authorizing President Bush to use force following 9/11
  • Sponsored legislation disavowing the doctrine of preemptive war
  • Co-sponsored legislation to create a cabinet-level Department of Peace
  • Vocal opponent of the Patriot Act

Joe Libertelli

  • Co-founded the MetroDC Environmental Network (MetNet)

Ralph I. Miller

  • Co-Founder and Executive Director of Latinos for America
  • Former California Chair of Latinos for Dean
  • Helped transition Latinos for Dean into Latinos for America at the closing of Howard Dean's Presidential bid
  • Worked on staff for the Dean for DNC Chair campaign
  • Advisory Member of Hispanics for a Fair Judiciary
  • Native Spanish speaker who grew up in Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Miami

Greg Moore

  • Executive Director of the NAACP National Voter Fund
  • Former Chief of Staff to US Representative John Conyers
  • Former Deputy Political Director for the Democratic National Committee
  • Former Executive Director of the Citizenship Education Fund, the civic educational arm of the National Rainbow Coalition

Pam Paul

  • Board Member of Grassroots for America

Jamie Raskin

  • Former state assistant attorney general
  • General counsel of the National Rainbow Coalition

Joel Segal

  • Senior legislative assistant for Representative John Conyers

Cindy Sheehan

  • Professional Peace Activist
  • Founder of Gold Star Families for Peace

State Rep. Kyrsten Sinema

  • Named the Sierra Club's Most Valuable Member in 2005 session
  • Co-hosts a talk radio show on Air America

    David Swanson

    • Creator of
    • Co-founder of the
    • Washington Director of
    • Board member of Progressive Democrats of America
    • Former Press Secretary for Dennis Kucinich's 2004 presidential campaign
    • Media Coordinator for the International Labor Communications Association

    Bruce Taub

    • Writer and personal injury lawyer in Boston, MA
    • Member of Amnesty International
    • Served as Massachusetts co-coordinator of the 2004 Kucinich for President campaign

    Congresswoman Maxine Waters

    • Key leader in five presidential campaigns:
    • Sen. Edward Kennedy (1980), Lost
    • Rev. Jesse Jackson (1984 & 1988), Lost, Lost
    • President Bill Clinton (1992 & 1996), Two out of five ain't bad

    Congresswoman Diane E. Watson

    • Former U.S. Ambassador to the Federated States of Micronesia
    • Democratic Regional Whip for Southern California

    Michele White

    • Co-founder of Progressive Vote
    • Co-founder of Progressive Democrats of America

    Lyle "Butch" Wing

    • National political director for Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

    Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey

    • Chair of the Democratic Caucus Task Force on Children and Families
    • Ranking Member of the House Education Committee's Subcommittee on Education Reform
    • Senior Member on the House Science Committee's Subcommittee on Energy
    • First former welfare mom to serve in Congress
    • Chair of the Democratic Children and Working Families Caucus
    • Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus

    Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.

    • Senior consultant for the Russell Simmons' Hip Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN), P Diddy's Citizen Change (Vote Or Die)
    • Consultant for MTV, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Black Entertainment Television (BET)

    Here have elected officials that have sided with people and groups like CodePINK that actively support and promote Marxist agendas and have done so for decades.

    The one thing that you notice is that everyone is a Liberal Democrat. These associations within a confined group is proof that these elected officials have strong ties to the Communist/Socialist value system. Examine the voting record of these people and you can see the Marxist agenda that illuminates from their personal agendas.

    These are people that are nothing but power hungry. They want more and more people to become more and more dependent, thus giving them more and more control over the lives of others. They do not want people to be self-sufficient. The biggest fear that Liberals have is that people might be able to live on their own without the assistance of government.


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