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Ryan Daniel Lewis
Lili Marie Holland
Eva Rose Holland
Jeremiah Dean Colcleasure

Ryan Daniel Lewis

On December 27, 2004, at the Verdera Models construction site located in Lincoln, CA incendiary devices were located in three houses under construction on Flores Court in the Twelve Bridges development. These devices were capable of causing extensive fire damage to the structures if they had successfully functioned. The Placer County Bomb Squad, utilizing their EOD (Explosives Ordnance Disposal) robot, rendered these devices safe.

The four incendiary devices found at the scene were described as being a white plastic five-gallon bucket containing a gasoline/diesel mixture attached to a road flare and a kitchen timer. Also found at scene, were several areas of graffiti using blue spray paint.

Ryan Daniel Lewis (pictured right), 21, Eva Rose Holland (pictured below left), 25, and Lili Marie Holland, 20, and Jeremiah Dean Colcleasure, 24, were arrested on charges of arson. The combined charges include 3 counts of attempted arson and 5 counts of arson. All four may face 40 years in prison if convicted.

Eva Rose Holland

A witness related the following information. On January 13, 2005, the witness had a chance conversation with Greg Lewis, the father of Ryan Lewis. During that conversation, Greg Lewis stated that he thought his son was involved in the arson attempt in Auburn, CA the previous day. Greg Lewis believed his son was involved because of Ryan's political views, because his pickup truck was missing the night of the arson, and because he found red diesel in the bed of the truck the next day.

Greg Lewis said that he confronted his son that same day with the above information and he believed that his son was involved in the arsons. Red-dye diesel was a component of the five incendiary devices discovered at the office building. The devices did not detonate.

You really have to feel bad for the parents. They did their best and the kid made his own choice. You really have to give Greg Lewis a lot of credit. He did confront his son immediately. That alone probably tells more about the true nature of Ryan's upbringing. It is easy to assume that it is the fault of the parents, but in all fairness, his actions probably reflect over zealousness combined with an impressionable mind taken advantage of by Liberal college professors and peers.

Of course, "over zealousness combined with an impressionable mind" does not make it any less of a Terrorist act. It also does not make it an acceptable code of conduct.

Except for the seriousness of the crime, you almost have to laugh. How inept does one have to be not to be able to start a fire with gasoline and/or diesel fuel?

During an interview with the FBI, Ryan Lewis admitted his involvement in the January 12 attempted arson of an office complex under construction in Auburn.

One week after the attempted arson at Auburn's Park Hill Professional Center, the Auburn Journal and several other newspapers received letters from the Earth Liberation Front claiming responsibility for the Auburn incident.

Speaking of Ryan Lewis, "He's 21 years old and he's never accomplished anything on his own in his life," said Judge Peter A. Nowinski. "He's 21 and he's still living at home."

"I'm sure the parents are committed to the son and are fine, upstanding people who would do their part," Nowinski said. "But he has betrayed them, he'll betray them again. He's part of a group of ignorant cowards, terrorists who pose a threat to society."

Sitting in their elegant Newcastle home, Greg and Sherry Lewis tell the story of a well-rounded boy who may have taken his extremist views too far, but does not deserve to be called a terrorist.

"Our main concern is sensationalizing the case with words like 'fire bombings' and 'terrorizing the community,'" Greg Lewis said. "Bottom line they were crude ignition devices used to damage property."

These people just cannot accept the truth. They want to sugar coat the problem so it will not appear as bad as it really is. They wish to take away their son's right to accept the consequences of his actions.

Sherry Lewis complained after the hearing that authorities are trying to portray her son as "some kind of terrorist, which he's not."

Actually, by the definition of his actions, he is a terrorist. Nobody got hurt (this time), but the vandalism of other people's property is ethically and morally wrong. This crime was committed to intimidate and harm others and that is very definition of Terrorism! Now he should have to answer for the choices that he made in spite of his poor decision making abilities.

"Ryan has been and still is a quality young man with solid character, who is loving, kind, helpful, compassionate and talented," said Greg Lewis.

Well, except for the felonious activities. The same could be said for Ted Bundy. He was a quality young man with solid character, who is loving, kind, helpful, compassionate and talented too... except for all of those murders!

Both of Ryan's parents, Greg and Sherry Lewis, said their son had espoused an Anarchist and Socialist philosophy and that concerned them to the point they cut off his Internet access for a while.

Ryan Lewis was taking philosophy and political science courses at Sierra College, which "opened" his mind to Marxist and Socialist forms of government.

"Socialism ultimately led him to theoretically embrace anarchy," Greg Lewis said.

That Anarchist Philosophy is the problem. Anarchists never like to admit it, but Anarchists ideals have a Marxist belief system as the core of their foundation. For this very reason, Anarchist ideals always end up as some kind of Left-Wing, Marxist, Socialist philosophy. With any Left-Wing, Marxist philosophy there is no Black and White. All you have is shades of gray. Right and Wrong is an irrational judgment on someone else's part, unless you disagree with THEM and then YOU are absolutely WRONG and probably need to have your property destroyed and burned to the ground!

According to the letter, the ELF set the devices as a protest "against work and the horror of the cubical." The letter also stated that the firebomb-like devices at the Auburn site did not detonate because of defective materials.

The return address on the letter indicated it was from "Emma Goldman". Emma Goldman is a major figure in the history of Anarchism. As previously indicated there is a strong connection between the ELF and the anarchist movement.

The rambling, two-page letter, which appears to have been computer generated, generally decries various aspects of modern life, including real-estate development, and promises, "there will be at least one or more actions every few weeks."

In the letter, the ELF also claimed responsibility for the Lincoln attempted arson. The letter stated the ELF wanted to do economic damage to JTS Development, the homebuilder.

If these people did not want the development, they could have purchased the property themselves and left it as it was. Instead, they had to express selfish motives to steal the use of it. They do not believe that it was wrong because Anarchist Philosophy does not allow the "private ownership of property". How long will it be before these people decide to burn down a neighborhood occupied with the hopes that the property owners will escape?

Domestic Terrorist

Graffiti was discovered on another house under construction in the same development. The graffiti found at the scene included notations such as "Enjoy the world as is - as long as you can", "U will pay", "Evasion", "4 Q", and "Leave". This house also sustained broken windows. The letters "ELF" were printed in the cul-de-sac where these homes were located. Across the street from this house a tractor had been vandalized with the notation "Disarm or die".

Who says that the ELF is not a terrorist group?

Let's take a look at this proud member of the Earth Liberation Front.

Newcastle is an upscale semi-rural community near Sacramento, the kind that is full of custom homes and ranch retreats nestled between foothills and farms. Lewis lived with his parents in a custom 2-story home on Fox Hill Lane and - get this - Lewis drove an SUV! The home, newly built in 2001, surely on land that at one time was pristine habitat for some poor beetle or mouse. No doubt, the home was constructed out of "murdered" trees.

These "Environmentalists" consider themselves Very Important People. They all share and maintain a very "Elitist" attitude. They do not see themselves as being required to live their lives by the same rules that they wish to impose on the rest of us "little people". They consider themselves to be above those standards.

It is never THEIR upscale homes, or THEIR expansive acres, or THEIR polluting personal automobiles that are the problem. It is all those other people, i.e. the rest of American population, that are the problem!



15 October 2005

As of October 15, 2005, Ryan Daniel Lewis, 22, pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted arson and one count of arson. Sisters Eva Rose Holland, 26, and Lili Marie Holland, 21, pleaded guilty to a single count of attempted arson. The guilty plea was to the arson-related charges in a series of firebombing incidents linked to the eco-terrorist group, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF).

Lewis also admitted to an unsuccessful attempt on Jan. 12 to firebomb an office building that was under construction in Auburn and setting fire on Feb. 7 to an apartment complex that was being built in Sutter Creek area. The Sutter Creek fire caused an estimated $50,000 in damage. Lewis is facing up to 60 years in prison and Eva and Lili Holland could be sentenced to as many as 20 years in prison.

17 March 2006

Ryan Daniel Lewis, 22, was sentenced to 72 months for arson and two counts of attempted arson. He also was ordered to submit to a three-year term of supervised release and pay more than $243,000 in restitution.

The Holland Sisters

On March 17, 2006, Eva and Lili Holland of Newcastle pleaded guilty to attempted arson in connection with planting incendiary devices at houses under construction in Placer County 15 months ago. They were each sentenced to two years in federal prison, three years of supervised release and a $2,000 fine for a single count of attempted arson for their roles in the December 24, 2004 incident at the Twin Bridges housing development in Lincoln. They admitted to participating in the Lincoln case. The women have six weeks to turn themselves in to custody.

See the full story from the ABC News affiliate KXTV-News 10

Eva Holland, pictured to the right being interviewed, and her sister Lili in the dark suit, had been charged in the January 12, 2005 attempted arson of a business complex in Auburn. As part of the plea agreement with the government, prosecutors dropped that charge.

A fourth suspect, Jeremiah Colcleasure, has pleaded guilty to one count of attempted arson.

Jeremiah Colcleasure eventually received a two year sentence in Federal prison.

FBI Interviews with Jeremiah Colcleasure
and Lili Holland

Interview of Jeremiah Colcleasure

Jeremiah Colcleasure

On 03/04/2005, Jeremiah Colcleasure was interviewed and related the following information. On 12/24/2004, he attended a party at the home of Eva and Lili Holland at (Address Removed). Also in attendance was Ryan Daniel Lewis. Following the party, Colcleasure, Lewis, Eva Holland, and Lili Holland left the residence in Ryan Lewis' green Subaru wagon. Colcleasure recalled that the interior of the vehicle smelled like fuel; to combat the odor, Lewis burned incense and Lili and Eva Holland sprayed deodorizer.

Jeremiah Colcleasure

The four of them drove to the Verdera Models at Twelve Bridges development in Lincoln, CA, where they unloaded several 5-gallon buckets of fuel onto the street on Flores Court. Eva Holland then drove the car to another location while the remaining three set up incendiary devices inside two of the homes under construction. They used small, wooden trusses found at the location to support the devices on top of the buckets. Ryan Lewis set the devices on top of the trusses and wound the dial on the kitchen timers. Ryan Lewis then spilled pain on the street of the Flores Court cul-de-sac spelling, "ELF". At a home under construction a short distance from the Flores Court cul-de-sac, Jeremiah Colcleasure spray-painted notations such as, "4Q!" and "quit destroying their homes." He also broke one window.

Lili and Eva Holland

Eco-terrorist suspects Eva Holland (left) and Lili Holland (right) and their mother, Denise Barnes (center) after appearing in federal court.

Interview of Lili Holland

Lili Marie Holland

On 03/04/2005, Agents interviewed Lili Holland, who provided the following information. On 12/24/2004, she attended a party at her residence, (Address Removed) with her sister, Eva Holland, Ryan Lewis, and Jeremiah Colcleasure. At approximately midnight, Ryan Lewis met with Lili and Eva Holland and advised that he had obtained fuel and buckets and had devices to "set them off". He also advised that they would be traveling to Lincoln, CA. Colcleasure later requested to join the other three, although Lili Holland advised that he did not initially understand the purpose of the trip.

The four of them drove to the Verdera Models at Twelve Bridges development under construction in Lincoln, CA in Ryan Lewis' Subaru wagon. When they arrived, they first broke windows at a home under construction. All four participated in breaking these windows. They then drove to the Flores Court cul-de-sac, where Eva Holland dropped off the others before taking the car by herself to a meeting location near the entrance of the development. At Flores Court, Ryan Lewis unloaded two or three 5 gallon buckets of fuel with lids attached. Lewis carried them inside two homes at the location. He also carried a backpack, which contained components of incendiary devices. Colcleasure and Lewis set wooden trusses on top of the buckets; then Lewis planted the devices, which included a road flare and kitchen timer.

When they finished, Lewis spilled paint found at the construction site on the street of the cul-de-sac, spelling, "ELF". They then walked to Eva Holland's location and returned to the Holland residence on 12/25/04 between 4:00am and 4:30am.

While traveling in Eva Holland's car, approximately four or five days after their visit to Lincoln, CA, Eva Holland, Lili Holland, and Ryan Lewis had a discussion about their activities on 12/24-12/25/2004. Lewis expressed shock and disappointment that the incendiary device did not go off. He said that in spite of their failure, he hoped the action would still make a statement.


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