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Left-Wing Protesters I
Liberals on Parade

War Protester

Liberals at their finest. When they are not protesting, these people must have very easy jobs. The kind of jobs that robots will soon be doing.

Protester on Fifth Avenue

On March 17, 2003, about 215 protesters were arrested after they lay down in the middle of Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, blocking traffic and causing delays adding to the congestion of New York City traffic. Once again, these people did nothing but cause problems for others. Anti-war groups had called for civil disobedience. Why are these people always part of the problem and never part of the solution?

Protest in Tallahassee, FL

This was seen at the Peace Rally in Tallahassee. What does this person think makes the bus move about the streets? The fact that this question has to be asked shows the lack of common sense and intelligence that constantly plagues these people.

Muslim Protester

Who is it that says that we can hold a rational and honest dialogue with these "open-minded" and "tolerant" people?

CodePINK Fat Lady CodePINK Fat Lady

Here we have a couple of the lovely ladies of CodePINK. Both of these women are protesting those that allow them to live under an umbrella of freedom in a country where they are able to prosper and successfully avoid starvation.

CodePINK Fat Lady

On New Year's Day 2007, chaos prevailed at the Golden Gate Bridge when police prevented activists from parading across it. Following a three-hour standoff during which pedestrians and cyclists were prevented from crossing the bridge. Activists from CodePINK attempted to break police lines, and were subsequently incarcerated. Police were forced to close a lane to make the arrests, causing a major traffic mess. These protests are never pretty to look at.

Medea Benjamin and Cindy Sheehan protesting in North Korea

This photo was taken in South Korea at a military base. These photos have not been edited or modified!

That is Cindy Sheehan on the left and Medea Benjamin on the right. Note the protest sign that Medea Benjamin is proudly holding.

Medea Benjamin and Rebecca Wood

Medea Benjamin and Rebecca Wood getting ready to exercise the Right to Assemble and the Right of Free Speech to defame those that sacrifice so much to ensure that...

they have the Right to Assemble and the Right of Free Speech to defame those that sacrifice so much to ensure that...

they have the Right to Assemble and the Right of Free Speech to defame those that sacrifice so much to ensure that...

they have the Right to Assemble and the Right of Free Speech to defame those that sacrifice so much to ensure that......

It is easy to see who the "Protectors of Freedom" are and who they are not.

Scaling the Whitehouse Fence

Did he think that he was going to be able to sneak in without getting caught? How far did he think he was going to get?

Stupid War Protester Young Activists

The future of activism. No one is trying to keep you silent. We do not want you to be silent. Please, speak your mind. Be loud. The louder the better. Let everyone know who you are and what you believe. Show your true colors.

Another Useless Protester This Guy is an Idiot

Here are some useless protesters that are trying to shut up those with opposing views and causing problems for everyone else. During the hot afternoon of August 31, 2004, thousands of anti-Bush and anti-Republican protesters took to the streets in New York. Numerous protest actions were conducted. The Shut-up-a-thon at the Fox News building, a direct action at Herald Square, and a War Resisters League mass arrest, among others. So much for CodePINK's vision of "a world where boundaries can be crossed, differences shared and celebrated..." All they want is to stop the free expression of opposing views.

Proud Liberal

At a protest in Philadelphia in August 2000, Anti-GOP protesters linking arms to block intersection near City Hall. Can't you just feel the love.

Another Proud Liberal

And yet, here he is living in America...
And probably at the taxpayer's expense.

No War On Iran Mindless war Protester

Here we have some mindless war protesters. This guy on the left, what is he talking about? As of February 2006, we are not at war with Iran. Of course, he may not know what is actually printed on his sign.

On the right we have more useless protesters in New York showing that they support in the war on terrorism.

No Fur

It is hard to tell if she is protesting, advertising, or just making an announcement. Whatever she is doing, she certainly is proud of it.

PETA Protest PETA Protest

28-year-old Lisa Franzetta and 30-year-old Korean-American Christina Cho, two activists from the animal protection group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), appeared de-clothed before the Myeongdong-branch of Woori Bank.

Body-painted in leopard spots and wearing cat's ears on their head, the two held a demonstration, covering their bodies with placards that read, "Only animals should wear fur." They also shouted slogans such as "No More Fur!" and "Protect Animals!" to the Seoul residents and shoppers who had gathered nearby.

With the area surrounded by local and foreign photo and video journalists who had been waiting for the two to make their appearance, reporters began to fight for space to cover the event. As people flocked to the scene, traffic in the surrounding area temporarily ground to a halt, causing large-scale disorder.

Tookie Williams execution Tookie Williams execution

These two pictures came from the Tookie Williams execution.

Attitude for success

The sign reads, "WOMEN ARE NOT FOR DECORATION". That is so true. Women are for companionship to be loved and cherished. Now, which one of these girls would you rather spend time engaging in conversation?

1) the girl on the left with the warm smile, pleasant attitude, and sweet disposition


2) the angry feminist on the right.

Rush Limbaugh may have been right when he said, "Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society." Face it, one of these women appear to be much more pleasant to be with than the other. This picture speaks for itself.

We placed this picture here because we knew that it would cause feminists to begin screaming hysterically and with a shrill voice, proceed to offer an opinion that no one is interested in hearing.

Here is the link that will cause feminist to become hysterical and lose control of their emotions in a font that they will find very irritating.


From the photo above, it is clear that Feminist do not like the girls from Hooters.

Wonder what they think of the girls in this next photo?

PeTA Lettuce Girls PeTA Lettuce Girls

PeTA tries to make a point using women as decoration. They even have a website to embrace this use of women as decoration - This sure looks like a good example of the objectification of women, however, we will do have to admit that lettuce never looked so good.

Young Activists

This is the product of Liberals being in charge of education for the last 50 years. All they are doing is showing how uneducated they really are and they do not even know it. This is America's future. These are the future adults that will be charged with providing national security for this country. Are they going do this by giving away the country and begging for peace to appease the countries that wish to kill as many Americans as possible and destroy America?

Young Activists Ignorance

On the left is a Peace Activist protesting violence. He does not seem to be very peaceful. In fact, he seems to be promoting violence. And on the right is a billboard showing the extreme confusion, ignorance, and denial of the Left-Wing.

But this is exactly the way the Left-Wing sees the world. In their minds, Yasser Arafat, leader of the PLO, is a peacemaker.

Young Activists Ignorance

You really have to wonder what these Liberals really consider important.

National Organization for Women

The National Organization for Women. We do not hate you for being hungry. We were not even aware that you were hungry. But, if you were at home in the kitchen cooking, perhaps you would not be so hungry.

You feminists need to stop being so angry with the world. If you could just maintain a small level of emotional control and stop throwing temper tantrums and hissy fits in public, you might actually be able to find some happiness and meaning to your life. You might even earn some much needed respect that you keep insisting the world owes you. But that would require for you to start thinking more "intellectually" rather than "emotionally", and for that very reason, the mental adjustment required for this transition is probably not going to happen anytime in the near future.

Temper tantrum - a loss of mental balance or composure displayed by an outburst of anger or irritation.

In the finest tradition of Anti-American protests and displays of hatred, we present the Westboro Baptist Church. For those wishing to see these people in action, their protest schedule can be found by clicking HERE.

Anti-American Morons!!! Anti-American Morons!!!
Anti-American Morons!!! Anti-American Morons!!!

Some of these protesters are completely off the chart. The Westboro Baptist Church is not your normal Baptist Church. Normally, you would believe that a church would have respect for the death of a soldier. Such is not the case with this one church. Visit their website at GODHATESAMERICA.COM and their sister site GODHATESFAGS.COM and you can see the anti-American rhetoric that these people are proud to set forth and explain in great detail.

The Westboro Baptist Church routinely protests against soldiers killed in Iraq. You can see the many funeral pickets around the country on their website. These protests do nothing but cause the families of these fallen soldiers additional grief. These people have a total lack of respect for the military just like CodePINK, Cindy Sheehan, and all the other anti-military protesters that always seem to be part of the problem and never part of the solution.

Anti-AmericanSemitic Morons

The congregation of the Westboro Baptist Church has the same values as Islamic terrorists. They share the same hatred. They have more in common with Islamic terrorists than they do with Americans. The members of the Westboro Baptist Church and Muslims hate America, Israel, the US Military personnel, and Jews. Both revel in the death of American Soldiers and Marines.

It really makes you wonder what, if anything, they have against Adolf Hitler and "Mein Kampf".

The Westboro Baptist Church is more of a cult run by Fred Phelps and consists almost entirely of Phelps family members including his children and grandchildren, whom they often bring to the protests. Two of the Phelps children managed to get out of the cult by escaping. They described enduring abuse from their father who created the church to elevate himself as a sort of modern day prophet. In 1995, one of his sons claimed that Phelps was enslaving members of the cult and deluding them into believing he was the only righteous man on earth much like Jim Jones, infamous from the "Peoples Temple Agricultural Project" in Guyana, South America. For those that do not recognize that name, it became internationally notorious when, on 18 November 1978, 918 people were killed or committed suicide in the settlement that became known around the world as the Jonestown Massacre.

Kill Cops

The real Liberal definition of "Peace". We see the true face of Liberalism and their hatred that is inherent in their core beliefs.

Queers for Palestine Confused and uneducated protesters

On the left we have "Queers for Palestine"? This woman is clueless as to how homosexuals are treated in Islamic countries. If only she knew how few rights she would actually have being gay in an Islamic country. Her shirt should read "Queers for the Final Solution". The people that coined that phrase are the ones that she has allied herself and her ideals.

On the right we have a person that does not know anything about the Nazis? This person obviously has no working knowledge of history. How stupid and ignorant does one have to be to think that this makes sense?

Legalize Marijuana

It does make you wonder how well these people did on the SATs.

More Protesters

What kind of job do people of this caliber have when they are not protesting serious issues like footwear? Perhaps they are professional bodypaint artists, which mean that they are probably receiving some state aid provided by taxpayers. That would explain why they have the leisure time for protesting dressed as they are.

Protesting Victoria's Secret

Oh yeah... this is a problem that has plagued the people of planet Earth for decades. This protest was probably organized by the people at Frederick's of Hollywood.

And there you have it - photographic evidence showing the true nature of the Left-Wing. What part of their actions and beliefs qualify them to make any decisions for important issues like national security? The answer - "Nothing!!!" These people exist only to empower our enemies and weaken the resolve of America to combat those that wish to kill us.


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