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I donít care if you are gayÖ really I donít even care a little bit. If that is the way you swing, I wish you all the best, and the more power to you. Do what makes you happy, because life is too short to do anything less. What bothers me is that I am tired of being force fed the notion that I should do a happy dance for you because you are gay.

A few years back, when I was a training officer at my last department, I had a recruit that was openly gayÖ kinda. His recruit class all knew he was gay, as he had told them so, but that news never got relayed to the rest of us. It was easy to tell, but I kept my thoughts on the matter to myself because it had nothing to do with the job at hand, and that job was to train this guy to be a good police officer. After a full month of attempting to do so, he actually threw a hissy fit when I told him he was not progressing properly (college educated and he still had no idea when to use the proper tense in his reports) and that I was recommending that he repeat his first month of field training. He proceeded to go to the captain, tell him I was not training him properly, and that I was only picking on him because he was gay. At that time, I was relieved of all training duties, regardless of the fact that I had day-by-day evaluations, and report examples of this manís total failure to progress. I also pointed out several attitude problems that he had, with civilians, not with me, and several other shortcomings. None of that mattered because I had been accused of treating him differently because he was gay. It wasnít true, but it didnít matter. I said my piece, told the captain that the man should be fired at this point, and went on my merry way. Fast forward a couple years, after 7 months of doing poorly in field training, he had finally been released, but had consistently been one of the worst, most complained on officers on the department, and was eventually fired for committing a felony.

Another story, though a much shorter one, which got me thinking about this was on an online game. In the chat window of the game, a guy started trying to flirt with me, and I told him I was straight. Somehow that conversation evolved into him quitting the game in a rage over the fact that he thought it was wrong that we all just assumed that everyone in the guild chat was straight. Letís face it, if you are not face to face with the people you are talking to, you may want to mention that you are gay before you start trying to flirt with a member of the same sex. Not one of us in the chat that day would have cared that the boy was gay, but he sure was mad that we couldnít just look in our magic ball and figure it out.

We now live in a society that it seems that it is no longer enough that we tolerate, or accept someone elseís lifestyle and point of view, but we have to actively AGREE with it. I am sorry if you feel that way, but dang it, I am straight, and as such, gay people by definition donít see the world the way I do. As long as I accept that they are the way they are, I feel no obligation to view the world the way they do. And you can take this argument and insert anything else, religion, politics, or whatever else, and it is how I feel. I will respect that you have your beliefs and views, you respect that I have mine, and then we can move along and actually accomplish something in life.


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