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Left-Wing Protesters V
Washington DC Liberals

Here is a collection of photos sent to us by one of our supporters at the CodePINK sponsored "Support the Insurgents" march sometimes referred to as a "Peace" march in Washington DC on 17 March 2007.

Liberals on Parade

Are we supposed to listen to these people? Do they think that they are making a rational statement about their intellectual abilities? They do not have any ideas, only criticisms without solutions that only leave America weak and vulnerable. What most people do not know is that leaving America weak and vulnerable is their goal. Their entire agenda is built on the defeat of America.

Liberal Protester Liberal Protester

Here we have a perfect example of the natural beauty and poetry that is synonymous with CodePINK.

Liberal Protester

These people are nothing if not consistent. Do these people think that anyone is going to take them seriously dressed like this? Are these people trying to advance the idea that they are successful?

Liberals in typical fashion Radical Queers Against de War

Here we see the true face of the Liberals that comprise the Left-Wing. This does raise a few questions. Why are these people hiding their faces? What are they trying to hide? Are they not proud of their participation in these protests? People that truly support American troops find these actions thoroughly disgusting.

Digusting Pig

This is a great example of the distasteful antics of Gay Liberalism. We expect nothing less from these people. This is just another disgusting public display from the Left-Wing. It does make you question what values these people actually have.

Liberals fighting with police

Why is it that fights with the police always start during Liberal Peace marches? Ask yourself this, whom do these people really support?

Did you ever notice that if you are a drug addict, serial offender, on welfare, or willing to fight with the police, you are significantly more likely to be a Liberal and vote Democrat?

Occupation is a crime

This is proof that they do not have any working knowledge of history aside from their own propaganda and talking points. The editorial "The Truth About the Palestinian People" explains what they do not know and refuse to accept.

War Criminal

Here is a protester that admits to being a war criminal as indicated by his sign and he is wearing a mask to hide his identity. This is the definitive example of a coward.

The true face of the Left-Wing

Here is the final product and goal of the Left-Wing. This poster clearly shows Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the Cuban revolutionary leader. He became an icon of socialist revolutionary movements proving the Marxist Connection that is the basis for all Liberal thought


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