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Robin Webb

Robin Webb
They go by different names and belong to different organizations, but their methods and ideologies are the same. From the Press Office of the Animal Liberation Front, Robin Webb's own words will tell you everything you need to know to see that this "Non-Violent Activist" is nothing more than an actual "Terrorist".

From Robin Webb, Press Officer of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), proof that they are Terrorists.

"Some say it is morally unacceptable but it is equally unacceptable to use animals in experiments. The children of those scientists are enjoying a lifestyle built on the blood and abuse of innocent animals. Why should then be allowed to close the door on that and sit down and watch TV and enjoy themselves when animals are suffering and dying because of the actions of the family breadwinner? They are a justifiable target for protest."

Here is the call to target children!

"When you look at the other struggles, there comes a point where non-violent action no longer works. If activists become fed up with non-violent protest, then they will take another road and adopt an armed struggle. When you have right on your side, it's easy to keep going. It really is."

Here we have Robin Webb, Press Officer of the Animal Liberation Front, advising activists of so-called "Non-Violent" movements to arm themselves and kill people, including children. There is no way to argue that these people and organizations are not Terrorists.

"Believe me, you don't have to worry about prison. I've been there - it's a doggle. You can put your feet up and recharge your batteries, and go back out there when you're released and start all over again. You can go to education to read up. I mean someone, someone actually read up on electronics while they were in prison, and went out and started doing electronic incendiary devices. Use your time inside to teach yourself!"
-- SHAC rally, Edison, New Jersey 11/30/02

Do you feel safer when these people are released on parole? It does not sound like these people can be rehabilitated. The punishments for these crimes need to be much more severe if they are going to be of any value at all.

"Huntingdon Life Sciences is going to close. You can't close it with those evil riot police there, but they're not always here! It's not always daylight... Come here when it's dark, when there's no moon, with people you can trust! There are individuals in there who need you to do that! But when you get them out, don't leave the equipment or the building standing either! Smash it! Smash it! Smash it once and for all!"
-- SHAC rally, East Millstone, New Jersey, outside a medical research facility 12/1/02

Robin Webb is from the UK, but here he is, a foreign Terrorist on American Shores.

"In England we do have some problems with legislation that prevents us from buying certain products, but over here you don't have the same excuse. You've heard Black Panther leader Mr. Bobby Seale: you're allowed to bear arms. Why are you here now listening to me? You can go out and get animal liberation!"
-- SHAC rally, Edison, New Jersey 11/30/02

"Although fish and chip shops haven't been targeted before so far as I can remember, they would be considered legitimate targets."
-- Robin Webb, UK Spokesperson for animal rights terrorism, The Independent 12 January 2001

From the NO COMPROMISE website:

"The A.L.F. has had, and retains, an unchanging triad of policies. One, to rescue individual animals from suffering or potential suffering then place them in good, permanent homes or, where appropriate, release them into their natural environment."

"Two, to damage or destroy property and equipment associated with animal abuse. That has a dual effect. It takes that property out of the arena of animal abuse, so that it can no longer be used to cause harm. Also, it compounds the economic loss by increasing insurance premiums and security costs not just for the company or institution attacked, but also across that whole discipline of exploitation. The simple intention is to price them out of business."

"The third policy is to take every reasonable precaution not to harm or endanger life, either human or non-human."

"Anyone, so long as they follow at least a vegetarian - but preferably vegan - lifestyle, can go out and undertake an action that falls within those policies and claim it as the Animal Liberation Front. There is no hierarchy; there are no leaders. There is just a compulsion to follow your heart in pursuit of justice. That is why the A.L.F. cannot be smashed... it cannot be effectively infiltrated... it cannot be stopped. You, each and every one of you: you are the A.L.F."

"And if someone wishes to act as the Animal Rights Militia or the Justice Department? Simply put, the third policy of the A.L.F. no longer applies."
-- Robin Webb, Interview with No Compromise - "Staying on Target and Going the Distance: An Interview with U.K. A.L.F. Press Officer Robin Webb" from No Compromise Issue 22

On 18 February 2007, two incendiary devices planted by animal rights extremists were found at an Oxford college yesterday. More than 100 staff and students at Templeton College were evacuated as Army bomb disposal experts dealt with the firebombs. They were found under a Portakabin following claims on an animal rights website that activists had planted them more than a week ago but they had not detonated.

BiteBack, an internet magazine that reports and passes on communiqués from domestic terrorists stated, "On the night of Sunday February 18 the ALF [Animal Liberation Front] carried out an arson attack on the Portakabin offices of Templeton College at Kennington, on the outskirts of Oxford."

Robin Webb, the ALF spokesman, said the latest attack was a continuation of the campaign against university staff.

It does not sound like these people have a non-violent agenda, does it? By their own words, they are a dangerous group of Terrorists!!!


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