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Tampering With Reality

Carl J. Toti
January 15, 2002

Ground Zero - World Trade Center

A disgusting, politically correct driven event has unfolded in recent days, which exposes one of the underpinnings of the liberal, Socialist movement in this country. The New York City Fire Dept. in conjunction with the city itself, commissioned a monument to be erected in front of a Brooklyn firehouse. It was to be made of bronze, depicting the three firefighters who raised an American flag in the now famous photograph taken after the fall of the WTC. A photographer from the Bergen Record, a N.J. newspaper took the photo. Subsequently, the Record and the three firefighters - Dan Williams, George Johnson, and Bill Eisengrein had copyrighted their images.

What is so infuriating and disappointing is what the F.D.N.Y. did in this matter. Instead of carving the sculpture in the likenesses of the three white firefighters as shown in the photograph, the department decided to depict the firefighters as white, black, and Hispanic. A firestorm has now started and deservedly so. You would think that in the spirit of new found unity in our national crisis, this leftist ideology would be abandoned. What makes this even more incredulous is that it was perpetrated by the F.D.N.Y. itself!

The three firefighters reluctantly hired a lawyer who has issued a cease-and-desist order to the construction of the monument. The F.D.N.Y. did not seek permission from the Bergen Record or the firefighters to use the photo before work was begun on the statue. The F.D.N.Y. has now been forced to stop this farce. What is disheartening is that the firefighters were forced to seek legal assistance. By doing so, they are concerned that they will appear to be somewhat less than patriotic. There is the real tragedy in all this. Three brave American firefighters did their duty and now feel the way they do because of a bunch of divisive, anti-American idiots who have tainted the events of 9-11.

Why the F.D.N.Y. has chosen to do this is anyone's guess. Currying favor with various racial groups rather than honoring these men by accurately depicting an actual moment of history is their apparent agenda. Kevin James, a black firefighter, presented the argument for changing the statue: "The symbolism is far more important than representing the actual people... I think the artistic expression of diversity would supersede any concern over factual correctness."

Think about James' statement for a moment. It not only shows his racism, but also believes something far more important. That statement in a nutshell sums up the liberal left's philosophy. In order for their skewed vision of society to work, factual reality has to be thrown out the window. If this thinking is injected into the commission of a statue, think how far the stink of this sewerage will permeate more important issues we grapple with every day. Our constitution, our moral values, our traditions are under assault by new threats launched from Marxists who call themselves Americans every day. It is completely sad. This is revisionist history at its best. This situation shows how far the left is willing to go to alter reality to suit their ideology. Now you know why you should be vigilant with history taught to your children.

This travesty shows just how far this country has strayed from the common sense path our society used to follow. Following the philosophy of the F.D.N.Y. and the liberal leftist Marxists in our midst, are we to alter the Iwo Jima Memorial in Washington D.C. to reflect our racial makeup as well? One can almost hear the cries for including a woman in the statue. Also, why aren't any Asians being considered? What about native Americans? You see how ludicrous this becomes? There are no African Americans. There are no Irish Americans. There are no Asian Americans. We are Americans, period. ONE NATION, ONE LANGUAGE, ONE FLAG. That is what America is about, not catering to each little diverse group, for it breeds resentment and division. You see, these anti-Americans embrace a global first, America last consciousness. Our individual liberties, language, and sovereignty are all to be sacrificed for the multicultural imperative now invading our society. Despite what the pro-diversity multi-ethnic crowd is spouting forth, this imperative is nowhere to be found within the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution. Our founding fathers did not advocate multiculturalism. They forwarded a single, American society. The liberal left is seeking to break up the unity in this country by contriving political issues to divide our population with race, gender, and income issues. This is their goal. A unified country is not ripe fruit for them.

Instead of honoring a frozen moment of American history by depicting the event as it actually happened, the left has to tamper with it. When factual reality does not support their ideology (which it never does) they make up new "facts". We need to ignore this divisive stupidity. We need to celebrate America for what it is, not for what the left is trying to remake in their own image. It is time to reaffirm those values that our founding fathers brought forth.

--Carl J. Toti--

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