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Left-Wing Protesters III
Pro-Abortion Protests

These pictures show the true colors that exemplifies the Left-Wing and their irreverence for life. Regardless of how you feel about these people, it is hard to take these people seriously. It really is funny to watch these people in action. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

The following are some images of the Pro-Abortion March from Washington DC in April 2004 and New York in August 2004.

Easy Girl

Is she advertising or protesting?

A bit confused Easy girl

What kind of man would consider any of these women to be a great catch?

Pro-Choice Gays Pro-Choice Gays
Pro-Choice lesbians
Pro-Choice Gays Pro-Choice Gays
Pro-Choice Gays

Are these people advocating the idea of aborting homosexuals? If there is ever a prenatal test that will show a baby will be homosexual, you can believe that these people will very quickly change their minds about abortion and demand it outlawed in every circumstance.

Me so horny Another Easy Girl

These women wonder why men do not respect them. Here is the reason. These women are easy, available, and do not ask men to care or take any responsibility.

Reason for Sterilization Not a good choice for a father

Does anyone think that these people would make good parents? These people make a good case for sterilization. To the woman on the left who asks the question, "How can you trust me with a child?" Who says that she can be trusted with a child? She is, in all probability, very likely to decide to kill the baby.

The man on the right refuses to accept responsibility for any child he fathers. We hope that he has not made any, but that is probably just wishful thinking. The fact is that it is very doubtful that any child is going to be safe with either of these individuals.

3 abortions and proud The sign says it all

These two women show the selfishness inherent with Liberalism. These women are not what you would call quality candidates for parents. To them, a baby, their very own baby, is not something special to love and care for. Both of these women are much too selfish to be a mother to a child. The woman on the right certainly knows what she is. The sign says it all.

The Violent Left Confused

On the left, we have a prime example of the violence that the Left-Wing really displays. These two show that abortion is truly the killing of the innocent. So much for Freedom of Religion. So much for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. They wish to kill those that disagree along with those that are unborn.

On the right, we have, what appears to be, a very confused Liberal guy who, apparently, has a fully functional uterus. How gay does a guy have to be to have a fully functional uterus?

No Regret

More Left-Wing activists threatening violence and they do it while cowardly hiding behind masks. Does any of this surprise anyone?

No Regret

We probably do not regret it either, after all, who knows better than you the value and quality of your genetics. Here is a question that nobody ever asks - Do you wish that your mother had aborted all of her children?

possible future mother

If this woman has a son, what is she going to teach him about his responsibility and self-worth as a man? Is she going to allow him to abort her first grandchild?

Liberal couple

What are the motivations of this guy? How did he end up here? You know that he did not get up this morning and decide to join this protest on his own.

Public domain Crotch

There is a very good likelihood that this woman's crotch is public domain.

Church Ladies on Patrol

Are these really the people that we are
supposed to listen to about national security?

Socialist Protester Another Socialist Protest Liberal Protester Disrespecting the flag

There you have it - more photographic evidence showing the true nature of the Left-Wing.


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