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Harry Reid and the Smear Letter

It all started when Senator Harry Reid (Dem-Nevada) known as "Dingy Harry" by Rush Limbaugh, and the U.S. Senate turned away from the business of the nation to attack and smear a private citizen. Forty-one of them signed and sent a letter demanding the "repudiation" of their inaccurate interpretation of Rush Limbaugh's comments about Jesse Al-Zaid (a.k.a. Jesse Macbeth) who lied about his service in an attempt to defraud the government for benefits available to disabled veterans. This four page letter was delivered to Mark Mays of Clear Channel Communications complete with forty-one signatures of prominent members of the Congress.

Harry Reid

The original letters were placed on eBay and on Friday, 19 October 2007, were sold for $2,100,100 setting a new eBay record. At the close of the auction, Senator Harry Reid even pretended that the letter was somehow something "we" did, inferring he had a part allied with Rush Limbaugh in raising over $4.2 million for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation Inc. With the exception of his trying to stop a private citizen from exercising his First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech, he had nothing to do with the auction. Not only did he not have anything to do with the auction, but neither he and nor any of the other forty Liberal Democrats that signed the letter have made a donation to the charity that they claim is a good cause once again proving they just do not care regardless of what they actually say.

This four page letter proves that there is an agenda on the Democrats that is nothing less than an Abuse of Power. And if you take a look below, you can see forty-one Democrats that have no problem in abusing the power and their position in government that they have been given by voters.

Harry Reid's Smear Letter - Page 1

Page 1

Harry Reid's Smear Letter - Page 2

Page 2

Harry Reid's Smear Letter - Page 3

Page 3

Harry Reid's Smear Letter - Page 4

Page 4

In case you cannot read the signatures, this is who signed the smear letter thereby proving that they do not believe that everyone has the Right of Free Speech as guaranteed in the United States Constitution. This is a good example of their true agenda showing that some people are less "equal" than others and should not be afforded the same rights as the people that signed this shameful letter, especially those that disagree with the Liberal mindset.

Harry Reid

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Blanche Lincoln

Richard Durbin

Kent Conrad

Bob Menendez

Charles Schumer

Christopher Dodd

Barbara Mikulski

Patty Murray

Byron Dorgan

Bill Nelson

Daniel Akaka

Dianne Feinstein

Barack Obama

Max Baucus

Tom Harkin

Jack Reed

Joseph Biden

Daniel Inouye

Jay Rockefeller

Barbara Boxer

Edward M. Kennedy

Ken Salazar

Sherrod Brown

John Kerry

Bernie Sanders

Robert Byrd

Amy Klobuchar

Debbie Stabenow

Benjamin Cardin

Mary Landrieu

Jon Tester

Tom Carper

Frank Lautenberg

Jim Webb

Bob Casey

Patrick Leahy

Sheldon Whitehouse

Carl Levin

Ron Wyden


So much for their promise to uphold the United States Constitution as they promised when they recited their Oath of Office.


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