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Left-Wing Protesters IV
Defacing the Flag

There are specific rules written down that state Flag etiquette. The Betsy Ross Homepage has the rules governing the proper methods of displaying and respecting the American Flag. This subject, formerly taught in school from First Grade through High School, is one of the many subjects no longer taught as part of any curriculum in schools today.

The following are some images of the Left-Wing showing their true feelings for the American Flag. This is their definition for "Patriotism!" In their warped minds, their excuse for burning the American flag is to show an expression of "love for their country and its freedoms". Somehow, that makes sense to them and they consider themselves courageous for doing it. If they want to show courage, they should try this at the main gate of Ft. Bragg or Camp LeJeune. Then you have to ask yourself the following question:

Why is it that whenever you see people burning or defacing the American flag, they are always Liberals, Islamofascists or other group of people that harbor an intense hatred for America?

Well, let us examine the photographic record of what these people really stand for and support. Here they are bigger than life and caught by the camera, their acts recorded for history.

Defaced American Flag A Liberal burning an American Flag

On the left, we have another bunch of useless Liberals showing just how much they respect America and the American flag. To the right, we see an unidentified and cowardly war protester burning an American flag in Eugene, Oregon. This "brave" activist could at least have the courage to show his/her face if they are right in your beliefs. The truth reveals that they are nothing but cowards. The kind of cowards that do not have what it takes to make this a great country. There are words for people like this. "Useless", "Excess Baggage", and "Parasite" are just a few of the words that can begin to adequately describe their actions, attitude, and agenda. In fact, these same words can accurately describe their very existence.

The Burning of the American Flag

Another perfect example proving that these people cannot engage in a simple activity without endangering the lives of everyone around them!!!

The Left-Wing speaks Muslims burning the American Flag

On the left, we have a typical liberal anti-war protester. Too afraid to show her face, she has somehow summed up the courage necessary to burn an American flag. We should all be thankful that no one is relying on her to provide security for the nation.

On the right, we have some radical Islamofascist burning an American flag. It is hard to tell who hates America the most - the members of al-Qaeda, HAMAS, and the PLO or the American Liberals with their anti-American, Left-Wing, and Socialist agendas.

A Liberal Protester Disrespecting the Flag

Who is the first country that every other country comes to for help? We are not trying to run the world. We are working for peace throughout the world. Getting rid of tyranny is not an easy job and not for the weak. The tyrants of the world and the enemies of this country appreciate the work of these protesters and their blatant disrespect for the American Flag.

Another Useless Liberal Protester Disrespecting the Flag A Liberal Protester Disrespecting the Flag

Here we have typical Liberal respect for the American Flag. The girl on the left is protesting Fox exercising their Constitutional Right of Free Speech. The guy on the right protesting the two party system that is an essential part of Democracy in America. He is busy protesting the existence of the Republican Party in the only way he knows how. We probably should be grateful that he is not burning the flag.

The Left-Wing speaks

In Portland, Oregon, their hatred of America is clear. Here we see them burning a soldier in effigy showing their true feelings for American troops. Their hatred is clear. What other thoughts are we suppose to take away from these scenes?

The Left-Wing speaks

Liberals protesting the inauguration of George W. Bush as the 43rd President of the United States on January 20, 2001.

CodePINK and their respect for the American flag

Here we have CodePINK showing their respect for the American flag.

Just when you thought it could not get any worse...

Behold the Axis Of Eve

We have a link to a website with some great photos of these women in action. Due to Copyright laws, the photos of Natasha Dow Schull, Hillevi Zazel Loven, and the others associated with the Axis Of Eve, we have provided links to other websites that contain the photos.

The video on the right shows Natasha Dow Schull, founder of the Axis Of Eve, wearing the American Flag and dragging the flag across the ground. The video on the left is one of the many women that proudly follow her example.


Axis Of Eve Protester "Defending" America     8 1/2 days of Protest featuring Natasha Schull

The links above and the photos below are the present and future of the Women's Movement courtesy of the Axis of Eve. There was a time women wanted respect and not seen as sex objects. Now they use the technique of "Flashing Panties" as a form of protest. It is hard to tell the difference in the "Axis of Eve" and a Girls Gone Wild advertisement.

"Axis of Eve" was founded in January 2004, by Tasha (Natasha Dow Schull) and Zazel (Hillevi Zazel Loven) "Eve", exactly two years after President George W. Bush coined the term "Axis of Evil" in his State of the Union Address to describe governments that he accused of helping terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction.

Natasha Dow Schull is the Leo Marx Career Development Assistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society (STS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). So, this is what academia considers proper respect for the American Flag. Here is a shocker... Natasha Dow Schull received her PhD in Cultural and Medical Anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. Maybe that is where she learned to hate and disrespect the American Flag.

After this demonstration showing the "Peace Activist's" respect for the American flag, it is easy for any observer to conclude that these people maintain an anti-American agenda.

These self-explanatory photos accurately depict who these people really are. Yep, no doubt about it... this is a giant step forward in women's rights.

The Axis of Eve website comes and goes. Sometimes it is up and sometimes it is down. The website used to be "", as of April 2009 it is "".

This is the correct registrant information as of 22 August 2009.

Natasha Dow Schull - Natasha did not want us to use her photo. Click here to see Natasha Dow Schull, Associate Professor at MIT, showing what she does not want this website to show anyone... her lack of respect for America and the American Flag. She must be the pride of MIT.

Natasha Schull
36 Highland Avenue
Apt 54
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139
Tel: (646) 326-3604 (NY cell phone)

Additional Contact Information:

Natasha Schull
Leo Marx Career Development Assistant Professor of Science, Technology, and Society (STS)
Room E51-188
Tel: (617) 253-9651

From the Axis of Eve website (when it is up):

Why flashing?

"Axis of Eve reclaims women's bodies as instruments for positive politics and regime change."

Thanks to fine example of women like those associated with the Axis of Eve, women are not objects seen just for their body parts. (note sarcastic tone) Yep... you've come a long way baby!

The following links show Hillevi Zazel Loven (Blonde girl) and Natasha Dow Schull (Brunette girl) from the Axis of Eve showing their respect, or rather the lack there of, for America and the flag that stands for freedom around the world. Not that anyone is very surprised. This is exactly the behavior expected from the Left-Wing.

Below are links to photos on other websites (not showing more examples. Again, due to Copyright laws, we will provide the actual links to the actual websites that have the photos.

Just one look and you can see the shameful actions of the Left-Wing and why they do not want to be remembered on this website. Click on the box to view the photos.

Hillevi Zazel Loven and Natasha DowSchull Girl with Flag trapped in panties Hillevi Zazel Loven wearing the American Flag Axis Of Eve Women wearing the Flag
Natasha Dow Schull and Hillevi Zazel Loven Axis Of Eve showing disdain for the American Flag Hillevi Zazel Loven It just gets worse and worse
Clothing for those that hate America Another Natasha Dow Schull and Zazel Loven Natasha Dow Schull, Professor at MIT Natasha and Zazel from the back

To see more, all you have to do is to do a search for "Images Axis Of Eve".

There are other professional photographers with an eye for historical events saw the importance in using the camera to record these events.

Another website of interest that we proudly present is:

You have to hit the "NEXT" button and scan beyond the Planned Parenthood/abortion pics to find the Axis of Eve pics.

We have been asked by Tod Brody not to provide a direct link to his website, but in the name of Free Speech and without any desire to inhibit anyone's Constitutional Right of Free Speech, we happily present this URL thereby giving credit where credit is due and supporting and exercising the rights guaranteed in the First Amendment allowing Free Speech and Free Expression for all. It is important to remember that no one at this website has ever tried to stop anyone from speaking or giving their opinion. We highly recommend that everyone visit this website and view the complete Axis of Eve Photo Collection.

Tod Brody and the website "" have no affiliation with The views and opinions expressed on this website do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Tod Brody or anyone associated with his studio or website.

There are those that hold the belief that it is anti-American and anti-First Amendment for us to provide the above URL information. Somehow, it is wrong to acknowledge the existence of a website. We do not subscribe to this illogical point of view as we believe it is our Constitutional right and moral obligation to reveal the existence of information contained on the above website to anyone wishing to expand their knowledge base and become a more educated and informed individual. We are merely directing anyone interested in the photographic evidence to the location where this historically relevant photo collection can be viewed.

We are not using any information, names, or photographs from the above websites to promote our ideological agenda, but rather to show the ideological agenda of the subject in question based on the information contained within their websites.

Some people that think we are lying or have jumped to the wrong conclusion about these Left-Wing people and groups. To prove we are not wrong, look at the following video.

Does anyone else find any of this disrespectful? Apparently, the Left-Wing does not. If they want to prove how courageous they are, they should try this same exhibition at the main gate of Camp LeJeune, N.C. or in front of Walter Reed Hospital.

Does anyone really think that Liberals and any of these "Peace Activists" really care about American Soldiers or America? Whose side are they on? These are rhetorical questions that require no reply because we already know the answer.

These people HATE America and they HATE the American military (take note that they only focus their hate on the US military, not the military forces of our enemies). As you have seen, they HATE with a passion. If you did not know you were in Portland, Oregon, you would think that you were seeing a scene in Iran or any other Muslim country. Is there any doubt who they swear allegiance?

Allegiance - the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government.

It is easy to see that these people live very easy lives under the umbrella of freedom that others provide for them. They do what they do knowing very well that men and women far better than them are defending their right to deface and disrespect everything about America as we see in the above pictures.


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