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Left-Wing Protesters II
More Peace Protests

The following images are proof of the Marxist doctrine that these Liberal protesters believe. They are very much Anti-American in their beliefs.

On March 18, 2006, activist groups around the world held protests to mark the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. San Francisco was no exception: the Communist anti-war group ANSWER planned to stage a large rally and march through the city, in opposition to the war and other American policies.

For more examples of Liberals in Action, checkout the following website. - San Francisco 2006 - Protesting Marines Part I - Protesting Marines Part II

Liberal Support of our Troops

Here is the way that Liberals support our Troops. This is how they show their gratitude. How can anyone count on Liberals for support when it comes to the nation's security?

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

Anti-American, Anti-Freedom - Make no mistake; these people do not care about our troops. Their intention is the spread of Marxism, Socialism, and Communism. These people do not care about America.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

A common trait is how all of these Peace Protesters always seem to be anti-Semitic and anti-capitalist. They always refer to our troops as "Occupation Troops" and "Killers", yet they claim they "Support Our Troops".

They also seem to believe in some Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. "Reality" is a concept that is beyond their understanding. It is not because cannot understand, it is because they will not understand.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

Mandatory Marxist/Socialist/Communist reading material for the modern day Liberal. This is where they educate their followers in the ways of Liberalism.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER Communist anti-war group ANSWER

More proof of Marxist doctrine that is the base of their core beliefs.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

This young lady is the picture of civility.
It almost looks like she is giving a Nazi salute.

Useless Protesters Anti-American Protesters

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups because none of them individually is as dumb as all of them collectively.

The Left-Wing speaks

You can always count on San Francisco to bring out the Liberal voice.

The Left-Wing's finest The Left-Wing speaks

Here we have two Liberals that do not have a clue.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

More recommended reading material. When we say that these people have very Marxist belief systems, do you understand why we know this is true.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

More anti-Semitic doctrine.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

These people have no idea what the truth is. They literally want to blame President Bush for everything! They wish that he was responsible for the JFK assassination and if they could, they would rewrite history to make it so.

Dressed for success

Another anti-war activist dressed for success. "WILL WORK FOR PEACE" as opposed to just standing on a street corner undressed. Uh... Of course, maybe she is working. At least get someone with a real standard of beauty to stand around like this. This is just so very wrong on so many levels.

And just when you thought it could not get worse...

Breasts Not Bombs Protest
Breasts Not Bombs Protest
Breasts Not Bombs Protest
Breasts Not Bombs Protest Breasts Not Bombs Protest

It comes as no surprise that these three pictures came from the "Breasts Not Bombs Protest" in Berkeley, July 23, 2005. More information can be obtained from founder Sherry Glaser (pictured on the right with the unshaved armpits) and her "Breasts Not Bombs" blog or "Breast Not Bombs" website.

We are not sure what to make of the "woman" on the left with the tattoos and beard.

To the woman on the right, there are many indecent things that have come out of this protest and the proof is in these photos.

On a more humorous note, here is an excerpt from the movement's founder Shirley Glasser and her "Breasts not Bombs" blog.

"It has come to my attention that there is a mad man who has started a website with the name and he's even gone so far as to "TM" the name Breasts not Bombs. (You cannot copyright a name or title.) I find this hilarious and somewhat disconcerting. It is offensive to the Original women of Breasts Not Bombs who have the courage to bare our breasts in places like Washington D.C. Sacramento, San Francisco, and points beyond in the name of decency and with the intention to create a culture of nurturing instead of violence. What this creepy guy is doing in the name of B's not B's is using women for exploitation. Not only does he ask for donations through PayPal, but he suggests women upload photos of their breasts for a virtual million breast march. This kind of perversion is sad to see, yet ever so prevalent on the internet. If you have the chance to go to his website, please comment as to his sick behavior and ask him to cease and desist so we can get on with the business of reclaiming power and respect for our bodies. This man even has the audacity to use my image, words and philosophies to advance his bizarre agenda. What a shame."

How is "Breasts not Bombs" any different than "Girls Gone Wild"?

CodePINK's interns in training

The peace activist group CodePINK and some of their new interns protesting by imitating a martial arts demonstration... and very poorly at that. It is a good thing that these are not the people charged with protecting America.

This is the group that stated on their website regarding the military, "Mothers don't let your children grow up to be killers." This pretty much clears up the disdain they have for American troops.

The modern day lady from CodePINK

Modern day CodePINK women.
The Pride of Marxism!

Young Activists Ignorance

On the left is a Peace Activist protesting violence. He does not seem to be very peaceful. In fact, he seems to be promoting violence. And on the right is a poster showing the results of extreme confusion, ignorance, and denial of the Left-Wing.

On the right is exactly the way the Left-Wing sees the world. In their minds, Yasser Arafat, leader of the PLO, is a peacemaker.

Young Activists Ignorance

You really have to wonder what these Liberals really consider important.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

They support the Iraqi resistance so they do not support the American military troops. Not that this is a big surprise. Do not believe these people when they say that they "Support Our Troops". When they say that they do, they are lying.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

Nobody should be surprised to find a representative of CodePINK at this protest rally. They share the same Marxist philosophy that is common with the rest of the Left-Wing. When CodePINK says that they "Support Our Troops", do not believe it... This is a total fabrication meant to deceive the public and hide their true agenda.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

How can these people say that they are not anti-American? Everything they stand for is anti-American. They hate America with every fiber of their being and will do or say anything to weaken this country. It is the reason for their existence.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

The same people that hate America also hate Israel. They have extreme Liberal ideals based on the radical Marxist and anti-Semitic thought. Gone are the days when "Peace Protesters" were pacifists - now they promote terrorism, murder, and large-scale genocide.

Anti-Semitism of the Left

This is an anti-Israel protester at the "Stop the U.S.-Israeli War" rally on August 12, 2006. The anti-Semitism of the Left is so reminiscent of the Nazi Movement.

Communist anti-war group ANSWER

More hatred of America. There is a good chance that this person has the time to march because she is unemployed and living at the taxpayers' expense.

Does anyone really believe that these people are good for America? These types of people DID NOT bring greatness to America. Their hateful attitude is there for a reason. As a matter of policy, they will lie, cheat, and steal to get what they want. The truth has no relevance or meaning. Their goal is to weaken America. That is the real purpose of all of their protesting and marching.

The following photos are more Left-Wing protesters that are showing their true form protesting in the streets of the Liberal Mecca of San Francisco. Who else can bring such hatred and at the same time, vast amount of humor to the streets. It is all part of their charm.

Support the Resistance in Iraq Liberal support of the Insurgents

Liberal support for those that are killing Americans

Liberal respect for the Middle Class Liberal love of NY

Here you can see the respect and love that Liberals have for the American Middle Class. The protester on the left offers his opinion at the post-election rally on November 3, 2004. The protester on the right shows his appreciation for the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Dressed to Kill

Protesters dressed as terrorists, at the Bus 19 anti-terror rally in Berkeley on January 16, 2005. Keep in mind that these two are Americans that are dressed up as terrorists. It is easy to see who their heroes really are.

Liberals are Communists

Communist marching in the 2004 "How Berkeley Can You Be?" parade.
Her shirt clearly states what and where her loyalties are.

Topless Protester

Another marcher in the "How Berkeley Can You Be?" parade in Berkeley on September 19, 2004 showing the true beauty that is your typical Liberal protester.

Long Live Fallujah Death to America

Here we can see two good examples of the love that these protesters have for America. They support those that wish to kill us and they even wish for the death of this country.

Roosting Chickens

Ward Churchill devotees wearing "roosting chickens" hats at Churchill's appearance in San Francisco's Women's Building on March 25, 2005. These people must be the intellectuals of the Left we keep hearing about.

Liberal love of the American Flag

A marcher at the "World Can't Wait" rally challenges Americans to "wave that piece of shit flag." He is referring to this American flag. This respect toward the American flag that is so common among Liberal protesters all over America.

Anti-Semitism is in the Liberal ranks

"The Final Victory is Ours!" say these anti-Israel protesters at the Bus 19 rally in Berkeley on January 16, 2005.

Left-Wing support of Hezbollah Left-Wing support of Hezbollah

Proof that the Left-Wing openly and actively supports the Terrorist organization known as Hezbollah. These people support Hezbollah and their suicide bombers. They support the killing of civilians by Hezbollah's terrorists and work at fighting any attempt to stop Hezbollah. They even encourage them to hide among unwilling and terrified children while they commit their acts of terrorism and attacks on Israel. These people exist only to empower our enemies and weaken the resolve of America to combat those that wish to kill us.

Liberals in Portland

The clear understanding of the Liberal view can be seen alive and well in the streets of Portland, Oregon. Is there any doubt what they support? Pro-Defeat. Anti-Victory. Pro-Jihadist. Anti-Western. Enemies of Freedom. Is this the way everyone in Portland, Oregon feels about American Soldiers?


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