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United For Peace & Justice

"United For Peace & Justice"... who could possibly question or be against an organization with a name like that? It sounds good... it sounds patriotic... it sounds benevolent. But beware, this name is an illusion that hides an ugly truth. The reality is that this group is not at all what it appears.

Peace Protesters

This is no secret. The Mainstream Media refuses to report the truth about this group. They would rather report on their warm and fuzzy sounding name or ignore the name in its entirety and merely report on their so-called "Peace" protests. This picture points out what these people really are. The groups that are responsible for this action against the American Flag are some of the very people that are members of "United For Peace & Justice".

On its website, United For Peace and Justice describes itself as:

United for Peace and Justice is a coalition of more than 1300 local and national groups throughout the United States who have joined together to protest the immoral and disastrous Iraq War and oppose our government's policy of permanent warfare and empire-building.

Who are those 1,300 groups? Perhaps we should take a closer look. On the "Member Groups Directory", some of them are identified:

  1. American Friends Service Committee

  2. Black Radical Congress

  3. Center for Constitutional Rights

  4. CodePINK

  5. Friends of the Earth

  6. Global Exchange

  7. Gold Star Families for Peace

  8. Green Party of the United States

  9. Greenpeace

  10. Iraq Veterans Against the War

  11. Military Families Speak Out

  12. National Organization for Women

  13. National Youth and Student Peace Coalition

  14. Not in Our Name

  15. PAX Christi USA

  16. Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

  17. September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

  18. TrueMajority

  19. US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

  20. US Labor Against the War

  21. Veterans for Peace

  22. Vietnam Veterans Against the War

  23. War Resisters League

While many understand and are wise to the danger that these groups represent, for those that are not so well informed about these groups, the groups listed above sound like a pretty benevolent group of people, does it not? Nothing could be further from the truth. For those that are familiar with these groups know most of them to be anti-American organizations.

When you follow the link that says "Complete List", it takes you to another directory of "Member Organizations" that is more descriptive and extremely revealing as to what their true agenda really is.

  1. Committees of Correspondence for Democracy & Socialism

  2. Communist Party USA

  3. Democratic Socialists of America

  4. Freedom Road Socialist Organization

  5. Freedom Socialist Party

  6. International Socialist Organization

  7. Socialist Alternative

  8. Socialist Party USA

  9. Young Communist League

  10. Young Democratic Socialists of America

Do you know why those names are not listed on UP&J's web pages, the flyers they hand out, or the posters they display? They wish to hide their true agenda.

It is on this website,, where the truth can be found about these groups. They are nothing but a collection of Communist, Marxist, and Socialist groups wishing to spread Marxist doctrine and anti-American propaganda.

These organizations are the real driving forces behind these "Peace" marches and demonstrations. They seek nothing less than a complete subversion of the U.S. Constitution, and all of the principles of individual liberty, property rights and strictly limited governmental powers.


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