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The Animal Liberation Front

Supporters of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) carry out direct actions in the form of "liberating" animals and causing financial loss through the damage and destruction of property. (See the ALF Credo and Mission Statement)

If you only remove the term "liberating animals" from this statement, you have exactly what the 19 Islamic Terrorists did to America on Sept 11, 2001. Their intentions and motivations are the same - to inflict terror and fear into their chosen target.

It is sometimes claimed that the ALF is merely an ideology. So is Terrorism. They do have a website and sometimes they have several websites. They do have a press officer by the name of Robin Webb so the ALF is more than just an ideology. But, if you want to consider the ALF to be nothing more than an ideology, it is a terrorist ideology.

More recently, Dr. Jerry Vlasak from the Animal Defense League and the North American Animal Liberation Press Office is now the recognized spokesman for the ALF.

It has been estimated that in the past decade, ALF supporters have committed well over 700 criminal acts and caused more than $100 million in damage. Every year in the United States, the number of incidents attributed to ALF increase in size and cost.

The ALF's short-term aim is to save as many animals as possible and directly disrupt the practice of animal abuse.

Their long-term aim is to end all animal suffering by forcing animal abuse companies out of business.

Do not believe that for a moment. That is their excuse for being what they are. And what is that you ask? Their actions speak for themselves. These people are nothing but Terrorists!

These people want you to believe that arson is merely an exercise of Free Speech. IT IS NOT!!!

These Eco-terrorists consider this to be a nonviolent campaign because they say that they take all precautions not to harm any animal (human or otherwise).

But wait, a statement from Robin Webb contradicts that last statement.

From the Press Office of the Animal Liberation Front.

"Some say it is morally unacceptable but it is equally unacceptable to use animals in experiments. The children of those scientists are enjoying a lifestyle built on the blood and abuse of innocent animals. Why should they be allowed to close the door on that and sit down and watch TV and enjoy themselves when animals are suffering and dying because of the actions of the family breadwinner? They are a justifiable target for protest."
-- Robin Webb, Press Officer Animal Liberation Front

These Terrorists are not non-violent by any stretch of the imagination. By his own admission, Robin Webb clearly states that children are a justifiable target. By protesting outside of the homes of the breadwinner, the children become victims of the protesters by design. No parent wants to see their children scared in their own home.

Let us take a look at a quote from Rodney Coronado, the founder of the ALF.

"When you use violence, you've got to expect violence in return."
-- Rodney Coronado of the Animal Liberation Front explaining and justifying the use of violence in the Animal Rights Movement

The people the ALF targets have not broken the law. They are the ones that are attacked. Those that associate with the ALF believe that their targets are violent and feel justified in using violence against them.

From the North American Animal Liberation Press Office:

The North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) was founded to communicate the actions, strategies, and philosophy of the animal liberation movement to the media and the public. Many of these actions are illegal under a current societal structure that fails to recognize the rights of non-human animals to live free of suffering, but validates and promotes the "right" of industries to do whatever they want to animals for profit or research. Within these conditions, those in the underground working for animal liberation often cannot speak out directly. Nevertheless, their actions and message is urgent and deserve to be heard and understood. Since animal liberation actions either go unreported in the media or are uncritically vilified as "violent" and as "terrorist" with no attention paid to the suffering that industries and individuals gratuitously inflict on animals, NAALPO seeks to clarify the motivation and nature of actions taken in defense of animals.

The Press Office also tries to provide a historical, social, and philosophical context for an objective understanding of the nature and motivation of illegal direct actions taken on behalf of captive animals.

By their own admission from their own website, they advocate illegal direct actions against those that they do not like.

From the Animal Liberation Front website:

Because ALF actions are against the law, activists work anonymously, either in small groups or individually, and do not have any centralized organization or coordination.

The Animal Liberation Front consists of small autonomous groups of people all over the world who carry out direct action according to the ALF guidelines.

Any group of people who are vegetarians or vegans and who carry out actions according to ALF guidelines have the right to regard them as part of the ALF.

The A.L.F. guidelines are:

  • TO liberate animals from places of abuse, i.e. laboratories, factory farms, fur farms, etc, and place them in good homes where they may live out their natural lives, free from suffering.

  • TO inflict economic damage to those who profit from the misery and exploitation of animals.

  • TO reveal the horror and atrocities committed against animals behind locked doors, by performing non-violent direct actions and liberations.

  • TO take all necessary precautions against harming any animal, human and non-human.

"...against harming any animal, human and non-human." These people suggest that children can be fair targets. There is NOTHING civilized about any of these Terrorists.

"Animal rights advocates have a bad public image, and are looked at like they're either slightly crazy, or extremists, or terrorists, but the people who paint that picture are those in the business of abusing animals."
-- Tom Regan, Emeritus Professor at North Carolina State University

All you have to do is to read "The True Agenda of the Animal Rights Movement" and the truth of what those in the Animal Rights movement have to say comes out loud and clear.

This is a good example of the hypocrisy of these groups.

These people are not the "Peace Loving", "Non-Violent" activists that they want the public to see. And make no mistake, they are very active in America.

This is directly from the NAALPO website.

Communiqué from the Animal Liberation Front
Date: May 11, 2009
Institution targeted: McDonald's Restaurant

In the early morning hours of May 7, a cell from the Frente de Liberación Animal was planning to hit two targets in the commercial area of the City of Coacalco in Mexico State, but to our surprise there were already a lot of people around these targets, on their way to monotonous jobs and boring schools. Because of that we decided to postpone our action for another day and to find new targets to attack.

The darkness covered our silhouettes and the moon illuminated our feelings of freedom.

Crossing the avenue we decided to hit a bank, for being one of the icons of the capitalist system, the destroyer of the planet, the animals and humans; we painted an anarchist symbol on their windows and busted a few of them.

Minutes later, we arrived at a McDonald's, the aberrant establishment of junk food which had already been attacked on several occasions last year, by another cell of the FLA in August and by the MDA (Militias for the Rights of Animals) in October. We felt that the employees and the manager had not received enough punishment with the threatening graffiti, the paint poured on their windows and the fake bomb, so we decided to paint 'Our words are not lies' and the symbol of the ALF, and to open one of their windows (which to our surprise was not locked) and break through a gate that protected their computers and other valuable things, to spill enough gasoline to light it on fire.

The beautiful sound of the fire spread throughout the establishment activating the alarm. Surely the McImbeciles thought that, with security systems such as this, they would stop the actions which have been carried out for many years by radical groups and individuals around the world; well they were wrong, they spent money for nothing. Having discussions with the incompetent Coacalco authorities to protect their business of death, having police bastards at their door every night guarding the site, did nothing for them; with one of our easy actions we have shattered their social peace, we have violated their damned private property, we have made a mockery of the 'fast and effective' municipal and state police and we have left our vindicating message: Stop for just a few seconds and see that we have made it all ours!

After the sabotages, the bank as well as the McDonalds were guarded by municipal and state police. We know of the new special groups that are in different municipalities in Mexico State; neither their repressive bodies nor their investigations, nor their surveillance cameras can stop us, we are everywhere. I'm the one that looks at you with hate behind the window of your luxury car, I am the one that watches you arriving at your work, I am the one that you have as a slave in your elegant home doing your household chores, I'm the one who sits in front of you when you travel on the subway or the bus. we are watching your movements and we are not going to stop until you see yourself destroyed by insurrectional violence for total liberation.

Take note of the disdain they have for Capitalism and the attitude they show for people "on their way to monotonous jobs and boring schools." The entire movement is nothing more than an elitist and selfish attitude. Do not be fooled into thinking that they care about anyone other than themselves. To them, nothing beyond their narrow-minded way of thinking matters or has any level of importance. They clearly have no respect for the law or society at all. This attack was not done to save any animals. It was an attack on the one thing they hate the most - Capitalism.

Here is another act of terrorism from the NAALPO website.

Communiqué from the Justice Department
Date: March 26, 2009
Institution targeted: UCLA Primate Vivisection

We sent three 'greeting cards' to three nasty primate vivisectors, one to Edythe London at xxxx Edgely Place Los Angeles California 90024, one to Joaquin Fuster at xxxx Pesquera Drive Los Angeles California 90049 and one to Peter A. Anton at xxxx Hollywood Boulevard Apartment xxx Los Angeles California 90046. In each we sent four needles dipped in rat poison strategically placed so when they opened the letter one of the needles would puncture them. The irony is that we got these needles from a primate laboratory at ucla.

What goes around comes around. Not that getting stuck with a needle is going to do much to these sick bastards who confine, torment and drive primates psychotic, but just know this.

When you least expect it, in a hallway or on an elevator, in the stairwell or going to your car after torturing primates all day, you'll get a much bigger puncture from a 10cc syringe right in your back filled with rat poison, and we'll be gone so fast you'll never know who did it. We know where you go during the day, we know where you do your dry cleaning, we know where you shop and we know that you will end up being cornered and taught a lesson you and your family will never forget. Until you end your experimentation on primates, we'll be in your life forever watching, waiting and then doing to you exactly what you do to them.

Justice Department

This is what terrorists from the Animal Liberation Front consider "Non-Violent" and "Peaceful" activism. They sign the communiqué the "Justice Department". It is clear that they truly believe they have the right to distribute their brand of justice without any consideration or respect for any law.

There is no doubt of their intention if demands are not met. They wish to kill someone that does not share their narrow-minded view of the world.

Birds die as Animal Rights Activists
claim torching of zoo in Italy

On 25 February 2009, dozens of birds were killed at a private zoo in Italy in an arson attack claimed by radical animal rights activists. Several Molotov Cocktails were used to start the fire which killed some 40 hawks, buzzards and owls in an aviary at the Zoom Zoo near the northern city of Turin.

"This is for the imprisoned animals - Animal Liberation Front'" was found spray-painted in red near the scene of the early morning attack.

So much for their so-called love of animals. So much for their desire not to cause any harm. So much for their mantra not to harm any living thing. Their intended target was the animals. They were not so much killed as burned alive.

The Attack on Lynn Fairbanks

The Animal Liberation Front took credit for leaving a "Molotov Cocktail" outside the Bel-Air home of a UCLA primate researcher. The ALF boasted in a Communiqué that it had left a bottle filled with a flammable liquid on the porch of Lynn Fairbanks' home in Bel-Air on June 30, 2006. The problem is that the explosive device was mistakenly placed on the doorstep of the faculty member's neighbor, a 70-year-old woman. This level of incompetence speaks volumes about the organization, but the failed arson attempt points at a much more basic failing of the group.

This organization originally centered its efforts on nonviolent resistance such as releasing test subjects from laboratories. But their tactics have grown to include fire-bombings, vandalism and physical attacks. They have threatened people connected to animal testing. And now, they are endangering and targeting innocent people.

It was only by chance that the Molotov Cocktail failed to explode. According to arson investigators, had the device functioned properly, the 70-year-old woman and her tenant would have had a very difficult time escaping because the house is backed against a hillside. These people almost killed innocent people. And it was done with total and complete indifference whether or not anyone was hurt or killed.

How do ALF supporters defend actions like this? How can you defend the attempted fire-bombing of Lynn Fairbanks' and her 70 year old neighbor by the ALF?

"Force is a poor second choice, but if that's the only thing that will work ... there's certainly moral justification for that."
-- Jerry Vlasak, ALF spokesman, commenting on the attack on Lynn Fairbanks and her elderly neighbors

"That is so like you ultra right wingers. Go ahead, bring up a very terrible mistake that a good hearted organization made. Yeah it was terrible but it was a mistake or else they wouldn't have done it under the ALF!"
-- Marcus Garcia, Animal Liberation Front supporter referencing the botched firebombing

This is how warped these people are. First of all, they make the incorrect assumption that the ALF is a "Good Hearted Organization" instead of a violent Terrorist organization. The so-called good intentions are all that matter. Their highly illegal use of Molotov Cocktails is no reason to judge them as criminals or terrorists. If the Molotov Cocktail had functioned properly as it was intended and the 70 year old woman and her tenant had died in proceeding fire, it would have been considered a mistake but with the best of intentions. They have no respect for human life. Sure, they have the disclaimer to harm no one, but what happens when they do harm or kill someone. How are they going to be punished for their "mistake"? They are not going to take responsibility for their actions and they do not want to suffer the consequences of their crimes.

These domestic terrorists believe they hold the moral high ground, but such is not the case as their actions are immoral, illegal, and are those of cowards.

The FBI can be reached at:

FBI Los Angeles
Suite 1700, FOB
11000 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90024-3672
(310) 477-6565


Linda Faith Greene

Linda Faith Greene, 61 (pictured to the right), and Kevin Richard Olliff, 22, were arrested and charged in the attempted firebombing of UCLA researcher Lynn Fairbanks' home. Linda Greene is a Press Officer with the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. Both pleaded not guilty to 10 felony charges after their arrest Thursday. Greene was held on $450,000 bail and Olliff on $460,000 bail.

$500,000 is being offered to help find the people behind five additional attacks on UCLA researchers. The latest addition to that fund comes from the Los Angeles City Council, which is chipping-in $100,000. The attacks began back in 2006 and the most recent was March 2009.

As of April 2009, the FBI, UCLA and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have increased the reward from $60,000 to $115,000 for information leading to the people who left the fire bomb at the home of UCLA researcher, Edythe London.

The Firebombing of Professor David Feldheim

On Saturday morning, 02 August 2008 at 5:30 AM, a firebomb erupted in the nearby townhouse of assistant biology professor David Feldheim. Trapped in the house, David Feldheim, his wife, and their 7-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter used a drop ladder to escape from a second-floor bedroom. The ALF terrorists tried to murder an entire family while they were sleeping.

This terrorist act was committed in the early hours of the morning when the family was home sleeping comfortably in their beds. They were not at the mall when this terrorist act was committed. The intent was to trap the entire family in a burning house in hopes of them burning to death. It was only with luck and emergency preparedness that the family escaped a fiery death. This is an example of Terrorists trying to burn children in their beds on a Saturday morning. What is all this we keep hearing about "non-violent" actions - there is nothing "non-violent" about these people.

Perhaps a couple of quotes from the ALF spokesman, Jerry Vlasak.

"...if you had to hurt somebody or intimidate them or kill them, it would be morally justifiable."
-- Jerry Vlasak

"It won't ruin our movement if someone gets killed in an animal rights action. It's going to happen sooner or later. The Animal Liberation Front, the Earth Liberation Front -- sooner or later there's going to be someone getting hurt. And we have to accept that fact. It's going to happen. It's not going to hurt our movement. Our movement will go on. And it's important that we not let the bully pulpit of the FBI and the other oppression agencies stop us from what we're doing. They are the violent ones. They are the terrorists ... we have to keep doing what we're doing."
-- Jerry Vlasak

A firebomb was also set destroying a car belonging to another UCSC scientist.

In the recent past, wanted posters warned UC Santa Cruz researchers: "Animal abusers everywhere beware; we know where you live; we know where you work; we will never back down until you end your abuse."

The attacks came four days after police obtained animal rights pamphlets left at a Santa Cruz coffeehouse that contained the names and home addresses of university scientists.

The pamphlets read:

"Animal abusers everywhere beware, we know where you live."

Molecular biologist David Feldheim, whose front door was charred, was listed in the pamphlet. According to his Website, Feldheim's lab uses mice to study the development of brain functions involved in eyesight.

Police and the FBI would not identify the researcher whose car was destroyed but said that person was not named in the pamphlet.

What does Dr. Jerry Vlasak, spokesperson for the ALF have to say? Well... he actually applauded and defended the firebombing attack and attempted murder of four people sleeping in their beds.

  • "The University of California has been selected as the poster child of animal abuse at laboratories. It's been shown that the tactics are more effective if you just hit one person over and over and get them to quit what they're doing."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, ALF spokesman and a physician in Los Angeles, speaking about the firebombing of David Feldheim's home, forcing him, his wife and their two young children to flee down a fire escape

  • "If their father is willing to continue risking his livelihood in order to continue chopping up animals in a laboratory than his children are old enough to recognize the consequences. This guy knows what he is doing. He knows that every day that he goes into the laboratory and hurts animals that it is unreasonable not to expect consequences."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, ALF spokesman and a physician in Los Angeles, speaking about the firebombing of David Feldheim's home, forcing him, his wife and their two young children to flee down a fire escape

  • "The inconvenience and the suffering of any children or any family members pales in comparison to the suffering and oppression that goes on in these animal laboratories."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, ALF spokesman and a physician in Los Angeles, speaking about the firebombing of David Feldheim's home, forcing him, his wife and their two young children to flee down a fire escape

  • "This is historically what happens whenever revolutionaries begin to take the oppression and suffering of their fellow beings seriously, whether human or nonhuman. It's regrettable that certain scientists are willing to put their families at risk by choosing to do wasteful animal experiments in this day and age."
    -- Jerry Vlasak, ALF spokesman and a physician in Los Angeles, speaking about the firebombing of David Feldheim's home, forcing him, his wife and their two young children to flee down a fire escape

The city of Santa Cruz is offering $30,000 a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals involved in this attempt to kill an entire family.

The Attack on Linda's Fashions

The ALF took credit for an attack on Linda's Fashions and Fur Salon in Geistown, a tiny suburb of Johnstown, PA. A former steel town about 60 miles east of Pittsburgh, Johnstown is known for catastrophic floods in 1889, 1936 and 1977.

This is directly from the NAALPO website.

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: June 14, 2007
Institution targeted: Linda's Fashions and Fur Salons

Received anonymously

On 6/14/2007 at approximately 4:30am, Linda's Fashions and Fur Salons, at 903 Old Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, PA, was visited under cover of night by masked activists. The letters ALF were spraypainted on the building, and a cinderblock was thrown through the front door. This action was carried out in solidarity with Earth Liberation Prisoner Jeffrey Luers, who recently began Year seven of his almost 23 year sentence, and all others who refuse to compromise in defense of our earth. We refuse to be intimidated by the forces of government repression, and we refuse to forget our comrades. Until all the cages are empty and all are free, our struggle continues. This is not the last you'll see of us Linda.

What does Linda's Fashions and Fur Salon have to do with Jeffrey Luers? Nothing at all!!! It is doubtful that the owners of Linda's Fashions have even heard of Jeffrey Luers. There is one more thing that has been overlooked... Linda's Fashions does not sell furs.

Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a trauma surgeon who serves as spokesman for the North American Animal Liberation Press Office in Woodland Hills, CA, blamed the business for advertising itself as a fur salon, but said he had no firsthand knowledge about what was sold there.

This is where Jerry Vlasak blames the victim, the owners of the ladies clothing store and not the actual criminals. In fact, he does everything he can to cover for them. He defended the vandalism of a store merely because of the name. He could not care any less about right and wrong.

"I think they just put themselves in the line of fire by calling the business a fur salon", Vlasak said. "It would be unlikely that they would call themselves a fur salon if they didn't have anything to do with fur."

The fact that they do not sell furs nor have they for over a decade had nothing to do with it, the store kept the name because they were known by that name. Locals refer to the store as "Linda's Fashions" and it is known as a women's clothing store. Here is a store that has done exactly what these anti-fur, radical environmental, eco-terrorists want every store to do. They stopped selling fur almost 20 years ago, sometime during the last millennium and yet they are still targeted.

Vlasak said the activists who targeted the building might have made an "error", but said it was "unlikely someone would risk jail time without doing a little research about what the business sold."

They made an "error"... Wait until they kill someone while making one of these "errors".

"It's kind of disingenuous that someone would call themselves a fur salon and not sell furs. Doesn't make much sense to me," Vlasak said.

If only the owners of Linda's Fashions and Fur Salon were aware they should have cleared their name with Jerry Vlasak prior to opening for business, this mistake would not have happened. Jerry, it is not supposed to make sense to you because IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! You are not involved with anything related to this women's clothing store other than to encourage immoral and unethical people to commit acts of vandalism and then try and legitimize their actions. They used to sell fur, but they do not anymore. Is that not the goal of the Animal Rights Movement? We did not realize that it was about changing the name of stores.

"Historically, activists are careful in researching their targets ahead of time," Vlasak said. He refused to say the activists made a mistake.

You mean when they place a "Molotov Cocktail" at the wrong address or when they vandalize a ladies clothing store because they never bothered to enter the store and check the inventory on display. Maybe they just do not care about others as we have suggested on this website. Maybe they just do not like the practice of capitalism. It is clear that they do not care who they harm.

Earlier this year, an Oregon appeals court upheld Jeffrey Luers' convictions but ruled he'd been sentenced incorrectly. It reduced his prison sentence to 11 to 13 years, from the 22 years, eight months originally imposed.

And in response to this reduction in sentence, a clothing store that does NOT sell furs and has nothing to do with Jeffrey Luers, was attacked.

These people are terrorists and need to be stopped!!!

The Attack on Dr. Eliot Spindel

ALF attack on OHSU researcher's home

On Christmas Day 2006, a group of people in masks showed up at the homes of four Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) scientists and a note was placed on a door that read "Quit your job tomorrow, or nobody escapes," and "If you heed this advice, then you won't live in fear." A little vandalism with spray paint was added just for good measure. Several researchers at the OHSU have been targets of harassment for years by members of the ALF.

On Tuesday, July 31,2007, Animal Liberation Front saboteurs threatened to make an example of an Dr. Eliot Spindel, possibly with fire bombs, if he does not "quit the torture industry and issue an apology" for his work.

These extortionists/terrorists not only want Dr. Eliot to do what they say, by demanding an apology, they want Dr. Spindel to legitimize their actions.

"Our message to Eliot is simple: Quit the torture industry and issue an apology or we swear we will make an example of you," the ALF wrote in a claim of responsibility released late Thursday by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office. "What's going to be next... spray paint, broken windows or fire bombs?"

"Look out behind you, Eliot. We have thousands of supporters and more every day. Whatever they pay you in one year, we promise we can match in damage in one night."

Dr. Spindel's garage door had also been spray-painted with a threat: "ALF eyes on you!" A car belonging to the researcher's daughter was also vandalized.

Allow us to explain what they really mean.

"Just do what we say and nobody gets hurt."

"If you don't do what we say, then we will terrorize you."

"Your families are fair game. Who knows where and when we might run into them."

"If you reject our point of view, we will FORCE you to accept it through terror, intimidation, and violence."

From The Muslim News:
Issue 213, Friday 26 January 2007 - 6 Muharram 1428

Animal Liberation Front Bomber Jailed For 12 Years

Animal Liberation Front's leading bomber was jailed for 12 years and placed on life license. Donald Currie targeted the home of Paul Blackburn, an executive for GlaxoSmithKline in September last year, placing a device made of matches, cigarettes and a bottle of white spirit on the doorstep. It exploded into large fireball shortly after being discovered at 11pm. The businessman was away but his family was asleep inside at the time. The attack on the family followed years of phone calls and intimidation at their home. On March 26, this year, Currie attempted to bomb the car of Caroline Brooks, the sales and marketing manager of a firm called PDP Couriers, which carries out work on behalf of a subsidiary of HLS.

These people with the ALF have no problem about killing people. It was only by luck that no one was killed in this act of terrorism. People have been targeted for execution. THESE PEOPLE ARE TERRORISTS!!!

The Attack on Stuart Rabinowitz

This is directly from the NAALPO website.

Communiqué from ALF activists
Date: December 23, 2005
Institution targeted: HLS Customer GlaxoSmithKline

Reported anonymously, 12/23:

Last night the ALF vandalized the home of president of Hofstra University, Stuart Rabinowitz. We did this because he and the university made the poor choice of naming Collin Goddard, CEO to OSI Pharmaceuticals the keynote speaker at their mid-year graduation commencement. Collin's financial partner is GlaxoSmith Kline VP Robert Ingram, one of Huntingdon Life Science's largest customers. Collin, Robert, GSK and OSI have not been able to grasp the message that supporting HLS is not acceptable. What we did is just the tip of the iceberg when looking at what we have in store for their camp. So we took aim at Stuart Rabinowitz and made it loud and clear that if you climb in to bed with Collin and GSK they can expect a whole lot of grief. Stuart Rabinowitz's whole house was covered with spraypainted slogans. Everyone who is in arms reach of GSK and HLS can expect similar treatment.

Keep in mind that they did not target Huntingdon Life Science; they targeted Stuart Rabinowitz, the president of Hofstra University because he named Collin Goddard as the keynote speaker at their graduation ceremony. Collin Godard is the CEO to OSI Pharmaceuticals who is a financial partner of GlaxoSmith Kline VP Robert Ingram who is a customer of Huntingdon Life Science as the keynote speaker at their graduation ceremony. That was Stuart Rabinowitz's crime. He had nothing to do with HLS yet his house was vandalized and he continues to be a target. Who is next, the grocery store where GlaxoSmith Kline VP Robert Ingram's wife does her grocery shopping?

We at have been warning the public for years about these Terrorist groups. Make no mistake; these are acceptable tactics to these Domestic terrorists. They have no problem killing people. It was only by chance that no one died and by his comments, Dr. Jerry Vlasak agrees with these tactics.

How can any rational person consider these actions not to be terrorism? The people involved in committing this crime are terrorists by every definition of the word!

Contact Information for Jerry Vlasak

Jerry Vlasak

Jerry Vlasak
9966 Yerba Buena Rd.
Malibu, CA 90265-2236
Tel: (310) 589-0777

Physician Information
5699 Kanan Rd.
# 253
Agoura Hills, CA91301
Tel: (310) 251-0259

Accordingly to sympathetic websites, Jerry Vlasak is a well respected trauma surgeon, however he does not seem to be working at any hospital as a trauma surgeon, at least not under the name "Jerry Vlasak". No hospital in the Los Angeles area has any record of a Dr. Jerry Vlasak on staff or with any hospital privileges.

North American Animal Liberation Press Office
6320 Canoga Ave
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Tel: (818) 227-5022

More information can be found at Gamefowl News.

Take a look at what these people encourage. There is a disingenuous disclaimer, but the message is clear. How they would feel if this same advice was used against them and their families.

Personal Liability
from No Compromise Issue 20
By Shadow Activist

This column is produced independently of No Compromise and is intended purely for entertainment, educational and other legal purposes. It is in no way meant to encourage illegal and unethical action. No Compromise, its steering committee, volunteer staff and other contributors assume no liability for any such actions.

Activists Working the Late Shift... At the Animal-Abuser's Home

Determining where battles are fought in a war is crucial in gaining the edge on ultimate victory. When we, as activists, wage war at the homes of animal abusers, the playing field levels off in our favor. It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain effective street campaigns against massive and faceless corporations, especially when the opposition is holed up in high-rise buildings and secured complexes. When access to public protest is cut off, bringing the message home isn't only an alternative; it's an effective necessity. Attacking the home, making it personal, attaches a face to those responsible for inflicting pain on animals.

This Isn't Avon Calling...

When we strike at home, the abusers no longer have the comfort of working behind the security blanket of company-subsidized protection. The animal abuser is no longer able to keep work separate from his personal life, creating a host of financial and psychological problems that demonstrate the efficacy of targeting the opposition at home. After all, isn't it true that "home is where the heart is"?

Everyone has to eat and sleep. Historically, these basic human needs have provided a valuable angle of attack in many successful wars or sieges. Companies will explore alternatives when animal exploitation loses profitability. Animal-abusers will consider another line of work when they can't sleep without fear of reprisals from activists. The only barrier to effectively targeting our adversaries is our own lack of creativity.

The Work of an Activist Begins "Off the Clock"

It is absolutely imperative that one's homework is thorough and 100% correct before taking action. Don't simply rely on an Internet search or a telephone call to confirm your suspicions. Make absolutely sure that the face matches the name and the target is still "in the business." Make sure that the individual to be targeted currently resides at the location through your own physical confirmation. For example, make sure that John Doe still works at Company Filth and that Mr. Doe's address and/or phone number is current. DO NOT simply rely on a telephone call confirming that John Doe lives at 666 Mockingbird Lane. Confirm that your John Doe who lives at 666 Mockingbird Lane IS ALSO the very same John Doe who works at Company Filth.

There are many ways of locating and confirming the home addresses, gyms, churches, clubs, and associations of your target. But the responsibility of discovering and implementing those methods lies with the individual activist. If there is a will, the underground movement has certainly proven that there is a way to achieve our objectives. Be creative, think outside the box and don't give up at the first block wall in your search. The methods of locating and confirming the personal information of our adversaries are best kept in some degree of mystery, to be realized by the cells that will immediately use such information. To publish those methods here is to make them available to our adversaries and effectively compromise those techniques from ever being used by activists.

Sleep With One Eye Open

After confirmation, go all out in your efforts. After the first hit, the odds of a second successful second hit are often decreased. Assume that the first shot is the last shot, so make it count. John Doe will sleep many restless nights, waiting to catch you on a return visit; so don't play into his hands. Nervous anticipation and suspense are almost as effective as the action itself, so making him sweat is key to effectively striking at home. The physical invasion of privacy can be remedied through insurance and security, but the mental invasion and psychological sabotage are long-lasting and incredibly effective. While economic sabotage is key, psychological warfare is an invaluable tool to stopping animal exploitation. Hit hard and make'em sweat.

While listing the methods of destruction in a Communiqué is important for not only informing the public and educating other activists as to how they can carry on the actions in their own community, the opportunity for screwing with the abuser's mental state is at hand. One might want to consider mentioning the night activists looked on as John Doe and his wife watched television reruns on the sofa, unaware of the activists just outside their window. Activists might want to suggest that John Doe run his sprinklers at night rather than during the day or to inform him that motion detector lights are a waste of money. Use that previous reconnaissance time as another avenue of publicly invading the private sphere of the animal-abuser, but be mindful to omit details that would jeopardize your cell or your methods of operation that you plan to use in the future.

The more personal, the better. Let him think that nothing is off limits. And don't forget to make the address public in your Communiqué so others can feel free to pay him a future visit. People cherish their privacy, especially animal-abusing scum. Publishing his address takes away yet another sense of security. Make him feel exposed and vulnerable; keep him up waiting for the other shoe to drop and rub his face in it. Destroy his property, strip him of his security, and leave him unnerved and vulnerable, feeling like the worthless chump that he is.

Some basic but effective ways of hammering the message home are to:

  • Glue the door locks
  • Smash out the windows with rocks
  • Repaint the house exterior by tossing on gallons of a most obnoxious color
  • Tell his neighbors that an "Animal-Killer lives here" by spray-painting his garage door
  • Pour bleach all over the front lawn
  • Tear up the front lawn
  • Padlock the garage door shut (Many garage doors have a latch on the sides of the door that are fitted for padlocks. Automatic garage doors aren't cheap to repair and if he can't get to work in the morning, he can't make money.)
  • Pour paint thinner or a new coat of paint on the car
  • Slash the car tires
  • Pour corn syrup or sugar into the car's gas tank
  • Cut the phone lines to the house (this is especially aggravating when he wakes up to a trashed house and can't even call the police to report it)
  • Repaint the house interior... Fill glass bottles with paint (or paint thinner) and pitch them through the front windows (they'll shatter in the living room, creating a big mess)
  • Take a sledgehammer and smash up the exterior stucco or wood siding
  • Just flip the car over and smash it up
  • Turn the hose on (preferably inside an open window)
  • When John Doe is on vacation, and there are no animals at home, leave him a pile of ash to return to
  • Steal his newspaper (the little things can be the salt in the wound)

Every home is different, so be creative and look to exploit any prospect. The possibilities are endless with some ingenuity.

Most importantly, make sure everything is clean of fingerprints and DNA. Leave nothing behind other than a big mess (or a clean padlock in a particular instance).

When Their Work Keeps Following Them Home

After the identity and home of the animal-abuser has more than adequately been verified and proper reconnaissance has been done, plan out your night's course of action to the smallest detail. Have an escape route and emergency rendezvous point planned. Check the surrounding houses to make sure that no neighbors are up and about. Make sure that your target is sound asleep and unsuspecting. When combining different methods of mischief like gluing locks, spray painting, damaging automobiles, and smashing windows, start nearest the front door and with the quietest actions first. It's simply not a good idea to smash out a window and then go glue the front door locks or to tear up the lawn and then start spraying messages. Strike fast and hard; then get away fast.

It is imperative that the maximum amount of destruction is planned, as the first attack may make any subsequent attack unsafe. Don't assume you can just finish up an incomplete job at a later date, but don't discount one either. If you decide to return, and you should, approach from a different angle and vary your technique as well as the time and day of a subsequent visit. Let him sweat a little before returning, and just as he feels things are returning to normal, rattle his cage in a big away again. Or if he's replaced the front windows after your first visit, considering cruising by later that night and shooting them out with a slingshot and marbles. There will be no mistaking the message.

Be creative and seize any unique opportunity that presents itself in your suburban assault. Make every effort to not only destroy property, but to completely dismantle the animal-abuser's sense of security.

Take every liberty in completely screwing with his head and ensuring that, when leaving the strain of work, he retreats to a strained household. Try pitching his kid's tricycle through the front window to really get under his skin. He's a scumbag who profits from the death of sentient beings... all bets are off!

Targeting the home of an animal-abuser not only adversely affects the finances and psychological well-being of the abuser himself, but those with whom he resides. A hard day's work is bad enough, but when the castle has been ransacked and the marriage is stressed, a reassessment of priorities is inevitable.

Combining a variety of the tactics previously mentioned can easily inflict several thousand dollars worth of damage, create a lot of headache, and cause many sleepless nights. Every dollar of damage and every psychological assault brings the adversary one step closer to reconsidering his role in animal exploitation.

Bringing the fight to the doorsteps of the animal-abuser employs a strategy that combines economic and psychological values of sabotage that cannot be overstated. By staging the battlefield on our opposition's home turf, we gain an incredible advantage that animal-abusers have yet to combat. Making it personal efficiently destroys the security, morale, and finances of those who torture innocent lives. So get out there and don't just knock; beat down Death's door.

And remember: Maximum Destruction, NOT Minimum Damage.

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Shannon Keith

Allow us to introduce everyone to someone that not only supports the above actions, but also defends the actions of those that commit these terrorist attacks. Shannon Keith is a Los Angeles-based animal rights attorney and filmmaker, known for her 2006 documentary "Behind the Mask", which introduced and glorified the vandalism and terrorists actions of the Animal Liberation Front. Keith founded and runs Uncaged Films and ARME (Animal Rescue, Media & Education), which produced the documentary.

In the past, Shannon Keith has represented Animal Rights activists as Kevin Jonas, SHAC and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Contact Information for Shannon Keith

Shannon Keith
Animal Rights Attorney
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd
# 831
Studio City, CA 91604-3709
Tel: (818) 754-8600
Tel: (888) 689-7885
FAX: (866) 593-8864

Any e-mail correspondence should mention "legal" in the subject line of your email, as Shannon Keith does not open unfamiliar emails.

A Moral Question

If it is morally right for "Animal Rights Activists" to attack and destroy property in the name of animal rights, the environment, global warming, etc..., is it morally right for someone to target and commit an act of violence or destruction against the same activist for whatever reason they view as justifiable?

If you still don't think that these people are a danger, just look at the rest of their résumé. They are Terrorists in every sense of the word. Here are some additional terrorist actions.

  1. MAY 1984
    Philadelphia, PA
    An ALF raid at the University of Pennsylvania Head Injury Lab caused $60,000 in damage.

  2. DEC. 9, 1984
    Duarte, CA
    The ALF raided the City of Hope National Medical Center, causing $400,000 in damage.

  3. APRIL 1, 1985
    Riverside, CA
    The ALF raided a laboratory at the University of California, Riverside, causing $700,000 in damage. About 500 animals were released.

  4. OCT. 26, 1986
    Eugene, OR
    The ALF claimed an attack on a University of Oregon laboratory that did nearly $120,000 in damage.

  5. APRIL 15, 1987
    Davis, CA
    An ALF arson attack at the University of California, Davis, Animal Diagnostics Laboratory destroyed a building and 20 vehicles, causing $5.1 million in damage.

  6. SEPT. 1, 1987
    Santa Clara, CA
    The Animal Rights Militia, part of the ALF, claimed an arson fire at the San Jose Valley Veal & Beef Company that caused $10,000 in damage.

  7. NOV. 28, 1987
    Santa Clara, CA
    The words "ALF" and "murderers" were sprayed on walls at the V. Melani poultry distribution company, where a fire caused $200,000 in damage.

  8. APRIL 2, 1989
    Tucson, AZ
    The ALF set fires in a laboratory at a Veterans Administration hospital at the University of Arizona that caused $500,000 in damage.

  9. APRIL 15, 1989
    Monterey, CA
    The ALF set timed incendiary devices at a meat company, where an apparently unexpected early morning crew smelled smoke and managed to flee to safety.

  10. JULY 4, 1989
    Lubbock, TX
    The ALF destroyed records and smashed computers and other equipment during a laboratory raid at Texas Tech University, causing $700,000 in damage.

  11. JUNE 10, 1991
    Corvallis, OR
    ALF member Rod Coronado and others broke into the Oregon State University's experimental mink farm and set timed incendiary devices that caused $62,000 in damage.

  12. DECEMBER 15, 1991
    Yamhill, OR
    Rod Coronado set fire to a Hynek Malecky facility where mink pelts are dried, causing $96,000 in damage.

  13. FEB. 28, 1992
    East Lansing, MI
    Rod Coronado and other ALF members set a $1.2 million fire at Michigan State University's mink research facility. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) donated $42,000 toward Coronado's defense, but he was imprisoned anyway and not released until 2001.

  14. JANUARY 1995
    Henrietta, NY
    The ALF set two trucks on fire at the Conti Packing Co.

  15. APRIL 14, 1995
    Syracuse, NY
    The ALF ignited an incendiary device at Oneata Beef Company, causing $6,000 in damage.

  16. JUNE 15, 1995
    Murray, UT
    The ALF torched Tandy Leather, causing $300,000 in damage.

  17. DECEMBER 24, 1995
    Eugene, OR
    The ALF planted incendiary devices under three Dutch Girl Ice Cream trucks, causing $15,600 in damage.

  18. APRIL 2, 1996
    Salt Lake City, UT
    The ALF burned an Egg Products store to the ground and damaged two of the firm's trucks, causing over $100,000 in damage.

  19. OCT. 27, 1996
    Detroit, OR
    The ELF and the ALF jointly torched a U.S. Forest Service truck.

  20. OCT. 30, 1996
    Eugene, OR
    The ALF and the ELF burned the U.S. Forest Service Oakridge Ranger Station, causing $5.3 million in damage.

  21. NOV. 12, 1996
    Bloomington, MN
    A firebomb claimed by the ALF was thrown through a window at the Alaskan Fur Company, causing over $2 million in damage.

  22. FEB. 15, 1997
    Troy, MI
    The ALF left butyric acid, a foul-smelling chemical, in a McDonald's and spray-painted "McShit, McMurder, McDeath" on the restaurant's bathroom walls.

  23. MARCH 11, 1997
    Sandy, UT
    A series of firebombs claimed jointly by the ALF and the ELF destroyed four trucks and leveled the offices of the Agricultural Fur Breeders Co-Op, causing about $1 million in damage.

  24. MARCH 18, 1997
    Davis, CA
    The "Bay Area Cell of the Earth X ALF" took credit for setting fire to the University of California, Davis, Center for Comparative Medicine facility, which was still under construction.

  25. MARCH 18, 1997
    Ogden, UT
    Montgomery Furs, a trapping supply store, was torched by the ALF while a night watchman was inside. The watchman escaped unhurt.

  26. APRIL 19, 1997
    Indianapolis, IN
    The ALF torched an Archer's Meats truck cab.

  27. JULY 21, 1997
    Redmond, OR
    The ALF and ELF used napalm which they referred to as "vegan Jell-O" - to destroy the Cavel West horse slaughtering plant.

  28. AUG. 16, 1997
    West Jordan, UT
    Four ALF activists burned a McDonald's restaurant to the ground, causing $400,000 in damage.

  29. AUG. 17, 1997
    Morton Grove, IL
    The ALF threw two Molotov cocktails through a Cosmo's Furs window.

  30. AUG. 19, 1997
    Fort Collins, CO
    The ALF claimed an arson attack on Wildlife Pharmaceuticals.

  31. AUG. 26, 1997
    Howell, NJ
    The ALF torched several Jersey Cuts Meat Co. trucks, destroying three that were valued at $60,000 each.

  32. OCT. 16, 1997
    Watertown, SD
    Break In and Theft of Animals Turbak Mink Farm, vandals cut the fence in 10 spots, 2500 animals stolen and abandoned, recovered all but 600. Loss $200,000.

  33. OCT. 17, 1997
    Sioux City, IA
    Break In and Theft of Animals Steven Krage's Circle K Fur Farm, vandals cut fence, 4,500 mink, 100 foxes (all recovered) stolen and abandoned, 1300 mink not recovered. Loss $300,000.

  34. OCT. 24, 1997
    Independence, WI
    Break In and Theft of Animals Tom and Jan Olson's Fur Farm, trespassers cut a fence, 800 mink stolen and abandoned, less than 100 not recovered. Loss $200,000.

  35. OCT. 25, 1997
    Medford, WI
    Break In and Theft of Animals Jack L. Dittrich's Minkery was invaded and 3,000 animals stolen and abandoned, less than 100 not recovered. Loss $500,000.

  36. OCT. 25, 1997
    Tomahawk, WI
    Break In and Theft of Animals Midnight trespass and release of 301 animals from one shed at Alex Ott's Fur Farm, farmer scared them off. Farmer recovered all but 43. Loss $99,400.

  37. FEB. 28, 1998
    Indianapolis, IN
    The Outdoorsman Sport Shop had its windows broken and was set on fire. ALF slogans were spray-painted at the shop.

  38. MAY 4, 1998
    Wimauma, FL
    The ALF claimed credit for burning down Florida Veal Processors Inc., causing $500,000 in damage.

  39. JUNE 28, 1998
    Olympia, WA
    The ALF and ELF claimed responsibility for an arson attack at a U.S. Department of Agriculture Damage Control building.

  40. JULY 16, 1998
    Paramus, NJ
    The ALF claimed the destruction of a Steven Corn Furs truck.

  41. OCT. 18, 1998
    Vail, CO
    The ELF burned down the Vail Associates ski facility, destroying seven structures valued at more than $12 million.

  42. NOV. 16, 1998
    Manalapan, NJ
    A van owned by the Leather and Fur Ranch was firebombed by the ALF.

  43. NOV. 29, 1998
    Burns, OR
    The ALF and the ELF claimed joint responsibility for an arson at the Bureau of Land Management's Wild Horse Corrals.

  44. DEC. 26, 1998
    Medford, OR
    The ELF claimed the $500,000 arson of a U.S. Forest Industries facility.

  45. FEB. 18, 1999
    Chicago, IL
    Unidentified PeTA activists were credited for throwing two pies at Procter & Gamble executive John Pepper to protest the company's animal testing.

  46. MARCH 5, 1999
    Eugene, OR
    The "Biotic Baking Brigade" took credit for throwing a banana cream pie in Sierra Club staffer Charlie Raine's face to protest the Club's support of land exchanges between the government and timber companies.

  47. MARCH 11, 1999
    Hampton, NH
    Three Biotic Baking Brigade activists threw pies at University of Wisconsin geneticist Neil First, who was speaking at the University of New Hampshire, to protest genetic engineering at UW. David Pike and Renee Medford were charged with assault.

  48. MARCH 27, 1999
    Franklin, NJ
    The ALF firebombed six Big Apple Circus vehicles, destroying two trucks.

  49. APRIL 5, 1999
    Minneapolis, MN
    Laboratories at the University of Minnesota were vandalized and dozens of research animals stolen by the ALF, wrecking research into Alzheimer's and cancer.

  50. MAY 9, 1999
    Eugene, OR
    ALF set a fire that destroyed a two-story office building, a shipping dock and a refrigeration unit at Childer's Meat Co., wreaking about $150,000 in damage.

  51. MAY 10, 1999
    Neah Bay, WA
    Sea Defense Alliance activists Jake Conroy and Josh Harper (who would later work for Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty) were charged with felony assault after allegedly throwing ignited smoke canisters at a Makah tribe's whaling support vessel and firing a lighted flare across its bow.

  52. JUNE 25, 1999
    Miami, FL
    The ALF claimed the firebombing of a Worldwide Primates truck.

  53. AUG. 7, 1999
    Escanaba, MI
    ELF arsonists torched two fishing boats at the home of veterinarian James Boydston and spray-painted his garage door with "FUR IS MURDER, ELF."

  54. AUG. 9, 1999
    Plymouth, WI
    Mink feed supplier United Feeds was burned down by ALF at about the same time as an ALF raid and mink release at Gene Myer's Fur Farm, also in the Plymouth area.

  55. AUG. 29, 1999
    Orange, CA
    The ALF claimed an attack on a Bio-Devices Inc., research laboratory that resulted in $250,000 damage and the theft of 46 dogs.

  56. AUG. 31, 1999
    Fulton County, GA
    The ALF burned down a McDonald's restaurant. PeTA's Bruce Friedrich announced the crime on AR-News, an online animal rights news service.

  57. SEPT. 23, 1999
    Phippsburg, MA
    The ALF claimed a failed arson at the Phippsburg Sportsmen's Association, where activists turned over coffee pots, left plastic cups on the burners, and turned on a gas line.

  58. OCT. 1999
    Various Cities in America
    An ALF faction known as the "Justice Department" took credit for sending over 80 razor blade-laced envelopes, each containing a threatening letter with a picture of a bomb on it, to animal researchers, hunting guides and others in the United States and Canada. An ALF communiqué said some of the razor blades, which were positioned so as to slice open the fingers of anyone opening the envelopes, were coated in rat poison.

  59. OCT. 22, 1999
    Warwick, RI
    The ALF claimed the torching of four Harris Furs vehicles.

  60. NOVEMBER 1, 1999
    Seattle, WA
    Four gasoline bombs were thrown into a Gap clothing store in an attack the FBI attributed to the ALF.

  61. DEC. 4, 1999
    Las Vegas, NV
    PeTA activist Dawn Carr hit rodeo showgirl Brandy DeJongh in the face with a pie moments after DeJongh was awarded the Miss Rodeo America 2000 crown.

  62. DEC. 25, 1999
    Monmouth, OR
    The ELF claimed responsibility for burning down logging firm Boise Cascade's regional headquarters.

  63. DEC. 31, 1999
    Lansing, MI
    The ELF used accelerants to destroy $400,000 worth of property at Michigan State University in an action targeting Monsanto's genetically engineered products. A faculty member working late inside the facility discovered the blaze.

  64. JAN. 3, 2000
    Petaluma, CA
    The ALF set fire to buildings and trucks at Rancho Veal's meatpacking plant, causing $250,000 in damage.

  65. JAN. 15, 2000
    Petaluma, CA
    The ALF claimed credit for placing five incendiary devices in offices and trucks at a Petaluma Farms chicken farm (which "enslaves chickens for their eggs"). Two trucks were destroyed.

  66. JAN. 23, 2000
    Bloomington, IN
    The ELF claimed credit for torching a house under construction, causing some $200,000 in damage. "No Sprawl, ELF" was painted at the site.

  67. JAN. 24, 2000
    Redwood City, CA
    The ALF claimed credit for attempting to burn down Primate Products, a medical research facility.

  68. MAY 30, 2000
    Washington, DC
    PeTA activist Arathi Jayaram was charged with assault after throwing a pie at U.S. Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman at the National Nutrition Summit.

  69. JULY 2, 2000
    North Vernon, IN
    The ALF took credit for burning a Rose Acre Farm chicken feed truck, causing $100,000 in damage. "Polluter, animal exploiter, your turn to pay," was spray-painted at the scene.

  70. JULY 30, 2000
    San Francisco, CA
    Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade activist Bhaskar Sinha was charged with battery after threatening rock star Ted Nugent outside a Neiman Marcus department store.

  71. SEPT. 9, 2000
    Bloomington, IN
    In an attack aimed at a highway project, the ELF claimed a minor fire at the Monroe County Republican Party headquarters that was meant as "a reminder to politicians."

  72. NOV. 27, 2000
    Boulder, CO
    The ELF claimed responsibility for torching a $2.5 million Legend Ridge mansion.

  73. DEC. 19, 2000
    Miller Place, NY
    The ELF claimed credit for burning down a home under construction.

  74. DEC. 29, 2000
    Mount Sinai, NY
    The ELF took credit for burning down four new homes at Island Estates. Teenagers Jared McIntyre, Matthew Rammelkamp and George Mashkow III pleaded guilty to charges connected to the attack. Fellow teen Connor Cash was later indicted for arson, arson conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists.

  75. JAN. 1, 2001
    Glendale, OR
    The ELF torched the Superior Lumber Co., causing $400,00 in damage. "This year," the ELF said, "we hope to see an escalation in tactics against capitalism."

  76. JAN. 23, 2001
    Capitola, CA
    Peter Schnell and Matthew Whyte, both of the Animal Defense League, were found behind the Capitola City Hall with plastic milk bottles, gasoline and candles. After five containers of gasoline were found in Whyte's car, Schnell told police he was working on a "craft project." Authorities ultimately would sentence Schnell to 24 months and Whyte to 14 months in prison for attempted arson.

  77. FEB. 20, 2001
    Visalia, CA
    The ELF claimed a fire at a research cotton gin owned by Delta & Pine Land, a firm accused of ties to Monsanto's genetically engineered seed program.

  78. MARCH 2, 2001
    Douglas County, OR
    The ELF claimed responsibility for spiking trees at the Umpqua National Forest to prevent a timber sale.

  79. MARCH 30, 2001
    Eugene, OR
    Thirty SUVs were torched at Joe Romania's car dealership, causing about $1 million in damage. The ELF said the attack was in support of Jeff "Free" Luers, who was serving a 23-year prison sentence, in part for torching cars at the same dealership.

  80. APRIL 5, 2001
    Arlington, WA
    The ALF set fire to a National Food Corp. egg farm, causing $1.5 million in damage.

  81. APRIL 15, 2001
    Portland, OR
    The ELF claimed an arson attack, using time-delayed fuses that caused $210,000 in damage to cement trucks at Ross Island Sand & Gravel.

  82. MAY 21, 2001
    Seattle, WA
    The ALF set fire to the University of Washington's Center for Urban Horticulture, causing $5.6 million in damage and wrecking years of research on genetically altered poplar trees and similar projects.

  83. JUNE 1, 2001
    Estacada, OR
    One logging truck was destroyed and two more damaged during an arson attack on Schoppert Logging trucks by the Cascadian Forest.

  84. JUNE 12, 2001
    Tucson, AZ
    Four under-construction luxury homes were set afire and "CSP," for Coalition to Save the Preserves, was found spray-painted at the site.

  85. JUNE 14, 2001
    New York, NY
    PeTA activists aiming for fur designer Karl Lagerfeld missed and hit designer Calvin Klein with a tofu cream pie. Six members were charged with disorderly conduct and attempted assault.

  86. JULY 2001
    Cowlitz County, WA
    The ELF claimed responsibility for spiking hundreds of trees slated for a timber sale in the Cowlitz Valley.

  87. JULY 4, 2001
    Detroit, MI
    The ELF torched an executive office of logging giant Weyerhauser to protest the company's part in funding Oregon State University and the University of Washington's poplar and cottonwood genetic engineering research.

  88. JULY 24, 2001
    Sands Point, NY
    The "Pirates for Animal Liberation" claimed responsibility for unsuccessfully trying to sink a Bank of New York employee's 21-foot boat.

  89. SEPT. 8, 2001
    Tucson, AZ
    Saying the attack was meant "as a warning to corporations worldwide," the ALF and ELF claimed joint credit for the $500,000 arson of a McDonald's restaurant.

  90. SEPT. 20, 2001
    Alamogordo, NM
    The ALF claimed a $1 million arson fire at Coulston Foundation's White Sands Research Center. Lab owner Dr. Fred Coulston had earlier had a bomb scare at his home and had also received razor blades in the mail.

  91. OCT. 15, 2001
    SUSAnville, CA
    The ELF planted four firebombs at a Bureau of Land Management corral, burning down an $85,000 barn.

  92. OCT. 24, 2001
    Long Island, NY
    The "Special Operations: Huntingdon Life Sciences" cell of the ALF attacked Bank of America offices, smashing more than 30 windows and later boasting sarcastically that it had "joined the United States in their noble War Against Terrorism!"

  93. NOV. 5, 2001
    Idaho County, ID
    The ELF claimed the spiking of trees in the Nez Perce National Forest to prevent a timber sale.

  94. NOV. 5, 2001
    Houghton, MI
    After a series of ELF e-mail threats, suspected ELF activists planted incendiary devices at the U.J. Noblet Forestry Building and a U.S. Forest Service laboratory at Michigan Tech University. Security guards disarmed the devices.

  95. NOV. 11, 2001
    San Diego, CA
    The ALF destroyed a contract animal research lab owned by Sierra Biomedical, causing $50,000 in damage.

  96. JAN. 29, 2002
    St. Paul, MN
    The ELF claimed responsibility for a $250,000 arson at the University of Minnesota's Microbial and Plat Genomics Research Center, which was under construction.

  97. JAN. 29, 2002
    Fairfield, ME
    The ELF and ALF jointly claimed the sabotage of a biotech plant being built for Jackson Labs, an animal testing business. Sand and mortar mix were used to wreck construction equipment at the site.

  98. MARCH 24, 2002
    Erie, PA
    Saying it was trying to stop a highway project, the ELF spiked trees and torched a $500,000 construction crane at a bridge worksite.

  99. MAY 3, 2002
    Bloomington, IN
    The ALF claimed a fire that destroyed a Sims Poultry truck.

  100. JULY 10, 2002
    Seattle, WA
    Animal rights activists set off smoke bombs in two downtown buildings, sending 700 office workers fleeing into the streets. The targets were firms insuring Huntingdon Life Sciences, a company that does animal testing.

  101. JULY 8, 2004
    Provo, UT
    Two fires were set in sheds belonging to the Brigham Young University animal science building, which caused over $30,000 damage. Harrison David Burrows, 18, and Josh Demmitt, 19, were sentenced in January to two-and-a-half years each in prison for their in an arson at Brigham Young University.

  102. JANUARY 18, 2005
    San Miguel, CA
    The ALF is claimed responsibility for the release of the entire deer herd from GNK Deer Farm in southern Monterey County in the early morning hours.

  103. FEBRUARY 6, 2005
    Torrance, CA
    A McDonald's restaurant in Torrance became the latest target of the Animal Liberation Front(ALF) on Sunday morning, when activists spray-painted various slogans on the building and shattered windows. Two other locations met similar fates in November of last year, and police theorized then that the hits were related to a nationwide series of attacks.

  104. FEBRUARY 13, 2005
    Torrance, CA
    The same McDonald's restaurant at 24650 Crenshaw Boulevard in Torrance was targeted for the second time in one week by the Animal Liberation Front(ALF), who again smashed windows and used graffiti to inform the public about continuing animal cruelty. The location had barely finished cleaning up after a similar attack exactly a week earlier.

  105. FEBRUARY 27, 2005
    Tranquility, CA
    Members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) broke in and released 12 ducklings from Woodland Farms.

  106. MARCH 28, 2005
    Hattiesburg, MS
    A Kentucky Fried Chicken was vandalized. Slogans were spray-painted, and the restaurant had Fix-A-Flat sprayed, liberally, into the order box speaker.

  107. APRIL 21, 2005
    Torrance, CA
    The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) issued a communiqué April 21st in which it claims to have attacked a supplier for Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), a laboratory notorious for animal cruelty violations. The home and automobiles of Flora Sadeghi, CFO of Phenomenex in Torrance, were reportedly defaced with paint, according to the communiqué received by the Press Office. Phenmenex has been supplying equipment used on animals to HLS for many years.

  108. APRIL 22, 2005
    Baton Rouge, LA
    Twenty-one mice were spirited to freedom from the laboratories of Louisiana State University (LSU). Members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) took credit for the raid in a communiqué received by the North American Animal Liberation Press Office today. Photographs taken during the raid accompanied the communiqué.

    The ALF also smashed windows and aquariums, spray-painted and paint-stripped walls, and glued locks in the laboratory. Economic sabotage of facilities that abuse animals is a frequent hallmark of ALF actions.

  109. MAY 19, 2005
    London, England
    The Animal Liberation Front ignited a bomb under Canaccord Capital Inc. director Michael Kendall's car in a London suburb. The group claimed responsibility on its website.

  110. JUNE 1, 2005
    Quakertown, PA
    The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) visited a Pennsylvania plant nursery whose owner is planning to turn it into a breeding facility of non-human primates to be sold to animal experimenters. Owner Michael Hsu admits to tens of thousands of dollars in damages, and has seen his plans withdrawn from Thursday's agenda for the Richland Township Planning Commission as community opposition has grown.

    Activists overturned and destroyed about 1,000 peonies, including some rare breeds last Thursday night. They poured paint stripper on two vehicles and spray-painted graffiti and threatening messages on greenhouses and storage garages at the business owned by Michael Hsu and his family.

  111. JUNE 24, 2005
    Melville, NY
    The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) claimed responsibility for acts of property destruction occurred at offices of Wachovia Securities on Long Island. Gallons of red paint and thinner were strewn across the building with a paint filled and recharged fire extinguisher. Paint and thinner was also splattered across the entire front of another office in Woodbury, NY and at this location windows were also broken.

  112. JUNE 23, 2005
    Portland, OR
    The Animal Liberation Front claimed responsibility for damage to a UPS truck at the UPS main facility on North Basin Ave. in Portland, Oregon. The delivery truck was hit with 3 paint stripper filled light bulbs. UPS has a delivery contract with HLS. They said they won't stop delivering to HLS because they make too much money on the contract. We intend to make the contract less profitable for them.

  113. JUNE 2005
    San Carlos, CA
    Members of the Animal Liberation Front paid a visit to Bachem/Peninsula Laboratories (305 Old Country Road, San Carlos, CA 94070), a well-known associate of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Left in our wake were spray-painted messages, busted windows, and broken glass to deliver our message that supporting the murder of 500 innocents every day will not be tolerated.

    A note was left saying "Bachem - this is only the beginning. All of the security, cameras and burglar alarms that you can buy will not save you now. Sever any and all ties to HLS. If not - things can only get worse. See you soon!"

  114. JULY 6, 2005
    Port Jefferson, NY
    The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) visited the storefront of Wachovia's Port Jefferson office was spray-painted with animal rights messages and the acronym ALF, and the second floor was splashed with black paint.

  115. JULY 10, 2005
    San Carlos, CA
    Members of the Animal Liberation Front paid a visit to Bachem/Peninsula Laboratories, a well-known associate of Huntingdon Life Sciences. Left in our wake were spray-painted messages, busted windows, and broken glass to deliver our message that supporting the murder of 500 innocents every day will not be tolerated.

  116. AUGUST 23, 2005
    Port Washington, NY
    The Manhasset Bay Yacht Club was paid a visit from the ALF. Their nicely kept club area was completely covered with red paint and painted slogans. There was not a foot of the club that was left untouched.

  117. OCTOBER 30, 2005
    Commack, NY
    The ALF paid a visit to Citibank in Commack, Long Island on route 454. The building was spoiled with slogans, paint and damaged property.

  118. OCTOBER 31, 2005
    The ALF claimed responsibility for leaving a suspicious device at the home of Cassandra Smith, in Chino Hills California. Smith has been under fire for over two years from the animal rights and humane community for being an inept, incompetent and dispassionate veterinarian who heads up the veterinarian department of the Los Angeles Animal Services.

  119. NOVEMBER 3, 2005
    Commack, NY
    The ALF claimed responsibility for a visit to Citibank in Commack, NY. The building was spoiled with slogans, paint and damaged property.

  120. NOVEMBER 15, 1005
    Huntington, NY
    The ALF claimed responsibility for a visit a visit to Lloyd Harbor Mayor Leland M. Hairr at his Huntington home. His home was completely covered with slogans in red paint demanding he put a stop the deer kill set to take place in Caumsett State Park, the Seminary of Immaculate Conception and Lloyd Harbor town park.

  121. DECEMBER 23, 2005
    Hempstead, NY
    The ALF vandalized the home of president of Hofstra University, Stuart Rabinowitz. We did this because he and the university made the poor choice of naming Collin Goddard, CEO to OSI Pharmaceuticals the keynote speaker at their mid-year graduation commencement.

  122. APRIL 8, 2006
    Monrovia, Lakewood, La Puente, and Garden Grove, CA
    Bomb threats were called in to Red Lobster franchises.

  123. FEBRUARY 14, 2006
    New Jersey
    Members of the ALF vandalized the home of Kevin O'Leary, a senior Vice-President of HLS customer Roche in New Jersey, USA. They smashed out a front window, and knocked around things on his porch before departing.

  124. APRIL 29,2006
    Howard Lake, MN
    The ALF broke into the Latzig Mink Ranch and released hundreds of mink. Many of these mink have been found dead since the release.

  125. SEPTEMBER 18, 2006
    CITY, CA
    Four McDonalds located 2 miles apart from each other were spray-painted with "Fuck MC'D, Meat is murder, ALF was here, and Mcmurder killers" Every bathroom was covered with RED spray paint. All four McDonalds were hit within 20 min.

  126. OCTOBER 12, 2006
    Montreal, Canada
    Last week we paid a visit to a franchise of Mail Box etc and The UPS store which is owned by UPS, United Parcel Service. UPS does business with Huntingdon life Sciences and we will not let them get away with this.

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How many more examples does one have to see? What else has to be said! Families have been threatened! Children have been targeted for attacks! People's lives are in danger! Eventually, they are going to kill someone if only for the thrill of taking it to the next level. These people are more on par with HAMAS, the PLO, and the Ku Klux Klan in the number of terrorist attacks they have committed. These people ARE "Terrorists" in every sense of the word.


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